Timmys cock is throbbing and his lubed up hole is demanding

Timmys cock is throbbing and his lubed up hole is demanding
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NIGHT STUDY ! --------------------- I and manish are close friends.

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We are doing 12th.Our public exams are to start soon. So we decided to do night study in any of our house.

I am Ram Kumar, i was 18 and manish turned 18 just one week b4. Though we are of same age, manish is 6 month younger than me. I have black eyes and medium built, wheatish colour and look like normal south indian guy.

Manish is a north indian guy he is too fair, slim and had brown eyes. We are best friends and i am good at studies. But manish is average. Manish said that we can have night studies in their home itself as he had seperate room in their house.I agreed immidetly, as he also had a cute sister meenu.

She is doing 10th in our school itself. She is good looking,fairwith black eyes and hairs cutted upto shoulders. She has nice budding cups of 32. Also her structure is sharp and attractive. She has nicely developed ass of 34.Totally she is 32-24-34my dream girl.

I have talked to her once or twice not more than that. But dreamt of her thousand times. So i thought it would be nice that her relationship with me will built due to our night study, in their home.We started our night study.

We planned to do it in alternate days. It was one saturday, i and manish after finishing schoolriding our cycle to his home. It was already 8'O clockas we have to finish our special class. I already told to my home about night study with manish.

So, i directly went with him to his house. It was drizziling, few water drops fell on us. As we proceed our cyclying, the rain started.

I and manish enjoyed getting wet under rain. We are drenched completely when we are at the gate of manish house. We entered his house, severing in cold, rain was still pouring outside. It created the pleasant mood.

We knocked the door. It was meenu to my surprise opened the door. She gave a greeting smile to me and said to manish, " oh! baya, u can come after rain has finished na". She asked us to wait there and brought us two towels.She was fresh like flower that bloomed now. She is more cute than in uniform, which i usually seen her with.

She is charming in nice green midi and her skirt reveling her legs below her knees. Her white and fairy complexion of skin, which i saw in her legs, turning me on more and the cool breeze too making my fire burn more. She went to kitchen and came with coffee.Manish brought me his trouser and banian.We changed to our cloths. We went in and sat on sofa there watching T.V. I was glancing the halli could find no one other than his sister.

I asked manish " Is no one at home? " He said, " Yeh ! all went to marriage of our relatives at gujarat. They would be back only after 15 days". I asked what about meenu? He said, as she too in 10th and have public exam she stayed. After few conversation, meenu too started to chat with us friendly. We watch T.V. for while. She prepared us chappathi.

We where passing comments about her chappati and cooking. She quarreled a while then cut a joke. Time went well, it was 10 O'clock. I went out get some fresh air.Rain was stopped, but drops of water falling from leafs was chilling and pleasant too. After dinner, i and manish went to upstair to his room. Manish asked meenu to bring us coffee in a flask so that if we feel sleepy we can have it.His room has two windowsthrough one we can see the outside of house pointing the garden at backside of his house and another is just beside the entrance.

There was a bed running parallel to this two windows, and a table beside it. We took maths to study. We worked out some problems. After a while meenu came up with flask of coffee and snacksknocked our door. Manish opened the door and we three shared coffee and was drinking it at the coridor.Coridor is the space outside the room, its like open roof and also has no lights.

There are some light leaking from the windows of manish room only. We chated generally few minutes. Night sky, was dark we couldnt find any stars, moon seems to be drunched in wet and seems to warming up seeing firing meenu.

Her voice is like singing nightingale in the calm night, filled with dew and honey. She said she also studing maths at her room and trignomentry is so confusing. I am good at mathsso she asked few doubts and i clarified them.

It was so cool moment to talk to her, always. She was in nighty, as she is so close to me, i can see her white bra straps in nighty. Her fair skin is lighting as star in that dark night.This all made a erection.

Yehmy shaft made its tent in my trousers. Then she went and again I and manish sit to study. I was in total mood and was fantasing about meenu. But manish was struggling in one problem. Then i helped him to solve it. Then we went to next chapter.When it was about 2 ammanish seems to be drowsy. He fall asleep. But i couldnt, as the thought of meenutroubling my cock still. When a cool air breezed opening the windowits chillness made me more horny. I was looking at manish, he was looking different in sleep.

His skin, revealed same complexion as meenu. I gradually took some courage to touch his trouser. I waved hands over his manlyhood over the trouser. Manish seems to wakeup. I stoped a while but he didnt wakeup so i now got still more courage and unzipped his trouser, to my surprise he was not wearing any underwear.

I could see his cock. It was little darker than his skin white and i hold it in my hands. Slowly i started shaking it. Then i started to work out his piston like milkying the cow.

I saw his face he was still in sleep but not in deep sleep i believe, but i couldnt stop now. I continued to milkying his rod. It buldged to my surprise as it was my first time to see such thing live (b4 we have watched only in x movies).

Oh! how wonderful it is to see ones cock geting big b4 our eyes. I licked it a while. His cock shined in my saliva. Now i bend and clamped his cute thick cock in my mouth. I started to suck him.Manish left a moaning sound. I lifted my head to watch his face. He said in moaning voice, " oh! ram what r u doingmmmshhh". In silent i took my mouth from his cock and removed his banian and hold his erected cock in my hands. My hands moving over his shaft i gave a kiss to manish.

I asked" friend do u like this". "yeh", he yelled. I hugged him more tight now and our body has no hairs and its soft too. So i kissed his bare chest and bellywhich giving me thought of his sister. Stroking his cock i kissed his neck and played with tongue in his mouth. He too hugged meremoved my banian and kissed me all over. After mutual caressingwe got up and i removed his sorts and he removed mine. We both are nude.

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Our eyes glanced each others bare body. Glancing of bare body, sprayed erotic aroma to both of us. We hugged each other again and started caressing all over our body and pinching each others ass. Our cock both erect his is white and mine black dashed each other like sword fight.

We played like this for a while. I embraced manish and he melted in my arms. I love fondling his body. It was smooth and i licked him from face to feet.

I kissed his thighs, massaged his thighs and ass. I kissed and licked his balls. I pushed him to bed again and lie over him and kissed his lips, my hands cliping his hands tight. Then i went down to his chest, i rotated my tongue over his nipple and then went still down to his belly, put a pressure over his belly and kissed his navel and then reached out his thighs.

I pinched his thigh and took his cock in my mouth. I started sucking him hard and hard. I heard the sound of shuttering of window door, but i thought it might be due to wind. So i continued sucking him hard and hard. Manish began to moan loudly. My mouth pickuped its speed and sucked him hard and fast. All he could do is to caress my back and moan bad words.

Finally he ejaculated his load in my mouth. I drank it and few oze out of my mouth. Then i got up and gave a kiss and share the cum. He tasted his own cum from my mouth. He asked me,"How is my cum". I replied, " Its like wine mixed with salty peanuts". Then, i turned him around and made him lie at the corner of bed so that he kneeled on floor and lie on his stomach over the bed.

I went behind him. I was facing the entrance. I look at the window beside casually. There i saw meenu was standing. But i act as if i didnt noticed her. She too hided for little time thinking that i might view her. Now my hard cock, was rubbing over the ass of manish. The feeling of meenu watching us made my cock still hard.Thinking about meenu, i inserted my shaft in the hole, slowly, little by little and inch by inch.

I holded his shoulders and rubbed his back and started to push my cock to explore his deep ass. Manish started to moan. His moan get louder and louder as i thrust my dick deeper and deeper.


The thought that meenu is looking at us made me more excited and i continued to riding his back. I made him lie on bed such that he couldn't view window or see his sister there. But in side view i always noticed that meenu is watching us silently. Now i became more and more excited and went in and out of manish ass. I made it hard and fast a while and slow and gentle a while and continue the rythmic flow over him.

I like him moaning. He started sweating in that cold night and even me. His white shiny skini caressed and kissed a lot while i am doing his ass. Finallyi was to cum, manish got up and made me lie and started sucking my cock. He did it slowly but steadily,as i was in the virgin to cum, i cummed soon over his face .Then we both hugged each other .I asked him ,"How is mine.

Do u like it?" He smiled back and said," Its like saphine mixed with curd". We laughed at each other. I noticed the window, meenu was missing now. After kissing each other manish was so tied and he slept almost immediatly. But i didnt as i was thinking of meenu. I got up and weared the trouserand with bare body only with that trouser on, i went down. Hall was dark with out light and only meenu's room was litted.

I went slowly towards her room. The clock was tickling 4.00 at that time. I opened her room. She pretend to be studying. She had a trignomentry book over her hands. As i went in, She smiled at me doubtfully. Her body language showed me that she was in tense. She was sweating even under the fan. I sat beside her, but i didnt speak. She took the maths book and asked me "baya what the angle come over here in this problem ?".

I smiled winkfully and holding her hands with book and kept it over my trouseron the cock that tented. I said, " Its 90 deg." Feeling my cock, she took her hand suddenly and said in low voice, " I am asking about mathematics".

I replied again with smile,stressing," I too saying about math'mate'ics. I wishpered in her ear that, " meenu cool down. I watched uwatching us" Saying this, i hold her hands again and put over my cock. She hesitated. But slowly i went close to her saying "Dont be tense meenu its only me and u" and i gave a kiss on her lips.

She was more tense and sweat running from head to her toes. I got up and undid my trouser. My manlyhood was standing erect facing her face. "Meenu, i said na 90 deg.

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see." I brushed it against her rosy lips. She stired at me for a while. "Come on meenu, i know u like it. I wonnt tell this to manish", my hands run over her short bouncing hairs. She bend forward and opened her mouth wide. I put my cock in her mouth.


"hmm, come meenu, suck as ur brother did few miutes b4." She started in nervous slowly. But she was a quick learner. She started to suck my shaft in rythm. Her saliva lubricating my cock, as if dew drops covering my shaft. She sucked me hard and hard.

Its like, i am going in and out of a lotus petals. My hands started caressing her back over nighty. As she increased her speed, my hands moved over her bra straps and cupped her boobs.

When i first pressed her boobs, she yelled a moan though her mouth was engaged with my cock. I started to unbutton her nighty.I asked her to stop sucking and I removed her nighty over her arms. She was in bra and panty b4 me. I see a unveiled beauty which i saw thousand times in my dream.

I hugged her passionately saying, "meenui love u".I caressed her boobs in bra and massaged her body. I hugged herembraced her.

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Standing behind her kissing her neckmy hands moved between her boobs and panty.I parted a long kiss on her lips. Soon i made her nude. I caressed all over her soft body. Her body was like thousand feathers of peacock tied toogether. I fondled each feather, plucked it, twisted it, pinched it and bited it. I was touching the right spot that turn her on. Her sweaty body started to respond my tuning. The white skin of her made me crazy.


I was like bull digging the ground on her body. I circled her boobs, crushed her nipples as peanuts and started sucking that cuteround boobs. I burried my face between her cheeks and licked her neck. I moved her to bed. She was melting in my arms. I ran down to her pussy. Waw, it was neatly shaved and smelled like a garden. Yeh! it revealed the smell of different flowers at a time. I put my hands over the garden and ran through the garden.

Then i put my finger into the clit drawing line over it. I thrust one finger into her pussy. She was shaking her body in excitement and moving her hip. I thrust to explore her deepness.As i stroked my finger against her pussy wall, it started to give honey for my touch. Yeh, her pussy became wet as i continued my stroking.

She too started moaning, "zzzhhh ,aahhh, mmmmm, bayaaaaaaa, rammmmm". I decided that she was ready to be fucked. I moved up to kiss and chew her rosy lipsputting my hard cock over her pussy. I bited her lower lips and said "meenu i love u. your garden needs to be ploughed". She to whishpered, " i too love u, yeh plough my garden ram baya". I penetrated her pussy with my cock and thrusting it in and in. Her pussy is tight over my cock.

As i thrust hardshe shouted. I closed her lips with my lips. Massaging her thighs i started to pump over her. Kissing and sucking her soft boobs and biting her necki made my pumping fast and fast.

She began to moan and shake her hip according to my beat. She lifted up her hip a little to get a deep thrust. I pumped her hard and hard, caressing her sweaty body. Holding her hips i made it fast and fast. I stroked my pennis inside her pussy hard and hard fondling all over her boobs and belly and belly buttons. I was too cum. I whishpered" how do u want it". She said, " Let me take in my mouth". I moved down from her and lie on bed and asked her to come over me in 69 poss.

I took her pussy with my toungue and she started sucking my cock. Her pussy was wet and her juice was pouring. She sucked my cock with much care and my juice splitted out into her mouth and face. She to pour on my face. My cum running over her lips and she was circling my cock head with her lips and gave a sweet kiss. Then i turned her over me and gave sweet kiss, saying "meenu i love u" She to whishpered, " Ram i love u".

We lie still on bed, hugging and kissing each other for a while. Then saying that,"Manish would get up ,let me go up" i got up from bed waving a sweet parting kiss to meenu. As i took my trouser, Manish came opening the door. Meenu was nude on bed and i am standing nude there .I am shocked and meenu too. She got up soon and wraped her with bedsheet.

I felt shy and stoodjust donnt know what to do?.Manish eye has turned to red as cherry. He walked towards me, and slapped me, saying " you stupid fuck, how dare you are?". I stood with heads down, said "sorry friend". "Friend! donnt say this word again", he shouted at me like anything. Then he neared meenu. I donnt wishmanish slapping meenu. As he raised the hands to slap meenu, i hold him from behind, hugging him. Then i winked at meenu.

Meenu caught my signal quick and threw the bedsheet away. Yeh she was nude b4 manish and came near him quickly and holded his cock over his trouser. I hold manish tight, and said to meenu remove the trouser.Manish was shouting"Leave me u stupids". She removed his trouser and started sucking his cock. Manish, struggled lot to get free from my hands.

But i holded him tight. As she was sucking him hard, he began to loose his rigid. Then i moved him to bed and made him lie on bed.

Meenu was working at his feet. Clamped her mouth over her brothers cock and moving up and down. Manish was excited by meenu and now started hugging me. I felt he wonnt be harmful any more and i left him and sat on the chair near by.

I watched meenu sucking her brother. Yeh manish was moving on bed in excitement. I am suprised and excited to see meenu sucking his own brother and manish moaning and moving in bed.

I started masterbating myself and watching this fantasy. Mean and while i kissed manish and meenu. Againi sit back in chair to watch them.

After a while manish got up and lift the head of meenu and pulled her by hair, over him. He hugged her saying "sister, i am sorry" and started kissing her. Meenu too obliged him. He started caressing the boobs of meenu. They both were inseperable on bed and hope no air can pass through them.

Both white skins are flashing as light in night sky. They were rolling on each other. Both are sweating, meenu's sweat running and falling on the manish. They are caressing each other as lovers. I could watch the expression of both. I wonder how horny they are ! I too became more horny and slide over to bed beside them. I started caressing the ass of meenu. Manish took care of her front. I kissed her back and neck while manish biting her boobs and burrying his face between her boobs.

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I slapped her ass and made it ready to my tune. My hard dick was rubbing against her back thighs. Manish thick dickwaves over her front thighs. I tied my hands around her wrist and fondled the belly button. Manish tied himself around her so that her boobs rubbing his chest.

Manish started chewing the lips of meenu. I tried to enter her from back and manish put his dick into her pussy. With few jerks we both entered her. She moaned loud. Her face should have reflected the pain she felt at ass. As i entered her ass he hugged manish tight and bited his lips. Manish to started pumping her pussy walls. I increased my speed on her back.Meenu was sandwiched between us and her whole body is shaking in our hands.My hands now moved up to cup her breast and squeese them while i am doing her ass and manish hands moved down to hold and squeese her hips and ass as he pumped her front.

Both were riding meenu. Meenu letting out some naughty notes of moan, was fethised and excited by this to great extend. We both licked her sweat over her cheeks and body. After our hardcore action. Manish cummed in her pussy first. Then little later i cummed over her ass. She too got many orgasm and her cunt is wet and pouring. We lied over each other exhausted.

We were just kissing each other and embracing each other. Its no wonder then, we changed, alternate days of night study to daily ! thanks to xnxx. send ur comments. Is my english is ok, now friend.