Man assists with hymen examination and penetrating of virgin kitten

Man assists with hymen examination and penetrating of virgin kitten
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Shawna closed her eyes and relished the tingle in her belly that the feel of her Daddy's breath in her ear gave her as he told her the rules.

He was the best father, always making sure she knew what was expected of her. She felt safer now, knowing that all she had to do was to be his whenever, however and where ever he wanted her. She could do that. It was what she wanted too. His hand was on her cunt, one finger moving through her juices to rub that wonderful hard spot.

Did he know good that felt?


"I need you to touch me now." she heard him say. "I need you to touch my cock." He took her hand and put her fingers around him. She was nervous, but not afraid. She and her friend Lil had spent one night on the internet watching videos of men jacking themselves off, women and other men sucking cocks, and of couples fucking.

Daddy would have been angry with her for watching sex videos, but she knew that he was fucking Mom that night.

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Besides, she wanted to know what to do when this moment arrived, like studying for an exam. She grabbed Daddy's cock and moved her hand back and forth. It didn't feel anything like she thought it would. There was a lot more texture to it.

She had stage fright, like she did before singing in front of an audience. She wanted to do everything right. She wanted to make Daddy lose himself like she felt when he did things to her. She turned to him on the bed, kissed his throat and licked her way across his jaw and into his mouth. This was what she needed. This is hot. Daddy thought so too. He moaned into her mouth as she pressed her lips to his, and his cock turned rock hard beneath her fingers.

Still stroking him, she put enough weight on his chest to roll him onto his back. Working her way over his neck and back down to his hairy chest and nipples, the salty, musky taste of his skin aroused her.

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She copied the way he licked and sucked on her breasts, occasionally nibbling and biting in the way that drove her wild. "That's nice, Baby, Yeah. Good." he murmured encouragingly. She bit under his nipple and he pushed her mouth to him. "Fuck, yeah." he breathed. Daddy had looked at every inch of her. It had been embarrassing at first, but when she saw how turned on he got, it got her excited too.

Now she wanted to look at Daddy. Daddy's cock wasn't as big as the ones in the videos.

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It was straight and more thin, and was perfect for what she had in mind. She moved out of Daddy's reach to kneel and bend over his cock. She grabbed it firmly and stroked it fast for a few seconds, then stopped and squeezed him.

She repeated that a few more times. Daddy had lifted himself to watch what she was doing to him. As he always did when he was hard, he was leaking pre-cum.

He reached down to collect some and then sucked it into his mouth. Not to be outdone, Shawna dipped her head to slip her tongue into his slit. Her body exploded with sensations as she had her first taste of cock.

The pre-cum had a sweetness to it, and knowing it was coming from Daddy's cock made it even better. The head of his cock was silky-soft. She ran her lips and cheeks over it, fascinated at its delicate skin.

As she licked him, there was a spot right under the tip that made Daddy gasp when she moved her tongue over it.


She'd remember that. With her stage fright forgotten, she slid her lips and mouth over the head of his cock and down his shaft as far as she could. Her breath hitched in her throat as his hips rose involuntarily to meet her. Her cunt swelled and throbbed in response. None of the videos hinted at how much she would like doing this. Her mind felt numbed.

There was something about the tastes and smells that she was experiencing that shut down her inhibitions. Giving Daddy pleasure made her feel powerful and needy at the same time. She felt a primal sexual wanting.

She tried to open her mouth wide enough to get his cock in her throat, but she couldn't get it down that far. She wanted to feel it at the back of her throat. She wanted it to make her gag like she saw in the videos. Daddy pulled her up to him suddenly, fastening himself to her in a frantic, hard kiss.

"I want to taste myself in your mouth." he managed. After a few minutes of kissing, he pulled her to the edge of the bed and laid her spreadeagled on her back with her hips on the edge of the mattress. He put her hands up over her head. Their eyes met she nodded.

She would keep them there. "Anything you want, Daddy. You can do anything you want to me." she promised. He kissed her lovingly, then moved between her legs. He opened them as far as he could and dove his tongue and mouth into her pussy. She grunted and thrust her hips up. He gently put his hand on her abdomen and pushed them back on the bed. She realized through her excited haze that he was kissing her open cunt the same exploring way he had kissed her mouth.

She slowly moved her hips and cunt to kiss him back, opening as far as she could to let him in, then moving back then forward again to deepen the "kiss". "It's like a dance," she thought. She was going to cum. She heard the guttural noises and grunts she was making and her gasping words, "Daddy" "Ooooohhhh." "Harder." Daddy. Daddy. Daddy." He pulled off her while she was still on the edge. It took her a few minutes to catch her breath, but she was glad he had stopped.

She wanted this heightened, manic arousal to go on forever. He stood, held out his hands to her, and pulled her to sitting position. He remained standing, his cock tantalizingly in front of her face. As she took him in, he was less careful this time, gently fucking her mouth and murmuring, "Sweet mouth. Suck it, honey." Daddy caressed her cheek as she sucked and licked and eagerly swallowed as much of his pre-cum she could, but it was running down her chin in long, thick strands.

Without realizing it, she was rubbing it into her breasts and nipples, only aware of how good it felt. She pulled away from him for a moment to look up at him. "Fuck! Fuck, baby. God! You're so beautiful. You're so hot." he breathed.

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He lifted her up onto the bed, with her head on the pillow. He put himself over her as though they were going to fuck. He kissed her long and hard, then bent to suck on the sensitive spot right over her collar bone. There were going to be a trail of bruises, or hickeys, on her tomorrow. She arched her back as he sucked her nipples, and noticing the hitch in her breath when his teeth scraped her, he bit her flesh. "Do you like that?" "Yes." It was more of a grunt than a word. Daddy sucked and bit his way back to her neck.

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She turned her head to the side to give him more access to her, and she clutched and scratched at his shoulders. They were lost in each other. Her hips were bucking under him, his erection pounding on her stomach and mound in a pantomime of a hard fuck. "She needs a hard fuck," came the dim thought. "I want to pound my way inside her. Wanna fuck her.

Just wanna get in her and have her open up and take it; take me." Shawna heard Daddy say something, but it registered in her consciousness only from a distance.

She wished they could fuck. She wanted Daddy inside her. She frantically raised her hips trying to rub that sweet spot, her clit, against Daddy. She could feel his hardness pumping at her. And then with a trick of timing or of position, their bodies came together in a violent coupling.

There had been no hesitation or gentleness, only urgent need. He had broken through her hymen and into the depth of her with one strong thrust.

She cried out and bit his shoulder. They lay still, frozen in shock. They had planned to take it slow, to wait for a year or so before they start fucking. He had promised he'd never hurt her, and that had hurt.

"Shawna," he said. "I'm sorry, Baby. You okay?" She nodded. "I wanted it, Daddy. I wanted you inside me. I think it was my fault." She started to rock her hips slightly to see how it felt.

She was sore, but Daddy's cock felt good as it filled her. "Can you fuck me now? I'm still so.I need to cum." Her movements moved his cock in and out of her.

"You're so tight, honey. You sure this doesn't hurt you?" "Am I too tight?

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Is it alright? Is it good?" "You feel amazing! I don't want you to get too sore, though." Daddy changed their positions. He sat with his back resting on the headboard, with her facing him. He raised her up with her cunt over his cock and lowered her. She let herself fall onto him, his hardness pushing deep into her. He put his arms around her in a loose hug and started to fuck up into her.

Her arms were wound tightly around his neck.


Her nipples rubbed against his chest, the friction making them sensitive and hard. She rode harder on him, losing all sense except for the sensations of her Daddy inside and around her. He opened up her labia to make sure that her engorged clitoris was stimulated by the swell of his pubis. He tilted her hips slightly and she felt him go in deeper.

As he bent his head to suck hard at her throat, her long-awaited orgasm rocked her body while he shot load after load of cum into her with his own climax. It took minutes before their gasps and breathing slowed. They held each other, rocking back and forth and kissing gently as they came down from their passion. As they lay back down, Daddy wanted to examine his daughter to make sure she hadn't been injured when he had taken her virginity.

As he opened her freshly fucked pussy, he saw his cum leaking out of her, merged with her own sweet juices. Shawna watched his face as he opened her and slipped two fingers into her. She could feel him careful rubbing the walls of her vagina, feeling, seeking anything that might be wrong. Then his movements changed and he was doing something with one finger inside of her while rubbing the side of her still-hard clit.

He gave her one more shivery cum that they both seemed to need to ease them down from their lovemaking. She relished the feeling of her vaginal walls contracting around Daddy's fingers. She loved being able to have Daddy inside her. She curled up to him as her arranged the covers around them.

Shawna's head rested on Daddy's chest. "Shawna," his soft voice rumbled in her ear. "How did you know what to do?" It was the question she had dreaded. "Lil and I got on the internet and watched videos." she answered sleepily. "Don't be mad, Daddy. I just wanted to be good for you." "Have you ever actually done those things with anyone before?" "No, Daddy. We took turns practicing on a zucchini that was in Lil's refrigerator," she said yawning. She heard Daddy's chuckle, though she was too exhausted to understand what he found funny.

He gently kissed her cheek, eyelids and mouth. "You were good, Baby. You were very good." he whispered.