Just my thick black cock

Just my thick black cock
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My present biggest turn on is hearing about my current girlfriend, Samantha, and her previous sexual encounters and experiences.


Even before we were going out I knew she had a reputation of a bit of a sex machine and that she had slept with a fair number of men, however that did not bother me as I really liked her and we enjoyed a really wild sex life together where anything could and frequently did happen.

Anyway one night we were lying in bed together after enjoying another really great session of sex, when I asked her about previous sexual partners. Now even though she is only 17, I was stunned to learn that she had lost count of the number of men she had had sex with and though she thought it was about 50 or 60 men, she could not remember for definite.


I was intrigued and asked her to tell me about some of them. She told me that she first lost her virginity when she was only 14, and that it was to one of her mom's ex-boyfriends. "How did that happen then" I asked her.

Well mom was about 35 at this time but Bob, the boyfriend, was 45. Anyway mom and Bob had been going out about 6 months when it was announced that he was moving in with us. I realised pretty early on that he liked the way I looked and he would stare at me when I walked past him and if I was sat opposite him on the settee he would adjust his position in his chair so he could look up my skirt.

However far from being disgusted by his behavior I found it a bit of a turn on and was pleased that an adult was paying me some attention. Anyway mom got an evening job at a Bingo Hall which left me and Bob in the house alone quite a bit. One night he had been ogling me even more than usual for him and so I decided to call his bluff.

I went upstairs to my bedroom and decided to get dressed up to really give him something to stare at. Earlier that day I had been to town and decided to treat my self to some new sexy underwear which consisted of a white silky camisole top with matching panties.

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I stripped out of my current clothes and slid on my new undies and the silky satin material felt extremely sexy next to my body.

I was then deciding what to wear over the top of my underwear when I saw Bob standing in the doorway of my bedroom door, which I had forgot to shut.

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He was staring at me looking me up and down and I noticed at the same time he was rubbing his cock region through his jeans. "Very nice" he commented, "Who are they for" he asked.

I looked up at him and smiled "I was just coming to show you to see if you liked them" I replied. With that he stepped inside my bedroom and closed the door behind him. "Oh yes I like them very much, but I don't think your mom would approve of you buying underwear that sexy, do you" he said. "Your not gonna tell her are you" I asked.

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"No it can be our little secret, I'm sure we can come to some arrangement to not tell your mom" he said. He then moved towards me and put his hands on my waist. He slowly lifted me up slightly and then kissed me firmly on the lips. I automatically felt myself responding by opening up my lips to allow him to slide his tongue into my mouth and start probing the inside of it.

As he kissed me I felt him walk forward and then he lowered me onto the bed. He stared down at me as he began to undress in front of me. First he unbuttoned his shirt and eased that off and then slowly he slid the belt from his jeans, released the top button, and eased the zip slowly down. I was just staring at his cock region as he slowly, and I would suggest deliberately, eased his jeans down and off to leave him stood in front of me just wearing his boxer shorts.

"Come here" he ordered. I obediently crawled on all fours to the end of the bed.

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Once there he told me to pull down his pants. I slowly reached up, grasped the waistband of his shorts, and eased them down to reveal the biggest cock I had ever seen, which was not too difficult because I had only seen a couple of others and they belonged to boys about 15 and 16 who I had previously wanked off at school. Once I had freed Bob's cock I took hold of it firmly in my hands and began to rub it to get it really stiff and hard. Once I felt it was at its hardest I lowered my head towards it and slowly began to lick the tip of it inching a bit more of it inside my mouth with every lick and suck.

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I sensed Bob was a bit surprised that I had gone so far without him having to tell me what to do and he looked down at me and said "Have you sucked cock before" I didn't take his cock out of my mouth to answer but merely looked up at him and raised my eyebrows which gave him the answer he was seeking. I continued to suck and wank his cock for all I was worth but unlike the boys I had dine it to before, Bob had plenty of staying power. Just when I thought he was going to come he pushed me away and said "Wait, I don't want to come yet, lie down on the bed" I lay back down and because I was so turned on I couldn't stop myself from slipping my hand inside my panties to play with my pussy.

Bob watched as I played with myself and smiled as I slipped a finger inside my pussy to start to finger fuck myself under my panties. He then leaned forward, grabbed my panties and eased them down and off me. "Let me do that for you" he said and with that he pushed my hands away and I felt him gently stroke my pussy with two of his own fingers. He slowly teased the outside of my pussy before sliding one and then the other inside me. I started to moan with pleasure as he began to move his fingers in and out of me quite roughly.

My moaning got louder and louder and his finger fucking got more and more urgent until finally I screamed out and my first orgasm hit me. Once I had come Bob removed his fingers from my pussy and then wiped them on my tits which were still concealed by my camisole top. He then put his fingers back inside me and scooped out more of my wetness and again wiped them on my top. He repeated this process a couple of more times and as my camisole top was getting more and more damp, my nipples were becoming more prominent through the flimsy material.

Bob then reached up and started to squeeze my tits together and then began to pinch my nipples through my camisole top. He pulled me up into a sitting position and eased my camisole top up over my head and off. He lowered his head and began to lick and suck my tits and then started to nibble on my nipples which although quite painful at first also acted as a huge turn on.

After what seemed an age Bob stopped sucking on my tits and looked up at me and announced "I'm gonna fuck you now, O.K." Although I had guessed that this encounter might eventually lead to sex, I was still slightly shocked at the suggestion.

However by this stage I was so turned on and desperate for him to fuck me that I would have agreed to anything. My only reservation was that I was a virgin but calculated that Bob would be an ideal first lover as he would know what he was doing and would hopefully be gentle with me. I looked up at him and said "Yes, please fuck me, but I better tell you that I'm a virgin so please be gentle with me" "Don't worry, I'll treat you right and I promise to be as gentle as I can" he replied.

He was true to his word as I slowly felt him ease his dick into the entrance to my pussy and as he pushed it into me he reassured me all the time.

Although it was slightly painful it was not as bad as I had anticipated and once his cock was fully inside me it was a wonderful feeling which became even more pleasurable when Bob began to fuck me properly. His pace started to increase and by now I was really enjoying it, so much so that I shouted out "Fuck me harder, slam that cock right up my pussy".

Bob obliged and I was in ecstasy desperate for him to come inside me, but I think he was bothered about making me pregnant.

So when he was nearing his own orgasm he withdrew his cock from my pussy and wanked it until he sprayed his come all over my stomach and onto my tits. I dipped my fingers into the mess he had deposited onto me and then licked my fingers clean; I repeated this process a couple of times until I had mopped up all his juices from me.

I then realized that I had enjoyed sex so much that I could no longer be happy with just a quick fumble and would need full sex every time.

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Over the course of the next few weeks and months Bob would fuck me whenever we had the house to ourselves and we must have fucked in every room in the house, apart that is from my mom's bedroom as neither of us felt it was right to do it in her bed, but considering everything else we were indulging in this seemed bizarre. It was also a turn on hearing Bob and my mom fucking in the next room when they went to bed and I would masturbate myself furiously listening to them.

Then one night after they had fucked it was about an hour later when my bedroom door opened and in sneaked Bob. He looked down at me and put his finger up to his lips gesturing me to be quiet. Then he reached down, grabbed my duvet and yanked it off leaving me lying there in just my little baby doll nightie and matching panties.

He then simply dropped his pajama trousers, reached up under my nightie and ripped my panties off. He then eased himself on top of me. Thankfully I was already turned on after listening to them fucking previously and this enabled him to slide his cock up me easily. He then started to fuck me and didn't waste any time building up the pace and this was different to the normal fucking we had enjoyed. This was more dangerous as there was an element of getting caught but neither of us seemed to care at that moment and this was proved when Bob didn't withdraw but merely shot his spunk up inside my pussy.

He then simply got off me, pulled up his trousers and returned to my mom next door. This scene was repeated a few times until he and mom parted a few weeks later. However Bob and I remain in touch and have continued our fucking and more which I will tell you about later.