Frau bekommt Pussy gefingert und Arsch Spielzeug

Frau bekommt Pussy gefingert und Arsch Spielzeug
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Part one wasn't very good but this part I hope will be better. He took my hand and put his hands around my waist and lifted me up off my feet. He lightly placed me down on the four-wheeler. He put the blanket on my lap and sat in front me.

At this time, I was breathing very heavily in excitement. He turned around and pecked me on the lips and revved up the four-wheeler. I then put my arms around his waist. I hugged him really tight and pressed my breasts on his back. I then started to move my hands slowly down to his crotch.

I played with his zipper, teasing. I moved my hands towards his waist again and started to lightly lift his shirt so I could get my hands on the button on his pants. I then started to unbutton his pants and unzipper it. I could automatically feel the buldge in his boxers. He then lifted his hips up so i could get his pants down a little bit.

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Once his pants were a little above his knees, my hands directly made their attention to that interesting buldge in his boxers. I started to feel his boner outside his boxers then I put one hand in and started to stroke it. By now I bet he couldn't hardly pay attention to the road for he was swerving back and forth now and then. I kept stroking it though and lightly fondled with his balls.

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Then, he stopped. He stood up and looked at me. I examined his beautiful face, and then I realized, he was practically breathless. He reached his hand out for mine and helped me off the four-wheeler. I stared at him for a short while then he took my face into his hands and started to kiss me very passionately. He broke the kiss and smiled. I never really got the chance to examine my surrondings until then. "Wow!

This place is absolutely beautiful!" I said. I have never seen so much lively green vegetation in one area for we lived mainly on a dirt road and only had some ugly winter trees. You would mainly imagine this place like where you would find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It was abosolutely spectacular. He then took my hand and beckoned me to get the blanket off the four-wheeler. I took the blanket and followed him. We walked for a good five minutes to a place that was very flat and had trees all around it.

"Perfect" I thought. He then took the blanket out of my hands and laid it down on the ground. Once he was done, he directed his attention to me. He smiled to me. "I love you so much babe" he said. "I love you so much too" I said. He then lifted me off my feet, again, and just started tickling me. I laughed and begged him to stop, but he wouldn't.

I then fell to the floor laughing and he laughed with me. Then, he stopped tickling me and looked at me. I couldn't resist kissing him, so I did. We kept kissing me until I felt his nice warm hands on my waist. I felt his hands go up to my belly button, then before I knew it, his hands were directly over my breasts. I started breathing slightly heavy.


He put his hands under my bra and started to rub one of my nipples. The feeling was amazing, all I could feel was the heat of his finger tips onto my nipple and the amazing feeling he was doing to me. I then stopped him. "Get off please" I said.

He got off, confused. "Well, you might think this is silly, but I want to do you first." I said. He had a very excited look on his face and just nodded very slowly. He then stood up and just stared at me. I stood up too and just kissed him softly. I took off his shirt and started to slowly kiss my way down his beautiful built body.


Once I was on my knees and kissing his belly button, my hands grazed around his pant button. I looked up at him, to examine his face expression, he seemed, very excited and shocked at the same time. I then unbuttoned his pants then unzippered them, again. I pushed down his pants to his ankles and then examined that buldge that my hands felt, right in front of my eyes.

I was breathing heavily in excitement to see what was under his boxers. I very slowly and nervously took off his boxers. His boner just popped out, just like that. He must of been at least 7 or 8 inches. I was very very excited.

I wrapped one hand around his dick and started to pump it back and forth slowly. I did this for about 30 seconds. Then, without realizing it, my face was directly in front of it.

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I bit my lip, very nervous. I opened my mouth slowly to this new thing that was about to enter my mouth. He put his hand behind my head in encouragement to get it in. But before I put it in my mouth, I licked the tip of it. I could feel him shiver once I did that. I then put at least half of it in my mouth. I moved my tounge back and forth of the bottom of it, to get a taste of it. It tasted different, but good. I then bobbed my head back and forth slowly on it. Every time I bobbed my head foward, I would try to get more and more into my mouth.

He squeezed the back of my scalp and pushed more and more on my head. I closed my eyes and kept bobbing it back and forth. I then felt a hot flash in my mouth then suddenly I felt a rush of liquid going into the back of my throat.

It was new to me so I took his dick out and started coughing. I looked up at him, embarassed. He just smiled at me in satisfaction. "It's okay, it was your first time, it's no big deal." he said. I smiled. I then wiped my mouth and stood up and kissed him. "I wanna do something to you now." he said. "Like what?" I said, playing stupid. He just widely smiled at me and started kissing me very passionately. He then started to lift my shirt up.

I lifted my arms up so he could get my shirt off. I un-did my bra and let it fall to the ground. He hugged me very tightly. My breasts on his body felt amazing.

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He then let go of his grasp and started to rub my nipple, again. He then took one nipple into his mouth, while he rubbed the other. His mouth on my nipple felt even more amazing then his warm fingertips. He then stopped and beckoned me to lay down. So I did lay down. He laid somewhat on top of me and put his mouth on my nipple again.

His hands were free to wander. He was rubbing my hips and made his way down to my blue jeans.

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He put his hand directly over my pussy and rubbed his hand back and forth. I started to breath very heavily by now. He then took his mouth off my nipple and kissed his way down my stomach. His hands unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I lifted my hips up so he could get them off. He slowly pushed them down to my ankles, then I just kicked them off. He then stared at my light blue underwear. He then took two fingers and started to rub my clit through my underwear.

It was an amazing feeling. I closed my legs so it could cause more friction and make it feel even more amazing. I then grabbed my boobs and moaned softly. He then put one hand in my underwear and took two fingers and continued to rub my clit.

I was ecstatic. I moaned a little bit louder. He then took his middle finger and traced up and down my pussy to feel how wet I was. I could tell I was very wet. He then started to take off my underwear. I lifted my hips up again so he could take them off completely. Once they were off, I opened up my legs. Then he put his face directly in front of my pussy. He inhaled really deeply, then exhaled. I could feel his hot breath right on it. As he inched his face towards my wanting pussy, I opened my legs wider and wider.

I then felt his nose right on my clit, and he just shook his head side to side. I smiled and breathed very deeply. He then took his face away from my now very wanting pussy and kissed my inner thigh. He is such a tease, I thought. I was breathing even more heavily as he inched closer to my pussy. I then felt him kiss my pussy. I moaned. I looked down to him and he was smiling in excitement. I opened my legs as wide as I could.

I then felt his tongue trace up and down my pussy. I moaned some more. Then his tongue directed his attention to my pee hole. He put his whole tongue in it and swirled it around. I have never felt anything like it.

I just squeezed my boobs and moaned slightly loud. He then took his tongue out and then made his way to my clit. He traced his tongue around my clit, then he finally flicked his tongue at it. I loud moan bursted out of my mouth.

It felt amazing. He then kept flicking his tongue at it over and over. I couldn't take it anymore and I moaned very loudly, and then, I orgasamed. He was licking up everything that came out.

Then I let out a huge sigh, and he took his face out of my pussy. He crawled up to me and started kissing me. I could taste my cum in his mouth. "I taste good." I said. "Yes you do" he said, smiling. We cuddled until I could catch my breath, then I felt his finger on my clit. I started to breath heavily again. Then he made his way down and inserted his finger inside. He fingered me very lightly.

I breathed very very heavily and then he stopped. "Do you trust me?" he said. "Very much so." I said. He smiled and stood up. He retrieved his pants and took out a condom. He took the condom out of its wrapping and put it on his dick. He then laid back down ontop of me and kissed me very passionately.

I felt his now boner rubbing right against my pussy. I couldn't wait. He then shifted his body so he could grab his dick and put it inside of me.


Once it was in, he started to kiss me again. While he was kissing me, his dick moved back and forth inside of me. I started to moan. He kept his slow pace for awhile. He then sped it up and put his dick deeper inside of me. I hugged him very tightly and moaned even louder. Then, this big rush of pain struck my body. "Stop, stop!" I said. "It's going to be okay, the pain is going to go away really soon" he said in a comforting tone.

I trusted him so I just let him keep going. The pain hurt really bad and when he got even deeper inside of me, the pain got even worse.

I moaned in pain. Then, all of the sudden, the pain was gone and the feeling of his dick inside of me felt even more blissful. I continued moaning while he kept a fast pace. Then I felt his dick get really hot, so I guess that he has cummed. He then slowed his pace and eventually stopped. Dustin and I were breathing so heavily it seemed like we ran a 20 mile marathon.

We cuddled to what seemed to be forever, but only a mere 10 minutes. He stood up and started to get dressed. So did I. Once we were dressed, we walked hand in hand back to the four wheeler.