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Amateur Redhead Frau wird gefickt
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This is the second chapter in the series which digs deeper into the character's pasts and personal feelings. I'd like to thank all the readers for their votes and comments, they were greatly appreciated. This chapter will go into detail about why Matt has such a profound manhood as well as what happens between him and his mother.

I have taken reader's opinions into consideration and ask that readers keep an open mind as this is a fictional story and will contain both elements of fiction as well as reality. After all, imagination is the wings of an explorer.

Enjoy. 6:30am the alarm goes off… Matt woke up to the sound of his alarm. "Oh crap, not another day coming to knock me down." Matt was not enthusiastic about his new school to say the least. His first day had progressed without incident but he knew his luck would run out sooner rather than later. It always circled back to the same old story of him being the new kid and being beaten up by the football players when teachers weren't looking.

Matt knew he should've told someone about being bullied but somehow felt he had to preserve his sense of pride by not running to a teacher at the first sign of trouble. "If you can't get around a problem, go at it head on." He remembered his dad telling him as he grew up. Matt slowly rolled out of bed and began getting ready for school. Same as every morning Matt would come down stairs, eat his breakfast and be ready for the school bus to arrive.

Standing by the bus stop he couldn't help but think back to what had happened the night before. Not only had he lost his virginity but it had been taken by the woman of his dreams: his mom! Matt quickly tried to think of something else as he saw the bus coming down the street and he knew he would start getting an erection if he continued with his train of thought.

As Matt boarded the bus he was stopped short by the driver. "Hey you're the new kid that was too chicken to take the bus on his first day." The driver said which resulted in quiet chuckles from every kid on the bus. Matt, embarrassed beyond repair simply looked up at the driver and greeted him. The driver looked at his face and saw something odd about the teenager. Although having just been publicly humiliated he stood strong and faced it with a calm bravado. "This scrawny kid has got heart." The driver thought to himself.

"Hey kid, there's one simple rule at this school, keep your head down and you will be left alone." The driver said. Matt gave a nod and proceeded to find an empty seat, and to no surprise the only available seat was at the back which meant he had to walk past all those judging stares from the other kids. Matt took it like a champ and continued walking as he heard quiet giggles and comments about his appearance as he walked past to his seat.

The bus finally arrived at the school but Matt just saw it as another opportunity to be judged by the entire school this time but something was out of place.

As he walked down the corridors he couldn't help notice the stares he was getting but they were different to the stares he was getting the previous day. This time everyone looked at him like he was dark and mysterious, like he had a secret to which his life depended on. Half way through the day Matt was sitting at a table in the cafeteria during his lunch break alone as he couldn't be bothered to make friends when suddenly he felt his mobile phone vibrate against his thigh in his pocket.

He pulled it out and read a text message he had just received from him mom. "Today any better than yesterday?" It read. "No not really, it's about the same. Lame as ever." He replied. "I'm sorry sweetie but there's nothing I can do about that, you have to go to school." She wrote. "I know, I'd rather be at home with you though." He replied. "I'd rather have you at home with me, so we could start our training." She wrote.

Her last text made him smile somewhat but before he could reply a couple of football players had surrounded his lonely island of a table. "And so the beating begins." He thought to himself.

"Hey new kid, what's your name?" One of the guys asked him. Without any evidence of being intimidated Matt answered quite coldly. "It's Matt Taylor." He said to the football. "Oh it looks like this little shit has got guts. I'll tell you what, since this is a new year and we are the seniors in the school we're going to make you a deal.

Come to football practice this afternoon, if you can survive the afternoon without crying for mommy then we will leave you alone for the rest of the year. If not, then it's on!" The football player propositioned Matt who already knew he didn't stand a chance considering they were all muscular guys and he had twigs for limbs.

Before he could think about it his mouth began moving, speaking words that weren't his.

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"Yeah that sounds fair. It's a deal then." He replied. The guys were all surprised by his calmness and complete lack of fear which was actually Matt's indifference to the whole situation. "An afternoon of pain in exchange for a whole year of being left alone. You can manage that." Matt thought as he gave himself a little pep talk thinking that it sounded logical. The day progressed as normal but Matt started feeling a bit nervous when it was nearing time for football practise.

He quickly sent a text to his mom explaining that he was partaking in the football team for an afternoon and that he would be home later than usual. He then turned his phone off as that was the rule while on the field.

"Hey coach, we got some fresh meat over here." The guys said to the coach while laughing. "Goddammit you guys, we've spoken about is, you can't keep bringing kids here and beating them up then calling it football, I gotta deal with their whining parents after that." The guys chuckled as the Captain of the team (Ryan) replied.

"No its cool coach, this kid actually want to try out, don't you?" They all turned to look at Matt. He remembered the conversation they had at lunch and thought he might as well go through with it.

He nodded at the coach who then sighed as he knew he was going to have a painfully long conversation on the phone with the boy's parents. They got set up and ran a few practice plays before putting Matt in with the team. As he guessed, the boys threw the ball his way and even the most sports illiterate person knows that the player who has the ball is the target, and that the aim was to get the ball to a touch-down. Matt panicked as he held the ball and watched everyone on the field dash towards him.

Before he could think his body began moving, using his size to his advantage ducking and diving through waves of players coming at him but before he could make it half way he was taken down by the captain who literally hit him with a full body slam. Matt lay there out of breath for a few minutes while they all laughed with satisfaction. "Coach we are going to need a stretcher and the nurse." Ryan shouted out as he walked away but to their surprise Matt slowly stood up. They turned to look at him all surprised but knew what they had to do.

"Ok let's go guys, let's run another play." Ryan said to the team as they all scrambled and got into position. To their surprise the same thing happened only this time Matt nearly made it to the end field before having 6 guys come crashing down on him, this time knocking him down for the count When Matt finally regained consciousness he found himself in the nurse's office.

He sat up on the bed and started gathering his belongings when the nurse spoke. "And where do you think you are going young man?" To which he replied "well I do have to get home before my parents start freaking out." He stood up straight and dusted himself off. "Wow, for someone your size, you sure have a lot of stamina kid. You either have a lot of guts or you are just plain stupid. You don't have any serious injuries so you can leave if you want to." With that Matt grabbed his bag and headed out the door.

Opening the front door of his home Matt noticed the light on in his dad's study and assumed he was home although he was confused because James was supposed to be working late every night for a month. As he made his way to the stairs he was stopped short by his mom standing at the foot of the stairs not looking impressed with him. "What time do you call this? And why is your phone turned off? And what the hell gave you the stupid idea to try out for the football team?" She asked him.

She wasn't shouting like normal parents do, instead her voice was low but thick with anger.

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Matt couldn't read her mood or behaviour as it was his first time encountering this kind of behaviour. It was awkward, it wasn't a scolding as most parents would have instead she questioned him with anger the way a woman questions her boyfriend or husband when he comes home late without letting her know.

"I don't know, it just thought…" he began speaking but his sentence was cut short by Sally turning her head to the side and lifting her hand in front of her gesturing him to be quiet.

"I don't want to hear it." She said as she walked past him making her way into the kitchen.

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"Just so you know your dad is working normal hours for the rest of the week so you are on your own." She said looking down at his crotch before walking away. Matt being his normal self was indifferent to the whole experience and just continued walking towards his room. He dropped his bag on the floor and then lazily sat at his computer desk waiting for his pc to turn on.

Meanwhile Sally stood in the kitchen with her fists clenched ever so tightly. "What the fuck is he playing at? And why am I so angry about it? Control yourself woman." She said to herself as she continued doing whatever she was doing before he walked in.

As tired and beaten as Matt was he walked over to the door, pushed it closed and sat back at his computer and as if in autopilot mode instantly went to a porn site. He flipped through pictures of random women and stopped when he came across one that resembled his mom slightly resulting in an instant full length erection which made him light headed.

He quickly got it out and started stroking it but then remembered he had to practice so he spent the next few minutes slowly jerking off to the pornstar's gallery before blowing his load making a mess of himself.

He got cleaned up and went to bed. The next few days were pretty much the same. He would go to school and come home to practice his 'swing' as he liked to call it and was able to last more than half an hour by the end of the week. Saturday morning came around and Matt woke up at about 10 am. He was woken up by his dad calling for him to come down stairs. He rolled out of bed trying to figure what was going on. He got dressed and made his way down to the kitchen to find his dad sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee and reading a letter.

"There you are, it's about time." James said as Matt sat down at the table. "What's all the commotion?" He asked his father, still rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

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"Well I just got this letter from the school. It says here that you tried out for the team." James stated, it was more of a question as he got to the end of his sentence. "Yeah it was a stupid dare, didn't think it would hurt that much though." Matt replied. "Uh huh. Well it doesn't sound like it from what I've gathered reading this letter.

Apparently you displayed great stamina and agility and you were picked for the team, this letter is also a permission slip for us to sign.

Well done son, didn't know you had it in you." Matt stared at his father with disbelief written all over his face. "Yeah whatever, sign it, don't sign it, I'm not too bothered about it." Matt said quite bluntly. "If that's the case then I'm going to sign it. Taking up a sport might do you some good. Anyway I have to be on my way now or ill be late for my golf session with the guys.

See you later sport." James said as he signed the permission slip and walked away. Matt sat at the table still trying to wake up when he noticed for the first time that his mother wasn't around. He walked around the house looking for her and found her in the last place he thought she would be, his dad's study. She was on the computer clicking away on the internet. "Hey mom, what are you doing?" He asked her casually.

"Looking for the doctor that we went to when you were a baby." She replied. "Oh, ok. Weird. Why are you looking for him?" He asked quite confused. "Because we are going to see him, you've been sweating a lot lately and I'm a little worried." She said to him without taking her eyes off the screen. "Mom, I'm a person. People sweat, it's not unusual." He said quite sarcastically. "Well we are going to see him today so just deal with it." She replied a little annoyed by his questions.

They arrived at the clinic and were sitting in the waiting area when they heard their names called over the intercom and they were led to the doctor's office. "Please have a seat the doctor will be with you shortly." The nurse said to them.

They sat down and waited and in that time Sally noticed how fidgety her son was getting. She could tell from the look on his face that he was confused.

They heard the door open and a female doctor walked in and sat down in front of them. "Hi I'm Doctor Rose and I'll be attending to your case from now on." They both looked at her with confusion on their faces. "Oh don't worry I've taken over your case because the previous doctor has retired. I've studied your case so there's no need to be alarmed. I'm up to speed with your treatment history." She said to Matt who was now beyond surprised.

"Treatment. What treatment?" He asked. "Your hormonal treatment." The doctor said to him as if he knew what she was talking about. The doctor looked over at Sally who was now looking away from Matt. "Ok why do I get the feeling I just let the cat out of the bag?" The doctor asked but Matt turned to his mother. "Mom what is she talking about?" Sally looked over at the doctor.

"He doesn't know about the treatment but I think he should hear about it from a doctor." Sally said. Matt was now shaken up with worry when the doctor began to speak. "Well you were born prematurely and you were very weak. We tried to isolate you and incubate you because you had no immune system but that didn't work so we started a course of growth hormone treatments." Matt looked at her like she was talking another language.

"Since you are male, testosterone had to be the more dominant hormone in the treatments. It worked better than the doctors thought it would as you grew quickly to the normal size of a new born baby. You were taken off the treatment at age 4 when your body had a strong immune system and you were healthy. As a result of the treatment we had asked your parents to keep track of your growth and look for any irregularities that might occur." Matt sat there speechless not knowing what to say when his mom spoke.

"Thank you doctor and that's why we are hear. I haven't noticed anything irregular as such, I just thought is should bring him in for a check-up." "Yes that's fine Mrs Taylor, I'll perform a check-up to see if there is anything out of the ordinary.

Would you mind giving us a few moments Mrs Taylor so we can get started?" "Yes of course, I'll be in the waiting area when you are done Matt." Sally said as she left the room. "So Mathew, is there anything strange or abnormal that you've noticed about yourself?" Matt was still in shock and could only give short answers so he just shook his head.

After a while he got used to idea and began to loosen up. "So what kind of tests are you going to do?" He asked the doctor. "Nothing major, just routine tests like a blood tests and a physical check-up." They began with the blood tests which was a little daunting as Matt was not a fan of needles.

Once that was done they moved over to the clinic bed in the corner where Matt was asked to get undressed. The doctor began the exam, checking every part of his body for any discolouration or bulges. She made her way down his body and was now on her knees checking his genitalia when he looked down at her and noticed she wasn't a bad looking woman. The glasses she was wearing added a little charm to her bright blue eyes. "Oh, what's this we have here?" The doctor asked while giggling.

Matt felt a little embarrassed as he felt an erection coming on. The doctor's giggles stopped after a few moments and Matt felt her hands freeze in their position on his balls. "What the fuck? That is a ridiculous.

I've never seen anything so big." The doctor said with eyes wide as saucers.


She was completely taken by surprise. "Oh my, I'm sorry, that was unprofessional of me. I'm just a little…" He words faded as she stared at it staring right back at her and neither of them noticed her hands slowly squeezing and releasing it continuously.

"So it's safe to say that this is definitely a side effect of the hormone treatments. Does it ever get painful or have any abnormal sensations course through it?" She asked him still keeping her gaze locked onto his cock.

"No nothing at all. I just get a little light headed sometimes, like when my mom…" He stopped his sentence short as he knew he had said something he shouldn't have. She looked up at him and although his heart was thumping like a jack hammer he couldn't help but look down her shirt and notice her breasts almost bursting out of a bra that was clearly too tight for her. She felt his cock throb harder in her hands and then his words played on her mind.

"Oh my gosh that is sick. Then again I don't know what I would do if I saw something this big no matter who it was attached to." The doctor thought but then the thought of this boy jamming this monster inside his mother flashed in her head and she felt herself get warm and moist between her thighs. A smile slowly crept up on her face as she looked up at the teenage boy.

"You know since this might be caused by the hormone treatment we will need a semen sample to know for sure." She said as she snapped on a pair of white latex gloves and began stroking his shaft with both hands. The feeling of the cold latex quickly warming up on his cock and made him moan as he felt it wrap tightly around his throbbing cock.

"Would you be a darling and just cum a little for me." She said as she gave him a naughty school girl look which made his cock twitch with quite a bit of force. This surprised her but somehow motivated her as she began pumping his cock faster and harder. After what felt like hours she felt his cock spasm and he let out a moan that he tried to keep quiet.

She tried to grab a container from the stand next to them but before she could get it positioned a gush of cum hit her square in the face. She got the container in place and it was filled to the brim in no time and that's when she began to panic as there were no more containers nearby and Matt's orgasm seemed to be far from done.

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Acting on instinct she opened her mouth and gently locked her lips around the head of his cock and began swallowing the gushes of cum that filled her mouth. Even with her best efforts quite a bit of it came seeping out of the sides of her mouth and dripped down her neck soaking her shirt and breasts.

When it finally stopped her eyes looked up at Matt over her glasses and without thinking she loosened her lips pushed her head forward causing his still hard cock to slide half way down her throat. This was a clear example of human beings indulging in self-punishment as this woman could hardly even breathe as tears were rolling down her cum stained cheeks but she just kept pushing herself onto it until she was literally under him in between his legs with his cock pointing down and her head facing up so her throat formed a straight tunnel for his cock.

Once she felt his balls touch her chin she was satisfied she had got it all in and quickly let go of it as her face was turning red from lack of action. She dropped down onto the floor gasping for air as if she had just been in an underwater struggle.

She eventually got up and looked at Matt who was standing there butt-naked with his cock glistening with saliva with a relieved look on his face and thought to herself "how the hell is it still so hard, he shot litres of cum down my throat and it's still so hard. His stamina is amazing." She then moved to grab some tissue and began wiping her face and cleaning her glasses.

"I'm sorry about that I've never lost control like that before." She said with a worried look on her face. "It's ok at least you got your sample right?" He replied with a warm smile. This took her by surprise because she hadn't seen him smile or show any emotion other than confusion since he had arrived.

"I guess we should get your mom back in here since we are done." The doctor said as she tried to straighten clothes out. "She is one lucky lady." She remarked while looking at the monster this boy called a penis which was finally going flaccid. After the doctor and Sally exchanged words and Sally was told there is nothing to worry about and they would be told about the test results they made their way home. The journey home was awkwardly quiet.

It was awkward for Matt because he had just received his first blowjob. On the other hand Sally couldn't' help but notice the streaks on the doctor's glasses and her drenched shirt.

She wondered what took the two of them so long to perform tests. They arrived at their home to find James still out with his friends. Sally went to the kitchen and began preparing dinner. It was strange because for the first time, Matt sat at the table and kept her company while she was busy. "I wonder if this is the second phase. Maybe he has transferred his feelings to another woman now.

Well I can't say I blame him, that doctor was quite attractive." She thought to herself. "You know mom, I've been practicing." Matt said, breaking the silence. "I'm glad you are enjoying football sweetie." She replied absent-mindedly.

"No I meant I've been practicing how to last longer. Today I went for a long time." He said to her, his voice thick with pride. "Oh really, is that what took you and the doctor so long?" She asked intending it to be a joke but she quickly realised she was spot on when he didn't answer her. "So they were getting busy. That little cow, I should report her and get her licence revoked. Then again I was doing the same thing." She thought to herself. The thought of her son being physical with someone else left a bitter taste in her mouth.

She was shocked at the fact that she was jealous of her son being with someone else. "I'm going to need therapy myself if I'm not careful." She whispered to herself as she turned around and faced him with a smile. "That was quite a long time I was away. So you are trying to tell me you lasted all that time?" She asked him, her voice thick with scepticism. He just nodded with a bright smile. Then it happened again. Sally's pussy over-rode her mind and began doing the talking and acting for her again.

"Hmmm, you know somehow I just don't believe you." She said with a wicked smile as she walked over towards him and sat up on the table right in front of him effortlessly as if she were as light as a feather.

She leaned over towards him slightly and slowly licked her full strawberry coloured lips and gave him a wink. Matt though he could play it cool but suddenly felt the light headedness he was all too familiar with at this point.

She looked down at his crotch and noticed the bulge. "Oh has Matty got something long and hard for mommy?" She asked, her voice overflowing with lust. "I bet you wanna shove that fat cock in me again don't you? You wanna fuck mommy hard with that huge fuck pole don't you?" She said, speaking like a true vixen.

She leaned forward and unzipped his pants, in an instant his cock came springing out, standing at attention proudly. "Oh my, I could swear it's gotten bigger since the last time I saw it. Is that all for me?" She said in an innocent voice, giving him puppy eyes.

She sat back on the table leaning on her arms, slipped off her ballerina pumps and wrapped her red painted toes around his shaft. "oooo look at mommy's big boy all thick and hard, I bet you could fuck me into next century with such a thick, powerful cock." She teased as she stroked him. The sight of his mother posed on the kitchen table like a pin-up poster girl and the feeling of her soft, slightly moist feet slowly rubbing his furious cock coupled with the filth that was pouring out of her mouth was just too much for the boy to handle.

He swallowed hard and before either of them knew it, there were jets of cum shooting into the air as he moaned loud enough for the neighbours to hear. Cum splashed Sally everywhere from her delicate feet up to her upper thighs as his cock was slanting towards her. When he was done, Matt sat there hanging his head in shame. He had just finished boasting about how long he can last and it took his mom all of 2 minutes to make him pop like a water balloon, and that was counting from the moment she sat down at the table.

Sally noticed his disappointment and quickly spoke to remedy the situation. "Aww don't be sad honey. You lasted longer than the last time so there is an improvement. I'm proud of you." She said in her normal 'mom voice' as she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

"Don't worry we will just keep practicing whenever we can ok?" She said as she released his still rock-hard cock and slipped her pumps back on. She grabbed a kitchen towel, lifted her skirt and wiped her legs and thighs clean. Sally went back to cooking dinner but now her cheeks were rosy and her eyes had a sparkle in them. "I know I shouldn't be happy about it but I used my feet alone and made him cum in a few minutes. It means that cow of a doctor hasn't taken him.

I'm still his number one attraction." She thought to herself as she smiled brightly. Matt had put his junk away just in time as they heard the front door open and James walked in singing "Honey I'm home." He walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek.

"So I take it your team won." She asked sounding indifferent to the whole topic. "Yes we did." He turned to Matt who looked in a better mood than usual. "There's my football champ." He said to Matt as he playfully roughed up his hair. "How was your day Sal?" "Oh it was good. A lot better than most." She said replied not turning around to look at him as she answered. Matt looked passed her and looked at her reflection in the window. She was looking straight at him, using the window's reflection as a mirror while she spoke.

"You know, one of those days when you wake up and someone just showers you with warm love." She gave Matt a wicked smile and winked at him as she said that. "That's good. I'm going to take a shower." He waked away and spoke as he passed Matt again. "I'm guessing your mother is talking about you showering her with love. Good job son, glad to see you haven't grown out of showing your mom affection." He said as he continued walking.

His last statement caused Sally to giggle as she clenched and released her toes, feeling her son's cum between her toes. The next day was pretty boring as nothing happened for anyone. James stayed at home working in his study which caused Sally to stay out in the garden all day which in turn caused Matt to have no reason to come out of his room except to grab the occasional drink. While Matt sat in his room 'practicing' to the pornstar that looked similar to his mom he got side tracked and began staring out the window.

He noticed someone in the garden and quickly realised it was his mom. Sally enjoyed gardening when she had nothing else to do and the sun was out. As she busied herself in the garden she noticed the blinds in Matt's room were opened fully. She thought this odd as they were always shut if he was in the room. She continued gardening and then noticed a figure moving in the room. Knowing who it was she stood up and took her gloves off, waked over to the garden table and grabbed her phone before making her way back to where she stood originally.

Matt was a little confused, not knowing what she was doing so he just continued watching her when a text came through on his phone. "Is that you watching me you little pervert?" "Maybe it is, you look sexy today." He replied. "Oh come now, you aren't supposed to talk to your mother like that.

Naughty naughty." She wrote. "Do you like being watched?" He replied. "Depends on who is watching." She wrote. She got down on her hands and knees as if resuming her gardening and pushed out her bubble butt. "Oh my gosh your ass is so gorgeous!" He replied as he watched her bend to a point where her chest was almost touching the ground.

The skin tight bright pink pants she was wearing were struggling to contain her shapely bum. "I'm glad you like it you little perv, it's been a while since anyone has checked me out like that." She wrote. There was complete radio silence for a few minutes. "Matt are your there?" She wrote. "Yeah sorry, I can't type with my left hand." He replied.

It took Sally a minute to figure out what he meant. He saw her raise her hands to her mouth gesturing surprise. "You are so naughty.

Are you masturbating looking at my butt?" She wrote. "Maybe I am. It's a sexy bum. I have to practice anyway." He replied. "And how is that working for you?" She wrote. "Pretty well. I've lasted this entire conversation." He replied. "Hmmm, let's turn it up a little." She thought to herself as she stood up and walked over to the poolside. At this point Matt was confused out of his wits as to what she was doing. The pool area had a large wall around it and was at and awkward angle towards the house.

Matt's window upstairs was the only one that side of the house so only he could see what she was doing. She stood in front of one of the poolside chairs, kicked off her shoes and grabbed the waistband of her pants and bent over as she began sliding them down her full thighs.

What caught Matt by surprise was that she was wearing a bright pink thong. He had never thought she wore such but it suited her due to the size of her ass. She then stood up straight and peeled her top off to reveal a matching bra straining to keep her massive tits contained. Matt was astonished as her stomach was flat with just a little flab, a lot slimmer than he thought it was and that just made her tits look even bigger and more perky.

Once nude she loosened her hair and let it fall down her shoulders as she lay down on the chair all stretched out as if she were at the beach. "You like?" She wrote. "Holy shit I can't believe you just did that." He replied. "What's the big deal? Only my man can see me right now." She wrote, then looked up at the window and blew him a kiss. The fact of the matter is it was a big deal. At that moment she felt so exposed and self-conscious that she was just about ready cover up with one of the beach towels rolled up on the pool side table.

"Mom you look like a model. You're so hot!" He replied. This was the little nudge she needed to bring out her wild streak again which seemed to be a common occurrence these days. Her pussy once again took control but this time it wanted to be front and centre stage. Since she was facing his window, she opened her legs wide enough so that her feet were on the ground either side of the chair then pulled her panty to the side exposing her pussy which was glistening with moisture then sent the next text.

"Go on then, beat that massive dick for me. Pretend you are aiming it directly at my cunt and you are going to squirt your warm cum all over it." Matt made the mistake of stroking his cock while reading the text because when he looked back at his mom, he saw her completely exposed just for him.

He felt his midsection tense up as he shot rope after rope aiming at his mother which was unfortunately held back by the window. She wondered why he hadn't replied and then looked up to see his window splattered with cum oozing down.

She giggled at the thought of what she had just done then began getting dressed. "He is lasting longer each time. This is going to be fun." She thought to herself as she entered the house.

A few minutes later she heard the home phone ring. Sally answered the phone to find Matt's doctor on the other end of the line with his test results. The doctor explained that the tests were all normal and that the hormones in his system had now fused with his own and had kick started a growth in his puberty stage. She explained that they shouldn't be alarmed as he would grow to match any part of his body that seemed abnormally large as it was just the hormones giving them an extra boost.

She did however say that sally should tell him to be wary of hair as he would be growing facial hair quite quickly as his body has had a jump start into manhood and that it was normal given his situation. Meanwhile Matt had come into the kitchen to get a drink and saw his mom on the phone.

He looked at her and remembered all he just seen but now she had changed and was no longer wearing her pants but instead a modest skirt. He admired her thick but firm legs which were always smooth and silky looking. She had changed her clothes because she had wet her pants with her pussy juice and being bright pink, it would be easy for her husband to see a wet spot.

Goodluck explaining that one. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She flinched with surprise but calmed down when she saw it was him. She casually continued her phone conversation when she felt him grab a handful of each breast. She noticed what the doctor had mentioned about his manhood being jump started because at his age he could firmly grab her tits the way a fully grown man's hands would.

Once her mind dealt with the logic of it her tits began sending signals down to her pussy. She felt it get warm and then quickly turn to a burning sensation as she felt one of his hands disappear from her boob and reappear under her skirt. Now she began to panic as she felt his hand gently rub her pussy as if he knew how to touch a woman. She had never found herself in a situation where she had to act casual while being felt up by someone who turns her on.

She now felt like her pussy was scorching as she felt her juices flow down her thighs. She tried her best to keep up her casual front. "Uh huh, yes doctor that makes sense." She would say to the doctor.


"Not now Matt. Please, I'm busy and you are breaking my concentration. Your dad is in the next room!" She would whisper to him. He simply whispered in her other ear.

"I've never seen those massive tits before. I hope I get to see them soon." He said as he pulled her panty to the side and began rubbing her soaked pussy lips, dipping a finger in every few moments.

This caused her to gasp and try to continue her appearance of being normal on the phone but Matt was having none of it. He lifted her skirt up to her waist and stood for a few seconds admiring her round bubble butt before pulling his cock out and placing it between her thighs.

She froze as she felt it and knew exactly what it was. "Oh my God, please don't Matt, I won't be able to handle it." She whispered to him, pleading for mercy but her pleas were met by the feeling of his engorged cock head pressing against her opening and slowly slipping in. "He is only 14, he will never listen to reasoning and logic, I might as well give up." She thought to herself as she slightly bent forward into the sink and lifted her right leg so it was bent at the knee.

Seeing the opening, Matt moved forward and slowly pushed his mammoth cock up into his mother's body. She gasped as she felt this think pole invade her body and stretch her poor pussy beyond its limits.

"Yes doctor, I understand. I'll make sure he gets lots of exercise." Sally said with a giggle as she heard Matt panting behind her as his thrusts quickened in pace.

Eventually she said goodbye to the doctor and put the phone down. "You know Matty you are going to get us into trouble if you keep fucking me whenever the mood takes you." She said quite bluntly. "I didn't and still don't see you trying to stop me even though you know dad is in the next room." He said between pants as his thrusts became more powerful. "Yeah right, as if any woman could say no to that thing. I am only human you know." She said as she bent over a little more and began moaning softly.

"Oh fuck that feels good. Besides, how can I stop you when I can't even move once you put that thing inside me?" She said between moans as she felt her sexual desire completely devour her.

"Oh my god Matty, I love your cock so much.


I can feel it everywhere inside me." She said as his thrusts quickened in pace even further. "It's hard to believe I came out of there when you are so tight. Your pussy feels so soft and perfect." He said as he began grunting with each thrust.

The thought of her husband being in the very next room made Sally even more wet and excited. "That's its baby, fuck mommy's pussy. Ooo mommy needs you to fuck her pussy hard." She pleaded as if she had been poisoned and the only cure on earth was his cock. "Yes. Oh god yes. Fuck meee. Get back in there baby, show my pussy how happy you are to be back in there. Fuck you feel so good.

Stretch me honey, tear me apart." She was now demanding her lover give her what she wants. She felt Matt tense up and then give one last brutal thrust which caused her to slam against the kitchen sink and caused the dishes to jump in their place as well as her tits to jiggle abruptly.

He held himself there as he gave his mother every single drop of cum he had. So there was Sally, leaning against the kitchen sink with her leg bent up and her hair all messy like a sex depraved whore, and her son behind her emptying his cock into her and she loved every second of it. When he finally pulled out she gave out a little whimper partly because she had just been brutally fucked against the kitchen sink like some common slut and partly because she didn't want him to pull out.

She felt extremely empty once he was fully out. "Oh baby, I'm glad we stopped before we got caught but I'll be honest with you." She said as she straightened out and fixed her hair and the sound of water splattering on the floor was heard except it wasn't water, it was his cum pouring out from her steaming pussy. "I cannot wait for you to get that young cock back in me." To be continued. Next chapter: Matt gets a birthday Surprise from his mommy