Agreeable chicks erotic engulfing is crumbling down dudes defense

Agreeable chicks erotic engulfing is crumbling down dudes defense
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I'm back today to try and make a cum-back in the sex story industry. If you care, I was busy at school but not writing during the vacation is just an excuse. Again like I do in the beginning of all my stories, if you want to get some background info on the storyline so you can go to my profile and read the previous parts of the stories.

Sorry if some of the "look like? WARNING: my first story sucks and has a bad rating. Sorry if this seems rushed and that is because it is, I'm making this at 2:03 Pacific time and need to finish by midnight. So let us begin. The birds chirped outside the wind as the sun's light was hitting the curtains. "Mike, are you going to get up soon?" Megan asked me. Me now being a freshman in college and Megan a senior in high school now lived with me at an off campus apartment.

When I opened my eyes, my vision was blurry but I could see a face close to mine. I rubbed my eyes as Megan combed my hair with her hand. She said "Mike come on, it's New Year's Day and we gotta get to mom's at nine".

I repositioned myself and saw Megan sitting next to me on the bed with her bubbly eyes looking at me waiting for a response.

I said "Well you better get your pretty ass up and start to change". Megan laughed and had a huge grin on her face as she came over to me and put her head on my chest and said "I bet you liked my pretty ass up against your cock last night". Megan rolled out of bed wearing nothing and started to walk but turned her head and said "You weren't looking at me pretty ass were you?" I looked at her ass then at her and said "You know I love it when you show your ass to me".

She turned around and slapped her ass.


I got up and told her "We have some time, do you want…" She came up to me and kissed me then said "Not right now, you will just have to wait till next year". She scurried to the bathroom and I followed right after. While Megan and I brushed our teeth, she asked me "Can you take me to the mall, I need to find something to wear for tonight". I said "Do you really need more clothes, I thought you had found something to wear already".

She Put her sad face on and whispered "But I want to wear something new for the New Year". I told her "I can't afford to be taking you to the mall every week". She took a deep breath and said "Fine, we won't go", but then Megan started to tease me.

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She sat on her side of the sink counter and spread her legs. She rubbed her clit slowly and closed her eyes. Moaning quietly she would say "give me that cock, put it inside of me and cum". I turned to watch her magnificent pussy being rubbed.

She opened her eyes and said "oh, were you watching me"? I shook my head with a full erection and left to get some pants.

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When I came back, Megan was bent over slowly sliding on a thong as she said "enjoying the view"? I said "Megan ple-please stop". She went to her closet and came back with some tight leggings on and said "Do these make my ass look small"? I looked and her ass looked twice as big. I had finally had enough and said "Ok Megan we will go to the mall".

She jumped, hugged me and went to put on the rest of her clothes. I whispered "we better go before I rape you". She yelled from the closet "I heard that"! I waited outside the dressing room while she tried on dress after dress. She would constantly say "Oh Mike, won't I look nice with these shoes?" "How about this shirt" or "I like this dress but I also like these".

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After three hours of waiting she brought all the shoes, the shirts, and the dresses to register. She constantly assured me that these things are not too much and that she loves me for taking her while waiting in line. The register lady said "Hi did you find everything you were looking for"?

I looked down at Megan and said "I sure hope so" and Megan smiled at me. After the lady got done checking everything off she said "Your total is…" I froze when I looked at the total price. I felt someone pulling on my shirt, it was Megan.

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I snapped back into reality. I swiped my credit card in the machine. It read "Your total is $1,160.70, is that ok"? My hand was moving towards the no, but I gave in. I pushed yes and the lady said "Thanks for shopping, comeback soon". I said "Something tells me we won't be coming back for a while" as we walked out of the store. Megan said "Mike can I go to just one more store, I just need to buy a couple of things". I said "Ok but this is the last place". We walked to Victoria's Secret and she told me to wait outside.

When she came out I asked her what she got.

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She giggled and said "Just something for my boyfriend". When we got back to the apartment, I dumped everything on the bed and Megan pulled out everything from the bags.

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She took out all of her new shoes and started trying them on. Megan was going to try on a dress but instead she looked up at me and came to give me a hug. She said "Mike, I really appreciate you caring so much for me and always loving me. We kissed and she went to find something for that tonight. Megan and I took our shower, we brushed our teeth again, she painted her nails, I shaved, she did her hair and I got changed first.

I waited outside in the living room while Megan put her clothes on. She came out in sexy tight pink dress with matching high heels. Her dark brown hair was curled at the ends and her green eyes sparkled. I told her "Megan, you look so beautiful". She looked down and blushed and said "You really think so"? I was almost out of words because Megan looked so good but replied "Yes Megan you do and I'm lucky I have such a women like you in my life, I love you". She started to tear up and said "Thanks Mike, I love you too and I want to be with you the rest of my life".

I led her to the door and opened it for her and we left. We were heading to mom's house but I stopped a couple of miles out to see my dad. My dad had a New Year's party every year so I had to park across the street.


Megan told me to say "Hi". I rang to door bell and my dad answered it. He welcomed me in but I told him I had to leave soon because we are heading to mom's. He asked me "Has Megan driven you crazy yet"? I replied "Not yet" laughing. He said smiling "It's only the first year you two are living together, give it a little while longer".

We both had a good laugh and he told me to say hi to Megan and that he misses her, and I left. When I went back into the car I told her that dad said hi and that he misses her and then we left. We arrived and mom's house and Megan stopped me from leaving the car. She told me "Why are we here? We should be spending New Year's together like regular couples do". I told her "I wish we could but we are not regular couples, I love you Megan honestly I wish we were more than just boyfriend and girlfriend, but we are still brother and sister so we can't be more than that".

She looked disappointed and said "I guess but I don't even see you as a brother anymore. I just want to be with you forever". I whispered "We will be together forever", gave her a kiss on the cheek and went to open her door. When I rang on the doorbell my mom opened the door and said "Megan you are so beautiful, and Michael you look like such a man I haven't seen you guys in forever"! Hank came out with mom to see us and I shook his hand as we went outside.

We sat down at the table too eat and Megan sat next to me. My mom brought us plates with our food and we ate. Megan tried to grab my hand under the table while we ate but I kept on moving it. When we were done eating we all sat on the couch to watch the New Year's Eve TV special. I told my mom that I forget my phone in the kitchen and went to go get it. When I picked up my phone, Megan was standing behind me. She asked me "Do you love me"? I responded "Yes of course I do".

She then said "Ok kiss me, on the lips". I said "I can't do that what if mom sees". She quietly said "Just prove you love me". I thought about it and wondering if I should do it. I took a deep breath and went in for a kiss. Her lips met mine but it didn't feel wrong. She said "Ok now walk out with me holding my hand". I grabbed her hand and we walked back to the living room.

My mom said "Awww if you weren't my kids I would think you were a couple". ."Three, two, one happy New Year"! Mom and Hank stood up and hugged each other.

Megan and I gazed into each other's eyes and she grabbed the back of my head and kissed me on the cheek.

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I was afraid Megan was going to give away our secret but she accepted what we are. Back at the apartment, I put my keys on the counter and her something unzip. I turn to see Megan to pop her breasts out and she lifted the bottom of the dress to reveal her new thong. She said "How about we start the year off right"? I took my clothes off as fast as I could and went to meet Megan on the bed.

I laid down and she came afterwards to climb on top of me. Megan told me "I want you to fuck me hard, don't hold back and cum in my pussy". We started by fast kissing and tongue action, then she took off her bra to reveal her perfectly rounded tits. She moved the close to my face for me to suck on. I grabbed one and started to lick the nipple of it before I started to suck. I would alternate between them and feel her ass and rub it. She moved away put her legs in the air to remove her thong. She curled her legs back and my dick went straight for her pussy.

I entered slowly because Megan's clit is almost impossible to penetrate. I soon got into rhythm and started to go in and out faster. I looked at Megan with her dress in the middle of her body and she had her eyes closed and was holding one of her tits slightly moaning.

I pulled away and she opened her eyes. I told her to suck my dick. I laid back and she put her pussy on my mouth while she sucked my hard cock. I was easting her pussy up and she was gagging and sucking on my prick. I was jiggling her ass and she was gasping constantly for air. I moved her hips away and she stopped sucking. I put her body on the edge of the bed and she put her legs on my shoulders. My dick was soaked with all the sucking she did to my cock. My legs and balls were clapping against her giant ass and as I went faster, so did the clapping.

At this point Megan was screaming "Give me that cock, ohh yeah I want it faster"! I was reaching my peak and almost finished but I still went fast. "OHH cum in my pussy, fill my pussy with all the cum you have" she yelled. I pushed on and with one final thrust, all my sperm was injecting in to Megan's canal. She was completely out of breath and put her head back. Megan pulled away and ran her fingers inside her pussy putting all the cum she could inside, and the rest she ate.

Megan and I relaxed the first day of the year. We laid back and she fell asleep in my arms.

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One week later. "Mike, come here hurry". I ran to the bathroom. She exclaimed "Now we can really be together forever". I said "Wh-" In her hands was a pregnancy test, it read positive. I blacked out.