Horny boy is conquering a horny and tight cunt till he cums

Horny boy is conquering a horny and tight cunt till he cums
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After a month of not being bothered by Jack, that was the persons name that had molested me, I forgot about him and went about my merry way. I was constantly jacking off and trying to expose my self but there did not seem to be anyone that would take me serious. I had a paper route and it was an early morning delivery. I had 40 customers and that took me about a couple of hours to get them all delivered. There was this one place that I delivered last and it was at the edge of town.

I had to ride my bike out to this place and they always had a dog that would not let me into their yard. I learned to take a bone with me and while he was busy with the bone I could get the paper to the house.

This one morning he took me just when I was reaching the gate. It knocked me down and the dog started to sniff me all over. I think that he was smelling fear.


I let him sniff me all over and he paid close attention to my cock. I thought about this and maybe I could get him to lick my cock. I unbuttoned my pants and took my cock out and he sniffed and started to lick me.

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I was in heaven that felt to good and he caused me to climax and spurt. He then licked that off and jumped on my back and started to hump me. I did not want to have anything to do with this and struggled and got free and made it to the gate. I buttoned up my pants and headed for home.

I got home and took a bath and played with myself. I jacked off and thought some more about the dog.

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The next morning as I was delivering papers Jack came by in his truck and picked me up. He and I finished the paper route and then he took me to the deserted barn again and started playing with me. I let him have his way with me and when he got my pants off and took my undies off he dropped his pants showed me his hard cock.

I still was amazed at the size of it and he told me to suck it and his balls. He then reached into his pocket and took out some ointment and rubbed my butt with it. He turned me around and started putting his finger into me.

Then it was two fingers and that began to hurt. He kept stretching my butt hole till he could get three fingers in there.

Then all of a sudden he put his cock in my butt and started to move back and forth, kind of slow at first but soon he was really pumping me with his cock.

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I felt it getting bigger and bigger and soon he exploded in me and that felt really good for some reason. We got dressed and headed back into town and he told me to visit him any time that I wanted to.

The next couple of days went kind of normal and then the next morning the dog would not go for the bone. He just sat there on the other side of the fence and kind of daring me to come inside.

I opened the gate and figured that he would not bother me. I delivered the paper and then when I was almost to the gate again he jumped up on me and knocked me down. He started sniffing me again. I remembered what he did the last time and now I wanted to see just what he would do if I dropped my pants and got on the ground on all fours.

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He sniffed and sniffed and then starting licking my butt and balls. This caused me to get really hard and I wanted him to go further. Soon he jumped up on my back and started to hump me.


That hurt and I was just about to lie down when he found my butt hole. He was much bigger than Jack and as he was entering me he let go some pre cum and that seemed to lubricate me.

Then in he went further and with each hump he went further and further. I could feel the pain at first but soon that subsided and I started to enjoy it. He kept this up for about 5 minutes and then the light come on at the house. Mrs. Watson was walking out to pick up her paper. Mrs. Watson looked down at the dog and I and tried to pull the dog off me.

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By this time the knot had entered my and we were tied. She looked at me and I expected the worse but all she did was to ask me what kind of a mess had I gotten my self into.

She said to wait for about 15 minutes or so and then the dog will shrink down and he will pop out of you. When you are done with that then come up to the house and we will talk about this. I looked up at her and saw that all she had on was a house coat and it was started to open up. When she leaned over I could see her boobs and how nice they looked.

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After 15 minutes the dog had pulled out of me and was licking himself off. I made a bee line for the house. I knocked on the door and Mrs Watson opened the door. The house coat was not tied any more and open in the front.

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I looked and saw her boobs just hanging there. She did not have much hair below and I saw the whole thing. She told me to come in and she then turned and got me some hot chocolate and some toast.

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I always wondered how she knew that I would be hungry. She then ask me if I enjoyed having the dog fuck me. That was the first time that I heard the word fuck and surely it would not be the last. I will do part 3 soon. This is part 2 and part 3 will follow soon.