Penis addicted shemale rides schlong and screams with orgasm

Penis addicted shemale rides schlong and screams with orgasm
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I dont really remember how or when my first incest experience happened. The earliest sexual memory i have was me licking and kissing my little cousins ass while she watched Nickelodeon when i was around 7 or 8.

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She was a year and a half younger then me and we lived in the same house so i guess thats how i got the chance to full around with her. The other memories i have and i remember better are when i was around 12.

We lived in In a different house. She lived in the front house with her parents and i lived in the back house upstairs with mine. I remember it started with me showing her my dick and she would show me her ass.

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I was always most interested in looking at her ass then her pussy because at that age i didn't see anything that caught my attention with her pussy since it was just a line. I would also occasionally suck on her tits but she never really like that because i was always too rough but at that age i really didn't know any better. That went on for a while until she decided to tell her friends which were our neighbors what we did.

I was shocked one day when the 3 of them showed up upstairs when my parents were in the store and they all wanted me to show them my dick and they would show me their ass. First my cousins name is Yvette.

Her's is the only name that i will change in this story.

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She had little tits that where big enough too suck on. Her friend which was about a year younger then her was named Abby. She was kind of chunky but she had the biggest ass out of all 3. The last one was named Brenda. She was the youngest one and had a complete flat ass and tits.


I remember Abby always used to wear these long dresses. She was the only one that would still wear panties with cartoons on them. She would bend over raise her dress up pull down her panties then i would start looking at them until she counted to 10.

This went on for a while but i never touched my 2 cousins friends up to that point. I remember one day all 3 of them came upstairs when my parents weren't home and my cousin told me that Brenda had told Abbys mom what we had been doing.

I was scarred shitless. Luckily abbys mom didnt believe brenda so i was safe but that was the last time that i ever got to see brendas ass.

While all this was happening i would tell my guy cousin about all this when he would stay over. I would find myself getting horny and one night i lost control of my self and started grabbing on his dick while he layed next to me awake and my little brother next to him sleeping. My guy cousin was about a year younger than me at that time so he was probably around 13.

When I went to try to grab his dick he pushed me away but I kept on telling him that I was going to make him feel good. I finally managed to get his dick out and I noticed that he was already hard.

I started sucking his dick and licking his balls. I could tell that he liked it by the way he moaned. I was still so horny and I wanted to take it a step further. So I told him to fuck me. It took a while for him to get it in but when he finally did it felt so GOOD. He only put it in once and took it out because it hurt him so much.

I kept on telling him to put it back in but he didnt want to because it hurt him. At the we both ended jacking off. I was surprised that my little brother didnt wake up during this whole thing because if he would off he would of found us both completely botomless.

This was my first gay incest experience that I remember. During this time I had a room downstairs and abbys mom would always hang her washed clothes on the fence which was right outside my window.

She would always hang her thongs right outside my window where I could easily see them. I had always wanted to fuck abbys mom. She was mexican had probably c cup tits and a big ass. Late at night I used to go out my window grab a pair of her panties go back in my room put them on and jack off wearing them.

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She was a complete milf. One night while I was upstairs alone while everyone else was outside bbqing my cousin and brenda went upstairs.

We started playing a game of truth or dare.


The game got to the point where my cousin dared me to stick my finger in brendas pussy. I was scared because I thought I was going to hurt her but to my surprised it slipped right in. When I took it out it smelled like pee and nothing else. I dont think she was old enough to get wet yet or maybe she just wasnt horny or something. It wasnt until a few days later that I found out the real reason why my finger was so easy to slip in brenda.

I got to go but if people want I'll finish the story.

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The rest of the story involves eating pussy for the first time putting my dick in someone and a new family member that I started playing with. Sorry for going back and forth but I just write down what I remember the most. Im not an english major so I really couldnt care less about spelling grammar and all the other bs. Anyways I hope you liked part of my incest love stories.

I'll be more detailed next time.