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Galactic Vendetta character, vehicle, and location list Below is a listing of the characters, vehicles, and locations featured in the story. This is intended to help the reader keep track of the various characters, vehicles, and locations throughout the story.

It also allows the story to began without a long drawn out story setup. While this does reveal some story details in advance it isn't complete due to the fact while I have much of the story segments planned out but the story as a whole isn't complete. This also doesn't include many of the smaller characters, ships, and places that will appear in the story.

Characters Matthew Morgan exiled soldier acting as privateer under the name John Erickson. Him and his entire unit were believed killed in the final months of the war. He now hides his identity in a quest for revenge against those that destroyed his nation and killed his family. A highly skilled fighter, engineer, and pilot. Chancellor Alexander Bourgeoisie leader of the Neos Confederation and the man that ordered the deaths of millions of people.

He arranged the war with the Kingdom of Heliopolis and ordered whole worlds wiped out to achieve his goals.

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Cassandra Bourgeoisie daughter and fanatical follower of Chancellor Bourgeoisie. Taken as a slave to take revenge for her and her father's actions. As a slave she lives by the name Andrea. As a slave she discovers her humanity and begins a quest to save her master's soul as penance for her and her father's actions.

Jade daughter of a Confederation councilman publicly criticized Confederation policy and was enslaved by her father. Rescued after her father's ship was taken by Morgan/Ericson. Gave herself willingly to him and is now his pleasure slave. She also has entered into a bisexual relationship with Andrea. Admiral Thomas Stillwell head of the Alpha Alliance's Special Operations Command (S.O.C.). He knows war is coming between his country and the Neos Confederation and secretly works to weaken the Confederation.

One of few that Know Matthew Morgan's Identity and history. Commander James Anderson. Member of the S.O.C. Assigned to work alongside John Erickson. Initially doesn't know John Erickson's real identity and history however knows that his identity is fake and hides it for a good reason. He considers John Erickson his friend.

He is highly intelligent and a skilled fighter and pilot. Sarah Morgan sister of Mathew, Michael, and Patrick. Believed killed in a poison gas attack that wiped out her home world killing the rest of her family.

However her and her brother Patrick were off the planet at the time of the attack and have spent the years since then living as refugees.

A good pilot and engineer but not much of a fighter even so she is quite proficient with a blaster. After being found by Matthew works in support of his mission. Patrick Morgan brother of Matthew, Michael, and Sarah. A skilled engineer and fair pilot. He also can hold his own in a fight. After being found by Matthew works in support of his mission. Lieutenant Michael Morgan. Officer with the Seventh Fleet. Him and the fleet went into hiding after the war and were believed destroyed.

Due the circumstances following the war he believes his entire family is dead.


He Doesn't know that two brothers and a sister are alive. Like his older brother is a skilled engineer, pilot, and fighter. King Terrance Edward Visser. The ruler of the kingdom of Heliopolis. Executed by Chancellor Bourgeois after watching his wife be publicly raped and branded as a slave and his daughter paraded naked before their people before being branded by Cassandra Bourgeois.


Lady Marie Jominique Stepford Visser. Second wife of King Visser. Forced into slavery after the fall of Heliopolis. Publicly gang raped then she was branded as a slave by Cassandra Bourgeois before being sold to a brothel. Princess Kirsten Elizabeth Visser. Daughter of Terrance and Lady Marie. After the fall of Heliopolis taken as a slave.

Paraded naked before her people by Cassandra Bourgeois then branded. After becoming a slave she had her name changed to Ashley and gave birth to a son by her owner Jason Presscotte. Princesses Melissa(Mel) Teresa Visser & Michelle Janelle Visser.

Twin sisters and daughters of King Terrance and his first wife. Believed killed when their starliner disappeared before the war. In fact they have been stranded with the rest of the surviving passengers on a uncharted world. They both have fallen in love with the same man. They have entered into a shared marriage and each have had a child with him.

Prince Daniel Vincent Visser. Heir to the throne of Heliopolis. Believed killed in the final days of the but in truth survived with the Seventh Fleet. Prince Steven Preston Visser. Leader of the elite military unit known as Death Dealers. Believed killed in the final weeks of the war when the planet his unit was fighting on was blown up. In truth he and his unit were saved by his second in command Matthew Morgan.

Him and his unit has been living in exile in the Crimson Empire. Jason Presscotte Councilman within the Neos Confederation. Secretly works help the citizens of Heliopolis and undermine the agenda of Chancellor Bourgeois.

Owner of former Princess Kirsten and father of her child.

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He also was able to rescue Lady Marie from the Brothels. Robert Bourgeois. Son of Chancellor Bourgeois. Despises his father's agenda and views. Going as far as to publicly criticize them. Believed killed when the starliner he was traveling on disappeared before the war. However he has been stranded on an uncharted planet with the other surviving passengers. Has entered into a three way marriage with Princesses Melissa and Michelle. Major Brandon Whittan.

Member of the Confederation Praetorian Guard assigned to protect Robert Bourgeois on the Starlight. Elite fighter loyal to the previous chancellor of the Confederation. After being stranded entered into a sexual relationship with LT Draper fathering a daughter with her. Lieutenant Monica Draper. Death death Dealer assigned to protect princesses Melissa and Michelle Visser. One of the best of the fighters in her unit. Also one of the most respected second only to prince Steven and Mathew Morgan.

Enters into a sexual relationship with Major Whittan after they are stranded and had a daughter with him. Tiny. An orphaned sterling tiger cub taken in and raised by princesses Melissa and Michelle. The Death Dealers. An elite unit of the Heliopolis military under the direct command of Prince Steven. Also Matthew Morgan's unit. Believed wiped out when the planet Orion 3 was destroyed. Survived in secret and quietly preparing for the day they can free their homeland. The Caretaker.

Guardian of the secret repository of the records of Heliopolis. The Seventh fleet. The largest of the surviving Heliopolis military units. Consisting of the battleship Achilles, the carrier Hermes, and several cruisers and destroyers. They survive through a support network put in place before the fall of Heliopolis. Morgan's fleet. Consisting of several Heliopolis warships salvaged and a few captured Confederation warships grouped around the super battleship Ajax. The crews consist of Heliopolis refugees.

It is commanded by Prince Steven and the Death Dealers. The Ninth Combat Group. Consisting of the battle cruiser Argos, a heavy cruiser, and three destroyers.

Slaves. Despite the advancement of the human race slavery is considered a necessary evil.

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This was due to the shortage of females that were willing to colonize space. Due shortages in female populations they are considered a valuable commodity. The rules considering slaves is simple any woman that becomes a slave must obey her master's every command. Any female children of slaves will become slaves themselves upon reaching adulthood. All slaves must be collared and branded. Collars and slave brands must be visible at all times.

Any other rules will be introduced as the story progresses. Now the circumstances involving women becoming slaves varies. This includes payment of debts, abandonment, being born a slave, and war trophies.however both the Alliance and Empire have laws governing the fair treatment of slaves and laws allowing slaves to earn or buy their daughter's freedom before they become slaves themselves.

The Raiders of Tartarus. A group of pirates and thieves they raid colonies along the borders of the big three. They operate out of a abandoned mining colony called Tartarus. They utilize modified armed merchant ships and armed transport ships.

Praetorian Guard. The bodyguards of the Chancellor of the Neos Confederation. They are charged if overseeing the safety of their country's leader. Some the best fighters in the in the universe.

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Under Chancellor Bourgeois their ranks have been filled with members of the Death Squads. Death squads.

The assassins of the Neos Confederation. During the war they were tasked with eliminating Heliopolis military commanders and members of the royal family. They also were the ones that killed the entire populations of several worlds within Heliopolis including the destruction of Orion 3. Now they remove any opposition to chancellor Bourgeois within the government of the Confederation and to hunt down all evolutionaries within the borders of the Confederation.

Evolutionaries. Individuals with Evolve mental capabilities. This includes telepathy and telekinesis. They are misunderstood and feared. Within the borders of the Confederation they are killed on sight save a select few that aid the Death Squads in hunting their fellow evolutionaries. These evolutionaries are referred to as Judases. The elders. The code name given to an extinct advanced race of aliens.

Information on them is limited but it is known they possessed powerful weaponry, defensive technology, and computer systems. Heliopolis was able to incorporate much of this into the super battleship Ajax. Few within Heliopolis knew of the elders and all records were destroyed or hidden during the final weeks of the war.

One of the few is Matthew Morgan due to his possession of the file. The File. A data record or designs based on Elder technology. It contains designs for ships, engines, weapons, cloaking devices, and computer systems. It is all that remains of a research program started during the war. It was entrusted to Matthew Morgan after the war. SHIPS Jump Gates. While not a ship or other vehicle they are a major factor in space travel. They are large gateways placed near planets and important sections of space.

Ships use them to enter and exit hyperspace and thus move faster throughout the universe. Jump Engines. Larger ships are equipped with them to allow them access to hyperspace without the use of a jumpgate. Do to the energy requirements usually only large ships have them. Ships Equipped with them are classified as independent jump capable. The Independence. A light transport cargo ship assembled from salvaged components from the bone yards on the planet Hendricks. Equipped with newer more powerful engines and other systems.

She is also equipped with an variant of a elder cloaking device, powerful stun cannons, and other surprises. The Icarus. A submerged freighter in Tango Lake on the planet Hendricks. She is incapable of flight but is structurally sound and has a fully functioning fusion reactor.

She serves as the home base to the the Independence and Matthew Morgan. The Ajax. First of her kind super battleship. Built utilizing elder technology.


Possesses the most powerful weapons and shields of any warship developed by humans. Built in secret and hidden during the final weeks of the war. The Achilles the flagship of the Seventh Fleet. She was equipped with early elder/human hybrid weapon systems and shields. The Hermes last surviving Heliopolis carrier. Part of the Seventh Fleet. She Carries three hundred and fifty fighters capable of operating in space and atmosphere environments. The Argos Battle Cruiser flag ship of the ninth combat group.

An older design built without elder technology. However she is still one of the most powerful warships that remain of the Heliopolis fleet. The Athena. Heliopolis battleship in the possession of the Tartarus raiders. Due to the security protocols on the ship the raiders couldn't use her for anything but a fixed weapon to protect their stronghold.

Even so her presence guarding the entryway into Tartarus makes the fortress insurmountable. Raider ships. Basically small fast ships that are heavily armed they are made up of several types and sizes of modified merchant ships.

The Starlight. Spaceliner whose disappearance started the war between the Neos Confederation and Heliopolis. Her Destruction was blamed on Heliopolis but in truth she was shot down by a Confederation destroyer to justify the war and to remove. Robert Bourgeois's opposition to his father's policies. Flyers. Small atmospheric vehicles used for transportation. A sort of flying car. LOCATIONS The various places the story takes place on or around.

Heliopolis. One of the larger nations outside of the big three. Consisting of several hundred worlds around the capital planet of Heliopolis. The big three. These are the largest of the space powers.

The Neos Confederation. The most tyrannical government in the big three. Has waged war on many of the other nations throughout the centuries they have existed. Recently they have recently conquered the kingdom of Heliopolis. The Crimson Empire. The largest of the big three. Rule by a Emperor and a governing council. The have given refuge to many citizens of Heliopolis. They have entered into a uneasy peace with the Confederation. However the Emperor and many members of the council believe war is coming.

For this they have taken in many members of the Heliopolis military. The Alpha Alliance. A republic of aligned worlds. Under a president and a senate.

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The only one of the big three that is a complete democracy. They also have entered into an uneasy peace with the Confederation but believe war is coming as well. Hendricks.

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Planet within the Alliance. The planet that Admiral Thomas Stilwell is assigned. Because of this and the many spaceship bone yards on the planet it also serves as the home base of Matthew Morgan It also has a high concentration of Heliopolis refugees. This includes both Sarah and Patrick Morgan. Who came to Hendricks at some point after the fall of Heliopolis and reside in one of the many refugee camps on the planet.

Elysium. A agricultural colony world that was part of the Kingdom of Heliopolis. Homeworld of the Morgan family. The entire population was killed in a poison gas attack that rendered the world uninhabitable. All citizens of Elysium have a small tattoo on the back of their hands of three stalks of wheat to signify the colonies agricultural heritage. Orion 3. A planet where one of the final battles in the war between the Confederation and Heliopolis was fought.

When the tide of battle had turned on them Confederation forces launched a doomsday device destroying the planet. It was believed that no one on the planet survived. Oxiom 5. A heavily defended merchant world that is a major merchant hub within the Confederation. Home world of Jason Presscotte. The Charybdis. A spacial anomaly that crosses parts of the borders of Heliopolis, Confederation, and Imperial territories.

A section of space that is avoided at all costs due to the fact that no ship has ever returned from it. Eden. The name given to a planet within the Charybdis. A lush would covered with vast forests and jungles. The

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