Whore with dick in a sexy act

Whore with dick in a sexy act
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Erotic novels by Gail Holmes "Tom Blakely" She'd seen him come and go plenty of times, nevertheless she never anticipated his reasons, he'd even passed the time of day with her. This was too much; she sat for sometime watching just to make sure. Yes it was Tom Blakely, Pat watched as they both stood arguing. It looked as if he wanted something but hadn't the money to pay for it. Maureen seemed adamant. Summer was almost here and Sarah enjoyed the cooling breeze wafting around the corner of her local shopping mall.

Pat was late again, but this was nothing new. Sarah enjoyed Pat's company and she tolerated her friend's tardiness; she wasn't in any hurry to be anywhere. She knew Pat's direction and at last saw her coming along the path of the town's small but leafy gardens. "I'd have thought you'd have been here before now. I've been waiting for nearly three quarters of an hour. I was about to give you up for lost, or that you weren't coming at all." Sarah expressed. The two girls always met up before going bowling, then off for a coffee at The Coffee Shop.

"I got held up in the park! You got out then, I mean no problems at home?" Sarah's parents were forever arguing. She wouldn't leave home if she judged the rows to heated, not that she could do much.

But she considered that both were safe whilst she was in the house. "Dad's out; said he had overtime to do!" Overtime, over what?" Pat laughed, he doesn't know the meaning of the word!" "Sorry, I don't understand your meaning. He's been doing quite a bit lately; still at least they're not at each other's throats!

He seems to have calmed down over the last couple of weeks" "Overtime my arse" Thought Pat; "Trying to get into Maureen Brown knickers more like. If it hadn't been for their shrieking she'd never have caught sight of them both arguing. God, he was laying into her, still if he hadn't the money Maureen would never open up for nothing. She fond of lying on her back however expected payment for her favours.

Pat hoped she hadn't thought that out aloud" "Still it's extra money coming in, you can't knock him for that!" Pat did wonder if she should inform her friend of her sighting. Sarah was a good friend and she'd had boyfriends.

As far as sex was concerned Sarah could take it or leave it, she'd never go out of her way to get it. "You don't seem to have much of an opinion of him!" Sarah suggested, knowing it was her father that they were talking about. "Oh, it's not that, he's a good enough father, it's just that I never feel that I can trust him.

Perhaps that's not the right word. If he's not on the settee, he's sneaking about the house! One day I'm sure he'll catch me naked." Pat knew Sarah's father only to well. He was one of the scruffiest guy's you could hope to meet.

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Pop belly or better still, beer belly; always the stench of BO, she'd never seen him clean-shaven. When he was at home, he was more of a couch potato, TV, fags and booze, and the language was enough to make a parson swear. Yes, he went to work; if you could call it work, on the QT so to speak, if the Income Support found out about his antics, they'd be down on him like a ton of bricks. How the hell Maureen Brown could allow him to touch her, or even perform sexual deeds with him was beyond her.

Still, Maureen did have a name for herself in that path. Nonetheless if he was paying her, she supposed that this might make a difference. Lay back and think of England so to speak. "Why don't you move out if you feel that way?" Pat inquired. "Leave them together? God, that would be fatal I'm sure one day they'll kill each other!" Sarah laughed "The whole street knows when they're at it, like two cats on a tin roof!" "How's their marriage…you…you know?" "Don't make me laugh…single beds.

Mother won't allow him near her. He's in bed all day Sunday's; that's until the pubs open of course!" "What about his sex life; every man has one of those?" "Pat! For God's sake…I hate to think about it!

Most likely goes into the little boys' room for a J. Arthur, more than likely does it over the bath, with his belly I shouldn't think he's seen his private part for years, just goes by feel. To think I used to sit on it once! His lap I mean," Sarah laughed. "D'you think he plays the field?" "God, what thought? Who the hell would have him? Mum would kill him; she has her scruples you know. If she thought that another woman should see him in a state of undress she never be able lift her head in public again.

And sex well that would put his head straight on the chopping block. She's told him once that she'd swing for him. By all accounts he caught something just after I was born, you know the six-week no go period. He was in hospital for three weeks; Ok they cleared it up.

Never had sex since. She's told him, if she catches him he's dead; says the gossip would ruin the family" "But, she still sticks with him?" Pat quizzed. The house is in her name, what little monies he brings in won't go that far, without that and my own money she'd lose it.

Mum is a proud lady; but as I say she has her scruples, and I think she would, she would kill him!" Sarah smiled. "They're my mother and father, what can I do?

If I found out anything I would keep silent. Better the devil you know. If he has to do it, then say nothing, then everyone is happy! God, it doesn't bear thinking about!" After there chat and a few laugh's Sarah made her way home, Pat hadn't mentioned seeing her father, though better of it.

It would only stir up friction, and she valued her friendship too much for that. "You're early back?" her mother questioned, wiping her hands on her apron as Sarah entered the kitchen "The bowling green was packed so we both decide to have a early night…is the water hot?" Sarah asked her mother.

"I had a bath this morning…and you can rest assured you're fathers gone no-where near it, so I should think there's plenty!" "Dad's not back then?" "Said he was meeting with a friend, followed by the pub as usual.

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Knowing him, it will be late. I'm off to Bingo; I'll be back around 9.30. Like me to make you a drink sweetheart?" "I'm fine Mum, I'll have my bath then take a cup of chocolate up to my bedroom. I have some papers to go over; must get them done before morning!" "See you when I get back then Hun!

Don't leave it too late you looked bushed!" "Ok, Mum!

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You have a nice time!" Sarah leisurely walked up the stairs from the kitchen, her hot chocolate in one hand, and paperwork in the other. Unaware that her father had just come in the front door; she was humming to herself, too engrossed with her reading to hear the latch drop.


Her father gazed up towards her. Except for a towel swathed around her shoulders, protecting her from her long damp hair, the rest of her body was bare, soft downy blonde hair was exposed as she elevated each step. Sarah dropped part of her papers onto the stairs. Her father stepped back into the shadows of the coats hanging in the hallway; she leaned forward to gather up the papers, revealing her pussy to his direction. It was tight and compact, unlike the well-fucked pussy he'd serviced earlier that afternoon.

That had been more like fucking a jar of worms; still for a couple of quid he couldn't say too much. She'd a nickname of Eveready, but with him not that well endowed in the nether regions neither had felt that much. Oh, she'd pretended she was enjoying him, making him think he was getting his money's worth.

Blakely stayed in the shadows as Sarah continued up the remainder of the stairs, his eyes glued to her petite bottom. She then went into her bedroom; within moments he heard her switch on the hair dryer. Throwing his coat onto a hanger he made the stairs in two's.

With the noise of the hairdryer he recognized he was safe, the bedroom door was ajar when her arrived at the top. Sarah had her back towards him; legs spread wide, with her head hanging forwards, as she ran the drier up and down her long blonde hair. Her firm breasts hung beneath her swaying gently to and fro with her movements.

His cock felt like that of a raging stallion. Daughter or no daughter, he was going to fuck the arse off her. Even in her late teens she would sit in provocative stances. To many times had he been worked up? He knew she was no virgin, he'd heard her one night when he'd arrived home slightly early, then having to leave to go back down the pub.

Some bastard was giving her a right seeing to. This time he would take her, nothing would she say to her mother; to much would be at stake he was sure of that. It wasn't as if she was a kid anymore. Sex wasn't new to her. She bent lower flicking her hair from one side to the other as she manoeuvred the drier along the fine strands.

Her pussy pushed outwardly towards him, exposing the small tuffs of blonde down, puffy pink lips with a slight darker curl on their edges. Blakely reached to his waist unbuckling his belt, his grubby jeans fell to the floor, and then the long underpants followed.

He stepped over them moving towards her; his cock had never been so erect "Ok boy…not long now" he thought. Without more ado he clasped Sarah by the waist, his free hand went down under her open legs cupping her pussy, assuring a finger went deep up inside in the same movement, then forcing her across onto the bed. The hairdryer rattled across the bedroom floor under her dressing table.

Sarah could smell his strong odour as he leaned over her body; his hand wedged firmly between her legs. In the back of her mind she recognized one day this just had to happen, she'd seem the telltale signs, always seeking an open blouse, or perhaps her skirt was a fraction to high.

Dad! For Christ sake…get off me!" Sarah screamed out, her fist smashing into his upper torso, tried as she might to push him off her, but his hold was too physically powerful for her slight body.

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"Now, my little prick teaser you're in for some real cock!" He dragged her over onto her back, pulling her to the edge of the bed; forcing her legs apart with his knees. Sarah could do nothing.

She glared up to him, viewing the gross chest before her. His cock protruded out under his grubby t-shirt; Maureen's dried juices were visible along its shaft. He leaned back drawing his foreskin over his helmet, revealing a thick white creamy substance around its rim. It could be smelt a mile off. "God, you stink Dad, Mum will be home soon!" "Bollocks to your Mother, she's at bloody Bingo, not be home for hours yet!" He leaned over her taking one of her breasts into his mouth.

Sarah could feel his cock swaying between her legs; she felt like vomiting, the stiff bristles were tearing at her soft skin around her breast.


"You bloody smell horrible Dad! When did you last have a wash?" Sarah screamed out. "You're an animal, get off me you bastard!" "I don't have to take that shit from you!" Blakely stammered lifting himself up and reaching behind her head pulling her up. "Now suck on this Bitch!" Sarah glared at the filthy rod. "Not on your life, you're not putting that thing anywhere near me.

You bloody smell horrible!" Blakely forced his hand down between her legs jamming two of his fingers up her, then thrust his hand under her nose. "I suppose you smell fucking better! Miss goody two shoes?" Sarah ripped his fingers from under her nose, pushing his hand away from her.

"At least I wash my bits!" "Then suck this!" Blakely forced his cock up towards her face. The stench was over whelming, it almost took her breath away "Get fucking lost!" It was not that often that Sarah swore she'd hoped that he'd get her meaning by it.

"OK…no suck; then we'll fuck!" Blakely pushed her down then started to edge back down the bed. Her bedroom was beginning to smell like a Rugby changing room after a heated match. He was bad enough with his clothes on, she could understand as to why her mother had insisted separate beds. She tried to pull herself to the other side of the bed but he was too quick for her.

"No way my little beauty; the old fella is up and running, it's a fucking that you're going to get!" He grabbed her by the feet dragging her back across the bed. Blakely knew only to well he'd little or no chance of getting anywhere near her from on top, he'd to turn her over and take her from the rear, that's if his beer gut would allow it. Sweat was pouring from him as she struggled against his hold. Sarah stopped for a breather, her eyes fixed on the gruesome sight before her.

Her father looked down at her like some kind of savage about to rape her; he'd removed his t-shirt and threw it onto the floor. Grey hair smothered his chest, his obese belly right down to his private parts; the bell end of his cock glistened with the seepage of early sperm secretions.

His sac hung low with his balls sitting at the base as if the skin around them had been in a vacuum, one twice the size of the other. Blakely stuck his head between her legs, not so much sucking, but chewing, holding her clitoris sandwiched between his black teeth, gritting them backwards and forwards.

Sarah knew any sudden movement on her part could be fatal. She sensed his grubby fingers with their black nails being pushed up inside her, but his teeth held on as a leech would.

Blakely knew he didn't have too much time to piss about… he smelt it, he'd felt it and now he had to fuck it. Sarah tried to scramble up the bed as he pulled away from her, in doing so she'd turned over. Blakely quickly took advantage of her position, grabbing her by the rump, pulling her back to the edge of the bed and folding her knees beneath her.

Struggle as she may Sarah could not liberate herself from his grip. As his cock sunk into her pussy Sarah buried her face into the bedding; never had she felt so humiliated, her own father. She could do nothing. His hands gripped her hips tightly pulling her back hard onto each and every thrust. His balls could be felt as they swung to and fro with his violent action. His actions were that of a madman. "God! Please let this be over!" She screamed out.

Blakely eased his pace and stood for a moment, she could feel his cock throbbing deep inside her. "Credit where its due, you're a dam good fuck girlie, still you would be, with a father like me. Well, I've sampled the pleasure garden now for the sewage farm." Blakely slowly removed his cock then forced it straight up her back passage.

Sarah screamed as he rammed himself into her. His hand went under her jabbing his crooked fingers into her pussy. "I'll say this much" Blakely had to catch his breath he was pumping into her so hard. "You're the best fuck I've had in years. Fuck playing away, I'll stay at home from now on!" Sarah's body felt as if it was in a large riddle. She was being shaken from one end to the other; her breasts ached from the constant swinging from his aggressive thrusts.

"For God's sake, enough is enough, you couldn't make love to a woman if you tried!" Sarah pulled her head up from the bedding as she spoke. Her body ached from the onslaught and with the added stench in the room she felt nauseated. "Cream time then!" Blakely stammered, heaving himself deep up inside her. God Dad, you can be a dirty bastard when you want to, don't you do that inside me or I scream the bloody house down!" "Well!" Blakely stated going into full turbo fucking her hard once more.

"Jesus Christ! Take it easy; that bloody hurts!" Sarah had never been fucked in this area before, and she didn't think she'd have it again, the way he was plunging into her.


She could only presume that he was conceived in this area himself to enjoy it so much. "Jesus! I'm going to blow soon, where the hell do you want it, arse, pussy or your mouth?" "God you're a dirty bastard!" Sarah could scarcely catch her breath due to his onslaught. "Then is up your fucking arse it is then!" Sarah cringed at the thought. Boyfriends, lovers but they were never anything like this, and this was her father. Blakely didn't know for sure whether or not she was on the pill, her arse was as good as any place.

His bollocks were full, now was the time He force his cock as far up her as possible, and then blew his load. The feeling was unbelievable; she could sense his balls downloading. It was not unlike that of the feeling of a syringe being emptied up her. Her opinion was…if he'd emptied himself up her pussy, God, she could never have lived it down.

Being pregnant by such a dirty bastard, and her own father to boot. Blakely withdrew his cock and looked down at her with a broad smile on is face, viewing the thick cum draining from her back passage. "Good girl, you yourself can now provide old Dad with his sexual pleasures.

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I'm sure you'll say nothing to your mother! I'm off down the pub now" Sarah slumped forwards onto the bed; she'd been made love to before…but that…that was sheer rape and by her own father. Of course she couldn't say anything, to her mother especially. He'd be dead within the hour of her arrival.

God she felt sore. After the second shower she felt no different, his semen still trickled from her back passage. "Give your father another call dear, his breakfast will be stone cold before much longer. God only knows what time he came home!" Sarah stood with much discomfort, calling her father from the bottom of the stairs. She watched as her father tucked into his breakfast, wondering as to whether he had as yet washed himself, knowing as to where his body parts had been.

"Bingo tonight Angel?" he looked up to her mother. Sarah couldn't ever remember him calling her mother as such; he was up to something. "And you Sarah, I'll expect you could do with a night in!" He smiled. "No, I'm out! But surely it's your bath night?" "His not getting into my bath; It would take a month to remove the grime, dirty old sod. Anyway if he had a bath his mates wouldn't recognise him" Sarah's mother laughed.

"Appearance means a lot to you're father!" "Sorry, I thought it might rid us of some of the flies!" Sarah grinned towards her father.