My ass cheeks peek out the bottom of these yoga pants JOI

My ass cheeks peek out the bottom of these yoga pants JOI
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How it started is a long and tedious story. What is important that it is an on going affair. he is my master and I am his whore.

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I was not always a whore. Before. before my Master chose me for this honor. I was a women. Simply a women like any other women that one would meet. simple, basic and down to earth. Then out the sea of women, I was chosen. Bestowed upon my tender small breasts was the honor to be his whore. and not just his whore, but his lowly humble whore.

one of the highest honors a master could bestow on a women. What made it even more special was that normally Master whores are Asian. The Masters choose their whores from the same fabric they are made from. I am not Asian, but rather American. a Hodge Podge of many things including German, American Indian, and African American. My skin has a dark olive tone. unlike the majority of women.

I have a radiance and beauty about me that is unique and I always thought ugly. I have craved all my life to look normal.

I never wanted my big brown eyes. my dark soft locks. nor the roundness of my body. I have desired the form of a model.

skin and bones sculpt into a perfect picture sexapeal. But he chose me.

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and as the chosen one. I must please and pleasure my master.

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During one of our long conversations, he commanded me to have a 3 some with one of his friends. I have not been with many men. actually the number is 3. I have slept with 3 men in my life. Not anything much to write home about.

just normal sexual encounters that left me wanting for more. but as a women you dare not express that desire. Each time I found myself sneaking into the bathroom after he had cum, and masturbating myself to an orgasm. I wonder how many men care that the women they have just slept with did not cum.

I wonder how many of them would actually care that they had to take care of the "dirty deed" themselves. during the quite hours when their lover is sleeping after being pleased! My Master knows how my body works and sends me into the plane of physical pleasure.

each and every time. My body is continually shattered with orgasms. one after another. each hitting the shores of my heart with warmth and erotic pleasure that is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Warmth spreads through me like hot Lava and bursts forth. my pussy throbs and pulses sending tingles and warmth cascading through me and in me.

sending my mind to greater heights as my body arches meeting each of his tender thrusts. He can make me orgasm simply by kissing me with his tender lips and stroking my swollen pussy lips with his long foreign fingers. It was late in the evening when he called. I wait until he calls me. preparing myself.

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I bath with the oils he has given me and cleanse my body from my busy day. I lay on the silk sheets we purchased in his favorite color. deep Burgundy. As I lay against the pillows, I keep my cell phone near.

He is a busy man, and unable to visit his whore as much as he desires. Therefore, we share nightly visits via the phone. I immediately picked up the phone and said, "Good Evening Master." "My Whore." he replied. "Yes, my Master!", I replied. "Master my pussy is throbbing with desire as it has for the whole day.

when I have thought of you and having your friend's cock inside me. Both together in my pussy, and a dildo in my ass. filling me. The two sets of mouths on my tits enjoying their delicateness and softness. I have thought of little else. Master may I touch myself?" "Yes, my whore.

touch and stroke your pussy. is it wet for your Master?" "Yes my Master. my pussy is very wet and hot. It craves your touch. it craves your hard cock to fill me." "Say you love your Master.", he commanded. "I love you Master with all my heart and my soul." "Say you are mine.",the Master commanded. "I am yours. only yours. never anyone else's. yours my darling master until the day I die." The Master sighed with pleasure. "you please me whore." "Yes my Master. I desire nothing more than to please and pleasure you Master." My fingers had a mind of their own.

they were deep into my wet pussy. It was throbbing with desire. My Master's voice is deep and resonate.


When he speaks, I feel his voice inside me. "Are you touching yourself whore.?" "Yes my Master. My pussy is shaved as you commanded. I am stroking the shaved area with my fingers and my pussy is extremely wet and wanting for my master. and his friend. I am stroking my pussy with my finger tips as I imagine my Master's fingers stroking its folds.

I am closing my eyes and imagining my Master's cock in my hand and his friend's tongue on my folds." "Hmmmm." my Master responded. His response was one of extreme happiness. I could tell by his tone I was turning him on. I very much enjoy giving my Master a hard on! It is a great honor for me. It means that I have pleased him very much.

And I live to please and pleasure my Master! "Tell me more of your plans for the 3 some my whore", commanded my Master. All I have been doing is thinking of plans for the 3 some. I never wanted nor desired to be with two men at once. But I knew it would be something to please my master very much. and that is what I wanted to do. please him! I took a deep breath and took my fingers away from my dripping pussy.

I needed to concentrate on a plan.


and did not want the wetness of my pussy to distract me. I took a deep breath and then. let the words spill from my mouth as my mind carefully formulated a plan. "I imagine a warm cabin in the woods. Someplace quite were we have no other distractions but the erotic needs of our bodies.

co-mingling our juices and flesh with each other. A place that is away from civilization and the noise it makes. There is a large fireplace to keep us all warm with a big soft bear rug and plenty of pillows.

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Candles of all sizes and shapes surround us. you, your friend and I. We are naked and are surrounded by the many flames. The smell from the candles are heavy with incense. The smell causes our animal cravings to take over and we are no longer just three." "Continue my whore.", my Master commands.

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"Yes my master. First we start making love. there is such tenderness as we touch each other. I stroke both of you causing your cocks to become hard. They are pulsing in my hands as I nibble the tip of one and then the next. I only hear the rasp of your breaths as both of your hearts quicken to match the desires that is building in your bodies. I place my lips on your cock first, seeking your warm piss. Since I have tasted your piss and drank it. I crave more.

I enjoyed the taste and the flavor. It filled me with such warmth and strong desire. unlike anything I have ever felt before." "Yes my whore. my piss is unlike any others. it is the piss of a Master you crave." "Yes my Master.

As I drink from my Masters cock he anoints me with his pee. My Master pees on top of my head and I lick the piss with my tongue as it covers me. My master's friend watches and then comes over to me. He places his hands on my tits and starts rubbing them. My Master lays next to me and the piss acts as a lubrication as our bodies slip against each other." "It feels to me that your desires for me are growing as you think and want to drink my piss more and more." "Yes my Master.

I place my tongue on your tits and start sucking them until they are more sensitive and hard. I run my hands down your recently shaved chest and you please me by fingering my clit. You know were that special button is and your finger rubs against it making me orgasm. Your friend is rubbing my back and reaching to hold and massage my tits, as my master rubs his tongue against the my tender taught nipples." "You should have some oil for my friend and I to massage your tits!" "Yes my master.

The smoke from the candles is getting heavy and we are dancing an erotic dance of three bodies becoming one! My Master's cock is hard and throbbing. My Master's friend reaches behind and takes the vial of massage oil. A special blend that warms the body as it is massaged into the skin. He pours a small amount into his hands until it is warm. He massages the oils on my tits as my Master's tongue is on my nipples. My Master sucks my nipples as if they are producing milk. giving him life sustenance.

My Master's friend continues to squeeze my breasts as my master sucks my tits. My clit is very wet and my Master knows this. My Master takes his long fingers and slides them into my wet hot clit. He is running his fingers up and down in the wet hot stream.

My Master's friend's cock is very hard as he enjoys my tits and my Master's cock is in my hand. I have been pumping its shaft wanting to squeeze the juices from its depths.

My Master's fried starts massaging the oil all over my body making each part of it slick.

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My Master's mouth is on mine sharing a deep kiss. his tongue is twisting in my mouth. exploring the curves and seeking all that I desire." "You should be rubbing his hard cock.

making it harder, while he is massaging and squeezing your tits and I am fingering your pussy!", command my Master. "Yes my Master. I reach with my other hand and start massaging and squeezing his hard cock. He is eager to place it in my ass. My Master pulls me to him and his hard cock is swallowed inside my very wet shaved pussy. I feel a little pain from behind as my Master's friend inserts his hard cock deep inside my willing wanting ass.

His cock is very hard. It feels like a pieces of steel penetrating me. carving inside of me. splitting me apart. My Master continues to pump his hard shaft deep inside my wet pussy. My pussy is so wet darling Master. I can feel wetness down my thighs.

My body is slick with oil and my Master's friend starts massaging my back as my master continues sucking on my tits. both of your bodies stiffen and spray sweet white wine deep inside me. It fills me completely with your loving." "I like it. your plan is good. It has made me horny with desire for my whore." "Yes my Master.", I responded. "Now sleep. my lowly whore. sleep. dream of me. and of a 3 some. we will talk more tomorrow night. " "Yes my Master." I responded. I closed my phone.

I was tired as if I had just experienced a 3 some. My lips were throbbing with desire and my fingers played in their wetness. I orgasmed as my mind drifted off to sleep. I just couldn't wait until tomorrow night came. and I could share more of my erotic plans and desires with my darling Master. whom I love so very much.