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DO NOT OWN Naruto - Things finally start to unravel. - Here is the next chapter, hope you guys like it. SORRY FOR THE MISTAKES if there are any Read and ENJOY And now the story Written by Dragon of the Underworld Revised by Evildart17 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Chapter 24 A lone figure ran quietly through the dark alley of Konoha and through the dark cloak of the night.

With as much stealth as he could he continued trailing the person right in front of him. He stopped at the figure did the same as another figure came around the corner.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Two Hyuuga men met in an abandoned sector of Konoha. The two looked at each other, one was an elder council member while the other was a middle aged council member.

"So" said the elder. "I've gotten word that all the seals are in place" said the young Hyuuga. "So everything will be ready for tomorrow?" asked the elder. "That is correct" answered the young Hyuuga. "Well I came across some news myself" said the elder. "What is it?" asked the other. "It seems the Uzumaki Naruto has a blood limit and because of that they request he gets another wife, and it appears that that wife is Hyuuga Hanabi" said the elder.

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"I already know that, that is part of the plan" said the young Hyuuga. "How did y—" "Shhhhh. " the young Hyuuga activated his byakugan, "We are being watched" The elder Hyuuga smiled. "Let's drag him out" "Yes but will do this quietly" said the young Hyuuga as he began to walk away and the elder fallowed.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Another figure ran thought the street of Konoha. Then from the radio on his neck came a voice.

"Konohamaru there on the move, I think they spotted me I'm backing off" "They" he said. "Yeah, he met up with another" "Where they headed?" asked Konohamaru. "I think there headed towards Moegi" "Moegi did you get that" said Konohamaru.

"Yeah I got, I'll follow them and report" "Be careful" said Konohamaru. Konohamaru continued to run through trying to find a place where he could catch the two Hyuuga members. He ran till he suddenly ran in to some one as he rounded the corner.

"Idiot why don't you watch were your g---- oh Konohamaru its you" "Hanabi, what are you doing this late" asked Konohamaru. "Me?

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What about you?" asked Hanabi. "Well. .


. I don't know if I should tell you" said Konohamaru. "What? Come on you can tell me" said Hanabi. "SHHhh, alright I'll tell you, just be quiet, my team and I are following a Hyuuga member" said Konohamaru. "A Hyuuga, why?" asked Hanabi. "Well you see it's been a little over a month now that I noticed some of the Konoha council members acting. . kinda. different. . ." "Different?" said Hanabi. "Yeah like they suddenly changed opinion on some issue or they vote on something that is against there believe, and these changes come almost over night" said Konohamaru.

"What does that have to do with the Hyuuga clan" asked Hanabi. "Well this one night my team and I followed three members of the council, one each, to see if we could catch anything, hoping we get lucky. Later on we saw one of them meet up with the Hyuuga in an abandoned house out in the forest, and ever since then the councilman has acted different.

After that day we started following that Hyuuga, but we haven't seen him meet up with anyone else, but the Konoha councilmen continued to changed one by one" "And that's the Hyuuga that your following now" asked Hanabi.

"Yeah. days later after we saw the councilman leave the abandoned house I snuck in to the Hyuuga compound and I over heard a conversation between many of the Hyuuga councilmen and they said something about a plan. . but I don't know what" said Konohamaru. "You snuck in to the Hyuuga compound, do you know how dangerous that is, if they had found you they could have killed you idiot" said Hanabi. "You almost sounded like you were worried" said Konohamaru.

"Did not" she replied. "Did too" he said. They stood silent for a while, and then Konohamaru looked at her. "Hey Hanabi remember a while back. . I a. . you know. . I kinda asked you out. . how come you never said anything, not even a no" said Konohamaru.

"Because I. I didn't feel like it" she replied. "The reason I asked you out is because I thought you liked me" he said.

"I do like.


. . I mean. . I. . ." "Then what happened?" he asked. "I. . I just. . I wasn't ready ok" she said. "Well are you ready now if I ask you out?" he asked. "Well I. . I don't know. . it's just that. . I don't think I could" said Hanabi.

"Why?" Hanabi sighed, "Did you know that Naruto has a Blood limit" "Yeah he told me about it some time ago, but what does that have to do with what were talking about" said Konohamaru. "Because of that the council has insisted that he gets a second wife, the other day Hinata asked me—" "She asked you to be the second wife" Konohamaru finished her sentenced and she just nodded.

"You said yes didn't you, ever since I've known you you've never been able to say no to her" said Konohamaru. "It's just that she's done so much for me ever since I was born and now it's my turn to do something important for her" said Hanabi.

"But do you even want that?" asked Konohamaru. "That doesn't matter" replied Hanabi. "Wait. .

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. you said that this occurred because of Naruto's blood limit and the council has insisted on it, but Naruto only found out about his blood limit about three weeks ago" said Konohamaru. "And?" replied Hanabi. Konohamaru sighed while placing his hand on his face, "The change in the councilmen goes back a month, so by the time the issue of Naruto's blood limit came they were already making different decisions, beside if I remember correctly during the time my grandfather was Hokage he made an amendment to the bigamy law, the council can only present the idea to the clan, it's up to the clan if they decide to practice it" "Hinata said that the councilmen said there was no other choice why would they lie and force Naruto into it?" asked Hanabi.

"I don't know, that is why were following this guy" said Konohamaru. "Do you really thing that Hyuuga is connected to that in any way" asked Hanabi. "Definitely" answered Konohamaru. "Why would the Hyuuga want Naruto to have two wives?" said Hanabi. "We'll just have to find out" replied Konohamaru. "That's if you ever get the chance" said someone from behind them.

Both of them turned around to see who it was, but Konohamaru never got the chance as he was knocked out. "You. your part of the Hyuuga council" said Hanabi. "Yes" replied the Hyuuga as he got near Hanabi. "Don't come any closer" she said as she took a stance. "Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you" "What do you want?" she asked. "There is an issue we need to discuss" "You.


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. you've made the council impose the law on Naruto. why? What are you doing to the council?" asked Hanabi. "I see you already know some of the plan. well it doesn't matter it's time you know. . as of this moment you are not the heir to the Hyuuga clan, but we want to bring you back in the future, you see tomorrow the Hyuuga clan will be the new leader of Konoha and will stay in power for ever" said the Hyuuga.

"What? Why?" "There will be no more Hokage, the Hyuuga clan will rule and that will make Konoha even stronger we will impose all of the Hyuuga fighting style, strength, and training in to Konoha." Said the Hyuuga. "You. your controlling the council aren't you, that's how your going to take power" said Hanabi. "Yes" "So why did you make the council impose the law on Naruto?" asked Hanabi. "Because I knew that Hinata would come to you and I knew you would say yes" said the Hyuuga.

"But if you want to bring me back as the heir in the future why did you make them impose the law if you knew Hinata would ask me. you do know that's the reason why I'm not the heir anymore" replied Hanabi.

"Hanabi everything is going as planned, you see we wanted you to say yes, we do want you back as heir but only after you get pregnant" said the Hyuuga. "WHAT?" "When the Hyuuga are in power we will need a good leader and that is you, then with your baby the Hyuuga clan will evolve in to an even stronger and better clan with the Uzumaki blood limit.

When you get pregnant you tell no one but us, then we will make the council remove the law from Naruto, then you will be instated as the head of the clan we will pass the baby off as someone else's, Uzumaki will never know the baby is his" said the Hyuuga. "NO. . never I will never do that to my sister or to Naruto, even if I were to get pregnant I would never leave my baby with out his real father" said Hanabi. "The reason we choose you is because we thought you would go along with our plan" said the Hyuuga.

"Well your wrong I wont" said Hanabi. "I thought you were different then you sister but I was wrong, you're just as weak as her, body and mind. We will still rule with or without you, but you you already know everything, so I guess we'll have to get rid of you" said the Hyuuga.

Before Hanabi could do anything two other Hyuugas retrained both her arms. Then with a quick jab to the back of her head Hanabi was knocked out. "What do we do with her" asked one of the two men. "Take her with the others, the sun will rise soon. . it's time we leave" replied the Hyuuga councilman as he left with the others.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The sun began to rise as little light began to break in to the forest thought the tress. Saya and Emi and the others waited for Jiraiya to return. Everyone turned around to see Jiraiya land; they all waited for him to speak. "I didn't find anything" said Jiraiya.

"With all the rain the fell last night I don't think we will find any lead to where he is" said Kakashi. "I miss mommy" said Saya. "And daddy" said Emi. "What do we don now" asked Gai. "Isn't there any way we could track him down?" asked Shikamaru. "Maybe there is a way" said Saya as she looked at Emi. "Yeah" said Emi as both girls focused and summoned Kyuubi and Hachibi.

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"We need your help" said Saya but was halted by Kyuubi's hand. "Were two steps ahead of you, we already tried" said Kyuubi.

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"And what happened?" asked Emi. "Well normally we would be able to track him down since we are connected to him, but right now we cant seem to find him" said Kyuubi.

"Why?" asked Emi.

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"It's like his body has shot down and gone on lock down" said Hachibi. "And why would that happen?" asked Kakashi. "We'll that would happen if his unconscious or.

. ." "Or dead?" Jiraiya finished Hachibi's sentence. "Is he right?" asked Kakashi. ". No, he's not dead, if he was dead all of our chakra in him would have transfer to the necklaces and that has not happened" said Kyuubi. "So our dad is still alive" asked Saya. "At this moment yes, your father is still alive" said Kyuubi.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A/N - I will try to update as soon as I can so keep reading and reviewing and I will try to update soon every time. - Tell me what you think of the chapter. REVIEW and TILL Next chapter

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