Babys Sopie Luchs Leder mahlen

Babys Sopie Luchs Leder mahlen
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[i] TOTAL FICTION Jake: "Mom, Can Tommy Spend The Night Over Here?" Susan: "I Guess Since It's Friday. Wait. I Won't Be Here From 4:00 p.m. To 9:00 p.m. Make Sure His Parents Are Okay With That.

Jake: "Yes, Ma'am." Jake Went To The Living Room And Picked Up The Phone. Jake's Sister Walked By And Playfully Smacked Jake On The Head. Jake: "Hey!" Sara: "Hush, You Know It Didn't Hurt." Susan: "Where Are You Going Dear?" You Could Tell Sara Was Going Out. She Combed Her Hair, Put On A Black Dress That Went To Her Knees, And Make-Up.

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With All This Stuff On Sara Was Very Attractive. Although, Without It She Was Just As Hot. Jake Had Always Been Attracted To His Sister But He'd Never Tried To Fulfill His Fantasies. The Most He'd Ever Done Was Masturbated To A Picture Of Sara. Sara: "I'm Going Out With Rob." Susan: "Who's Rob?" Sara: "A Guy." Susan: "Well, I'd Hoped." Sara: "That's Not Funny, Mom. Rob's A Nice Guy." Susan: "Be Back Before Four.

Someone Has To Be Here To Watch Tommy And Jake." Sara: "Why Me?" Susan: "Because I Said So And If You Don't I'll Get Your Father On Your Ass." Sara: "Fine, I'll Be Back To Watch The Little Brat." (Points At Jake) Jake: "I'm Not Little.

(Puts The Phone Back On The Reciever) I'm 13 Thank You!" Sara: "And I'm 17." Sara Waited Until Susan Walked Away Then Flipped Jake The Bird. Jake Played Along And Made A Scowl But In His Head He Was Thinking "When?". The Reason Jake Had Been Attracted To Sara So Much Is Because She Was The One Who Taught Jake About Sex So She Was The One He Imagined Having It With When She Was Explaining.

It Was No Secret To Jake That Sara Was Sexually Active.

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Although Mom Didn't Know, Sara Had Had About 6 or 7 Cocks In Her Mouth, Pussy And Ass. Sara Had Never Shown Any Affection For Jake Except For Kisses On The Cheek, But These Were Sisterly Kisses, Not Passionate.

Jake Picked Up The Phone Again And Dialed For Tommy's House. Jake: "Yes, Mrs.Hattrick, Is Tommy Home?" Mrs.Hattrick: "Sure, Let Me Get Him." About 30 Seconds Later. Tommy: "Hello?" Jake: "Hey Tommy, You Wanna Come Over?" Tommy: "Spend The Night Or Come Over?" Jake: "Both." Tommy: "Sure. Let Me Ask My Mom." Tommy To His Mother: "Hey Mom! Can I Spend The Night At Jakes?" Mrs.Hattrick (Faintly): "Sure, I'll Drive You Over In About 15 Minutes." Tommy: "She Said That's Fine." Jake: "Ok.

I'll Be Here At Any Time So Just Drop By." Tommy: "Ok. Bye." Jake: "Bye." Jake Hung Up The Phone. It Was 2:30 p.m. Now So Tommy Would Be Over At Jake's House Around 3:00 p.m. Jake Looked To See If His Mom Was Gone And He Headed To His Sister's Room.

He Was Going To Look Through Her Drawers. Every Week, It Seemed, Sara Got A New Sex Toy. Last Week It Was A Silver Bullet Vibrator. When He Looked In Her Drawer This Time He Pulled Up The Sweater And Saw A Purple Dildo. Since It Was On Top Jake Figured That She Had Either Used It Recently Or Was Going To If She Didn't Get Sex From Rob.

Susan: "Jake Where Are You?" Jake To Self: "FUCK!" Jake Hurridly Shoved The Dildo Back Under The Sweater And Shut The Drawer. He Went Through Her Bathroom Which Connected With His. He Went Out Of His Bathroom And Into His Room To Make It Look Like He'd Been In His Room.

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He Started Making It Look Like He Was Picking Up His Room. Susan: "Oh, There You Are." Susan Came Into His Room. Susan: "When's Tommy Expected?" Jake: "Around Three." Susan: "Okay, Make Sure Your Room Looks Okay Before He Comes Over." Jake Started Picking Up Things In His Room, Straighting His Tv, Dusting, Making His Bed, And He Turned On His Computer. Jake To Self: "That Was Way To Close.

Note To Self: Never Look At Sis's Sex Toys When Mom Is Home." The Reason Jake Looked At His Sister's Sex Toys Is Beause He Thought That Maybe She Might Buy A Boy's Toy That He Could Use. He Knew His Chances Were Slim To None Seeing That Sara Never Brought A Boy Home For Sex So She Would Only Have Girl's Toys. Sara Came Home. She Was As Mad As Hell. Jake Could Tell That 1 Of 2 Things Happened.

1.She Didn't Get Sex. 2.She Got Dumped. Jake: "What's With You Sara?" Sara: "That Bitch Broke Up With Me." Jake: "Oh! So You Didn't Get To Swallow A Cock?" Sara: "Shut Up! What If Mom Hears?" Jake: "She's In Her Bedroom Getting Dressed." Sara: "Watching Her Are We?" Jake: "No." Sara: "I'm Going To My Room." Jake: "Can I Ask You Something?" Sara: "What?" Jake: "If Rob Broke Up With You.

Who Are You Going To Picture When You Shove That Purple Dildo Up Your Pussy?" Sara: "Stay Out Of my Drawers." Jake: "Answer The Question." Sara Ignored Him And Walked Into Her Bedroom.

The Truth Is That Sara Had Not Had A Real Cock In Any Part Of Her For A Long Time. She Wanted Cock.

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She Was Hungry For It. Sara To Self: "Jake's Hit Puberty.


Maybe He Could. No! No, Sara! Your Not Having Sex With Your Brother! Well His Friend Is Coming Over. But If You Fuck Him Jake's Going To Wonder Why He Smells Like Pussy And Where He Went For That Long Time." Sara Got The Dildo Out Of Her Drawer And Looked At It. She Missed The Taste Of A Real Cock. She Wanted To Have The Feeling Of Riding A Cock Instead Of Having To Push A Fake One In And Out Of Her.

Sara To Self: "Mom's Going Out At 4:00. Maybe It Wouldn't Be So Wrong To Have Sex With Tommy AND Jake. I'll Do It!" Sara Then Promised Herself That She Was Going To Get Two Teen Cocks In Her Pussy And That She Was Going To Suck Them Afterwards.

When Her Mom Left She Was Going To Have Her Brother And His Friend Fuck Her. Sara Could Hardly Wait. Door: "DING DONG DING DONG" Sara Almost Had An Orgasm Just Thinking About What She Was Going To Do The Person Walking THrough The Door At That Very Moment. Jake: "Hey Tommy!" Tommy: "Hey.


Wassup?" Jake: "Nothin Come On I Got A New Game." Jake Led Tommy To His Room Where His PS2 Was Hooked Up. He Handed A Controller To Tommy And They Began Playing Jake's War Game. Sara Was Looking Through The Key Hole Of Jake's Bedroom Door.

Uncontrollably A Hand Went Down To Her Wet Panties.

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She Began To Run Her Finger Up And Down Her Pussy And Finnaly Started Fingering Herself. Sara To Self: "Wait Till You See What I Do To You When Mom Leaves." TO BE CONTINUED