College babes fuck in front of everyone without any shame

College babes fuck in front of everyone without any shame
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Hi, my name is zeke, I have 2 sisters, both older, the 19 year is Ash, the 15 is Dyane, and I'm 14.

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The story starts when I go downstairs to get a glass of milk at about ten, I looked to my right, I saw Dyane had her webcam out, it was on, and I saw a flipped chair, with a condom on it, and she was fucking herself on the chair! She was about 5.4, 36cc tits, slim, but curvy body.

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I took out my camera, and started to record. I heard grunting, but only low, muffled sounds. I watched her for the next four minutes, fucking the chair, until she hit climax, she stood up, started rubbing her clit and I saw her squirt! She collapsed, and all the while, I had my cock whipped out, jerking off profusely, until I went off myself to her unconscious body.


She regained consciousness in 2 more minutes, slipped on the robes beside the chair, took off the condom, chucked it in the trash, as I was pretending to come downstairs, she rushed to turn off the porn on the screen, put away her webcam, and turn off Skype. The next day, I saw her pouring herself some breakfast, "Don't hog it all!" "Well, what if I want a large mixer bowl full of cereal?" "Well then, you can kiss my ass!" "Ha-ha, your funny!" we are actually good friends, but we pretend to hate on each other just for the fun of it.

But, she decided to get me in trouble right after breakfast, saying the porn in the history was because of me! I tried to stick it on her, but my mom didn't buy it. so I'm grounded for the next few weeks, but I will make the most of it.

Today, both parents are going on a business trip tonight. As my parents got into the car, I whipped out my camera, showed her the video, and her jaw dropped. "WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GET THIS VIDEO?!" "Oh why, since you got me in trouble, I might as well send whoever is on the other side of the fucking webcam to jail for technical rape!" "YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!


Please, don't send him to jail! I will do anything!" "Anything?" "Yes, anything!" "Take off your clothes." "What?!?!" "You heard me!" All this time, I forgot, my other sister didn't have work today, ash, is 5.6, slender, 34c cup, a bit curvy, with a really nice ass. As she completed taking off her clothes in the middle of the kitchen, I bent her over the sink, and started to lick her cunt.

I started by making my tongue wide, and just lick up and down. About five seconds later, she got extremely wet, so I moved onto her clit. I started to suck her clit, as I was doing this, I put one finger into her cunt, I heard her let out a soft moan, so I increased the pace. As I was doing this, my sister started to come downstairs, I couldn't hear her steps over the slurping and slapping every time my finger went in all the way, but I did hear her scream "OH MY GOD!

WHAT THE FUCK?!" We both stood there, paralyzed, but since she caught us anyway, I decided fuck it, I might as well finish, so I returned to fingerfuck her, while licking on her slit.

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Ash was completely horrified, but she couldn't stop watching, as she got a wet spot in her G-string, she started to rub her slit. I laid flat on my back, telling my sister to sit on my face while I eat her out, once I did, I felt my pants being unbuckled, and warm hands wrapped around my 7 inch. Ash started to jerk me while I ate Dyane out, getting increasingly horny. I felt ash's hands come off my cock, I told Dyane to get off, as Ashley started to take off her shirt and short shorts.

Once her shirt came off, her rack came into view, she wasn't wearing a bra. She then took off her short shorts, revealing her G-string, which barely covered her pussy lips. She took the G-string off, I lay back down, Dyane got on my face, and ash started to fuck my cock.

I was in complete heaven. I could hear both Dyane and ash reaching their climax, as I was too. We all came at the same time, as I blew my load into ash, ash came hard on my cock, and Dyane squirted into my mouth. After all this, I was surprised that Ash was all for this. "Why did you join instead of breaking it up?" "because I was watching porn, got horny, came downstairs for a cup in case I squirt, but when I saw you two going at it, I just couldn't stand it anymore" "ahh, that clears some of it up." Then Dyane bursted in "mmm, I wouldn't mind that to happen again." "Maybe later, but for now I have to go meet someone at the skate park, some asshole didn't pay me yet for the weed I sold him!" "You sell weed?!" they said in unison.

"Yeah, thought you both knew!" "Oh well, as long as you don't spread that video, I don't care." About two hours later, ash came in. "can I ask you a favour?" she asked.

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"Sure." "I've never tried anal; can you help me with that?" "Sure, do you got any lube; it hurts when I go in and its dirt dry" "just go with my cunt juices" She took off all her clothes, sat on top of me, I started to eat her out on my bed, nibbling on her clit and penetrating her cunt with my tongue.

She got off, unzipped my pants, and just sat on top of me, fucking me in cowgirl position.

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I grabbed a handful of boob and I started to fuck back, constantly pounding her cunt until she came hard. She then slid off, and bent over, with her ass in the air, I slid the head of my cock in her ass and started to pump slowly, adding in another half inch every thrust, until all 7 inches where in her ass, she screamed "OHHHH GODDDD!" as all of my meat went in, so I started to thrust hard.

She started to moan as I reached under and teased her clit and fingered her cunt. I was on the verge, but I held it off for as long as I could, about five minutes of profusely fucking her ass, and toying with her cunt, she came, and I felt her climax, her ass tightened, giving a death grip on my cock, but it felt way too good, I couldn't resist any longer, so I shot my load right up into her ass, with an incredible amount.

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When I pulled out, the cum I left in her ass started to dribble out slowly, as I was wiping myself up, she fell asleep from the amount of pleasure. I followed close behind.

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