Nude beach gay movie The only thing more fickle than luck is fate

Nude beach gay movie The only thing more fickle than luck is fate
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KNOCK! KNOCK!! KNOCK!!! That was the first sound to what would eventually become the start of a long life fantasy, of mine. It was also the sound of someone outside my room knocing on my door, while I was changing into my PJ's.

My PJ's which consisted of a tight white muscle shirt and some Pjamma pants with a hole, conviniently located in the butt area.I had just turned sixteen, which meant that i was hornier than ever, and in high school. Since freshman year i would see really tall, hot ,shirtless guys in the locker rooms, most of them with amazing abs and muscles everywhere. I always wished my school would require for us to shower after P.E. so that I could see those hot guys amazing dicks.

Since it wasnt, I had to do with just the outline of the long flaccid teenage cocks inside there P.E. shorts, bouncing up and down as they ran.Seeing all those amazing bodies frehman year had inspired me to start working out and running to get in shape. By sophmore year i had gotten to my desirable shape. I was tall at 5' 10'' skinny but ripped with really marked abs and a built chest and ripped arms.


This along with my sandy-brown hair, hazel colored eyes, and a light complexion made me, get hit on by girls at school all the time,and altough i had one girlfriend b4 i always felt a stronger attraction to hot guys.Specially my 18 year old cousin who i've always had a crush on, i dnt know if it was his cute face or his amazing hot lean body, but i always had fantazised of fucking him.

I had only seen his cock once before when he had ''accidentally'' forgotten to take a towel for after his shower, so he had no other option then to come into my room fully nude asking for a towel. He would never admitt that he actually had an attraction to men since he was girls all the time, i believe that was all lies. I always felt like he wanted me as bad as i wanted him."Hey dude, i need a towel" said Charly as he mediocrely pretend to cover his cock that was just a tad too long to be fully covered with his hands.


I could see the tip of his amazing cock and a hint of his obvious trimmed pubes. "Dude, what the fuck you come in my room fucken naked and dripp all over my floor." I said, as i tried to get a good glimpse of what I knew would be a great cock. Starting to get a semi-hard on and not caring to disguise my staring at his amazing cock.

"Are you going to get me a towel or not?!?" "Fine, but you have to dry my floor.'' ''Ummm sure, just give me the towel.'' "Hahaha. Not just yet, dry my floor first.'' "Dude.!!!! Wtf im bared naked,and getting cold.!!!" "Hahaha. Your the one who walked in my room nude in the first place. And I could tell,(looking down at his hands covering his penis.) Plus, do you want the towel or not???

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If i were you i would before, it shrinks to nothing.hahaha." "Shut up.even shrunk im bigger than you.!!!! But whatever ill dry the floor." "ok" Finally i would get to completely see his hot dick as he dried my floor.

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As he would surely need both hands. I handed him the mop so he got it, and there it was.In all its glory long and amazing with a pair of walnut sized balls that i wanted to suck forever.

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I couldnt help staring, let alone getting a full hard on, so i quickly jumped in my bed face down.I eventually handed him the towel and he left my room. Since that time i knew I had to get his cock in my mouth and take it in all the way, both in my mouth and up my tight ass. Yawwnnnn.what the hell. Who could it possibly be since I knew it couldnt be my parents because they where gone to a vacation in Hawaii for a week, and my sister was also gone for the week in a sleep-over with her best friend.


I open the door to find out it was my cousin Charly. He was standing in the doorway looking sexier than ever with a duffle bag. "What are you doing here'' I asked him. " Im sleeping over at your house for the whole week." "Oh ok.I guess.'' "Well let me just change into my PJ's he said" As he startedto strip down to his cock hugging white boxer briefs, not letting much to the immagination.

Which i was loving every single moment of it. "ummm what are you doing?!?" I asked "what its hot, and this is how i sleep regularly. You dont care right?? Imean we are both dudes and have the same shit hanging right??" Charly said as he grabbed on tightly to the very large cock inside his underwear and shaked it vigorously. "Y-yeah of course.

I dont care" I said. Wanting to get down on my kness right then and start sucking on his cock. I knew it was now or never. " Your right. It is hot." And i started to strip down to my thight black boxer briefs.

He came over to where i was standing and started staring at me from head to toes. Having an obvious particular interst in my bulge, which was actually pretty impressive being 7'' rock hard. "Are you just going to stand there and stare all night, or are you planning to do something soon.??" I said. "Of course not. You have no idea how bad i want your cock. Ive always wanted to fuck you up the ass."Charly said as he unexpectedly grab onto my cock and got down to his knees slowly, starting by kissing my lips slowly then making his way down my body.

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Kissing my ripped abs and licking them, then bitting my nipples ever so gently sending a spasm throughout my whole body until it reached my then rock hard cock standing tall at its full length of 7".

Taking notice of that Charly got to my cock and started kissing it and putting it in his mouth through my tght black boxer briefs until he couldnt help it and pull it out. Staring at it in amazement since he was only 6 inches long. But i wasnt complaining, he was still very hot, with an almost six pack.

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He started to suck me, taking it in little by little until he finally got it in all of his mouth. It, HE was amazing, even better blowjob than the one my ex-girlfriend had given me awhile back.It was so amazing that i couldnt help it and began to fucken cum all inside his mouth.

He swalloed it all, every drip, even licking the remaining of my cum from the tip of my cock. It was my turn and i had to make sure i returned the favor greatly, i started going down on his dick like crazy, it was my fantasy coming true, i was jerking his cock so hard and fast and then putting it back in my mouth until he cummed all over my lean ripped body.

Which he started to lick off my body once he was done. Then he pushed me to the bed and put my legs up and started fucking me starting slowly increasing to a much faster pace.He later turned me around and had me bend over and started humpimg me doggy style, it was incredible.The rest of the night we took turns fucking each other endlessly and sexually, swalloing each others cum all night. It all seemed perfect until we were awoken by the sound of Charly's dad, my uncle, screams at the sight of two hot teenage boys related to him lying naked in each others arms, with our cocks lying freely on our bodies.TO BE CONTINUED.