Xxx hot pussy story sex stories 2019

Xxx hot pussy story sex stories 2019
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The Cock slut Ginger sat on the sofa watching TV, Bill was due home and she was sore and contented. She was at that moment a well fucked woman. Her phone buzzed, it was Ernie texting.

Hey red how's my pussy? She's sore leaking cum like a leaky bathroom fixture but very content. How's my cock? He's filling up already. Well perhaps Sunday or during the week we can fix his problem, but don't jerk off I want as much cum as I can get. You get it red. Ginger smiled she had forgotten how much stamina young men have. This is great she thought I've been fucked more in the last three days then in the last three years and I feel wonderful.

The front door opened and Bill came in, "Hi mom", "Hi Bill what have you been up to"? "Nothing we cleaned Becky's basement and then went to the mall". She was wondering if he had seen her car. "Well get cleaned up and we'll have burgers and fries for dinner". Bill headed for the bathroom and her to the kitchen. After pouring a large glass of wine she started dinner. She thought I should ask about the mall thing to see what he does or doesn't know.

Bill came to the table and she poured another glass of wine. "Want some wine hon"? "Sure mom". They ate and made small talk. She got up and poured them each another glass of wine and sat down. "Any plans for tonight". "No I'll stay in and watch the tube". "Ok I'll join you". Now before he headed for the den and relaxed by the wine she broached the subject of the mall.

"What did you do at the mall"? "Nothing really, oh I did see Ernie". "Really, he's one of the guys over here Friday shooting baskets with you right".

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"Yeah, talk about a lucky guy he sure is". Bill had a strange look on his face as he said it. "Why is he lucky". "He just hooked up with a hot MILF".

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"What"? "He hooked up with hot MILF". What is that suppose to mean". "Mom please, look it up your computer". "I'll be sure to look it up but how do you know"? "He showed us some pictures and told us he had just been with her". Ginger knew the wine was affecting Bill more then he realized. "How did he describe her". "He called her a hot piece and a great cocksucker".

Bill realized what he had just said in front of his mother and turned all red. "I'm sorry mom I". She put up her hand, "Its ok son I've heard the words before". Realizing he was tipsy she decided to expand this conversation. She giggled and spoke, "when your father was around he called me that". "He called you a cocksucker"?

"Yes and for your information I was very good at it". Now faking being tipsy she brought her hand to her mouth, "Oops, sorry hon". "Mom that's ok but I've got to ask you something" "sure what". "Do you swallow it"? Now was the moment either stop right now or venture into dangerous water. The wine and a stretched pussy got the better of her. "I swallowed every drop always; I don't like to waste cum".

"The more cum the happier I am". "How long has it been since you got a mouthful"? "Well your fathers been gone three years". "Wow that's a long time". Ginger felt giddy from the wine and the conversation they were having. She was toying with an idea where she could get all the cock she wanted whenever she wanted it.

I must go slowly as I don't want to scare the shit out of him went through her mind. Now the next step, "Bill put the dishes in the sink and turn on the TV I'm going to take a shower and I'll be down to watch TV with you. Since she had showered earlier she went through her drawer and found pair of short which were way to tight.

She put on a red thong and the shorts.


Just standing her camel toe was evident. If she sat the shorts outlines her cunt lips in detail. Now she needed to find a revealing blouse. She grabbed her red bra which allowed her nipples to poke through. She fixed her hair and makeup and was heading to watch TV in twenty minutes wearing a peasant blouse very low cut.

Bill had poured them both more wine and it was apparent he had another glass before she got back. She sat down so he could see her camel toe and loose blouse. She was drinking her wine as he found a movie and turned it on.

Fifteen minutes into the move she glanced over and realized he had a good size bulge in his pants. Now to see where this conversation can go she thought. At that moment Bill spoke, "Did you look up MILF on your computer"? "No I'd forgotten it, But since where discussing it what does it stand for"? "Mother I'd like to fuck". Ginger smiled "Well if that's the case I should be flattered", after all that indicated I can still turn heads"." Mom you are so smoken fucken hot". "Well thank you son".

They stared at the TV but now she was eyeballing the tent in his shorts. Bill kept squirming as he was uncomfortable with the boner and his mothers outfit. She smiled and asked, Did your friends Friday think I was a MILF"?


"They all had hadrons all afternoon", Ernie even said he'd fuck you in a minute". "Really do you think he would"? Damn right he would" Now Ginger knew the moment of decision was at hand. Do I ask him to set it up or just laugh it off?

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Go for it girl, you want the giant cock around and this could work. "Well if you really think he would be will to fuck an old lady like me I suppose", "Mom you're not old and he and the whole team would fuck you if I asked them over". "Well should we ask them over some day"? "That would be great", "you're ok with me being fucked by them"? "Damn right as long as I get to watch".

Bill looked at Ginger through glassy eyes. "Mom I have a question" "Yes what is it"? "Would you like to give me a blowjob, I really need to relieve the pressure in my nut sack". "Since your going to invite the basketball team over next weekend I think I can be persuaded to suck you cock". Ginger got out of her chair and crawled over to her son, slowly she slid his shorts down and out popped a nice size cock.

Not the giant Ernie had but very nice. "Well hello there big guy she cooed". Slowly she stuck out her tongue and started licking the mushroom head. He grabbed for her tit and she moved to the right so he could get the nipple which was already hard. "Squeeze my nipples baby please". He kept up the pressure, as she now sucked the cock down deep into her mouth and throat. Looking up into his eyes she gave a push forward and the entire cock went down her throat.

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He eyes watered but she kept it in there. Bills mind was racing his cock was about to explode cum down his mothers throat, "Mom I'mmm cummmming and pow a blast of hot cum hit the back of her throat and slid right down.

She moved the cock out of her throat so he could spray her tongue and tonsils.

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She was sucking like a Hoover trying to get every drop out. He pumped five more spurts of cum in her mouth. Her tongue was completely covered in warm gooey sperm. She gave him a smile and opened her mouth to show him how much cum he had pumped out. Closing her lips she swallowed it all down, she opened her mouth to show him it was all gone. Sitting back she took his cock back in her mouth and sucked it clean, being careful to lick his balls clean too.

"Mom that was fantastic", "well I'm glad you liked it, I did my best". "It was incredible you're a great cock sucker". "Thank you sweetheart, next time your nut sack fills up let me know and I'll be happy to empty it for you".

Bill was staring at her tits which were completely out of her bra. "You have great tits mom how big are they"? "There 38D I'm proud to say". "Do you think they sag a bit"? "Hell no". "Would like me to leave them out for a little while for you"?

"Oh yes would you"? Ginger smiled and removed her blouse and bra she stood up to sit next to her son, when Bill exclaimed "Mom look at your shorts". Looking down she realized she had a very pronounced wet stain. Ginger giggled, "see what sucking cock does to me" "I'm wet and horny as hell". Bill just kept staring at the wet spot. "It must be uncomfortable" "It is, it's like having blue balls while being wet, not a great feeling". Bill looked at her "Mom my friend Alan only lives three blocks away and I'm sure he'd be happy to fuck you".

"Who's Alan I never heard you talk about him before". "He plays football he's black and Mexican". "Do you think he'd like to fuck an old lady"? "Mom you're a MILF damn right". Ginger sat smiling with her legs slightly spread so he got a good view of the swollen pussy lips. She kept thinking I could really use a hard cock right about now. "Bill would you be ok with it"? "Mom I'll call and arrange the whole thing".

"Well ok but I'm going to change into something sexy and dry, call from my room and keep the phone on speaker so I can hear how he reacts".

In her room she heard the call, "Yeah man she's the greatest cock sucker there is, 38 tits a red bush and great ass". "I'd love to come but Ted is with me and we just finished a bone".

"Bring him and a couple of bones for me, if you have to you can crash her for the night". "You sure she's cool with this"? "Yes I am".

"In ten dude". The phone went dead. Ginger had put on the spandex boy shorts and a black bra. "How's this outfit"? "Great, I'll go downstairs and let the in, give me ten minutes to get them comfortable and come down like that". "I can do that". Bill left the room and she sat on the bed, I've been fucked four times this afternoon and now I may get fucked again tonight.

I better get those pills Monday. The front door bell rang and she heard voices. Waiting at the top of the stairs she could hear the conversation. "she is the greatest cocksucker ever" "Swallows every drop down too". The boys talking about her and she was getting wet again, hell lets get this party started. As she entered the room both boys stopped talking and stood there with there mouths open. "Who's Alan and who's Ted"? She asked. "I'm Alan said the large boy on her left".

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Ted the black kid raised his hand "I'm Ted. "Well I have an itch and I'm told you can help me with it". Both boys were on her in a flash. Alan put his tongue down her throat and squeezed her now stone hard nipples.

Ted dropped down in front of her and was working on her clit and pussy lips which were clearly outline in the spandex panties. The boys suddenly stopped changed positions and started again. Alan pulled back a bit "wow look at her pussy it soaked". All four of them looked at her crotch. Now Ginger pulled back a bit giggled and pulled Ted's short down, a 8inch cock sprang out, she took hold of it and slowly started messaging it back and forth.

Alan had taken his shorts off and was pressing his cock on her ass. "Guys I think we need to take this upstairs, NOW! They entered her bedroom, they gently removed her bra and the spandex shorts.

"Great bush", Alan said as he got between her legs and started sucking her pussy lips and clit. Ted pushed his cock in her mouth and was working her nipples which were as hard as rocks. Even with a cock in her mouth you could hear her moaning with pleasure. The feeling of a huge orgasm wave was building deep in her pussy and it would not be long before it flooded out of her.


Ginger really wanted a rock hard cock in her pussy when the orgasm burst out. "Alan I need cock now". He got up between her legs and pushed the head of his cock on her pussy lips, since she was still sore from the stretching her pussy got in the afternoon she moaned. Alan interpreted that as she really liked it and jammed his cock balls deep into her with one thrust.

She screamed, he had a fat cock and her sore pussy took a moment to adjust. "Go slow baby keep it deep and work it slowly give my pussy time to adjust". He smiled and started a slow deep rhythm. "Now that's the way my pussy likes it" pulling him close she whispered when did you cum last"?

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"Four days ago" he grunted out. "Keep you cock deep, move it in and out slowly my pussy loves it". Alan now realized the walls of her cunt were milking his cock, the sensation was great. His pace started to speed up, he was close. The wave from deep in her pussy pushed out with such force she screamed and pulled him deeper while thrusting her pubic area up to get as deep as possible. He stiffened and the head of his cock seemed to grow and the bam bam bam bam bam bam six large bursts of cum flooded her.

The feeling of the warm cum flooding her pussy caused another shaking orgasm. Alan rolled off and Ted was inside her in nothing flat, her pussy had cum and pussy juice flowing out so his cock slipped in easily. Looking at her he said "This is the best pussy I've ever had" she just moaned and clung to his shoulder and back as several wave of pleasure ripples over her. "Slow and deep baby that's what my pussy wants" "I can do that".

He kept pumping her for at least three more of her orgasms when he stiffened. The first blast of cum felt like the fire hose was turned on again, he just kept pumping cum in her for what seemed like thirty seconds. Finally he collapsed on her. He rolled off and the three sat up all smiling.

Ginger spoke "I would like to thank you guys for two great fucks". Both boys had big smiles Alan grabbed her and pulled her up on him so she was impales on his already stiff cock.

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God I've forgotten the stamina they have at this age she was thinking. She felt something cold and wet at her ass hole, a pressure and now there was a cock in her ass pushing deep. The cock in her pussy was as deep as it cold get but having been fucked twice she wasn't exactly tight. The advents of a cock in her ass tighten everything to an unbelievable feeling. She was moaning, crying, having orgasms and protesting at the same time. The feeling was pure animal, the cock in her as was as deep as it would go and it hurt but the cock in her pussy was tighter and giving her sensations like she had never felt.

They were building a rhythm which was causing her to moan and grunt with delight. Her pussy had multiple orgasms and there was a tingling from way down in her bowels. The boy speeded up there was pain and pleasure all at the same time. The orgasm was building to a fevered pitch.

"My god" she screamed and her orgasm overtook her, both boys pulled her deep and came. The cum flowing out of there cocks into her pussy and ass separated only by a thin membrane caused another violent orgasm. She passed out; five seconds later she opened her eyes and felt all warm, wet and contented. They both pulled out and both her pussy and ass released an ocean of cum and pussy juice. "Guys that was great, thank you". They both smiled at her. "Do you both like my pussy"?

"We sure do Ginger", said Ted. Ted asked "Ginger could we DP you once more before we go"? "DP is that what we just did"? "Yes did you enjoy it"? "My god I loved it, it was the most exciting sensation I've ever experienced". Now once again she was pulled on to Alan's stiff cock, no sooner was she impaled on it the Ted cock slipped into her ass and went ball deep. All she could do was moan, grunt cry and scream encouragement to the.

"Fuck me guys, do it slow and deep and make me scream". Since both boys had already cum twice they were in no hurry and she got a terrific work out she came so many times she lost count. Alan's cock stiffened and cum flowed this made Ted's cock jerk and start flowing which caused an orgasm of such violence she screamed and passed out again. Ten seconds later they were all gasping for breath.

Ted's cock slipped out of her ass and she rolled off Alan. There was cum everywhere. She was totally contented but sore as hell.

They talked about getting together next week and perhaps bring a couple of guys from the basketball team. Ginger was ok with that as she had had two team members already. But they had too keep this a secret or there would be trouble. The guys were getting dressed so she beckoned them to the bed; she kissed each cock with a wet kiss and placed the entire cock head in her mouth. "See you soon guys". Bill walked them to the door and locked it behind them.

He came into the bedroom. "Mom you are terrific". "Thanks honey they were pretty good too. I've never been DP before but I could really get to like it". "Well I've got the hole thing on my computer would you like to watch"? Ginger was shocked "Bill you recorded that"? "I sure did". "Well before I do anything I need a shower". Bill you're going to call Ernie for me, right"? "Already set up for Friday night, and he's seen the video".

"Really" "Yes he said you are now officially there DP mama". "Well now I'm a MILF, DP Mama and cocksucker, is that correct"? "That's exactly right". She climbed into a hot tube, what a wonderful two days, I'll be walking funny for a few days but it was worth it.

I haven't been fucked this much in my entire life. Bill was busy on the computer talking to Ernie who said they could get good money for the sex video if they handled it correctly. Bill closed the computer and was thinking about the money and the fact that he would be getting blow jobs every day.