Sexy trav tite and cock

Sexy trav tite and cock
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After 10 years of married life, my wife and I decided we wanted to explore the swing scene and maybe do some swapping with couples that were similar to us. My wife Nicole is a 30 year old Italian with a little Mexican mixed in she has a round curvy ass, soft full lips and nice big round tits, no silicone here. Here skin is olive and soft & smooth. I'm a 42 year old professional. I'm 5'9 and about 175, I consider my size and looks to be about average.

I knew there would be no problem finding men who would want to do my wife. After much internet searching we found a swing club about two hours from our house.


We didn't want to risk seeing anyone we might know in our town, so two hours away was a safe bet and we could have dinner out and spend the night in the other town. The place we found was located in an older brick building in a downtown area that had a bar in the front, and as we would find out, three play rooms in the back of the building. Our contact guy was named Greg and we met him at the bar. He offered us a glass of wine and proceeded to tell us about the swing activities that went on in the back of the building.

He said the group was comprised of diverse couples like ourselves between the ages of 30 to 50.

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Once we get through the initial screening and initiation we will be invited to all the groups monthly get togethers. He had each of us fill out a two page questionnaire that was pretty basic. My questions ranged from what turns you on, to what type of women did I prefer. I assumed my wife's was similar, although we we're not allowed to see each others questionnaires.

Greg took our questionnaires and left us at the bar for a about 30 minutes. When he returned he told us to follow him. He said our initiation would take place in separate rooms with a few select club members, this would effectively break us in gently to the swing scene.

After walking down a long hallway he opened a door and told Nicole to wait in the room that said girls playroom on the door. We walked a few more feet and another I saw the next room that said voyeurs delight on the door. I thought this was strange, but he ushered me inside and said the fun would begin shortly. I was just starting to look around the room when a door opened on the other side of the room and two beautiful brunettes that couldn't have been a day over 20 with killer tans and giant fake boobs walked in.

I stood in awe as they came over and started to undress me. Within a minute, I was completely naked and the taller one was stroking my cock, while the other was sticking her tongue down my throat. I could not believe my good fortune.

The one kissing me moved down and took my cock in her mouth and I thought I would cum right then. As I stood there ready to exploded the other girl took my hands behind my back and put handcuffs on me. I thought that was pretty kinky, but as soon as the cuffs were on, they both stopped what they were doing and abruptly left the room. A minute later Greg came into the room and said that in order to swing in their club I had to be able to watch my wife being pleased by other men to ensure I wouldn't freak out seeing her having sex with someone during one of the swing parties.

He turned around, told me to enjoy the show and left the room. In a way it made some sense, but why were they not worried about my wife seeing me with other women?

As that thought was still playing in my head when a large blind rolled up the wall and I found myself looking into the adjacent room where my wife was.

It was obvious she could not see me or hear me, I presumed it was a one way mirror. I heard sound being piped into my room which was obviously coming from her room, I also noticed a few video cameras mounted on three of the walls in her room, as well as a big plasma TV mounted on the wall that was not turned on.

I started to get nervous and my stomach was getting tight. Then a door opened and Greg walked into her room. He walked right up to and whispered something in her ear and then started to push her down by her shoulders. As my wife dropped to her knees, I heard Greg tell her to unzip his pants and pull out her first prize of the evening. My dick was hard enough to cut granite as she pulled his pants down and a large fat cock popped out and dangled right in front of her face.

She reached up and wrapped her hand around it, it started to grow and harden and it must have been 8 or 9 inches long, or more. It looked just like the giant cocks you see in porno movies. I groaned as she started to wrap her lips around the fat purple head. He grabbed her hair and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. She struggled to swallow the swollen cock, and I could see her cheeks bulge from the mammoth cock in her mouth. He pumped in and out until I saw him throw his head back and say "that's it baby, drink your first load of cum tonight".

First load? That implied there would be more. I felt faint, as he helped her stand up he slowly undressed her, as if he was purposely stripping her for the cameras.

When she was completely naked he told her to turn around a couple of times, again I assumed it was for the cameras. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a blindfold and put it over her eyes. He told her there would be more men to visit her before the night was over. I wanted it to stop right then, but a part of me also wanted to see what would happen next. After he secured the blindfold Greg left the room.

Watching Nicole stand there naked and blindfolded made my cock want to explode, but I couldn't even touch it! I started to wonder if I was going to get any action in my room. My thoughts were interrupted when the door swung open and three of the largest black guys I've ever seen walked into the room.

They all looked like they were pro football players. They were wearing sweats and t shirts, as if they just left the gym. I could hear them talking about how Greg had really surpassed their expectations this time. Again, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. They surrounded my wife and begun groping her tits, the short guy who was the runt of the group at 6'2 started fingering her pussy and talking dirty to her.

It was only about a minute before my wife began to moan. I could tell the guy fingering her pussy and another sucking on her nipples was taking her to new heights. She still had no idea that it was 3 muscular black guys that were mauling her body.

The one guy, who I heard the other guys call Max asked my wife if she was hungry for some cock She groaned a little, so he repeated the question. Do you want some big hard cocks or not! His voice was a little more demanding. "Yes, I need some big hard cocks, will somebody please fuck me".

We will, but you'll have to do anything and everything we want, do you fully understand and agree to that? "Yes, Yes, I'll do anything, please, don't torture me anymore, I need to be fucked" There is no turning back, if you don't do everything we say, we'll tie you up and do it to you anyway! "Oh, please, I'll do anything" So Max reached behind her head and pulled off her blindfold. The look she gave Max told me she was willing to do anything in order to get a hard cock in her dripping wet pussy.

I could see the excitement in her eyes knowing that she was going to get banged by 3 black studs. Max told her she must undress each of them and French kiss their cocks and tell them how much she wants to be blacked!

She slowly undressed each guy and licked and sucked on their cocks for about two minutes before moving to the next one. While she was sucking on Max's cock, which appeared to be about a foot long, he told her she still had another task to perform before she would get the ultimate pleasure of their black cocks.

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Max laid down on his back on this large round carpet covered platform in the middle of the room, he pulled his legs up in the air and told Nicole that every white slut must eat black ass before she can experience the magic of a black cock.

The other two guys pushed her head down towards Max's black ass, it looked like she tried to resist but they pushed her mouth right into the crack of his ass.

"That's it baby, Stick your tongue up there and French kiss my asshole" She must of complied, because he moaned loudly and started telling her what a good ass licking whore she was.

He grabbed her head and pushed her deeper into his ass, then he was laughing and telling his friends how they were going to turn this bitch in to a black cock loving whore, she won't ever want a little white dick again.

"Me and my boys are going to fuck you silly girl, till your pussy, ass and mouth overflow with a brothers cum! After a good 10 minutes of having her tongue up his ass, he got up and laid her down on the table with her ass hangin on the edge.

Max told Ty, the short guy to sit on her face and get his ass licked while he fucked her wet pussy senseless. Ty climbed up on the platform and lowered his ass right onto her face, his cock dangled between her tits and I wondered if he was going to tit fuck her while she licked his ass.

My attention to the lewd scene was interrupted when the door opened in my room and this 30 something girl walked in wearing what looked like a lab coat. She came over and in a matter of fact voice asked me if I wanted to cum. I said of course I did, and she told me the show in the next room would be going on for a while and I might want to wait.

I said I needed to come real bad, so she reached down with one hand and stroked my cock as if she was a nurse performing her duty. After a mere four strokes, I blew my load all over the floor.

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She pulled out a white towel and quickly wiped up my come then threw the towel into a basket in the corner and left the room. Looking back into the other room I could see Max was starting to push his mammoth black snake into my wife's dripping wet hole.

Even though Ty's ass was covering most of her face, I could still hear her moaning and groaning loudly as inch by inch made it's way into her pussy.

Reality hit me in the face when I suddenly realized that Max did not have a condom on and Nicole has no protection. I heard Nicole tell Max not to come in her because she is not on the pill.


He laughed out loud at this comment and told her that his black snake was not ever going to be encased in rubber. "We are going to pumped you so full of black sperm in every hole you have, and if your lucky we'll let your wimpy husband lick it out when we're done with you"!

Then I heard Nicole's muffled scream as Max pushed another 5 inches of his cock in to her with one quick thrust, and he still had 5 inches showing on the outside of her pussy. It was then that I noticed the plasma TV had been turned on and someone must have had a handheld video camera, because on the screen was a close up of my wife's pussy being obscenely stretched by Max's huge black cock He pushed in harder and Nicole's screams seemed louder even though Ty's ass was still on her face.

The screen showed that Max had now buried his cock to the hilt and his giant balls we're resting on her ass. Nicole was moaning and crying now at the same time as Max pulled his cock almost all the way out and then slammed it back in at full force. This continued for 15 minutes as she groaned and had orgasm after orgasm, Max kept telling her that she was now a black cock loving whore and she would soon be begging for more black cocks to fuck her cunt. She practically screamed at him that she was a whore for black cock and he could use her anytime he wanted.

He laughed and said he might have to bring some friends along to satisfy her dripping cunt. Max started pumping harder and faster and demanded she tell him how badly she wanted him to fill her worthless white cunt with his black seed.

"Oh yes, Please Max, pump me full of your hot cum, please I need it bad. Was this my prim and proper wife talking? I saw his ass tighten up and he started to grunt out loud. "Take my hot black cum you cock loving whore, yeah gonna fill you up with my black baby making sperm.

"You can have a little black bastard compliments of Max" As soon as he finished dumping his load in to my wife's cunt he told Ty it was his turn, Ty climbed off her face and went to take Max's place and easily thrust his rock hard cock all the way in up to his balls on the first stroke.

Max took his place and straddled her face and dropped his wet limp cock down on her face and told her to lick him clean like a good whore.

She grabbed his cock with both hands and licked it up and down the length like a lollypop. "That's it whore, get all your cunt juice off my cock and maybe I'll fuck you some more later". The camera zoomed in on Ty's cock which was thrusting in and out like a madman while she continued to lick and suck on Max's limp log.

The other guy who had been standing off to the side stroking his cock the whole time told Max "Times up Maxwell, get the fuck out the way, it's my turn to drop a load on this bitches face". Max climbed off my wife and the other guy came over and was pumping his cock and occasionally slapping her face with it while he called her every name in the book. He kept saying she was a cock loving slut who was going to lick a lot of black ass and suck a lot of cum out of black cocks before the nights over.

He would call her dirty cum loving whore who was going to have to eat his cum and the cum of all his friends. He demanded that she beg to have him shoot his hot cum all over her face! "Oh God yes, I need to fell your cum on my slutty face, I want to lick it off the head of your cock" I could not believe the words coming out of my wife's mouth, she was begging to be used and abused by these well hung guys.

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The camera was documenting the whole scene and I could see the close up on the big screen as Ty was still pumping away at her well lubricated cunt and he was asking her how she liked his big fat black cock. Before she could answer he started to moan and said "Oh yeah baby, here it comes, gonna plant my nasty black seed in your tight wet pussy. "Take my load you cock lovin whore, that's it, I'm gonna shoot you full of my black baby sperm." She was almost in tears as he pumped more and more of his sperm in to her unprotected hole.

As soon as he finished, he climb up by her face and made her lick his cock clean as well. As she was licking his cock he slid forward and said, "Hey, I never got my ass licked bitch" So he planted his ass right down on to her face and she worked her tongue up his ass, the camera got in close so I could see her licking his filthy hairy black ass.

He called her a crazy ass eatin ho! This was soon interrupted by Greg who I realized was holding the camcorder and getting all the close up shots of her sucking black cocks and sticking her tongue up their asses. He said, "Everyone take a break so we can bring in the sawhorses" The sawhorses? This was really a far cry from the wife swapping party I had anticipated, this was looking more and more like a gang bang!

The three guys left the room and came back a minute later with your standard home improvement store type sawhorses, except they had a big piece of foam wrapped over the top, cover in some type of fake fur.

They lifted Nicole up off the platform and put her face down over the first sawhorse and put her with her shoulders hanging over the second sawhorse. Her tits we're hanging down between the two, they tied her legs to the legs of the rear sawhorse with cable ties. They tied both of her wrist to the front sawhorse with cable ties as well. There she was, with her ass sticking out on the back sawhorse and her head hanging over the front of the other sawhorse, she looked totally helpless to anything they wanted to do to her.

Max went around to the front and pulled her head up and stuck his cock in her mouth. He told her to suck it and make him hard because he was going to fuck her ass. Greg zoomed in close and I could see Max's cock making her cheeks bulge, it looked so obscene on the big screen. My cock was aching and I was wishing that nurse type girl would come back in and jerk me off again, but my thoughts of relief were short lived as I saw seven more black guys stroll into the room where my wife was tied up on the sawhorses.

These guys were of every shape and size, and it looked as if they just came in off the street! They all smiled when they saw my beautiful naked wife tied up and helpless for them to have their way with. The first guy to speak was a short fat guy with glasses who called dibs on being the first to fuck her ass, they all laughed and said to go ahead because he supposedly had the smallest dick.

Someone produced a bottle of some kind of oil and he shot a squirt of it right onto the crack of her ass. Max suggested he come around front and have her suck his dick and get him hard enough so he could break her cherry her ass.

The fat guy went up to Nicole's face and dropped his pant and a long thin limp dick popped out below his fat gut. They all started to make lewd comments about how my wife was Polly Purebred when she came in with her little dicked husbandbut now she's a black cock loving slut!

The fat guys cock grew and grew until it looked like a long black snake, it must have been 9 or 10 inches long, but it was really thin compared to the other guys. He went back around to her exposed ass and started to push it in slowly, a couple of the other new guys grabbed her tits that were hanging down and another one of the newcomers went up and stuck his cock in her mouth. It looked like it was going to be an assembly line of black cock on both ends of my wife. The fat guy soon had his long thin black snake buried in my wife's ass, she was moaning and groaning like I've never heard her before.

The guy in her mouth was telling the other guy to hurry up because he wanted to bury his cock up her ass! The fat guy started talking dirty to Nicole " Oh fuck yeah baby, I'm going to blast my hot cum right up your tight fuck'n ass baby, then I'm gonna pull my cock out of yo ass and make you suck it clean like a good ho" Nicole was gagging on the cock in her throat as the guy was pushing it all the way down her throat, and since her hands were tied she couldn't push him out.

The fat guy grunted and blew his load up her ass and pulled out and went right around to her face, pushed the other guy aside and stuck his deflating cock in her mouth. They all made rude comments, "How do you like the taste of your ass baby?" "Lick that shit off his cock whore" During the next hour each guy fucked her ass, shooting their load and then would quickly move around to her face and make her suck their cocks clean. A couple of guys pulled out of her ass and went around front and jerked their cocks off in her face and sprayed their cum all over her face.

The video camera would get close ups and the guys would make lewd comments as they saw her cum covered face and her cum pouring out of her asshole on the big screen. Greg suggested someone should put some clamps on her nipples since her tits were hanging down, and they needed to be abused as well. I saw Greg hand some silver clamps that were connected by a chain to one of the new guys. The short guy went over and bent down and put the first clamp on her left nipple, Nicole cried out in pain, he then attached the other one to the right nipple.

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The nipples looked like they were squeezed extremely tight and the chain dangling between them made it look even more obscene. I could tell from Nicole's face it was very painful. This seemed to turn the guys on even more, and they suggested they flip her over so everyone could deposit some black cream in her pussy. They cut her loose from the sawhorse and laid her flat on her back on the floor.

The guys lined up at both ends, one line was taking their turn at fucking her swollen worn out pussy, and the other group was squatting on her stomach with their cocks between her tits. This short guy had his cock between her tits and was mashing them together as he fucked his cock back and forth, another guy was pulling on the chain which was tugging upwards at her nipples. Two other guys were kneeling on each side of her head and stroking their cocks right above her face.

The guy fucking her pussy yelled that he was going to blow a gallon of cum into her slutty cunt! His face contorted as he pumped what must have been a quart of cum into her well fucked out cunt. Another watched as the cum came oozing out of her pussy, once the flow slowed down he shoved his cock in with one quick thrust.

Nicole moaned as her cunt accepted the new invader. The guy fucking her tits started to come and started calling her a cum sucking slut as his cock began to spew hot cum on her face, the two guys jerking their cocks seemed turned on by this and they started cumming on her face as well.

Cum was flying into her eyes and across her forehead, several more strands landed across her mouth and they demanded she open her mouth and try to catch some cum! The video panned in on her face and I could see she was coated in cum. Greg left the room and returned with the biggest man I've ever seen in real life or movies. He was a Samoan or something, he must have been almost seven feet tall and probably weighed over 300 pounds.

Greg had a big smile on his face as he motioned for the other guys to step back and give him some room. The other guys started snickering and making comments.

Once Nicole got a look at him I saw a look of fear come over face, she looked up and saw him towering over her naked body like a giant Sasquatch. Greg looked at Nicole and said "say hi to Kuna", his friends call him the Gusher! I could only imagine what that meant.

He dropped his pants and almost every guy in the room let out a audible groan, I looked over at Greg who was grinning and zooming in on the log between his legs. It was nothing short of awe inspiring. It was hard to believe a human possessed a cock that rivaled the size of a horse's cock. It had to be well over a foot long, and it was almost as thick as my forearm!

Even though my wife's pussy had been violated by all the huge black cocks, I still had my doubts she could accommodate this mammoth log. He stroked it and with his right hand and it grew to an ungodly proportion, his balls were the size of small navel oranges. I couldn't believe he ever got to put that monster in any woman. He told the guys to hold her down because she might try to get away once he got a few inches in her.

Two guys pinned down her arms while two more grabbed her legs. He was going to split her in two with his monster cock. Once his cock was hard it looked like a giant flesh colored piece of pipe.

He got down on the floor and tried to work the monster head into her wet slit. Nicole was squirming and crying for him not to put it in her. "She begged, Please I'll suck your cock, I'll lick your balls, anything, just don't put it in meeeeeee!!" His giant swollen head popped into her hole and her pussy was being stretched to mammoth proportions.

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The guys had to hold her tight as he started to work an inch at a time into her violated pussy. She screamed and shook her head from side to side as sweat poured off her face he kept moving forward a little bit at a time. The guys holding her were in total awe as his cock was already lodged halfway into her ravaged pussy. He asked her if she had ever had a cock like his as he slowly pushed a few more inched in.

"No, God No" take it out, please. "She babbled incoherently as he drove in the last four inches. His giant balls resting on her ass, tears were forming in her eyes as he pulled it almost all the way out and then pushed it in again though even faster than before. As he did this repeatedly she cried that he was killing her with his cock. The guys all made rude comments.

"You know you love it you slut" "Maybe he'll let you suck on that log when he's done" " I can't wait to see how he got his nickname" Greg was panning in on Nicole's face and then back down to her obscenely stretched pussy. Kuna pushed her legs up until they were even with his massive shoulders. Nicole was trying to hold as still as possible to probably minimize the agony in her pussy. Some of the other guys were stroking their hard cocks while they watched the lewd sex scene right in front of them.

No one was even touching Nicole, I guess they figured she had all she could handle with Kuna fucking her senseless. Kuna pumped away at her ravaged pussy for another 10 minutes while Nicole cried and moaned and begged for it to stop.

Kuna was oblivious to her cries as he grunted and groaned. His breathing became labored and it looked like he was going to blow any minute. The guys started chanting "Kuna, Kuna ,Kuna" as they kept holding Nicole down, waiting to see the grand finale.

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The camera held steady on Nicole's face. Kuna gave a few loud grunts and moaned he was gonna cum soon. "Gonna give this girl a cum bath, he groaned" "Gonna cum now" With that, he pulled out of her sopping wet hole and kneeled over her face as he stroked his cock with his left hand. Nicole could only stare at his massive log as he stroked it mere inches above her face. The first shot of cum that came out of his cock was a long gooey strand that completely covered her right eye, that one blast of cum was enough cum to fill a shot glass.

The next shot rained down on her forehead, followed by one that landed on her lips. The guys yelled at her. "Open your mouth and drink some Kuna cum bitch" She kept her mouth tightly shut but the cum kept pouring down on her face and lips and she eventually had to open her mouth to take a breath and the cum all over her face just leaked into her mouth.

She closed her mouth to swallow some of the cum, and the cum kept pouring down onto her face. If 20 guys had jerked off in a glass and poured it all on her face, it wouldn't have been as much as was still shooting out of Kuna's log. Kuna continued to stroke his mammoth log and the cum just kept coming out in buckets. The strands of cum were long and thick and stuck to her face.

It was obvious now why he was called the gusher, and why he liked to see his cum shoot down on the face of his unwilling partner. Her face was almost completely covered to the point where there was not a inch of her face that didn't have cum on it.

A few strands even landed on her tits. Several guys who were stroking their cocks on the sidelines came in closer and started shooting their cum on her tits, there wasn't any dry places left to cum on her face. Cum rained down from both sides as the guys blasted load after load on to her tits. Kuna had shot his last wad on her face when he dropped his heavy cock on her face. "Show appreciation to Kuna's cock" She opened her mouth and tried to lick at it, he took his massive log and used it to move the cum on her face over towards her mouth.

Little by little he kept feeding her his cum by sliding it into her mouth using his cock like a spoon. She could only swallow the cum and lick on his enormous cockhead because the head was the size of a large plum and it would never fit between her lips.

Greg said that was the hottest gangbangs he had ever filmed and the club members would love it. Every guy in the room had all cum on or in my wife at least twice and we're ready to go again, when Greg said that this would conclude tonight's festivities. The guys all left the room and we're telling Greg that they couldn't wait to get their copy of the video. As Nicole was laying there drenched in cum, a door opened in my room and this fat Indian looking girl came in.

She had on some sort of lingerie outfit with her fat pushing out the sides. She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking like a woman possessed. In spite of her looks and size, I was enjoying my blowjob from this fat stranger, when the door opened again and the girl in the lab coat came in with a video camera and was filming my blowjob from this fat Indian girl.

With my hands still cuffed there wasn't much I could do to protest or stop it. When I started to shoot my load she pulled my cock out her mouth and jerked my cock off until I shot my cum on the floor. She got up and her and the girl in the lab coat both left the room. Greg came in and told me that Nicole will have no idea that I got to see what happened to her. She does not know that I was in the other room watching, or what I was doing in my room either. He explained that I was to bring Nicole back to the club on the following Friday night for a club introduction party.

I said that I didn't think we would be back, this was kind of a one time thing for us. He explained that if we didn't return they had our home address and drivers license information, and they had a member who owned a video store in our town and they would distribute one of the videos as a rental for all of our friends and relatives to see.

He assured me that Nicole had not seen the ugly fat Indian girl sucking my cock, but they could show her the video and tell her I had my choice of a roomful of beautiful women and I picked her! She would come back to the club to spite me if she saw that. I knew he was right. I asked him what would happen the next time we came to the club.

He said that the bar would be closed to the public and that Nicole's video would be shown to the club members in the bar area, and then she would be gangbanged in the party room by all the male members in the club.

I asked how many members there were and he said they had about 50 couples and 14 single male members. So there could be close to 40 guys who would have their way with her during the course of the evening. I thought I would faint! He assured me thoughthat I would have the two brunette beauties to myself who I first encountered in my room, and I was free to watch the action in the party room as my wife was gangbanged by the membership. I asked him what time he wanted us at the club.