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[b] I grew up in Miami, Florida before moving here to DC when i was 17.

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i'm into punk rock and obviosuly we have our own crew of kids. The same went with the rich kids everyone knows them as preps. My crew was composed of about 30 or 40 kids in and around Miami.

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The preps were everywhere, i mean for fuck sake, south beach was right fucking there. My crew was always at war with these group of preps that had problems with our painted up leather, our spikey hair, studs and what not.

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We were looked at as freaks, and i understand we're not of the normal status quo. But i had this thing for one chick i could not stand, Kristen.


Her boyfriend and i had gotten in to some fist fights, me usually coming out the victor, because he was only about 5'2 at most 125pounds as for me I'm 5'8 and i weighed about 210. i will admit i worked out a lot, being i was on the football team when i was younger and i kept up with weights and running after that, i wasn't built to an extensive degree but i have a very good deal of upper and lower body strength, i had defined chest muscles and arm muscles never really had a defined six pack.

Kristen on the other hand was your usual prep, beautiful redhead, she was about 5'6, 36 c tits, a size 4, and had the most juiciest ass you could think of.

Perfectly round, not one flaw, and word was, she had the baldest pussy in our high school. When me and hre boy would be in shuffle, she had this thing for staring at me, and literally laughing whenever her man was getting fucked up, i never really thought much about it until one day after me and her boy, fought see, he had this thing against me because i worked with the local crew of S.H.A.R.P kids.

Anyways, after we fought that one time, she sat him in her car, and came up to me and apologized for all that the shit he starts and she to my amazement said she never had a problem with us punks and said she wanted to hangout sometime, i stood there stunned and said "ok".

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The following Saturday she gave me a ring up while i was home and asked if i was doing anything, i said no, I'm not at the moment. " well, come on over and pick me up" she said. I told her ill be there in about 10 minutes and i hung up, i drover over there thinking, " i wonder if all the fighting could stop with me and her chilling would show people that we really shouldn't be enemies" i took that out of my head and realized only some would stop but there would always be conflict.

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I rolled up to her house at about 7:30 and walked and up rung the bell, her house was HUGE her dad worked for some insurance group and her mom was a lawyer that traveled to Daytona and Palm Springs. She had told me that her mom was home and that i would have to meet her mom before we headed off.

I walked into her moms home office, my 9 inch bright blue Mohawk spiked up, studded leather vest, black stretch jeans, bullet belt, and my minor threat t-shirt i adored. I was thinking to myself " fuck, this isn't to good" her mom turned around and was like chocked for a second " wow, so your tony, ok, well, you kinda shocked me" and she laughed i was thinking for the worse.

" nice to see your not a clone like every other person she brings around" "its good to see someone with more character" i was amazed but said "thanks" and i walked out, we drove around till about 9:30 and then i went to drop her off, and shes asked i f i would come swim with her,i agreed.


I was just getting undressed when she popped into the room i was in and said " hey, i need to ask you something" basically naked, and I'm not bashful so i turned around dick out andto my amazement, she was naked, " do i look good naked" i shuddered for a second i mean shit, who would have thought that this would be happening to me, her boyfriend basically had it out for me. i told her she was great and she walked up to me and looked me up and down and said " your not looking to bad yourself, i think i wanna play with that" she took her hands and slowly began to play with my dick, she was so great with those hands it was incredible she took me over to her bedroom layed me down and start easing her mouth down onto my cock, her mouth was so wet, so warm, i was in blow job heaven, she would swirl her tounge around, flick the head of my dick, and deep throat me for about 20 minutes.

She sat up, and told me she wanted to fuck her hard. I didn't disagree, i got up, bent her over he bed, and slid my dick deep into her pussy, i wasn't expecting it to be so tight honestly, i fucked her harder and harder as i went, she was beginning to get louder moaning out " oh fuck, goddamn, your dick feels sooo good inside me, i haven't felt a dick like this since before Roger"( Roger was her boyfriend at the time) knowing i was fucking the shit out of my enemies girlfriend i grabbed her hip and pulled her onto me even harder, my dick sliding in and out of her pussy, her screaming " yes, yes, ohh good keep doing that, fuck my like the cheating whore i am, fuck me tony fuck me!!" i did as she pleased after a while i picked her up, put her back against the wall and had her legs wrapped around me and i held onto her hips and rove myself into her even more, her head hit the wall a couple of times, and the moaning kept going, those tits, bouncing hard and high, i had my hands on that ass, slapping it occasionally, i kept driving my 8 inch dick into her and i then bent her over the bed again, fucking her pussy as hard as before, watching her ass bounce as i fucked her hard.

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She started to scream " I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!!" i pulled out of her, and went to down and finished her off by eating her pussy, she came so hard it was the hardest female cum shot i ever felt.

She then pushed me over and that ravaged my dick with her mouth, she deep throated the whole time and i myself began to yell out, " Kristen I'm gonna blow!" she then raised her ass up and braced herself for my load, it shot in her mouth she flinched, and then began to swallow.

She then layed there and said " i have never cheated in my life till now, and it was amazing, i tried but with you it was great and i was able to" she rolled over towards me and said, " please tell me you will fuck me once and a while, because Roger cant match this." " of course i will, honestly i have wanted to for awhile and today i did, bet your ass i fuck you more"and thats exactley what happened every Saturday till i moved we had some fun, and still me and Roger kept on fighting, but hey, i was fucking his girl, so the victory of the fights against him was sweeter!