Double anal penetration gay sex men gallery Even though the full

Double anal penetration gay sex men gallery Even though the full
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DADDY PORN I remember that first "daddy" video like it was yesterday. I remember the make-up girl fussing over me, getting my hair just right, putting my lipstick on, just a little bit of eye shadow, nothing garish or too adult.

She knew she didn't need to do much I had just turned 18, but I could have easily passed for 14, and I had never needed much in the way of makeup. The short, blond hair, the pigtails, the braces, the hint of freckles, the big, star-struck blue eyes they all worked together to make me look the part I was about to play.

I looked like a teenage Amy Adams, with a southern accent. My name is Traci. I had run away from my home in Mississippi a few months before, and hitched my way to California.

That trip was a story in and of itself, as were my first few weeks in Los Angeles, but this probably isn't the time and place to tell you that part of it. Suffice it to say that I got a quick education about life on the road, and then another one about life on the street. But I'm a quick learner, and I'm a survivor.

I had to be. Anyway, it didn't take more than a few weeks for me to find myself knocking on the door of Marcy Rhodes, one of the top female porn producers in the San Fernando Valley. I figured porn was my best shot at making a living, since I already knew I had some skills that I could put to good use, and I'd done some acting in high school stage productions.

I thought to myself, how hard could it be? And it was sure to be better for my health than a career turning tricks on Sunset Boulevard. There are creeps in porn, that's for sure, but nothing like what I saw out there in the real world. Marcy had gone from Las Vegas showgirl to stripper to porn starlet to director to producer in a pretty short time, and now she was worth millions.

I was a little bit surprised that she agreed to see me, but she did, and she seemed to see some potential in me that intrigued her. So I told her my life story up to that point, and she gazed at me very attentively, and, I thought, sympathetically, through the whole thing. She was the one that got the idea for the "daddy" videos.

She didn't tell me about it at the time, but she later said she had been thinking about it for awhile, and that I seemed like the perfect girl to play the role she had in mind. Well, she introduced me some of the other girls that worked there, and to a director named Monique von Schell, who put me in some scenes in a few videos, just to get my feet wet, and before I knew it, I was fucking and sucking on camera like a pro.

Sex wasn't exactly new to me, and neither was acting, but doing both of them at the same time took me a little while to get used to. They liked my work, though, and the next thing I knew, Marcy and Monique were talking to me about a pet project of theirs. All I had to do was be myself, they assured me. They said I was a natural. So here I was, with the single camera rolling, kneeling between the parted legs of my naked co-star, a guy named Denny Decker. He was a good-looking guy in his thirties, a veteran of a lot of porn films.

His most prominent characteristic, though, was a truly gigantic, statuesque cock, thick and hairless, which was standing at full attention before I ever got anywhere near it. I had never seen anything like it, although pretty much every guy I had met lately had a big dick.

I don't know where they find these guys. I wasn't wearing much just a little loose top that didn't quite cover the bottoms of my smallish boobs, and a pair of tight cut-off denim shorts, the kind that are cut way up high on my hips. And white socks and black tennis shoes. There was some kind of unwritten law that says teenage girls in porn videos have to wear tennis shoes. This film was to be what they called a point-of-view, or POV film.

The camera was behind Denny's head, aimed right at me as I looked right back at it. The idea is that you imagine that you're the guy with the big stiff cock about to be sucked by the cute young girl. One of the things I learned early on about doing porn is that it's a good idea to do everything slowly.

So I reached up and slid my fingers slowly around the base of Denny's cock. They hardly reached around the shaft, it was so thick. Still looking straight into the camera, I held his cock toward me, licked my lips (slowly), and then leaned forward and let my lips touch the tip.

Then I let them part (slowly), and slide (slowly) down over the crown of his cock. I gazed at the camera as I sucked on him, my head slowly bobbing up and down, covering the glistening head of his cock with saliva. After a moment, I lifted my head, and his cock escaped from between my lips, trailing a strand of wetness. I smiled wide at the camera, showing my braces. Monique felt that was important.

I reminded myself to speak slowly and clearly.

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She wanted my voice to sound girlish, teasing, punctuated by little giggles. "Hi daddy. Are you surprised? I'll bet you are. I'll bet you never dreamed that your cute little daughter would end up here, sucking on this big, yummy cock in a porn film." And with that, I took Denny's cock back into my mouth, sucking him deep, until I felt the head nudging the back of my throat.

Denny moaned audibly. I was still staring at the camera behind his back as I sucked him as deeply as I could, almost choking on it. I had known a lot about sucking cock before I ever came to California, but the people I worked with had shown me a lot more. By this time, I was getting pretty good at deep-throating even a huge cock like this one.

I concentrated on doing that for a few moments, and then once again let his cock slip out. My mouth was filled with saliva now, and I gathered it on my tongue and spit it on the head of his cock, spreading the wetness with my fingers, feeling really nasty and sexy.

I imagined my father, picking up the brown cardboard mailing envelope in the mail, looking at it curiously in his faded overalls, standing in front of his broken-down farmhouse.

I imagined him opening it and seeing that it was a porn video, and wondering who could have sent it to him.

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And then I imagined him putting the DVD into his machine, the shock of recognition on his face when he saw the blonde girl with the braces smiling at him. "Anyway, daddy, this is my surprise for you. You're going to get to watch me as I suck on guys' big dicks. You're going to get to watch your little girl get fucked, hard, over and over again, by lots of different guys, in every way you can imagine.

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Mmmm, I'm going to be so full of cock. They're going to fuck me in my mouth, in my tight little teenage pussy, even in my tight little asshole. Would you like that, daddy? Watching guys fuck me in the ass?" My father had started on me when I was ten years old, after my mom took off for good.

At first, he just touched me, when he got drunk, which was most of the time. After awhile, he showed me how to suck his cock. I knew it was wrong, but there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it, and I figured nobody would believe me anyway.

And if course, if I refused, he had a tendency to smack me across the room. Finally, he graduated to fucking me. When I was 13, I told the guidance counselor at my school what my dad was doing with me. He made me tell it all to him, in detail. And when I finished talking, he took his cock out of his pants and told me to suck it.

He said if I didn't do it, that his version of the story would be a lot better than mine, and he'd have me put in juvenile hall.

So I sucked his cock, and later, he fucked me too.

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My dad never knew the difference. And you know what, daddy?" I paused, giving him another big smile. "I'm going to love every minute of it. And then they're going to shoot their hot cum in me, and all over me, until I'm covered with it, until it's oozing out of all my horny little fuck-holes.

Would you like that, daddy? Does that get you excited? Can you imagine all these strangers fucking your daughter with their monster cocks, while you watch? Does it make your cock hard? Are you stroking it? I know you are." "I'm going to take off my top now, daddy, so he can see my titties.

I like to let men see them, especially when I'm sucking their cocks." Winking at the camera, I sat up and slowly pulled my top over my head, tossing it to one side. I've always been proud of my breasts. They're not real big, but they're firm and full, and tipped with little pinkish puffy nipples that get hard like pebbles when you pinch them and suck them.

They were hard now. I lowered my head and extended my tongue, slowly encircling Denny's taut, cum-filled balls. My fingers held his cock, stroking it as I made love to his balls, one by one, licking and sucking them, bathing them with my spit until they were dripping wet.

I did that for a few minutes, and then raised my head, with Denny's cock resting against my cheek. "But you know what, daddy? There's one thing that's never going to happen again. You know what it is?" I paused again. "You're never going to fuck me again, daddy.

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You're never going to make me suck my own father's cock again. Now you can see what you've created.


I'm just what you made me: a teasing little little teenage slut. A whore. One that can never get enough fucking, or gulp down enough hot, creamy cum. One that loves having guys watching, all over the world, and stroking their cocks, or having women suck on them while they watch me." "Think of it, daddy millions of men watching me, stroking their rigid cocks, imagining that they're the ones fucking me, filling me with their hot, spurting cum.

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Mmmmm, just thinking about it makes me wet. I'm going to be a porn star, daddy. Everyone will know who I am. I'll be a household name.

And they'll know what you did, too, daddy. They'll know that the only pussy you could get your hands on, and stick your pathetic cock into, was your little teenage daughter's, in that filthy shanty in the woods." I stopped talking for a moment, and traced slowly upward with my tongue along the underside of Denny's glistening shaft, all the way up to the flared head.

"But enough of that for now. Look at this wonderful cock, daddy. Mmmmmm, I love sucking on it so much! It's just the perfect shape, the perfect size, and it's so big and hard! I could suck on it all day and never get tired of it. And it's so much bigger and better than yours." As if to illustrate the point, I sucked Denny's cock back into my mouth, still holding it at the base with my fingers around it, stroking it as I sucked on it with my lips pursed tightly.

I loved the spongy, pliable texture of it, loved the way it filled my mouth and rested on my caressing tongue. I wanted to make him cum, but I wanted to make it last, too. And I knew Denny would hold back as long as necessary, until Monique, who was sitting in a director's chair nearby, gave him the okay to cum.

Once again, I took his cock deep into my mouth, letting it slide down into my throat, holding it there for a long moment, and then easing back, coughing just a little bit and blinking back my tears.

My mouth was again flooded with saliva, and I thought I could taste his pre-cum too. I eased him from my mouth, drooling ropes of spit as I stroked him again with my now-slippery fingers. Once more, I spit the accumulated saliva on the head, feeling deliciously slutty.


"You see how nasty I am, daddy? I look sweet and innocent, but I'm not, am I? You took away my innocence all those years ago. Mmmmm, such a beautiful cock…I can't wait for all that hot cum to erupt from his big, heavy balls, daddy. I want to watch it spurt out, all creamy and white, while I stroke it.

Do you think I'm a bad girl, daddy?" I gave the camera my best pouty little-girl smile. "Do you like it when I talk dirty like this, like a little teenage whore? Mmmmm, I'm going to suck on him again, daddy, and see if I can get him to cum. Do you want to watch him cum in my mouth?

Or on my little titties? Or all over my face? I'll bet he's got a BIG load of hot cum, daddy, all for me&hellip." I plunged my mouth down on Denny's rampant, dripping cock again, sucking him with a slow, steady rhythm now, my pursed lips caressing his length, my pace gradually becoming more urgent. I could feel his thighs trembling, the slight upward thrust of his hips as he drove his cock deeper into my mouth.

Monica was out of her chair now, leaning closer, moving into Denny's field of vision. I knew she was signaling him that it was okay for him to cum. My right hand slipped downward and I began to lightly caress his heavy balls with the tips of my fingers, as I concentrated on bringing him to his long-awaited climax. The fingers of my left hand were still tight around the base of his cock, stroking it rhythmically. Suddenly, he reached down and gently pushed my head back.

His fingers replaced mine on the shaft of his cock, and he began to jerk off quickly. I opened my mouth and aimed his cock right at it. And then I felt the first heavy gush of semen against my lips and tongue. He spurted and spurted, his cum splattering thickly on my cheeks, my chin, my forehead. I thought he would never stop covering my face with his pent-up sperm.

Finally, as his copious orgasm began to wane, he unceremoniously shoved his cock back into my mouth, and I sucked it hard, loving the taste of his syrupy cum on my tongue.

He was trembling as I sucked the last of it from his nearly-empty balls, his breath coming in short gasps. At last, he was finished. I felt him slip his flagging cock from between my lips, oozing cum. His fingers slid up the shaft, forcing still more of it from the tip, and I lovingly licked it off.

And then, Denny began to gather the gobs of cum from my face with his finger, and bring them methodically to my mouth, where I dutifully lapped them up. When I had all of his cum in my mouth, I opened my lips and showed the folks at home how much of it was pooled on my tongue…before finally letting it slide down my throat. "Mmmmmm, I adore cum, daddy. I hated yours. It made me want to throw up. But now I can't ever seem to get enough.

I've gulped down gallons of it. And you know what the best part is?

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Now I only fuck and suck guys when I want to. And I get paid for it! Isn't that amazing? I'll bet you never thought I'd be so successful at anything!" I gave him a big smile, the bright lights reflecting off my braces. I winked at him, and then turned to kiss the tip of Denny's wet cock. "So, did you cum, daddy? Did you pump out a big load of cum, watching your daughter suck a stranger's cock in a porn film?

Did you wish you were him? I'll bet you did." "Anyway, I have to go now. I'll send you more videos soon, because I want you to see them all. I don't want you to miss a minute. And don't worry, daddy. I haven't told anybody who you are and where to find you.

Not yet, anyway." I smiled again, and made a little kissy face, still wet with Denny's cum.

"Bye, daddy." So there it was. That was Marcy's big idea. The part about sticking it to my father was kind of an afterthought that occurred to her while I was telling her about my past. What she really wanted to do, though, was make videos in which the girl talks really dirty, not just the usual "fuck me!

fuck me!" but talking dirty in graphic detail right to the camera (and therefore right to the viewer), about what she was going to do, what she wanted to do, what she WAS doing. It was kind of revolutionary in and of itself, because most porn actresses can't act their way out of a paper bag, and have a terrible time delivering their lines, such as they are. But the daddy thing took it to another level, and I think it appealed to Marcy's social conscience.

It made her feel like she was striking a blow against child molestation. What a pillar of the community she was!


Anyway, we sent a copy of all the DVDs we made to my father, so he has a nice collection now. I hope he tosses and turns all night wondering when the police are going to show up to arrest his sorry ass. I'll bet it didn't stop him from jerking off, though, wishing he still had his daughter around to fuck.