The hottest straight hispanic male gay porn stars Keeping The Boss

The hottest straight hispanic male gay porn stars Keeping The Boss
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Chapter 6. I arrived at home and went right to bed, totally tried and feeling really good. I didn't hear from Jean again, until the next Friday afternoon, when she sent me and instant message.

She told me she had been busy all week, with her BF and couldn't get on the computer, because he was there. We chatted for a while and she told me that she didn't wake up until the next day and that she really loved her massage. We continued chatting until she had to get off line. I didn't hear any more from Jean, the rest of the week. Sunday afternoon I was reading stories from an adult site and an instant message appeared from Jean. She told me her BF and he had told her that he couldn't come home until Monday afternoon.

He said his boss needed him to stay at work, and he wouldn't be finished until Monday afternoon. We continued chatting until she asked me if I would come over for dinner.


I couldn't reply fast enough telling her I would be more than glad to have dinner with her. On half hour later, I was at her place. When she came to the door, Jean stood there wearing a blue and black negligée, with matching bra and thong, with black fishnet stockings with a black grader belt, and black 5" heels.

I stood there shocked, but loving the vision. She invited me in, hugged me and we went and sat down on her couch.


She had the TV on and she was playing a porn flick, the theme was bisex. The scene was two girls and a guy playing. Jean cuddled next to me as we watched the video. She started talking about her BF, she was really upset at him for not coming home Sunday afternoon. As we talked, she began running her hand up and down my chest, eventually reaching down to my crouch.

She was really opening up to me about her relationship with the BF.

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She told me that he had actually bought her the house she was living in. She also told me what occupation he was in. This came as a real surprise to me, but she knew that I was in the same occupation so it wasn't that much of a shock to me. Along with her telling me what he did for a living, she also reminded me that he was bi. All the time she was telling me this, she was running her hand up and down my penis, and that was having a real effect on me.

She told me that she loved watching ladies together and that she had a GF who would come to her place from time to time. It was about 4pm and we were running our hands all over each other by now. She had unbuttoned my shirt and had taken it off, she then went to my pants and unzipped them and took them, along with my boxes off. She was sucking my nipples while she played with my penis.

I had reached around her back and had undone her bra, and was just getting ready to play with her pussy when the door bell rang. Jean looked toward the door and a big smile came over her face. She stood up, went to the door, not bothering to put her bra back on or to cover herself up, opened it, and there stood Jean's friend Lorie, the girl from the auction.

I watched them as Jean leaned in and gave Lorie a kiss on her lips. I remember her because of her black hair and large breast. She came into the living with Jean. Lorie was wearing a long black coat with black boots. Jean took the coat and Lorie was wearing the same outfit Jean had been wearing. They both sat down on the couch, Jean on the left side of me, Lorie on the right side. The video was still playing and all three of us watched it for a few minutes.

The girls began to massage my chest, and then they both leaned in and each girl took one of my nipples into their mouth and sucked on them. I returned my hand to Jean's tit with one hand, and reached over to Lorie and started playing with her titty. I started playing with her nipple. I got it hard and discovered that she had long nipples. I unfastened her black bra and started to suck that beautiful nipple like a little baby.

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I really love a long nipple, so I really loved sucking her. All the time I was playing and sucking Lorie's nipple, Jean was massaging my penis, through my pants, getting me hard as a rock. She unzipped my pants, reached under my boxers, and started stroking my cock. After we all played with each other for a few minutes, Jean and Lorie stood up and started kissing each other. I was a little surprised at this, as Jean had said to me that she didn't kiss anyone but her BF, but I was enjoying watching them.

They both were sticking their tongues into each other's mouth and really into kissing each other. While they were doing this, I removed my pants and boxers.

As they kissed, they both played with the others breast, rubbing their nipples, getting them hard. Jean leaned into Lorie and sucked one of her nipples deep into her mouth, while Lorie played with Jeans nipples.

They both were still wearing their thongs, so I reached up between each of them and started playing with their vaginas, which were really wet by this time, which allowed me to get two fingers in each of them.

They kept on playing with each other's breast. Lorie now was sucking Jeans nipple as Jean played with Lories nipples, and I kept finger fucking both of them. We all played like this for several minutes until both girls stopped sucking each other and sat down on the couch with me between them.

Lorie bent over and started sucking on my testacies, while Jean took my penis into her mouth and started sucking me. They kept this up for several minutes, and I was feeling really good. I knew that I would be cumming soon and I told them this but they kept on playing with my cock and balls. I let Jean know that I was ready to cum and she tightened her lips around my cock until I let go with a full load of cum, filling her mouth with my seed.

When I stopped filling her mouth, she leaded over and started kissing Loris again. I watched them swap my cum between their mouths, until they both swallowed all the cum. As they kissed, Jean started moving her hand down Lorie's body, until she reached Lories vagina.

She began rubbing her hand all around Lorie's cunt. Jean maneuvered Lorie to the couch and Jean knelt on the floor.

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With Lorie on the couch, Jean pushed her legs apart and dove into her pussy, covering it with her lips. Jean parted Lorie's pussy lips apart and started licking her from the bottom of her cunt up to the top. Every time, before Jean would go back down, she would take Lories clit between her teeth and nibble on it, then she would release it and lap away at her pussy again.

I watched Jean start to stick her tongue into Lorie as far as she could. Lorie's face was showing signs of her enjoyment. Jean tongued fucked her cunt for several minutes, then I saw her starting to consecrate on Lories clit, licking it as fast as she could. I looked at Lorie and I knew it wasn't going to be much longer before she would cum.

Jean kept on attacking Lorie's clit until Lorie let out a deep moan and came all over Jeans face. When Jean stopped, her face was all wet; I leaned over her and licked all of Lories cum off her face. After that we all sat down on the couch again and watched the video.

The sceene that was playing was about one of the girls using a strap-on on the other girl while the guy was playing with the girls tits.

The girl who was fucking was driving the strap-on deep into the other girl and really doing a good job on her. I looked over at Jean and she had three fingers deep in her own pussy, fucking herself as fast as she could. Lorie stood up and walked out of the room toward the kitchen. I thought she might be going to get a drink, but when she came back into the living room she was wearing an 8" black strap-on.

She stood right in front of Jean and told Jean to suck her cock.


Jean didn't hesitate and started taking that black cock down her throat as far as she could. Lorie face fucked her for a couple minutes, then told Jean to lie down on the couch and Lorie took hold of the strap=on cock and positioned it at the opening of Jean's vagina.

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When she was ready, Lorie drove the dildo, balls deep into Jean's cunt and fucked her hard for what seemed like a long time. Jean was moaning and turning her head from side to side enjoying the fucking Lorie was giving her.

Lorie fucked her like she was never going to stop.

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All the time Jean was stroking my cock and both of us were getting close to cumming. Lorie pulled the black cock almost out of Jean's pussy and then drove it all the way back into her, sending her over the edge and Jean's body shook all over, she let out a deep moan and her cunt convulsed as she came as hard as I had ever seen her cum.

Jean was pulling my cock and I shot cum all over her tiiies.

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I pushed Lorie out of the way and started sucking Jeans pussy getting all her cum. I then took her clit and started sucking it until she came again. Jean passed out for a few seconds and when she came back, Lorie bent over her and gave her a big tongue kiss. We all were a mess but totally satisfied for a few minutes. Jean laid there for a few minutes getting her strength back and Lorie and I started playing with each other.

I played with her breast and sucked her nipples until they got rock hard. I love her long nipples and sucked on them for a few minutes, going from one to the other. Lorie was still wearing the black strap-on and as Jean came back to life, she began stroking the strap-on and my cock at the same time.

Jean reached between my legs and started playing with my anus hole with her fingers. She ran a finger around my hole and then stuck it into me and started to finger fuck me. She then took two fingers and put both of them in my ass; it was feeling pretty good by now.

She did this for a few minutes while I continued playing with Lorie's tits and nipples. Jean then took three fingers and fucked my ass with them and I was really enjoying this. All of a sudden she removed her fingers from me and I wondered why, until I saw what she was doing. She had moved around so she could get hold of Lorie's strap-on and was sucking it.

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She grabbed hold of it and maneuvered Lorie around until she was standing between my legs. Then Jean took the black dildo and placed it at the opening of my ass and when she was in position, she shoved all 8" deep into me in one stroke. She began fucking me with, long strokes. In and out, in and out, all the way to the fake balls. She was doing a great job fucking me and I was feeling really good.

All the time Lorie was fucking me, Jean was stroking my cock and the combination was sending me into orbit. Jean must have felt my balls tightening up, because she really gripped my cock, and stroked it faster and faster until I erupted with a load of cum which went all over the floor in a good size puddle.

Lorie stopped fucking me and she and Jean forced my face to the floor and "made" me lick up all my cum. After I cleaned the floor, Lorie put the black dildo cock into my mouth and made me clean it too. After that we all returned to the couch and finished watching the video and eat pizza. It was getting late, so I got dressed and kissed Lorie good bye and hugged Jean good bye and I went home, totally exhausted, but feeling really good.