Babe anally screwed by her lover

Babe anally screwed by her lover
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Grandpa started using me as his special gratification toy early. Admittedly I had sort of started it. I used to sit on the floor in front of grandpa while he sat in his recliner and try to see his genitals up his shorts leg, and sometimes if he was sleeping I would reach my hand up his shorts leg and touch the tip of his penis with my finger. There were times when I would sit on his lap and I could feel his penis get hard and I would try to adjust or move so my pussy was right on top of it.

I had a feeling that grandpa knew what I was doing from the beginning but he didn't show it. One time while my grandma was out of state my grandpa got really drunk, which wasn't uncommon, and he went to bed.


I had snuck in his room often enough to reach under his boxers and play with him on a regular basis, but this time when I reached under his comforter, I realized that he wasn't wearing boxers. Grandpa was laying there on his back only wearing his old tank top.

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I felt his sweaty cock and balls hanging between his legs running my fingers over them. I was excited because I had such easy access to him but I was nervous about getting caught.


I walked back over to the the door and stood a little behind the door as though I was peeking into the room and said "grandpa, do you want a sandwich?" he didn't move, so I tried "grandpa, are you hungry?" still no movement. Grandpa was out cold I had full access to his genitals. I crawled up on the opposite side of the bed and pulled the blankets back a little so I could crawl under them. It was a little harder to breathe under the blanket but it was doable. I moved towards grandpa using my phone as light unit my face was hovering over his genitals, they smelled wonderful, the blanket was like a perfect cave where I could play with his cock and bask in the smell of man.

I rubbed and played with grandpa's cock until it was huge and throbbing. I ran my tongue along the shaft and then around the rim of his cock head before sliding my mouth over it and sucking. I sucked on grandpa's cock while fondling his balls. After grandpa came in my mouth I tried to hold as much of his cum in my mouth as I could.

I snuck out of the room and into the bathroom where I laid on the floor with grandpa's cum in my mouth and played with my pussy until I came and then I swallowed grandpa's cum. After grandpa started playing with me and our mutual interests were realized, things got a bit more intense. Grandpa turned his old shed by the lake into a play room for us. He would tell grandma that we were going fishing and just liked that we were in our own little world.

At first all grandpa wanted was to keep his cock inside of me as long as he could. He would take pills that would keep him hard for a long time and he would spend hours putting me in different positions and he would fuck me ever so slowly.

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He would pull his cock out of me slowly and take a slow breath in, and then he would push back in with a heavy exhale, and once he got in as far as he could go and I could feel his cock head pushing against my insides he would hump me in short thrusts without really pulling back. I liked it a lot when he did that, I could still feel his cock moving inside me but I was sure that when he came it would be very deep in my pussy.

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He always finished with us in doggy style and his body draped over me. The line of our bodies never separated has he made short thrusts into me, grunting and gasping loudly as he came in my pussy.

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I loved feeling grandpa's cock pulse as he came deep inside me. Even after grandpa came he would lay me down on the shed's table and put my legs in straps hanging from the ceiling so grandpa had clear uninterrupted access to my pussy. He had a little round rolling stool that he sat on and lowered until he was face level with my pussy.

He started to lick my pussy even though it was filled with his own cum. Grandpa licked and sucked my pussy for what must have been half an hour.

I loved it when he would push his tongue in and out of my pussy. He would suck my clit while he fingered my pussy and asshole. Eventually once his cock was hard and ready again he would take a bulb syringe filled with lube and shove it up my ass, filling my tight little hole with lube. Because the lube sat in the window of the shed it was warm and I loved the way it felt going in my ass. I sighed and grandpa said "you like the way that lube feels, angel cakes?" I sighed again and said "yes grandpa, it feels so warm.".

He withdrew the syringe and proceeded to lube up his own cock, stroking it and making a big show out of it as I watched. "well then angel cakes, I've got a nice warm treat for you" and he moved forward putting the tip of his lubed cock to my asshole.

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My tight hole resisted at first until his head popped inside my tight ring. The tight velvety lining of my asshole seemed to swallow his lubed cock. Grandpa got his thick cock about halfway in my ass before he pulled it all the way out.

He got what looked like a thick belt off the wall and had me arch my back so he could slide it underneath me. He then buckled the belt around my waist. I noticed it had handles near each of my hips. Grandpa began working his cock back into my ass. This time he got 3/4 of the way in when he grabbed the handles at my waist. He took a deep breath in and pulled the handles as he thrust his hips forward.

I grunted as his cock speared my ass and he fucked me deep and hard. He was making primal noises as he fucked me like a beast. He came in my ass with a yell and grunting. He shoved his cock as deep as he could as he came. I thought grandpa was going to pull out but instead he closed his eyes, leaned his head back and pulled on the belt allowing another half in of his dick to slip into my ass.

I felt him relax. He looked calm and liked he was relaxed. We lay there for a few moments and I could feel his dick soften just a tiny bit. Grandpa let out a sigh and I felt his penis twitch, and then I felt a warmth in my asshole that was so warm it nearly burned but it stayed at that level of heat where it was a perfect kind of hot, like a jacuzzi.

It even felt like a jet stream in my asshole and I realized that grandpa was pissing in my ass. His head was still back with his eyes closed as his stream filled me.


It felt amazing and he must have had a lot to drink because he filled my ass for a while, until it filled me and then started leaking back out onto the floor. Grandpa pulled out and his piss came gushing out. That was the day I found out I liked water sports.

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