Batendo uma antes do banho

Batendo uma antes do banho
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Tom was not an average boy; five foot seven inches, 14, and stunning. His beach-blond hair, skater-boy looks, and muscular facade all compliment his sky blue eyes in a way no other's did. He seemed to luminance, sticking out of the crowd with a comfortable glow; an idol in a way, with never an enemy.

I, being the forementioned's "Best Friend", was aware of all of this, and (although secretly) very, very attracted. We went to Jacksonville Middle School, 8th grade. I am five foot nine, very muscular, and bisexual. I have brown hair, commonly mistaken for black, green-blue eyes, and the identical "skater-boy" haircut.

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It was second period: Science. Tom was flirting harmlessly with his lab partner, Sharon, a pretty brunette with boobs the size of Jupiter. 'A lucky man,' I thought. 'I would kill to be next to those boobs. Or, him. Ah, his luscious pectorals. taking off his shirt, and running my mouth down, down his chest. Sliding down his Abercrombie and Fitch jeans, yes, until I met those fruitful Calven Klein Boxers. Slowly, I slid them off and-' "Stop daydreaming!" my annoying, but still slightly attractive partner said.

She aimed a kick at my shin, but missed and hit the cabinet instead. "Shit!" she whispered under her breath, praying the resulting noise would not attract our teacher. We were supposed to be dissecting onions and studying their cells. "Whatever," I replied, still snickering. "What are we looking at again?" "The mitochondria! The fucking mitochondria! He said that at least nine times!" She replied with a scornful look.

"God, you're a pig!" I went back to studying, my mind taken off of Tom for most of the period. The bell rang at exactly 10:00, and everyone dashed out more quickly then usual. Apparently, cutting up onions is not exciting. "Hey!" Tom said, catching up to me after class. "Guess what?" he said "Sharon's boobs exploded?" I asked, sarcastically. "I wish.!


I got transfered to gym next period." "Oh cool! Now we have, let's see, nine out of ten classes together." I replied, without a hint of sarcasm. This might be the best thing that has ever happened, I thought to myself. We entered the locker room, and he went off to meet the fitness teacher. I slid over to my locker, #284, and precariously began to enter my locker combo.

I pulled off my jeans, Hollister, and then my matching shirt. Folding them compulsively and putting them in my locker, I remembered it was the swimming unit. I grabbed my boxer-briefs and yanked them down, revealing my seven-inch dick. I was not ashamed of it, in fact it was something I often showed off. I folded my underwear, and put on my school-ushered bathing suite.

Tom walked up next to me.

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"Locker 278, where is it?" I pointed in reply, with an acknowledging grunt. He stripped off faster than me, and oh was he hot.

With his quiet six pack, and long and thick seven and three quarters inch cock, I could barely contain myself.

I slinked off to the bathroom as to hide my boner, which would have become more than obvious if he should have looked. Gym was a joke. We were learning the front stroke, I mean, who doesn't know that?. It was more like a social gathering than a swim lesson; we used this to our advantage and discussed which girls we thought would "doink" us. The rest of school that day droned on, with boring class after boring class. Then we got on my bus - his parent's were out of town, so logically he stayed with us.

After poking a scrawny little sixth grader out of our accustomed back-of-the-bus seat, we babbled endlessly on about our lives. Somehow we got on the topic of fantasies; discussing who and where and how we and our corresponding partners fucked. It was very interesting, I had never seen this side of Tom before.

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Apparently he wants it in the shower, doggy-style, with the hot steamy water beating down vivaciously on their bodies. "C-cup- the bigger boobs always look fake. I hate fake boobs. They're like giant, flesh colored balloons." He said, responding to my question. "You and William Shatner" I counter-replied, although it made no sense at all. He looked at me quakerly, then smirked. Then he asked in a quiet voice, "Ignoring that.Have you ever had a fantasy, unno, about a guy?" "Why, have you?" "Uhh, yah." Tom said, fishing for my reaction.

"Well, alright yes." I said, finally confessing. "Who was it about?" "Hmm. I forgot" He replied, with a deceptive smile. "I'll never tell." "Ugh, fine." I replied, with the little bit of hope that it might have been me now gone. "Who was your's about?" He asked, sheeply.

"Haha, yah right. You first!" I replied, winking. Apparently, that did the trick. He laid his hand on my leg- I did not move it, but placed mine on his. He started up my leg, and began to feel my soft dick through my jeans. I mimicked him, eventually turning both of ours into raging hard-ons.

Fortunately for us, no one was sitting besides us, so I unzipped his pants and popped out his dick.

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I began to stealthily give him a hand job, stroking up and down without the notice of any of my peers. His cock glistened beautifully as I slid my hand up and down, using his precum as a lubricant. All of his almost eight inches pulsed fiercely. He came to a violent orgasm without a groan or whimper slipping his lips.

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"Hold on, lemme get a tissue" He said, to clean up the obvious mess on his pants. "I'll do you, later!" He said, noting that we were the next stop.


"Hi, Mom." I said, walking in the door. "We're going out to dinner at 6. You guy's make sure your ready." said my Mom. "Sure thing, and again, I'd just like to thank you for letting me stay here while my parent's are in Malibu," said Tom winning extra brownie points. It was 3:30, we only had two and a half hours. "Come on," I said, rushing him upstairs. We spent the next hour an a half playing Call of Duty. When I reimmersed from the depths of video gaming, The first thing I looked at was the clock.

"Oh, Shit, It's 5 o'clock." I said. "I gotta get a shower- here, you can fuck around or something." "Sure, whatever" he replied. I shut the bathroom door, and stripped down.

Admiring my body, I began to rub my cock. Nah, I decided. There wasn't enough time to masturbate. I only had 30 minutes since Tom had to get one too. Just as I was about to jump in, Tom himself barged in. "There isn't enough time for both of us to take one," He said.

"I think there might be." I said, giving up my attempt to hide my pulsing boner. "No." Tom said sternly. Then he said, "We'll take one together." and winked. Unsure of his intentions, I submitted easily and he locked the door. I then got into the shower. "Man, you are dirty." He said, staring at my dick through the conveniently clear shower curtain. "You coming or what?" I said. He then seductively began taking off his clothes. First his shirt, pulling it over his finely chiseled abs, pectorals, and off his arms.

He rotated away from me and bent over. Slowly he peeled off his shoes, and then his socks, giving me plenty of time to have a nice view of his ass. He straightened up, rotated, and pulled off his jeans. Once they were off, I could clearly see the tent underneath the boxers.

He turned around again, and pulled off the last remaining garment. I waited anxiously for him to turn around, and when he finally did, I was astonished. He jumped in the shower, got down on his knees, and put his mouth on my enormous boner. It was heaven. He continued blowing me for about 2 minutes, when sporadically he stood up.

With his lip's very close to mine, he said "I want you to fuck me. Pound me, in the ass, with the hot, steamy water beating down on our bodies." and then embraced me in a long, passionate kiss with just the right amount of tongue. I bent him down, lowering him to the ground. He had the perfect skin; smooth, silky, and very much flawless. As I spread his perfect ass cheeks apart, he let out a moan. I began rubbing my dick against his ass, until finnally he grunted, "Oh god, I need you in me!" I obliged without the least bit of hesitation, the head of my dick penetrating his butt.

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I pushed in slowly, allowing his hole time to adjust for an object of this magnitude. I began to pump, wrapping my hands around his thighs, groping for what I longed desperately for.

Doggystyle, in the tub, with the hot, steamy water beating down on our intertwined bodies. This, defiantly was his fantasy. We continued on this route for atleast 10 minutes.

"I'm gonna climax, oh, oh, GOD!

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Where do you want it?" I asked frantically, resisting the undeniable urge persistently coming up again and again, and again. "Ugh, Oh my god, OHH!!" I shouted, as I came in his beautiful ass. I stood up. When he tried, I pushed him back down. "No one's coming out of this tub without first having an orgasm." I said, "Now, lay down." "Yes, mam!" He said, "Or, I mean sir" He said, obviously joking.

He lay quaintly, as I had instructed, and then bent down over him. With my semi-hard dick and his throbbing one laying next to each other, I began to caress his muscular chest with my mouth. Running my tongue around, around his defined pectorals, then meandering my way down to his abdomen, past his navel, and around his thighs.

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When I finally reached his dick, I plunged down as far as possible, swallowing a good 6 inches of it. Glistening with saliva, I finished his blow job when he came to his second, violent orgasm of the day. I swallowed his semen, all 3 teaspoons. We both laid there, my head on his chest, for another 5 minutes, each enjoying the other's body. "Well, we still have the rest of the week" He said, smirked, then slapped me on the ass.