Guy knows how to fuck sexy nymphs

Guy knows how to fuck sexy nymphs
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Part 1: How it started. I was in my final year of school and was about to graduate soon. Though I achieved a lot in school I didn't had sex yet.


Not that I don't want it but that I was with a guy who thousands of miles away from me and the only sexual implications that we had were online to which I fingered myself. I was eighteen when I first got the taste for cum, yes as I said I hadn't done it but something happened one day and it all began. My name is Tiffany Miller, I am five feet two inches tall, and I am thick in the middle making me thick on all the important portions as well.

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I am a 36D so you can guess I was big on boobs too. All in all I am a chubby girl and loved to finger myself. It all happened suddenly one day or so I thought. I usually hanged out with boys in school not many girls as they always had girly talks and I was always bored out of my head because of that.

I usually hanged out with Petrey and Tony, they were in my class and we used to go on the same bus as well. We had this spot behind a big dumpster which is not used any more, there are few benches there and as it is behind this school building not many come there either.

So we have a whole place to ourselves and no one to disturb us. At lunch every day we go there and sit and chat and then get back to our classes again.

Today something was going to happen that would change my life. Petrey came and sat down hard on the bench, he looked pissed off about something. Me and Tony walked by him and sat down on each side. "What happened man?

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Why are you like this?" asked Tony. "Nothing happened. Same thing, she doesn't want to do it anymore and I have to be like this. Cannot make her understand my problem" replied Petrey.

"What do you guys mean?" I asked. Tony looked at me and said, "You know the girl he is dating was giving him blowjobs and occasional sex? Well she stopped all of a sudden because she thinks she can get pregnant and all. So in turn Petrey here cannot get it and been having problems with his little eager friend in his pants" I looked at him and asked, "So what is wrong with you?" "Well I cannot relieve myself and it is starting to hurt down there.

I don't know what to do I can get rid of this" he replied. Tony said, "You know you can do something about it Tiff" "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well you can always give him a blowjob; it's nothing much just sucking not fucking. So I think it won't be much right?" Tony replied. "What you must be kidding! Are you both fucking out of your minds?" I was furious. I got up, took my backpack and left the place and walked to my class. Damn I thought what in the hell they thought I was? I didn't notice until Petrey came up to me, he followed me.

He held my arm and pulled to me a side, "Please Tiff can you do that for me? I am really hurting. Just once please!" He was doing the puppy eyes thing which really makes me weak. I thought for a while and then replied, "Okay just this once and you cannot tell anyone about this. Promise me?" He grinned back at me and replied, "I promise" "So what now where do we go?" I asked. He held my hand and took me into an empty boy's toilet; then into a cubicle because there was no telling when someone can come in.


After we got in the cubicle he took off his pants and dropped his underwear and sprang out a thick six inch dick. I wasn't that big but it was quite thick, and the head was really big. "Tiff please take off your shirt and also your bra too" he said. I did what he asked; I could see he liked what he saw. Petrey was getting aroused even more after he got a look of my breasts, so I took his hand and put it on my left breast.


After that he sat down on the toilet with the seat down and I kneeled in front of him and got to work. Petrey used both of his hands and massaged and feel my boobs while I slowly licked his dickhead first.

I started to lick it as I was licking on vanilla ice-cream. Licked it from the base to the tip, he liked it a lot because his boob massage was getting more intense.

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So I put his dick in my mouth and sucked and licked it. I tried deep throating too but being new to this I couldn't do it and I gag. "Keep doing that bitch…just like that aahhhh!" Petrey shouted out. I guess he always does that when he gets a blowjob so I just went with it; I did wanted this to end as fast as I can. I kept on sucking and taking in his dick in my mouth as hard as I could. "Tiffany I am gonna cum!" that's all he said and then came right in my mouth.

It was a lot of cum and I had to drink it all up. It was my first ever cum tasting, it was salty and all but I think I like it.

Petrey stood up and took me by my arms and pulled me and made me stand on my feet and then frenchkissed me and said, "Thanks Tiffany that was great" "Good then.

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Remember this was only once and you cannot tell anyone not even Tony, okay?" I said He nodded and agreed. We both wore our clothes fast and then got out of the toilet and went to our respective classes.

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As I thought I was late but was saved because I had to go to the counselor's office so I got off easily saying I was there. After school I met up with both of them. Tony was smiling a lot than normal, before he got off he looked at me and said, "Would have been much easier if you had listened to me the first time" I was sure that Petrey had told him everything we did in the toilet.

I was going to kill that asshole the next day. Next day at school I didn't get to see them much until lunch. I went to our spot behind the dumpster, found both of them there already and was talking to each other about something; as I stepped in they stopped and looked at me. "So how are you Tiffany?" asked Petrey. "I am going to kill you…why did you say anything to Tony? You promised you won't" I cried out. "Relax Tiff he didn't, he came in full 15 minutes late and he also was looking happier so I put two and two together and guessed it" replied Tony.

"Yeah and it would have been easier if you just had listened the first time I said then you could have done it here instead in that toilet" "Yeah well he took me there" I pointed at Petrey. Tony came close to me and held my hand, "Soft hands you have Tiff, would feel great on the dick right Petrey?" "Yeah sure did" replied Petrey.

"Hey Tiff a favor why don't you give Petrey another blowjob and I will watch?" Tony asked me looking straight in my eyes. "I had told Petrey all about it, it was a one-time thing and no more" I replied. "Tiffany come on, you were great yesterday, please please please one more time" Petrey started to beg and took his pants off and then his underwear letting his dick hang down.

My eyes were glued to it I couldn't seem to move it. "No! Petrey you know I told you just once and no more" I replied. "Come on it just a blowjob nothing else" said Tony as he also started to take off his pants and underwear.

His dick was bigger than Petrey it was at least seven and half inches long not that thick but has a good girth. They both came close to me and Petrey took my left hand and put it on his dick and started to give himself a handjob using my hand. Tony too started the same thing with my hand. As I saw there is no way out of this other than give the guys what they want I complied and started to give them handjobs.

"Suck on it too Tiff!" said an excited Petrey.

So I sat down on the bench and took their dicks in my hand, they stood either side of me eagerly waiting for me to put their dick in my mouth. I took in Tony's first, sucked on the head of the dick slowly taking in bit by bit while I jerked off Petrey. After a bit I changed to Petrey's dick and took his in my mouth and sucked on it, I kept changing their dicks after some time.

They got really frisky with me as well. Petrey had pulled off my shirt and unclasped my bra and took it off. So now my boobs were out in the cold wind which blew right where we were making my nipples hard. Tony started to rub my nipples with his fingers and played with them while Petrey moved on to my pants and had unbuttoned. I think nothing more than just blowjob was out of the window and it was getting to be something more now.

He couldn't get my pants off though so I helped a bit. While Tony's dick was in my mouth I let of his balls and put my hands on either side and lifted my ass, when I did that Petrey pulled the rest of it off and also took off my panties.

Now I was butt naked in the cold. Petrey now went down and stuck his face in my crotch; I moved my legs wider for him so he could get in further. He started to lick my pussy and finger fucked me as well. "Mmmmm Petrey just like that&hellip. Don't stop doing it" I moaned. Tony was getting near his climax so he said to Petrey, "Dude move I need to fuck her" Petrey moved and Tony took his spot, lining up his dick on love hole and slowly pushed it in.

It hurt a lot as he pushed it in and screamed in pain, "OOOWWWWW! Slower slower!!" But he didn't listened, after the head of his dick was in he gave all his strength into it and shoved the whole of his dick in my…tearing up my hymen in the process. After that he didn't stop and he kept on taking it out and putting it back in me fast and hard.

Petrey now came to up to me and put his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my mouth. Slowly making me deep-throat his fat dick. Two of my holes were now being fucked with two dicks I never thought I would get. Tony after a while took out his dick and then started to slowly push it onto my asshole. I removed Petrey from my mouth and said, "No Tony!

Not there it is too tight it will hurt!!" He just looked at my face, he had look of pure lust and I knew then nothing will make him stop. So he pushed it in my ass and started to fuck it as well. It hurt! It hurt a lot but it was good pain. "AAHHHH! Ohhhhh! Fuck me harder! Come on harder!!" I said. Then Tony stopped and picked me up with his dick still in my ass. Petrey came forward and slowly and carefully inserted his dick in my pussy.

I took hold of Petrey's shoulders and Tony held on to my ass. And then they began to move me up and down on their dicks. "AAHHHHHHHHHH!! What the fuck!!" I said that cause they were fucking me while standing up.

It felt great getting both my cunt and my asshole getting fucked with good strong dicks. "Come on guys faster I am near to my climax" Well they didn't need to be told twice and started to do it faster and it was harder because now Tony couldn't stop me from being rammed with both their dicks.

"I am coming" shouted Petrey, he didn't bother to take it out and came right in me deep inside my pussy and I came as well right after followed by Tony. He then put me down, both my holes were oozing with their cum, slowly dripping down my legs.

"So guys had your fun?" I asked them both as they were putting their clothes back on. "Yeah it was great, we have to do it again some other time" said Tony as he came up to me kissed me and went away and Petrey followed, left me to wear my clothes.

I wore my clothes and went back to my classes and did rest of the day as I always do, without showing what had happened today. Only thought was on my mind when is going to happen again. To be continued…