Mersmerizing tempting groans as that babe is pounded hard

Mersmerizing tempting groans as that babe is pounded hard
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This story can also be seen in the Forum. Names have been changed to protect identities. This is my first story, so please cut me some slack cause I know I can do better.


Best Friends? For nearly 3 years, Christy and Dill (short for Dillian) have been best friends, they have been a lot together since they first met.

Every time Christy was going through a hard time, nobody could help her out the best way than Dill could, he knew she could always count on him to have her back and to be there for her 24/7. But something Dill didn't know was that Christy secretly had a thing for him.

That was kept a secret until she finally showed him how she truly felt when he invited her over to his house to have a movie night with him and 2 other friends. She looked at this as the perfect opportunity to finally show him.

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Friday finally came after a week of anticipation, Christy just couldn't wait. Before she went home, she walked up to Dill to and said "Hey Dill, thanks for inviting me to your movie night, I am so ready for it", "I know right, it took a while to finally convince my parents to let me do this." Dill replied.

"So what movies are we gonna watch?" Christy asked, "You'll see when it comes" Dill answered.

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Christy wasn't mad when he said that because he tried to make a lot of things they did together as a surprise. School ended and Christy immediately raced home so she could pick out what she was going to wear as pajamas. She didn't want anything to boring, or anything to revealing.

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She packed a skin-tight white tank top that shows off her B-sized breasts, and her black sweat-pants her mom made for her to sleep in. Seeing she was planning on spending Saturday with Dill, she also packed a Pink-Plad mini skirt with a matching top that says "You Wish You Had Me." Hours later, it was time for her to head to Dill's house, but what she didn't know was that he was waiting in her driveway.


"Oh my god, what are you doing here, I thought I would see you at your house?" Christy shockingly said, "A good friend always picks up his friend" Dill said sweetly. As Christy walked towards Dill's car, she thought 'I can't wait for this to finally happen!!'.

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10 Minutes later, Dill and Christy arrived at his house, they didn't see any cars in front, he thought that was just odd. Dill helped Christy out of the car and brought her stuff to there where they read a note saying 'Sorry Dill, we couldn't make it, something important came up, maybe next time'. Inside, Dill was a bit pissed off, but yet happy cause he could spend some time with his best friend.

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An hour after getting settled in, Christy told Dill that she wanted to go put her jammies on so should could feel more comfortable. What Christy didn't know was that Dill quietly followed her into the bedroom, when she began taking off her pants and panties she was wearing that day, Dill couldn't stand it anymore, he walked right in and begin to kiss Christy's neck, it didn't surprise her cause she knew he would probably follow her.

Christy moaned softly as Dill continued kissing her.

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When he stopped kissing Christy said "I've been wanting this for so long!", with that said, they continued making out, tongues wrestling passionately. Dill loved the taste of his friends sweet sweet lips, but he wanted a little more than lips. Dill gently pushed Christy on the guest bed and spread her legs.

What a wonderful sight that was in front of him. Instead of just staring, he knelt between her smooth, soft legs and began to kiss and lick at her semi wet pussy. She moaned loudly feeling Dill's tongue lick her, but he wanted to give her maximum pleasure, so he plunged his tongue as far as he could go into her pussy, tasting every inch of her on the way.

That drove Christy over the edge, causing her to scream in major pleasure.

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Her scream could have been heard by the police. Dill began to shake his head to send a vibrate feeling up and down her spine, she pulled his head closer to her cause it felt so good. Over and over she kept moaning "Ohhh, fu*k yessss, rightt thereee. Uhhhh", that told Dill he was hitting the right spot. Before he could make her squirt, she told him "I want that dick in my mouth!!".

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Dill didn't need further instruction, he shot up like a viper and stood at the foot of the bed. Christy got up and sat on the edge of the bed and began to unzip Dill's shorts, soon pulling them down along with his boxers. His 6' pecker jumped free in front of Christy's face, she licked her lips and took hold of his dick into her hand and began to softly and slowly stroke him, causing him to grunt a bit.

Not wasting anymore time, Christy leaned forward, opening her mouth, taking as much of Dill's pecker into her mouth and closed her lips softly but tight around his dick and began to move her lips up and down and up and down and up and down, more than 20 times before bobbing her head on his meat. That pleasure made Dill moan and grunt "Ohhh Christy, suck my dick, ooohhhhhhh YESSSSS!." That told her she knew he was loving it. She took his dick out of her mouth and began licking the shaft of his dick up and down, tonguing the pee hole at the top of his dick, causing his dick to twitch which meant he was getting ready to shoot.

She didn't want it in her mouth, she got off the bed and grabbed his hand and led him to the shower. To Be Continued!!