Erotisches Mädchen pissen Hardcore Porno

Erotisches Mädchen pissen Hardcore Porno
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It was an unusually hot Summer day and even though I was only wearing a pink lace thong and lace bra I couldn't seem to cool down. I couldn't take it anymore, so I decided to call the air conditioning company and tell them that I couldn't wait until Thursday, I needed them to come and fix it today. My husband Cyrus was at work and wouldn't be home until 4, which in this hot ass house felt like a lifetime. After getting ahold of the AC company they told me that they could fit me in today, but that it would be at least a 3 hour wait.

I decided to go lay on the bed naked in front of the fan in hopes of cooling down. As I was lying down on the bed the air from the fan brushed across my pussy and I started to get horny, so I decided to watch a porno.

I chose to watch a girl on girl video because one of my sexual fantasies is to be able to sexually please a woman the same way that my husband pleases me. Whenever my husband eats my pussy and I squirt in his mouth, he kisses me afterwards so that I can taste my own juices. I love the way I taste and so I have been longing to taste the juices of another pussy.

I am not a lesbian, I love rock hard cock inside of me. More specifically I love my husbands cock that always brings me to earth shattering orgasms. I am on the other hand bi-curious.

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I want to know what it is like to have a female bust a hot stream of cum all over me and in my mouth. I want to explore what it is like to please another woman. The porno was pretty intense and I was envisioning me and the other girl in the video getting down. I could feel my pussy starting to tingle and my juices started dripping from my excited pussy. "Man I wish someone was here to please me!" I stood up to grab my dildo, and my juices started dripping down my legs.

"Fuck I'm horny" I slowly started inserting my dildo into my dripping wet pussy and moaned as I watched the porno. It didn't take very long before I could feel the pressure building up, and I had the urge to squirt so bad.


I started rubbing my my clit while shoving the dildo inside of me as hard as I could. "Oh fuck yea!" I pulled the dildo out and rubbed out a stream of hot cum all over my freshly cleaned sheets.

I was suddenly exhausted from cuming so hard and so much that I drifted off to sleep. Ding, dong, ding dong, bang, bang "Jesus Christ, I am coming hang on a second" I jumped out of bed and looked at the clock, "shit, its 12:50, I must have been exhausted. That is probably the AC repairman." I quickly threw on my white silk robe around my naked body and ran downstairs. "I'm coming" "Um hello" On the other side of my door stood a beautiful 5ft 7in blond woman. She was wearing the companies air conditioning blue polo shirt and black leggings and a tool belt around her waist that made her look even sexier.

"Not who I was expecting." I blurted out "Oh I get it, you weren't expecting your repair person to be a woman did you?" "Uh no" I stupidly stuttered "I am sorry I am not disappointed by any means, I just had fallen asleep waiting for you and I was just thrown off, that's all. I am actually pretty damn impressed that you can fix ACs that is really HOT!!" She smiled the biggest smile, winked and reached out her hand toward me. "My name is Shannon by the way." I blushed as I shook her hand.

"I am Jennifer, nice to meet you." "So tell me what the problem is so that I can fix your AC and make it nipply in here." We both laughed. Nervously I thought to myself, "Did this hot woman just hit on me? Damn I bet she has a beautiful clean shaven pussy…" "Hello, earth to Jennifer." Shannon says waving her hand in front of my face. I quickly realized that I was standing there staring into space fantasizing about making her beautiful pussy wet.

"I am so sorry, this heat is really getting to me," I say trying to make up excuses. "Let's go up to the attic and look at the duct work." I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't even think twice as I walked up the ladder first to the attic with still nothing on but my silk robe.

Since she was standing under me looking up I'm positive she got a nice look of my wet tingling pussy and my bouncing big ass. I swore I heard her moan, so I looked down at her and she was biting her lip and rubbing her titties. I blush once more, but I can feel my pussy throbbing.


"Oh my God this woman could be the one to make my fantasy come true." Once again, she interrupts my sexual thoughts about her. "So tell me, do you always answer the door with nothing but a silk robe on and walk up ladders so the person below you can get a nice look at your ass?" Completely embarrassed, but extremely horny, I explain to her that I had fell asleep after pleasing myself watching some girl on girl action.

Shannon looked at me confused. "Are you a lesbian? I see that big rock on your ring finger, are you married?" "I am married to an incredibly sexy man, but I have a sexual fantasy that I want to fulfill where I am able to please a woman. I want to experience licking a pussy and pleasing it so good that she squirts all over me and all down my throat." "Oh I see" Shannon said with an indescribable look on her face. "You must have an amazing husband if he supports your desires and fantasies.

My husband just recently divorced me because I told him that I was bi-curious and wanted to try new things with our sex life." Completely shocked, I wasn't really sure how to respond to that.

"Wow, what an asshole, he clearly doesn't deserve you." "Thanks" said Shannon as she stepped closer to me and untied my robe, wrapped her arms around me and shoved her tongue as far as she possibly could down my throat. "Holy Fuck! How could I want someone so bad that I just met?" As we tounge fucked eachother in the attic, I suddenly felt her fingers start to massage my pussy lips.

I moaned loudly and cupped her warm pussy through her pants. I become really horny when I can feel the wetness seeping through. "Can we go check out the temperature in my room?" I asked with a huge grin on my face. "Yes, absolutely!" Shannon replied. As soon as we get to my bedroom I find myself tearing her clothes off piece by piece as we passionately kiss. My vagina is so wet at this point I feel as though I am going to explode.

I pull myself from her lips and begin caressing and sucking on her amazing tits. Shannon moaned loudly as she shoved two fingers deep into my dripping wet pussy and began finger fucking me hard. I reached down and returned the favor by inserting two fingers into her warm saturated vagina.

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We rock our hips in rhythm and suddenly Shannon threw me down on the bed on my back, but then I remember that this was my fantasy and I wanted to do the 1st pleasing. I wrapped my arms around her and make her roll so that she is now laying on her back with the wet pussy glistening.

I pull her legs to her shoulders and and restrain her using restraining straps where her arms were wrapped around her legs leaving her pussy and asshole completely exposed.

I rammed two fingers inside of her pussy and thrust against her g-spot making her scream loudly.

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I then put my tongue to work on her clit while she squirmed. Being restrained she was unable to have any control and I loved being in total control. I used my tongue to go in circular motions and then fast flicks. With my other hand, I licked my finger and started playing with her asshole. She moaned loudly and I could tell that she was enjoying it, so I stuck one finger completely in her ass and watched her entire body quiver.

I reached under my bed and grabbed the dildo I had used previously in the day and shoved it as hard as I could deep in her pussy. "AWW FUCK!" With the dildo resting in her pussy I got up and grabbed one of my buttplugs and inserted it slowly into her ass. Now that both of her holes were filled with something I teased her clit while taking turns fucking her hard with the dildo and butt plug.

"FUCK YES, FUCK YES" I can tell that she is almost going to blow so I fucked her as hard as I could until I could tell that she couldn't take it anymore.

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Leaving the buttplug in her ass, I pulled out the dildo and slapped her clit a few times. Shannon screamed louder that a newborn baby and finally let go. Out of nowhere, I am covered in the biggest stream of cum I have ever seen.

Pleasing Shannon made me extremely horny so I climbed on the bed and put a leg on each side of Shannon's head and rubbed my clit a whole two times.


At that moment I drenched her restrained body with my squirt. Shannon swallowed what landed in her mouth and I decided to let her legs free. Out of nowhere we suddenly heard a man moaning and what sounded to be jacking off. I jumped up terrified. "Who the fuck is there?" I yelled "It's me your husband." Cyrus says as he steps in the doorway without any pants on and stroking his rock hard 8 inch cock.

Shannon was laying on the bed trying her hardest to cover her tits and vagina all at the same time, and had a scared shitless look on her face. We all just stand there in shock for a minute, and finally Cyrus breaks the silence, "So, um that was fucking hot, but honestly, I am pissed off that I wasn't invited to watch.

What the fuck is that all about?" "I, I'm so sorry baby, this wasn't planned I swear, she came to fix the AC. If I knew this was going to happen, believe me you would have front row tickets." "Well at least I got to watch the last 10 minutes of your fantasy being fulfilled. Damn babe you are fucking freak. How about a threesome now?" "Not so fast there buddy, why are you home so early from work?" " They let us go home early because our AC went out too.

I was dreading coming home because we didn't have working air here either, but I didn't know I was going to come home to such a wonderful show." Finally Shannon decides to to speak " Well sir, I know that she is your wife, but I haven't the opportunity to return the favor and please her sweet pussy; so you need to go sit back and enjoy the show." "It's like that huh?" Cyrus chuckled " Yes it is like that, now you have been a very naughty boy." I say with a smirk.

I grabbed both of his hands and led him the the stripper pole in our room.

I pulled up a chair for him to sit back and enjoy the show and then reached in our sex drawer and pulled out the handcuffs and handcuffed him to the pole. "Aww what are you doing?" "I told you babe, you watching me pleasing, or being pleased by another girl was both of our fantasies, but unfortunately your hands are tied (literally) in this situation haha. Let the pleasure build up inside of you while you watch us enjoy each other." "Damn baby, I am already full of pleasure, but I am ready to watch you ladies go for round two." I walked over to the sex drawer and pulled the whole thing out and took it over to Shannon.

She immediately grabbed the double penetration strap on and inserted two dildos on the rings and strapped it on her sexy ass body. She then grabbed the baby oil and and shoved me down on the bed.

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I moaned with excitement as I got up on all fours. The idea of being doubly penetrated by a girl made me incredibly horny. Shannon started slathering baby oil all over me and I felt it drip down the crack of my ass. I was so hot and bothered at this point I could feel my pussy juices leaking all over the bed.

Cyrus was sitting handcuffed in complete aww moaning non stop. You could tell how badly he wanted to stroke his hard throbbing penis, but the handcuffs kept him from being able to touch himself. He looked as if he was going to blow his load at any moment. I felt sorry for him, but I was loving watching him beg. Now that I was covered in baby oil, without hesitation, Shannon thrust the strap on in my pussy and then in my ass at the same time.

I yelled with pain and pleasure at the same time. As soon as I started playing with my clit Shannon jerked my hands away and restrained my hands to the back of my ankles so that my ass was sticking straight in the air for easy access.

Now Cyrus wasn't the only helpless one. Wait where did Cyrus go how did he break out of his restraints? As Shannon was using all of her strength to thrust both dicks inside of me as hard as she could my mouth was suddenly filled with my husband's hard shaft and just like that all three of my holes were full.

At that moment I knew I was about to explode. I couldn't handle it much long and my eyes were rolling to the back of my head.

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Shannon pulled out the dildos, flipped me over on my back and rubbed my clit. At that moment my body started to convulse, and 4 streams of cum squirted across the room with such power, that one of the streams hit Cyrus in the face. He moved himself and opened his mouth just enough so that he could taste my juices. "Ahh baby, you taste amazing!" Cyrus cried out. At that moment I slipped my fingers into Shannon's dripping pussy and allowed my fingers to get covered with her juices.

I walked over to my husband, and shoved my cum filled fingers from another womans pussy down his throat and he sucked hard. Shannon then walked over to Cyrus, got on her knees and shoved his swollen cock in her mouth. She only sucked a few times, and I could tell that he was about to blow, so I pulled her mouth off his dick and he decorated both of our faces with his endless spurts of hot jiz.

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When he was done Shannon and I took turns licking it off of eachother's faces. "I don't know how you guys live in this hot ass house, you should really get your AC fixed laughed Shannon.