Crazy orgasm classic megan vale teenage sodomy

Crazy orgasm classic megan vale teenage sodomy
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Hi; My name is Sue you have met me before in some stories published here.

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I am writing on my husband's account. When he set up this account he did not notice you could set it up as a couple. Sorry! My husband has written about our times with Frank (That is what my husband calls him so I shall do so also) I thought the readers of these stories may enjoy being told about what happened with the three of us from MY point of view.

My recollection of what happened may be a different from Hubby's, but I am sure that can be blamed on the fact we remember things differently OR Hubby not knowing I was going to do a followup may have left some things out. What actually happened was about the way hubby wrote it, but now you can read about how I felt about what was going on. You may know from reading about the first time I was fucked by someone other than my husband was accidental, meaning it was not planned.

(My first MFMF) However, since that time, we have swapped many times and I came to love being banged by different guys.

Hubby liked fucking the other women of course. He did keep complaining about not not really being able to watch me getting another cock. He wanted to see me getting fucked. I knew hubby was visually orientated and he made no secret about wanting to watch other men have sex with me. I never did understand his desire to watch me taking another cock, but I had grown to love getting fucked by other men and I love my husband so I knew one day the time would come when it would be just him, some other man, and me.

You need to understand one thing. I am in love with my husband. And another thing I love is sex. He is first however. If he wants to watch me getting fucked or sucking another cock so be it. No matter how good the other guy is sexually I am still going home with hubby.

I am glad hubby understands and lets me enjoy other dicks occasionally however. Hubby knew of I was getting fucked by other men as he was fucking the other guys wife at the same time but as he kept explaining to me that he really wanted to be able to watch me getting one without being distracted by the other woman.

Then along came "Frank" Frank was a friend of hubby that he had met in Vietnam. As a woman I guess I really do not understand these combat friendships, but they really seem to go deep. Anyway Frank started hanging around and both hubby and I enjoyed his company. Frank had no idea that we were swappers, or as the term was in those days "swingers" In actuality we were not doing much swinging as we hadn't found any couple to do it with in a while.

Frank was shy and always treated me with respect though I did catch him sneaking peeks occasionally. I am not sure if Frank was a virgin, but from the way he acted he could not have had much sexual experience. I guess I must have a mean streak in me as I started teasing him. I enjoyed watching him blush and getting uncomfortable which he did anytime sex was mentioned. I would talk about sex around him and watch him squirm.

I also started wearing more revealing clothing or putting myself in situations where he could get a peek at my body.

With loose tops and no panties he often got glimpses of my tits and snatch. He would try to hide the bulge growing in his pants. It was a nice size bulge also. I began to think about having sex with him. I knew Hubby wouldn't mind. This could be his chance to watch. I began to push Frank to the limit, letting him catch looks at my tits and pussy. I took every opportunity to press my breasts against him or rub my cunt on him. I wondered why Hubby did not bring up the idea of letting Frank fuck me.

Frank never made a pass at me and I began to think he may be gay. Hubby assured me that he wasn't but we never discussed the idea of me fucking Frank. I wanted it to be a surprise if and when we did it.


Hubby never seemed to catch on to the idea that Frank would make an excellent sex toy. I was surprised he had not asked me to fuck frank before this. I guess he really did not know how to go about asking Frank to have sex with me. It was taking a very long time. In the past a couple would come over for drinks and talk, it would be the first time I had met them and less than an hour later we would be fucking each others brains out. I knew Frank much better than half the men I had sex with.

One night when Frank was over I thought I would bring the matter to a head. I had this blue lace wrapper that was almost transparent.

You could see my alveolar, as light colored as they are, my nipples shown through it as well as the contrast made by my red pubic hair and white skin {men seemed to be fascinated by the red hair around my pussy} I put it on, with nothing underneath it of course, and wore it out to the living room where the guys were talking and having drinks. I acted like I was fully clothed wearing a opaque quilted robe, but making sure I would get between Frank and a lamp which rendered my wrap almost transparent.

He could not seem to take his eyes off me and I could see his cock getting hard in his pants. I guess Hubby finally got the idea, with no lead up asked me if I wanted to have sex Frank. Of course I said yes, and he quickly said lets get naked and do it. Thinking this had not been discussed with Frank I suggested we ask him if he wanted to fuck me. (I still wasn't sure about his sexual preference) His answer was he had been wanting to fuck me for a long time.

You could tell Frank was very nervous. Apparently he and hubby had never discussed anything like this and he wasn't sure this wasn't all a joke on him.

Even asking if once he got all hot and bothered we would tell him it was all a joke. I quickly shed the wrap and was totally nude. The idea of fucking Frank had made me wet and my cunt lips were getting puffy just thinking about taking his cock in me. It had been a while since I had had a new dick and I'll admit it. I was horny for a new cock. I sat next to Frank on the couch and helped him take his clothes off. Frank had lost his hard and was getting soft. I could still tell I would enjoy his dick.

I started playing with his softening dick and balls. I knew he was really nervous. I told him I understood and it was normal for him to be nervous especially with the husband watching. Frank kept watching hubby and wanted to know if all this was true, could he do me, could he cum in me, were we joking, etc. Hubby explained it was all OK, even told him I liked to suck cock and loved having someone cum in my mouth.

Frank's dick was beginning to come alive and was starting to stir. He reached out and started playing with my breasts. Damn that felt good. It had been a while since other hands had been on my breasts and I was really enjoying his attention. His hand went between my legs where he found a soaking wet pussy. He played with my clitoris for a while and slid his fingers in me. When his fingers went in me it felt great.

I was already wet from anticipation and his fingers set off a fuse that was burning to a climax. I bent over and took his cock in my mouth. After sucking his dick for a while I asked him if he still thought this was a joke. His response was to put his hand on my neck and pulled me toward his cock again. I opened my mouth and took him back in. Now I know some women suck dick because their man likes it. I suck dick because I love it. There is a feeling of power about having a man's cock in your mouth.

Most men will do anything you ask when you have their dick in a hot wet sucking mouth. I have talked to women who think it is demeaning to be on your knees sucking cock. Think about it. His dick is in your mouth filled with sharp teeth and his balls are in your hand.

Who has power over who? Anyway here I am sucking Franks dick and it is getting hard. IMHO there are several ways to suck cock. One is to SUCK. I mean a hard suck. Your mouth is like a vacuum pump sucking on that cock which will rapidly fill with blood and get hard.

Then there is the mouth fuck. You fit your mouth around his cock for a nice fit and let him fuck your mouth or you move your mouth up and down the shaft of his cock like your pussy getting fucked. And of course there is always the licking and nibbling on the dick. I found there is an especially sensitive spot just under the dick head that men like to have licked and nibbled on.

I was giving Frank a combination of hard suck, mouth fuck, and licking. While at the same time fondling his balls. It did not take very long until his cock was good and hard. It filled my mouth with its satiny hardness, it probed the back of my throat. I licked the drops of precum that appeared at the tip. It was sweet and salty at the same time. I did not want him to cum in my mouth (usually I love it) but I wanted him inside me between my legs.

I straddled Frank and putting his cock tip at the entrance and slid down his stiff shaft until he was completely inside me. Feeling his cock entering my vagina I could tell he was about the same size as Hubby, perhaps just a little bit thicker.

The thickness stretched me some. I liked it. His dick felt so good in me. I rose up on his dick and then slid down. In effect I was fucking him and doing all the work. I was so wet that there was no problem getting his cock all the way in me. Each time I got him deep inside me I would rotate my hips, rubbing my clit on his shaft. Each time his cock shaft rubbed my clit a wave of pleasure went through me. I put a tit in Frank's mouth and he started sucking on the nipple.

I love having my nipples sucked and lightly bitten. Soon we were both fucking each other as hard as we could. I felt hubby get behind me and felt his hands on my ass. Then his fingers were lightly touching my asshole. Now, I have a sensitive asshole, I can sometimes cum with just my ass being stimulated. Having someone rim me can make me pop with that alone.

I wasn't getting rimed but felt hubby's finger go into my cunt along with Franks pistoning cock. I knew he was feeling Frank fucking me. I hoped he was watching me getting fucked. He wanted to see me getting fucked and Frank was doing a damn good job of doing me. I was enjoying every inch of it. I next felt hubby's finger go into my asshole. I was getting my ass finger fucked along with my cunt getting Frank's cock in it.

Frank even fucking me as fast as he was sped up and began to grunt and moan. I knew he was about ready to shoot and so was I. I felt his cock began to jump and send jets of cum into my waiting cunt. That started my orgasm. My pussy clinched down and I continued to ride him. Waves after wave of pleasure swept over me as I came, I could feel spurt after spurt of hot jizz shooting from Frank's plunging rod hitting the back of my pussy like a little fist.

He was cumming in me with great force. I don't know how much cum he pumping into me but it was a lot.

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I kept sliding up and down his shaft and telling him to give it to me. I had been teasing Frank about not getting enough sex, it must have been true, as he had to have been saving up to put so much into me.

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We stayed connected until his softening dick slid out of me with a plop. I immediately got up and went to get a towel to keep from dripping cum all over everything. I know it was physically impossible, but it felt like Frank had shot over a cup of cum in me.

It was dripping out and if I did not get something to absorb it I would soon have a cum soaked couch. I like cum in me. Not all over the furniture.

After I left the living-room I could hear Frank and Hubby talking about what had happened. Frank was still nervous about fucking me in front of my husband.

Hubby laughed and said from where he sat it was more like me fucking him. Hubby explained to Frank our thoughts on sex.

Returning to the livening-room I explained to Frank that I enjoyed being fucked. Actually I enjoyed all forms of sex. I told him that other men had fucked me since we married and hubby had fucked other women but this was the first time it had been Hubby and I plus one other man. Or a threesome I told Frank that it had been my idea to have sex with him and that I had enjoyed our tryst and did not want it to be only one time. I made up some "rules" as we spoke. First, Nothing could ever be said about what went on here, he could only have sex with me only when Hubby was around.

All types of sex was OK except anything to do with shit or piss and no pain was to be involved. I just wasn't into that. If I said no I meant no. He should also understand we weren't going to have sex every time he came over. He appeared to be OK with the "rules" but again said he had never had sex with someone else watching especially the woman's husband.

I told him that I had found that being watched added a bit of spice to having sex. Turn about was only fair so he could watch me have sex with Hubby.

Hubby's cock was still standing tall. I moved over to him and took it in my mouth and started sucking. Knowing Frank was watching I put a lot of extras into that suck. I slurped, moaned, licked and chewed on his cock.

It got quiet hard and filled my mouth nicely. Frank knelt down next to me and closely watched hubby's dick in my mouth.

I licked, sucked and played with his full balls. I enjoyed having my husband's cock in my mouth I felt Frank's hands begin to play with my still wet pussy and squeeze my tits. I saw his dick was getting hard again. He was finger fucking me, sliding two or three fingers in and out my cunt and making it feel real good. He asked hubby if he could fuck me again. Hubby told him to ask me if it was OK.

I was the one getting fucked. I was the one making the decision about who fucked me, not him. I told Frank I would love having sex with him again, but I still was still going to suck hubby as him watching me get fucked had made him very horny.

The next thing I knew Frank's hard dick had slipped between the lips of my wet hole and was deep inside me. Here I was with two dicks in me. Hubby in my mouth and Frank in my cunt. I have to admit it felt great. Frank played with my tits as he fucked me dogie style. I let his slamming my ass as his dick went in me push my mouth down on hubby's cock. From his hubby's breathing and the way his balls lifted I knew he was getting close to shooting off. He grabbed my head and held my mouth on his dick as he shot streams of HOT cum into me.

I swallowed as fast as I could, trying to get that huge load down before my mouth overflowed. I did not completely make it as some cum squirted out of my mouth before I could swallow it. Frank continued fucking me, hitting my G spot just right.

I was overcome by a huge orgasm He still did not stop fucking me. He was holding me by the hips so I could not get away from his pounding cock. When I cum hard my clit gets very sensitive and is almost unbearable to touch. I moaned and grunted twisting and squirming trying to get away from Frank's pounding and rubbing my sensitive clitoris with each stroke. Hubby's cock was oozing cum from the tip and I was trying to lick it off while getting pounded.

I don't know how long Frank continued to fuck, but it seemed like forever before I felt his cock throbbing and jerking. Streams of cum was being pumped deep in me. When he pulled his limp cock out of me I slid prone on the floor and told him he had filled me up and I was through for the night. I explained about my sensitive clit after a hard cum.

Frank said he was sorry, but I don't think he really meant it. We talked for a while and Frank got dressed and left. Hubby and I discussed what had happened. I said I had wanted to fuck Frank because that is what he said he wanted. He had been talking forever about wanting to watch me get fucked so I thought this was a good time to do it. I also told him that after I got started having sex with Frank I discovered I liked it, I admitted I got an extra kick knowing he was watching.

I wanted to know if watching me have sex turned out to be more than he could handle. He said it had not and told how he got a huge kick out of watching Frank's dick go in and out of me.

Watching me take a cock really turned him on. We agreed to continue with Frank as we both were enjoying it. From the way Frank fucked me I knew he was enjoying it also.

All this talk about sex get us both horny again and hubby gave me a quick fuck. I still had all that cum in me from Frank's fuck and hubby's load filled me to overflowing. I had cum gushing from my cunt and running down to the crack of my ass. Thinking about how good it felt with two dicks in me at the same time I knew we were going to be doing Frank a lot. * * * * The next time Frank came over he was still nervous and did not seem to know how to act.

He did not want to look me or hubby in the eye and made no mention of what went on the last time he was here. Hubby kept trying to convince Frank he was OK with me getting fucked. In fact he liked watching me having sex. Again I told Frank about the fact that we had sex with others and I was the one who decided who would fuck me and I liked him doing it and the fact that hubby liked to watch was an extra turn on.

I admitted I first wanted him to screw me because I knew hubby wanted to watch, and he and hubby were friends and I also enjoyed his company. Once we started having sex I found I enjoyed it I wanted him to be a friend with benefits. (I don't know if the phrase was even in use at the time) I could tell it made Frank feel good when I told him I liked being fucked by him.

Frank said he still was nervous about a husband watching him screwing the wife. Hubby told him he would get used to it and the best way to do that was to practice.

I took my shirt off and hubby undid my bra freeing my tits. Frank was asked if he enjoyed my looking at my body and he admitted he did. I took my jeans off along with my panties and stood in naked in front of both of them. Hubby told Frank to come and suck my tits which he quickly did.

My nipples got hard and tingles went through my body as he sucked. His hand went between my legs and he slid some fingers in me. I was wet and ready. Hubby then asked Frank if he had enjoyed the blow job I had given him the time before. Frank admitted he had, and really had a hard time not cumming in my mouth. Hubby told him that would have been OK as I liked the taste of cum. I disagreed telling them that night I wanted to get fucked, not suck Frank off.

What about tonight? hubby asked. Either would be good I said, dropping to my knees and taking Frank's dick in my mouth, I started sucking, licking and nibbling on his cock. Hubby told him not to cum as he started slowly fucking my mouth. I kept my lips locked on his shaft as he slid in and out. I kept sucking hard, especially on the big head of his cock. Frank's dick was going deep.

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I was letting it slide down my throat. I had learned to deep throat a long time ago. When he brought it out I would swirl my tongue around the head and let it go back in my mouth and down my throat. Hubby reminded Frank that here he was with his cock buried in my mouth and he (hubby) wasn't getting mad at all. I just continued sucking his dick, enjoying the feel of his cock going in and out of my mouth. When I felt him getting close to cumming I would squeeze his balls slowing him down a little and making him last longer.

I enjoyed sucking him. I knew I was making him feel good. I liked making men feel good. I was looking forward to feeling his hot cum gushing in my mouth. Hubby sat on the couch, his dick was rock hard and he was strolling it slowly as he watched me cock sucking Frank.

He told me to come and sit in his lap. I thought he was going to fuck me, but he made me sit with my back to him, straddling his legs. I could feel his cock pressing my ass. He spread his legs, which of course spread mine. He was playing with my tits and moved his hands to my cunt. He fingered me and spread my pussy lips open.

I could feel how wet I was as pussy juice was running out of my slit and between my legs. I missed Frank's cock in my mouth. He told Frank to come over and put it in me. Frank Immediately came forward and put his dick head at the entrance to my cunt and pushed. His cock slid into my hole and hit bottom.

I was so wet there was no resistance to his entrance. Frank started fucking me with fast, hard, deep thrusts. Each time his cock went in me he would hit bottom and with a hard push sending waves of pleasure radiating from my clitoris. The walls of my cunt were tight around him, feeling each inch.

I raised my hips up to meet each of his thrusts. I wanted all of him in me.

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All the time I was being fucked by Frank hubby was playing with my tits and his hand was at my pussy hole feeling Frank's cock going in and out.

I was just about to cum when Frank said with a grunt that he was cumming. He shoved his cock deep and I felt his cream jetting into me. That set me off and again I had a huge orgasm along with him. I must have passed out for a little bit because the next thing I remember was sitting on the floor with hubby holding my head up with his hand under my chin.

Frank was standing close with is dick still dripping cum. I opened my mouth and Frank put his cream covered cock in my mouth. It was nice and salty. I licked and sucked him clean.

Someone suggested we go to the bed-room where we would have more room, so we did so. We quickly striped the bed of its covers and got into the king size bed. There was plenty of room. Hubby was laying on his side behind me and Frank was in front. I was on my side with my front to Frank allowing him full access to my tits and pussy. He was taking full advantage of my exposure and was playing with and sucking on my tits while his fingers were stroking my clit and going in my cunt.

Hubby was fingering my ass I was totally relaxed and enjoying their ministrations.

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Hubby spread the cheeks of my ass and started sliding his finger into my ass-hole. I was about to complain about fingering my ass without lubrication when he reached for and got the tube of Anal Ease we had in on the bedside tale.

My ass hole had been getting fucked for a couple of years now and with the butt lube he had my ass stretched and could fuck it just like my cunt. Actually, I liked him in my pussy better than the ass, but in my ass occasionally wasn't bad at all. His dick in my A hole made me feel real full and I always felt a stretch when he put it in.

He started lubing up my butt hole so I knew he was going to do me in the rear. With Frank sucking my tits and playing with my pussy I knew I was not going to have problems taking it in the ass. I felt hubby's cock tip at the entrance to my rear hole and he slowly began to push his dick in me. I felt my ass ring spreading as more and more of his cock went in. I was tight but his cock was feeling real good spreading me open.

I helped by pushing my ass back toward him. When the head of his cock slipped past my ass ring I told him he was in my assvery loudly I am afraid, he pushed his rod the remainder of the way in me until he was up to his balls in my ass. Looking over my hip Frank what was going on and spread my ass cheeks so he could watch hubby's cock fucking my butt hole.

(plus giving hubby room to go a little deeper in my ass) Apparently all men like watching women getting fucked. Frank continued fingering my cunt. I could feel his fingers rubbing hubby's cock on the the membrane between dick and my pussy. Hubby's dick completely filled my rear passage. My annal ring was getting looser as he continued to ream me. Hubby rolled me on top of him and with his cock still up my ass spread my legs and pussy lips and told Frank to see if he could fuck me.

Frank got between our legs and I felt his cock at my pussy'. He slowly slid it in me. With hubby's cock in my ass there wasn't a lot of room left in my pussy but Frank's dick stretched me open as it went in. Soon he was buried to his balls in my pussy. I could feel his balls slapping my perineum as he went in and out. They then took turns shoving their dicks in me.

One would push in when the other pulled out. The cock in my ass made my pussy extra tight on the dick in it. This was the first time I was ever double fucked and it was GREAT. The feeling was indescribable, but GOOD I can not explain the feeling you get with two dicks in you at the same time. There is only one thing I like better and that did not come until later and that is getting eaten and fucked at the same time.

Both of them continued fucking me for a while and I was like a rag doll between them as each shoved his dick deep into my body making me flop one way then the other, I heard hubby starting to grunt and his cock started jerking sending spurts of cum into my rectum.

I immediately felt overpowering need to shit so I quickly slid out from under Frank, got up and ran for the bathroom Sitting on the commode nothing came out except cum so I guess spunk wasn't like an enema this time after all.

When I came back into the bed-room hubby's cock was soft, but Frank still had a hard on. Didn't you cum I asked him and he told me he hadn't. He was just about to shoot when I got up and ran to the bathroom taking his cock out as I went.

Guess I will have to do something about that I said. Should I jack you off? Hubby interrupted reminding Frank he had asked about cumming in my mouth and suggested this would be a good time for him to dump a load there. Frank agreed saying I could suck him off. He also said that he never had a woman who would let him cum in her mouth.

I moved over and went down on Frank, taking his hard cock in my mouth. At the beginning his dick tasted like my pussy, but in a few minutes his cock just tasted like salty cock. I know I can give a good blow job and soon Frank was fucking my mouth and moaning what a good job I was doing. I swirled my tongue over the head and let the shaft fuck my mouth. Hubby's eyes were locked on Frank's dick in my mouth as I sucked on it. Frank he said. When you start to cum take your dick out of her mouth.

I want to watch your cum going in. I rather have the dick in my mouth when it starts to spurt as I love the feeling of a jumping cock in my mouth and the cum gushing out, but if hubby wanted to watch cum going in I would give him the pleasure. I just hoped Frank would get it in my mouth as I did not want cum in my eyes or hair. Frank said he wanted to stand up so he could move so I sat on the side of the bed while he stood and mouth fucked me.

It wasn't long before he was ready to shoot. He pulled his dick out of my mouth started jacking it aiming it at my face. Like a good girl I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, ready to get his load. He let a out a roar and his dick started jumping, pumping jets of cum out the end. The first spurt missed my mouth hitting me in the face but the next two landed in my mouth on my tongue. Frank put his cock back in my mouth and I started sucking him dry swallowing all the cum I could get out of him.

Frank said it might look cool in porn movies but he had rather leave his dick in my mouth when he start cumming it felt much better that way. Even though hubby had just put a huge load in my ass I could tell by the way his dick was jumping he had gotten turned on by Franks performance in my mouth.

I was in no mood for any additional sex at the moment and said so We then just cuddled. I must have drifted off to sleep because I woke up with my legs spread and Frank's head was between my thighs. He was licking my clit and doing me with his tongue. He was doing an excellent job. I have been told I am not a quiet person when I have an orgasm and with him eating my pussy sending me into orgasm after orgasm so I guess I did get rather loud.

When I am cumming I feel as if I need to tell the world. He made me tell the world lots of times. Frank held my legs up and his mouth latched on my hole. His tongue licked my clitoris and probed deep in my hole. He was an expert at eating pussy. His tongue would take side trips to my anus, licking and probing on it. I knew I still had some of hubby's cum in my rectum, but that did not seem to slow him down. Soon I could take no more and had to ask him to stop.

When he lifted his face from my slit his face was covered with pussy juice. He had really gotten into eating me. I told the guys I had had a GREAT time but I had had more than enough sex for the time being so sex was over for now. They understood.

Frank got up and after washing his face got dressed and left. Hubby and I drifted back to sleep. When we awoke the next day I was covered with dry cum. My ass was a little sore and cum crusted my ass and pussy. Hubby wasn't in much better shape. We took a shower together and got nice and clean.

Apparently thinking about the past night got hubby a little horny so I sucked him off, swallowing his small load of cum. I like sex and I love to cum, but sometimes I am not in the mood for a long involved sex session.

If Hubby is horny and I am not, I do not mind sucking his cock or fucking him until he cums. I enjoy making him feel good. It doesn't take much to make him cum and men can always cum. I cum easy but sometimes the stars are not right and I don't/can't, Men can always cum. Never met a man that could turn down a blow job or fuck. If I wasn't in the mood we might not have a party night, but the guys knew I would always fuck them or suck them off if they wanted it.

Every visit from Frank was not a party night, but enough of them were to make it lots of fun. Over the years we experimented with several things to find out what we really liked, didn't like, and would put up with.

One of the things I found I liked was what I called a double fuck, when one of the guys would be in my ass and the other in my pussy, both fucking away. It felt great and I loved it.

They said that this was not really a double fuck but a "double penetration" I maintained it made no difference but they insisted I get double fucked to see if I liked it. To them double fucking meant two cocks in the same hole. Mainly the pussy I wasn't sure I could take both of their dicks in my snatch, but was willing to give it a try. One night Frank was laying behind me and put his cock in me and rolled me on top and spread my legs. I thought I was going to be eaten by hubby as I was being fucked.

We had done that several times. I loved it. Then I saw hubby smearing lub. On his cock. He knee walked between our legs and put his dick head in my pussy already occupied by Frank's cock.

I told them I didn't think two dicks would fit in my pussy. No matter he started sliding his dick in next to Franks. It hurt. I can tighten up my pussy or I can relax it. I relaxed my pussy as much as I could as hubby's cock kept going deeper and deeper into me. My pussy was really getting stretched and it did not feel good.

I guess I was moaning and groaning as both cocks got firmly planted in me. The discomfort got worse as they began to fuck me, one going in as the other was coming out. They never could seem to get it right. I had my pussy fully relaxed so the pain was not that great but this still was not my favorite thing. It didn't matter to them however as they continued to fuck me with their two cocks in one hole.

Thank goodness it did not take one of them long to cum which got the other one going and they pumped loads of cream into me. Then both cocks started going soft and slid out of me along with a gush of cum. That was a double fuck they said and asked if I enjoyed it. I told them I had not while they laughed and talked about doing my ass that way next which talk I put a stop to.

We "double fucked" a few times after that, but I never really enjoyed it. I was hard to get getting in the right position etc. Even my pussy got so it could handle two cocks without too much pain I never really loved it.

My favorite double fuck was one in the ass and one in the pussy. That I liked. What I really liked was to be fucked and eaten at the same time.

The first time was when Frank was fucking me dogie style, standing at the side of the bed with me on my hands and knees with my ass hanging over the edge of the bed when Hubby crawled under me and put his groin at my face level so of course I had to take his dick in my mouth. Then I felt his tongue on my clit as I also felt Frank's cock going in and out of my pussy.

Hubby's mouth was all over my pussy, licking and sucking. I was in heaven and had a great cum. We did it many times and ways after that. Sometimes one of the guys would be fucking me from the rear and the other would be licking my clit.

Or I would be getting fucked doggie fashioned like I said before. A favorite of mine was being on top fucking the person under me and the other guy would be licking my cunt from behind.

Often I got my ass rimed when they were doing that which really turned me on. Having a tongue probing your ass hole is great. I Have to admit when I was sucking Hubby or Frank I sometimes rimed their ass and from the sounds they made when I was doing it they thought that was great also. One night, early in our relationship, Frank was over when I was just starting my period so my pussy was out of service plus when I am "on the rag" as hubby calls it, I am a bitch.

Frank was asked about what he thought when he saw me getting a dick in the ass for the first time. He admitted he enjoyed the sight and was looking forward to doing me the same way soon. I told him I had to do him first. He wanted to know what I meant so I told him about this strap on that hubby had got me a while before. Part of it went in me but the longer part was bigger than a finger, more like a small dick.

It even had a ridged head and veins cast in its rubber surface. Hubby like me to use it on him sometimes so I told Frank I was going to use it on him. He seemed to be undecided, but I told him if he wanted to empty his balls tonight he had to let me have a go at him with the strap on. I got the device and took off my jeans, strapping it on I showed Frank how the thicker part went in my cunt.

and was designed to hit my clit. Even with the Tampax in me the rubber cock slid right in shoving the Tampax deeper. I took Frank back to the bed room and had him kneel on the bed like he did me when he fucked me dogie style. The rubber dick swinging in front of me rubbed against my clit and felt good I put a towel down to help with cum cleanup and standing behind Frank I lubricated the mini cock and placing it at the entrance of his assand pushed it in.

Frank let out a grunt as the cock slid in. I pulled it back out and started slowly fucking his ass. I could see the dildo was spreading his asshole as it went in him. I knew what his ass ring was feeling.

The part in my hole was making me feel good also. It wasn't long before Frank's cock shot a stream of cum. The first spurt missed the towel but the remainder of it got caught. Hubby had removed his pants and had a hard on watching Frank get fucked. He was jacking his dick when I had him bend over on the bed and I fucked his ass and soon had him cumming on the towel too.

I had a small orgasm from the part in me.


Afterward I asked Frank if he enjoyed getting fucked. He admitted he had, but said he couldn't take anything bigger.

Oma wird von Opa anal

I reminded him I took Hubby's cock in the ass and I could get his stretched out so he could take a cock up the ass also. I could then have him and hubby taking a cock in the ass as they fucked me.

Both said "no way". (but they did much later! But that is another story) Frank was with us for several years and we did just about anything sexual we could think of with him. Most of it was great fun. With the two of them I have been fucked one after the other, had two dicks in my pussy and ass (in the ass really hurt and we did not do it that much), fucked in my mouth, pussy and ass, taken loads of cum from both of them in all three of my holes.

Had both a dick and mouth working my pussy (and ass) at the same time. Licked and tongued A holes and had mine done too. Even tit fucked a couple of times, but I had rather have a dick in a hole. All of us hated it when we had to separate. Frank was a great friend, and sex partner. I have enjoyed telling you about our experiences with Frank and I am sure you have read hubby's remembrances of the same time.

We would love hearing of your experiences. Please send us a private e-mail telling us about how you felt about being shared or watching your wife or girlfriend having sex. Sue Jaybird 69 * * * * Some e-mails in response to our published stories have chastised me for being a slut and for hubby being a pimp.

Strange thoughts from people who apparently knew what this web page was about when they joined. If you think my husband and I are "bad" don't read about our experiences. Personally I think ANY THING consenting adults want to do to each other is OK and they should be allowed to do it. I have been amazed by the number of men on this site who admit to wanting to watch or have watched their wife have sex.

Hubby is not alone after all. If you want to fuck your dog, or let a horse fuck you, or do your sister, mother, or father suck another man's cock or take it in the ass I DON"T CARE!!!!


Why should I feel bad about being fucked by others. Fucking is like so many other NATURAL functions. You don't feel bad about eating different items do you? Would I let these people have sex with me if hubby did not want it? Not if it meant cheating on him. I DO think cheating is BAD, but Hubby knows and wants me fucked so that is not cheating.

I only fuck who he approves of and watches I enjoy men lusting after me and I enjoy doing what my husband wants me to do.

If he wanted to line men up to screw me I would let them do it. Then put some TP in my panties to absorb the cum that dripped from my pussy, and that would be the end of it. I know Hubby won't ask me do anything I really don't want to do. Of course I will do most anything for him.