Slut neighbor sucking my dick

Slut neighbor sucking my dick
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The big weekend had finally arrived, one I had been looking forward to for a long while now. My slaves had no idea what was in store for them. It took a lot of very careful effort to make such an event possible. From Friday at six o'clock in the evening until Sunday at midnight, I was hosting a very unique party.

I purchased a lot of food and even more alcohol to sustain a wild weekend. I also had to rearrange the apartment slightly to make enough room for everyone. The guest list, a carefully selected and most interesting bunch, included three men and two women, and was comprised as follows: Pete was a buddy of mine from college and a trusted friend. He was the only person on the list who had done this before, as I invited him over last summer to tag team my first slave.

He was a medium build white guy, like myself, with a respectable but not enormous cock. Tasha was a tight bodied black woman, late twenties, who was my accountant from a local bank who worked with me on my small business loans. She also sucked my cock and fucked my brains out.

Andre was Tasha's husband; a tall, muscular, imposing black man who I thought would definitely kill me when he found out about Tasha and I. Turns out Andre is kind of a kinky fuck, something I can respect, and to my surprise he happily invited me over to double penetrate his wife.

Andre had an elephant's trunk of a cock and as we stood shoulder to shoulder and beat our loads onto Tasha's face, I told them both about my summer hobby. They were very excited to attend. The most interesting guests, however, were Don and Pam. Don had been in my apartment once before, the day he dropped off his daughter Michelle. I was surprised when I received two emails (I didn't give out a phone number), one from each parent, asking if they could come over and 'discipline' their daughter and please not to tell the other about it.

Well, once everyone got on the same page, Don and Pam frantically cancelled a vacation in order to be free this weekend. As I would find out as the weekend unfolded, Don was a skinny man in his early fifties with a short but chubby cock.

Pam was a decent looking lady in her late forties with the shapely body of a sexy woman who'd gained a few pounds. She had full tits that sagged but were sexier for it, and hair that was jet black like Michelle's but only shoulder length. There were only a few rules for the weekend.

Not unlike the movie Fight Club, the first rule was pretty obvious. The second rule, which applied to the two couples in attendance, was that marital fidelity no longer applied. Tasha and Pam were not slaves, not to be beaten or punished, but they were open for business for anyone in attendance.

I knew Tasha would have no qualms about that, and I was surprised that Pam said she was willing to fuck the Easter bunny if it meant she could be there to punish Michelle. The third stipulation wasn't a rule really, just general advice: this was the one chance we had to experience such an uninhibited, no-holds-barred weekend, so everyone was encouraged to come prepared to play out whatever fantasies they most desired.

Friday arrived and I beat Amanda and Michelle violently around noon. I wanted to firmly put them in their place so we didn't have any trouble this weekend. I think both girls knew something was up because I wasn't fucking them non-stop, I wanted them and myself fresh for the festivities, but neither had the stones to question me.

Around four o'clock I brought the slaves into the living room, naked, and told them to stand side by side with their backs to the wall. There were two dark blue bed sheets folded neatly on the couch.

"Now, I'm going to cover each one of you with a sheet. You will stand absolutely still and absolutely silent, understand." They both looked at me with puzzled expressions. "Understand?" I repeated with my hand raised in warning. "Yes, master," they rang in unison. "I mean it, I don't care what you hear or how long it takes, not a sound or twitch for either of you." I kissed each girl warmly and smiled at them before covering each with a sheet. Each girl was naked wearing only her collar and her leash, neither of which were clipped to the wall since the locks only worked for me, and now both stood motionless under a dark blue sheet.

At six o'clock sharp my guests arrived. Everyone was eager to attend and they showed up promptly.


Pete had a small bag of clothing and was all smiles. Both couples arrived with considerably more luggage and each alluded to some 'fun' items. Everyone entered and the topic of conversation was the two blue figures against the wall. I told everyone that there would be dinner and drinks before the sheets came down, so please be patient. At the sound of the familiar voices of her parents, Michelle let out a forlorn whimper from below her sheet. I calmly paused the conversation and told the crowd I wasn't happy to have to do this but I couldn't have a slave disobeying direct orders.

I grabbed Michelle's throat through the sheet harshly and pinned her against the wall. I beat her mercilessly. Most of the guests had never seen a slave before and they were enamored by the display. Michelle finally fell in a heap when I let her go, and I casually invited my guests to a light dinner I'd prepared.

It was clear that everyone had only one thing on their minds during dinner, so we hurried through and wound up back in the living room. Everyone sat down and looked eagerly at my covered slaves.

"Okay folks, you're in for a real treat. Right here, under these two sheets, you'll find an entire weekend worth of fun. Please, I implore you, indulge yourself in these two fucking sluts. Punish them and pleasure yourself. There is no reason to hold anything back or consider anyone's pleasure but your own. Okay, now obviously you all have unrestricted access to these two bodies for the rest of the weekend, but I'd like to start by introducing you to each slave and by offering the first taste of each girl to a special guest I've selected." The guests looked on in wonder, a few of them absent-mindedly rubbing themselves through their clothing.

"Get on with it, let's fuck these whores!" Pete shouted. I roughly grabbed Amanda by the arm and pulled her to the center of the room.

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"Her given name is Amanda, but feel free to call this slut whatever comes to mind. She's a whore in the first degree and her parents have paid good money to get her disciplined, so I humbly beg you to help me punish this bitch…" "Quit with the fucking theatrics!" Pete interrupted. He was dying to start the action, but I wasn't going to give him the first go at either girl.

"Without further ado," I continued, "I present Amanda to you, and first to Andre, my friend, who was good enough to share his beautiful wife Tasha with us this weekend." Andre grinned and Tasha winked at me. I yanked the sheet down and exposed the nude Amanda, her enormous tits displayed proudly, and the crowd was clearly impressed. "Get over here, bitch," Andre ordered. He pushed her to her knees and hurriedly pulled out his giant cock.

It was only half-hard but already it made Amanda gasp and I saw Pam look lustfully at it. Andre slapped it heavily onto Amanda's face, the head resting above her hair line and his balls hanging well below her chin. "Lick my nuts," he ordered. Andre was in the moment, and Amanda began lapping sloppily at his sagging black balls. I saw Pete had his cock out and was stroking slowly, watching the scene intently. I'm proud to say I have a freakishly large cock, which comes in handy in this line of work, and I'm not at all ashamed to say Andre was larger than I.

His cock was long and fat and I looked forward to watching it abuse these whores.

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Once fully hard, Andre took Amanda's head with both hands and began slamming her mouth down onto his cock. Amanda was much better at accepting big cocks than Michelle, but Andre stretched her throat to the extreme. The crowd moaned along with Andre for ten long minutes of facial abuse. Finally Andre pushed Amanda down as hard as he could and held her there, her eyes closed tight and her throat twitching, as he furiously exploded into the depths of her throat.

Andre roared and bucked as cum spewed from him and in no time thick strands were spilling from Amanda's mouth and pooling up on the floor. When finally finished, Andre threw Amanda to the floor and reveled in post-orgasmic pleasure. Tasha took his huge cock in hand and gently stroked him as I made my way over to Michelle. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet Michelle. Michelle is a stubborn little cunt and has personally made me a very busy man.

Her parents are here today," I heard Michelle begin to weep when I said this, "Don and Pam, and I'd like to offer Michelle to Pam first." I slid the sheet down and Michelle looked out in disbelief.

When she saw her parents, as if she didn't believe it before, she burst into tears. It was at this point that Pam became a different woman than I'd seen so far. She stood up calmly and stepped in front of Michelle.

Their eyes met, Michelle's clouded by tears, and Pam slapped her hard to the ground.


Pam returned to her seat and pulled her loose dress up to her waist. She quickly pulled down the unexciting panties she was wearing and exposed to us her bushy cunt. She had curly dark pubic hair, not nearly as dense as her daughter, but everyone could see a juicy pussy beneath. "Crawl over here you fucking cunt!" Michelle did, sobbing as she crawled, and when in range Pam grabbed her hair violently and slammed Michelle's face into her cunt.

"Eat that, you ungrateful little bitch, eat mommy's pussy…" Michelle complied, producing a bizarre chorus of sloppy licking noises interrupted by pathetic sobbing.

"Uhhh, yeah, mmmm, get your fucking tongue in it, slut, that's it, fuck, eat that cunt," Pam continued. This display had the entire crowd even more aroused than the last. Don was frantically undressing, no doubt planning to join his wife in humiliating his daughter, and Pete had begun to caress Pam's legs and pubic region.

After a few minutes Pam surprised me by pulling Michelle out for a moment, repositioning herself on the seat of the couch to better expose herself, and forcing Michelle's face down to between her deliciously chubby ass. "That's what you get, you fucking whore, get your fucking tongue in my ass," Pam ordered. Michelle obviously hesitated and Pam slammed her face in. "Lick it! You fucking disgrace, eat my fucking asshole! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh&hellip." At this point the party started.

Don moved quickly to his daughter's protruding ass, Michelle's perfect little ass, and began to probe at both her holes with his fingers. Michelle was screaming and crying between ass licks.

Beside herself with pleasure and lust, Pam begged for anyone to fuck her pussy while she had her ass eaten. Pete jumped up quickly and straddled Michelle's head, sliding his cock into Pam's wet cunt right down to the base. I pulled Tasha up to me and we kissed passionately, shedding clothing as we did. Tasha was Andre's wife and I wasn't in any way interested in a marriage-type relationship, but Tasha and I had a passion for each other that went well beyond casual sex.

Tasha was of medium height and had a flawless body. She had perky, full tits, a sculpted stomach, a dynamite ass, toned legs and not an ounce of imperfection on her. She was also beautiful and a sexual dynamo, so there wasn't too much more you could ask for.

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Andre remained seated but had pulled Amanda back to him and was having her slowly lick his flaccid but still frightening cock gently back to strength. Just about the time that Tasha had her throat open and was stuffing my cock down it, she was experienced at choking on big dicks and was probably the best cock sucker I'd ever known, I heard Pam bellow as an orgasm raced through her.

Pete was pounding her hard and was soon screaming over his impending orgasm. Pam gave him detailed instructions, ordering him to pull out and dump his load on her daughter's face and head as she continued to eat Pam's ass. Moments later, Pete pulled out and furiously rubbed his cock. His hot cum streamed out and soaked into Michelle's hair, thick globs ran down her forehead. Pete slumped back onto the couch when he was finished and Pam roughly grabbed Michelle's head again, this time grabbing sticky clumps of cum-soaked hair, and kept Michelle buried in between her legs.

Don was taking it slower, moving rhythmically in and out of his daughter's warm pussy. Michelle whimpered each time he penetrated her, but I noticed her hips flex back to meet his cock with each push. By this point Tasha, Andre, Amanda, and myself had formed a complicated four-way.

Andre reclined on the couch and had positioned Amanda over him so she was now bouncing gleefully on Andre's rod, her massive tits slamming down onto his face with each bounce.

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Tasha had her face buried between Andre's legs and was happily licking at his balls, his cock, and Amanda's ass and pussy while they fucked. She was standing and bent at 90 degrees and I was stuffing her hungry pussy with my fat cock. Tasha's pussy stretched and accepted me and I felt her well fucked cunt muscles milking my shaft lovingly. I spread her ebony ass and dug two fingers into her slutty asshole, which she could easily handle, and I rubbed my cock inside her, through her flesh, as we fucked.

I knew, especially with her parents in attendance, that Michelle was going to get special attention this weekend. Pete was exhausted and lying on the couch, but Pam was unstoppable.

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She crawled down to the ground and slid underneath her daughter, forming the 69 position, and she began tangling her tongue between Michelle's pussy and Don's pulsing cock. Pam's unstoppable sexuality was fueling the rest of us; Andre tossed Amanda aside casually, much to Amanda's disappointment, and knelt down to join the 69 by easing his fat cock into Pam's pussy.

Pam had just been fucked by Pete and was well-oiled, but she still screamed as her cunt desperately stretched to accommodate Andre.

The four were a chorus of pleasure, Michelle too at this point, and the other four of us now moved into another group fuck. I pulled my cock free from Tasha and dragged Amanda over to me. Tasha took the opportunity to crawl onto the couch and eagerly suck on Pete's drained cock and balls. In ordered Amanda to work her tongue feverishly into Tasha's asshole and prepare it for a stern fucking. Tasha squirmed as Amanda dug her tongue deep, and I reveled in watching these two amazing sluts. By the time Pete was hard again and Tasha was plunging her throat onto his cock, Tasha's asshole was soaking wet and ready.

I ordered Amanda to kneel next to us and keep her mouth wide open. I then mounted Tasha and pressed my wide cock down against her little winking asshole. Tasha's ass was no stranger to fat cock either, and it stretched with ease to form a snug holster for my cock. I pushed down and Tasha began screaming around Pete's cock as my foot-long cock drove all the way into Tasha's bowels. I could never figure out how Tasha could take such big cocks so deep, or how she managed to fit my cock a foot into her ass and Andre's at least a foot into her cunt at the same time, but she was one amazing slut.

Andre and I alternated between fucking the sluts before us and jamming our cocks into a slave's mouth. Pam was beside herself with pleasure as the largest cock I'm sure she'd ever handled plunged repeatedly into uncharted depths.

Soon, as if we were all somehow metaphysically connected to one another, a wave of orgasms swept through the room in rapid succession. Don was first, chanting vicious words at his slut daughter as he dove his cock deep inside her cunt and dumped his seed. He pulled his cock out of her tight hole with an audible 'pop' and Pam flew up to dig his cum out of Michelle's pussy with her tongue.

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Pam had her second orgasm of the evening as Andre railed her, his cock no doubt pummeling her g-spot and beyond. Pam's screams were muffled by Michelle's sloppy pussy, but I could see Pam's skywards legs shaking as Andre relentlessly slammed down into her. Pete fired next, holding Tasha's face tight against his stomach and flexing upwards hard, his pearly cum firing into Tasha's lovely throat.

Tasha gulped it down like a pro and even showed off her skills by extending her tongue past her lips to tickle Pete's balls, all while he furiously unloaded in her throat. It must have been some kind of muscular reflex, or maybe it was on purpose, but each time Tasha swallowed her asshole clenched around my shaft hard.

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The intensity of the pressure and heat of her ass sent an earthquake through my body, and I pulled out reluctantly. Amanda waited eagerly, her mouth agape, and I rewarded her by stuffing my cock right to the opening of her cute little throat hole and exploding.

It was my first orgasm of the day, I had held off on fucking my slaves all day in preparation, and as such I drenched Amanda with a load like she'd never seen. Cum flew from me in long streams, each pump of my shaft brought up gallons of sperm, and it poured from out of Amanda's flooded mouth and down onto her heaving tits.

I punched my cock forward, trying to stuff the thick pool of cum down Amanda's throat, only to force it to splash out and soak her beautiful nakedness. Immediately after my last blast fired, Tasha had Amanda by the leash and pulled her close.

Amanda held both her tits proudly and Tasha devoured them, sucking up thick streams of cum in the process, and it was obvious Amanda was going to enjoy herself this weekend. The grand finale was Andre, who like Pete had already cum once tonight, but his huge black balls apparently held endless gallons of cum, as he stood up and released a torrent of sperm.

The assembled crowd all watched in awe as he stood tall and a veritable hose of cum sprayed stream after stream of sticky cum. It rained down on the heap of bodies that was Michelle and Pam, and both women wound up covered in cum from head to toe. Michelle looked ready to just quit and die, but Pam order her to clean every ounce of cum off of her, and Pam did the same to Michelle, and the two were a pile of kissing and sucking sounds for long minutes after the orgy had ended.

The assembly of guests and myself lounged around the living, exhausted and satisfied. We ordered the slaves to clean us and we continued to humiliate them at any opportunity. A few of the guests even took the down time between fuck-sessions to beat the slaves, something no one else had ever had the joy of experiencing, and all of agreed it was going to be a fun weekend…