I can teach you how to take dick like a real sissy girl

I can teach you how to take dick like a real sissy girl
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Camping My wife and I were camping with several other families over the holiday weekend at a state park right on the beach. We decided to stay an extra day so Monday we helped everyone pack up and said our goodbyes late morning.

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We they had all left we put on our bathing suits and walked the 100 yards to the beach. I picked a spot near a group of 5 younger guys, all looking to be in their mid 20s. I had noticed them a couple of days ago when walking to the bath house from our site.

From our site you can either take the main road or a trail that runs behind a line of sites to the bath house and theirs is 2 away from ours. We spread our towels and umbrella then I watched as Myrna took off her coverup to reveal the suit she was wearing today. It's one she will not wear when our family friends are around. The top is 2 very small triangles and some string and it's so thin her big nipples are clearly visible to anyone who glances her way.

The bottom is somewhat small and white but the best part is when it gets wet, it becomes transparent. She is Asian and was brought up conservative so still has nerves working up to wearing revealing clothes in public. But 5 minutes after she is exposed she feels sexy and confident, I guess it's the anticipation.

I took her by the hand and lead her into the water for a quick dip, while in the water I started kissing and feeling her pussy and titties. This gets her horny pretty quick and soon she was stroking my hardon under the water. We walked back to our towels and I told her to watch the young guys reactions to seeing her all wet.

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When we sat down she said they looked like they were drooling as we walked by. I laughed and we spent the next couple of hours enjoying the sun and teasing each other and anyone watching. I didn't let her stay dry very long, about once and hour I would take her hand and go in so we all could enjoy her transparent wetness. We packed up late afternoon and walked back to our site.

We chilled in our chairs and had a drink or two until I saw the guys headed for their site from the beach. I told Myrna to go take a shower while I started dinner. She said "lucky me" and got her bathroom kit and bath towel. She was still in her suit and mesh coverup and had not grabbed a new change of clothes which made my plans easier. I waited a couple minutes then followed her to the shower.

The showers are older and still made out of wood with 18" openings on the bottom and the walls are only 6' high, also they are coed. I was able to tell which one she was in right away because she was the only person showering. The camp was nearly empty now that the holiday weekend was over. I went into the stall next to hers and reached over the wall to take her suit and towel, leaving just the mesh coverup. As I was headed back to our site one of the young guys passed me on his way to the shower.

This part she told me later: She shut the shower off and pulled back the curtain. Right away she knew I was up to something so she decided she would make me pay for my prank in any way she could think of. When she opened her door and stepped out the guy I passed was walking in was entering the bathhouse, his jaw dropped when he saw her dripping wet in the see through cover up.

She smiled and said she forgot her towel, he quickly offered his. She took it and right in front of him pulled her cover up over her head. Drying herself in slow sexy strokes, turning around to bend over and dry her legs made her super wet knowing this guys was enjoying the show.

She turned back around and looked right at his bulging shorts and said "can I help with that?" He nodded yes and the two of them pulled his shorts down together. She dropped to her knees and waisted no time swallowing as much of his cock as she could. I know she loves sucking cock but it also makes her crazy horny to get fucked. Now blowing this stranger in a public place, her pussy was drooling wet.

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She stood up, turned around and bent over telling him to fuck her hard. He lined his cock up and was easing it in when she pushed back to force his whole thick cock up her gushing pussy.

She told him to fuck her like a little slut and he did. He grabbed her hips and fuck her fast and hard for several minutes making her start a huge orgasm. He said he was going to cum just as her orgasm subsided and she said "fill me with you cum".

She put her cover up back on and he went into a shower. While walking back on the trail to our site she thought how much I was going to enjoy her cum filled pussy and story.


As she was passing the young guys site two of them were just leaving their tents to go take showers. They stopped in their tracks when they saw her. She said hi and they moved closer and said hi back. She proceeded to tell them she forgot her towel and their friend was kind enough to let her dry off with his.

Her cover up only reached a few inched past her crotch and she saw them looking at her legs. Then she understood why when one of them said "it looks like you thanked him plenty" and at the same time she could feel a heavy drip of cum on her thighs. The bolder of the two rubbed his hardening cock and said he would like to lend her a towel to. She looked at his bulge and dropped to her knees, pulling his cock out and sucking vigorously.

His buddy pulled his very thick cock out and started stroking it, she looked at him and said "don't waist it, fuck me". He got behind her on his knees pulling her cover up past her ass and started rubbing the fat head between her soaking,pussy lips. She said it felt like nothing she had ever had before, it stretched her and a she had several orgasms in just a few minutes. The guys she was blowing shouted over to the tent where the last two were oblivious to what was going on.

One poked his head out and the guy getting the bj guy said to bring his sleeping bag out and put it on the picnic table. At this point I heard a shout coming from their camp.

It was past time for Myrna to be back from the shower so I started up the trail. I came to their site just as the guy getting the bj blew his load into my wife's mouth. The guy fucking her pulled out and picker up, carrying her over to the table. He put her down on her back and re entered her pussy.

I hadn't been noticed yet as it was dusk and I was partially hidden by some brush. I watched as the one who got the sleeping bag rubbed his dick all around my wife's face, getting it covered in the cum she didn't manage to swallow before sliding into her mouth.

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The guy fucking her quickened his pace, arched his back and groaned while filling her with his load. The last guy quickly took his place and side inside her, fucking with long slow strokes.

He didn't last long and came with a load grunt. I could hear the wet slapping sounds of her pussy as he finish and pulled out. She pushed the guy she was blowing away and stood up, turning around and bending over she said fuck me from behind.

She then told the guy with the fat cock to sit in front of her so she could suck on him. I'm now guessing she liked him so much she wanted another go round with him. I happened to look up the trail towards the bath house and saw the guy that had been in the shower, he was doing the same thing I was. He looked at me and I put my finger to my lips and shook my head, He nodded. Just a few minutes later I heard more groaning as both the guy fucking her and the fat cock emptied there cum into her mouth and pussy.

I then heard her say she had to go but might be able to sneak back after her husband went to sleep.


I made my way back to our site and she appeared a minute later. She gave me a look and said you were naughty to take my bikini and towel and that she had to borrow one from a nice young man to dry off. I said you missed a few spots and using my finger I wiped a glob of your chin.

Putting my finger in my mouth I said this does not taste like water. I pick you up and lay you back on the table, push you cover up out of the way and start to devour your messy pussy. I suck your swollen clit and lips and licked as deep inside you as I can.

Then I slide my rock hard cock into you and enjoy the slick lose feeling while staring you in the eyes. As I start blowing my load in a most intense orgasm you kiss me and say "I love you" Later when I'm in bed you say to me "I'll be back, I have to go to the bathroom" I just smile and say enjoy your walk but don't get lost.

Two hours later you come back in and kiss me, your mouth smells like cock and cum. You say "I just wanted to make sure you are awake so I don't drowned you" as you straddle my face. Lowering your dripping pussy to my mouth you causally ask if I noticed the group of younger guys two sites over.