Erotische deutsche filme

Erotische deutsche filme
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The Life Of James Anderson Pt:2 A second instalment of my new series. Hope it pleases people. Again this story is more storyline based than sex so if you are looking for sexual themes skip to the second half of the story. I advise reading part one first just o get the grip of the storyline. No Pedos! A year and a bit went by in what seemed like no time, I was now a sophomore.

I couldn't wait until next week when I turned 16 and I could legally drive!

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I was always a motor nut but had never had the chance to actually be allowed to drive a vehicle. In the time that had passed, me and Caroline never spoke about our little night of passion, I assumed that it was out of pity and she felt that she had to do it as a way of making things even.

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I knew it was wrong but i did slightly hope that we would try it again but nope, there had been no prime opportunities to try it again. yet. In the past year I started working out with the Senior Jocks who approached me last year.

I now had the figure of a true sportsman, I had converted my small amounts of fat into muscle. I did not look like a body builder with 0% body fat on them but I had a well-defined one. It was a fighters body. I had trained to fight with a senior who was a semi pro at mma so I could now easily defend myself.

I spent at least two hours in the gym a day which lead to Jake starting to join me. He had no where near as good body as me but he was no longer a skinny nerd. We had lost our old reputation as being the two nerds to now being the two intelligent boys who liked to pump iron. I have changed my hair from when I was a chubby freshman to a more stylish do.

It used to be just a shaved head completely which did not compliment my chubby baby cheeks. Now i had medium length hair which was a mixture of dark brown and dark blonde which was always ruffled giving it a wild look. I had started to notice some girls checking me out occasionally as well as Jake. I was sitting at lunch with Ryan and Elliot when Jake walked over without a tray of food and sat down with a smug little look on his face. We knew had something he wanted to tell us but being the fantastic friends that we are, we chose to just carry on our conversation about different cars.

He looked like he was about to burst so I put him out of his misery and said in an almost sarcastic tone "Go on then, what are you so happy about" He took a huge sigh of relief and then said ecstatically, " I, Jake Green, have a date on saturday night!" We all just looked at him in disbelief.


"haha sure. go on then whats HER name" Ell said with big emphasis on the her part which we all giggled at childishly. "I'll have you know it is Charlotte Roberts" he said proudly. "No fucking way!" we all said. Charlotte Roberts wasn't the hottest girls in the year but she sure was up there. She had a good runners body with a good C cup size breasts.

"Indeed" he said smuggly "congratulations buddy, how did it happen?" Ryan asked with genuine interest in his voice. "Well I was in the gym before on my own just doing some cardio in the cardio room on my own.


It was empty in their so I had my headphones on full volume not expecting to see anyone, and when i was listening to don't stop me now someone tapped me on the shoulder. I swear to god I nearly jumped out of my skin." (Jake was paranoid about his music taste as it wasn't "hip" he prefered more classical songs such as Queens) "Anyway I turned round and saw her, she looked so good in exercise leggings and a skin tight top.

she laughed at my reaction so I didn't really no what to do so i just said hi really awkwardly, we started to talk a bit as it was just us two in the cardio room and soon we were in full depth chat about how similar our taste in music was. She gave me her number and said text her anytime and went to walk out. I don't know why but I just blurted out, wanna go out on friday night?

she turned to me and said that she was busy and she was sorry, I felt so rejected and sad and she then said to me, how about saturday? I agreed and here I am telling you about it" We were all shocked how easy he managed to get a date.

For the rest of the day i was just rendered speechless at the thought of Jake with a woman, Although we weren't seen as nerds anymore, I still thought we were and we never went out to socialize so this was a big step.

When the bell went I met Caroline outside the front entrance to the school and we started the twenty-minute walk home together. Caroline was 16 but didn't fancy driving she said that it was too much effort. I explained the whole Jake story to her and she was not as shocked as I was "You two are both hot guys now and don't think im lying but girls notice this stuff" "Your joking right?" "Nope, we girls talk about all this shit all of the time, we have a big hot or not list for the year group" "What am I?" I asked wondering if I wanted to know the answer "Duh your on the hot list as of three months a go, you can thank me later for getting you bumped up" she said wish she followed with a cheeky wink "So do you think I could get a girlfriend?" "You want a girlfriend?!" she asked, she sounded like she was hurt in a way "Ye, I've never had a girlfriend, I've only ever touched two boobs and they were yours I said embaressed" "Oh ye almost forgot about that night" I could tell that she was lying by the tone of her voice.

The rest of the walk home was awkward and quite silent. We got in and parted ways I went to my room and she sat and did yoga in the living room. I went down to get a drink and boy i was glad I did. I saw Caroline in her Yoga outfit and no word of a lie I thought that I might jizz in my pants right there.

Tight leggings and top. Her cute little bubble but was shown very obviously as she was in a doggy type position. "OI, stop looking perv" she said in a flirtatious voice. From what Jake said today I realised that all I needed to do was be confident. "the things I'd do to that ass" I realised what had just come out of my mouth and hoped she'd ignore it, but no she got up to me and walked over as if she was going to slap me full on in the face. But then to my surprise she gave me a small kiss on the mouth and turned away.

"Now you've kissed a girl." she said in a monotone. I walked off smugly congratulating myself mentally. "there you go, all you need to do is be more confident with women!" I got a text from my dad which just said that they wouldn't be home until about one so just be responsible.

Later that night I got into our shower which was nice and spacious. Caroline kept banging on the door saying I was going to use up all the water so I eventually got up, stuck a towl around my waist and walked over to the door.

"Ugh fine here you go, wasn't even finished" I exclaimed in a grumpy fashion as I walked down the hallway to my room "You could always just join me just to finish up yano" she said with a stutter in her voice" I was so excited that I turned around without speaking and just walked into the bathroom.

We were both in the bathroom just standing there. "Well aren't yu going to get in then" she asked me. I was a little shy about my dick, I didn't know if it was big or small. It was about 7 inches when i was hard which I happened to be now thinking about showering with her.

I shyly pulled away my towel and stepped into the shower. The shower was a walk in one with glass sides. "Your turn" I said shyly again.

confidently she pulled off her top to reveal her perky boobs and then OH MY GOD she put her thumbs under her pantie waist line. I didn't think she was going to actually do it when she pulled down her plain white panties revealing a completely shaven pussy. It was one of those pussies that had next to none lips. It was perfect.

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She walked in to the shower as if it was just a casual even and started to put body gel on. "Stop staring and wash yourself perv" she said while winking. Her soapy body was irresistible to me. I Thought to myself that confidence is key so I went for broke. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for a kiss.

She was shocked at first as my lips met hers and my tongue tried to explore. After a second of being surprised she reacted by opening her mouth slowly allowing me to slide my tongue in to hers and explore her mouth. As I had grown to almost 6 foot over the last year i had to bend over to kiss her which made my dick stick right up into her stomach. I kissed my way down her hot soapy body until I came to her nipples where I started to suck on them gently. I had read online how to do this properly and boy it paid off.

She started to moan softly and start to grab my hair and just pull it ever so slightly. At this point my hands had a tight grip on her perfect ass. I started to rapidly flick her nipples with my tongue which sent her wild.

She backed out of everything and then without any warning just fell on her knees. I went to see if she was okay but she gave me an evil stare. I then clocked onto what she was doing. she gripped my dick with her hand and started to slowly wank me off. Shit it felt good. I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the sensation of having my stunning step sister yank on my cock.

The feeling then went up a notch as my cock went warm and moist ,I looked down to see her mouth over my bellend. she looked at me with her big brown eyes and started to bob her head up and down.

She got about halfway and came back up again.

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"God your cock is huge" She said before devouring my shaft again. she cupped my balls with her hand at the same time which just made me even hornier. I put my hand on the back of her head and started to push it down a bit. She got what I was doing and went with it. SHe got about 3/4 of the way down and started to gag a bit. I let go but she didn't come up. Instead she continued all the way down.

I felt her muscles relax in her throat as it went in.

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she started to rapidly bob up and down all the way. "babae. babe, im gunna cum, very soon." I said trying to back out and finish on the floor but she stopped me and just looked dead into my eyes.

I started to cum in her pretty little mouth sending rope after rope of my spunk right to the back of her throat. My dick fell out as it started to go a bit limp as I watched her swallow my sperm. She opened her mouth to show me she was all done. "Christ that was good, you are the best" "So you liked that then, should do it more often" "Ye we should, your turn" I said as I moved my hand down to her cute little slit.

As I started to rub her clit the water suddenly went freezing cold. She yelped as we quickly got out the shower. "Come to my room later on and you can finish your job then" She winked at me and walked out.

I wash speechless. My first ever BJ and oh god it was nice. I went back to my room and just sat in my underwear playing on my Playstation. The clock struck eleven and I went to her room to finish her off.

I was saddened when I opened the door to find her asleep in her bed. I was also wrecked so I went and got into bed and instantly fell asleep. Next day was friday and it started like every other day.

We got up had cereal and left for school. On the way to school we didn't talk but we did randomly start to hold hands for most of the journey taking turns to tighten our grip on the others as we walked. We let go as we came close to school and said our goodbyes as we went off too different classes. My whole day was filled with awkward boners which i got because I thought too much about the passed night.

I knew I couldn't tell anyone but I just wanted to sooo badly.

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I must have had a testosterone boost from last night as I found myself lifting more at the gym, easily powering through my daily workout. The day couldn't have gone slower! I knew we had the house to ourselves again tonight as our parents were going to some sort of charity dance. We met outside the front entrance as normal and started to walk home. "Lets take a de-tour" Caroline said cheerfully as we walked a different way home.

I didn't know this way so she led the way. She walked me up a hill which overlooked the town.

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It was a small town with little amount of shops and few houses. It was a very private spot which I'd never noticed before. She sat down on the hill-top and I followed suit. We held hands for a while and started to have a really deep conversation about hopes and dreams. The conversation turned towards boyfriends/girlfriends. It was to my surprise when Caroline said "All I want is a boy exactly the same as you! I wish you weren't my step brother.

You put up with my bitchiness and defended me even though I was vile to you, you are the nicest guy I know" she said as she put her head on my shoulder, "Plus your cock is massive".

We shared a laugh. Our mouthes soon met through this laugh and we started a heavy make out session. soon her hands were exploring my pants.

"nope, not today, todays about you" I said as i put my hand inside her thigh which she responded to by opening her legs. I reached under her short cheer skirt and started rubbing her pussy over her white panties. I felt them get very wet very quickly. She started to moan into my shoulder and gyrate her hips a little bit. "STOP FUCKING TEASING ME" she said angrily, so i decided enough was enough and moved them aside.

I plunger one finger carefully into her opening. It was so wet my finger slid right in. I moved in and out over and over and decided it was time for two fingers.


This was much harder. She was soo tight. "Oh god" she moaned as I wiggled them about. Her breathing was very heavy now. I started to pull upwards trying to find her G-spot.

I didn't know how I'd know when I found it until I did. "HOLY SHIT" she shouted. I kept pushing that area over and over.

She was purely moaning now and her pussy was getting even wetter. It was making slapping noises she was so wet. "IM CUMMING IM CUMMING" Her legs closed around my arm like a vice. Her pussy clenched my fingers as i pulled them out, as soon as they did come out she squirted her juices about two feet.

She fell back and rested for a minute until she regained her composure "Ye, I can squirt" She giggled as I was still so turned on. We sat there for a good hour before starting to head home.

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