Horny Teen Takesporn stepsister want cock

Horny Teen Takesporn stepsister want cock
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A while back I put an ad on craigslist offering to provide a spanking for local students, housewives or anyone else who could use a good spanking to help with focus or motivation.

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I got a lot of spam but ended up with two serious takers. One was a husband who wanted me to spank his wife to keep her motivated while he was out of town on business for a couple of weeks.


I met the man and his wife at a convenient Starbucks and we made the arrangements. I told them that I required a bare bottom at a minimum. He explained that she was required to remain nude at home at all times so that wouldn't be a problem. I told them that was how I kept my girlfriend as well. Maybe its not as unusual as I thought. This was a good looking woman in her late 40's so I knew I was going to enjoy this.

We agreed that I would come over to their house on the following Saturday morning halfway through his trip and spank his wife until her bottom was bright red and very warm. I would use her phone to take a couple of pictures which she would send to him and he would let us know if it was good enough.

I arrived at the appointed time. It was a nice large house with a good sized yard on all sides. As promised, she was completely naked when she answered the door and let me in. She looked even better than I had imagined. She definitely worked to keep herself in shape and had probably had some work done on her breasts because they were perfect mid-sized mounds that swung nicely when she turned or walked with hard nipples pointing out and not down. She led me to the living room while I watched her equally firm ass and offered me a drink.

"Maybe just water, please" I said. She went into the kitchen and came back with a glass. "My husband usually does this on the couch where I can lay across his lap" she said. I said that would be perfect and sat on middle cushion, placing my glass on the coffee table.


She almost seemed to hesitate before she stretched her thin frame across my legs and I noticed the first sign that she was a little embarrassed. "Have you ever been spanked by anyone other than your husband?" I asked. "Not since I was a girl", she replied. I couldn't help but enjoy the sight of her beautiful cheeks and gently stroked them while we chatted for a few more minutes.

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Finally I said "I guess I should get started. You let me know if I am too easy on you". I started a slow rhythm of heavy slaps alternating between the two sides and working from the upper thighs up to just below the waist. As she started to warm up a little and squirm on my lap, I increased the pace and strength of my blows and put my other arm across the small of her back to hold her in place.

Soon she was kicking her legs and breathing really hard. I had to really hold on to her to keep her from sliding off my lap but I continued to paddle her until my hand really started to feel it as much as her behind.

I stopped for a minute and rubbed her cheeks which made her moan a little. She was the most beautiful shade of red that I have ever seen, it was like her butt was made to be spanked this way. I told her she could get up so we could take the pictures for her husband.

She wiped a couple of tears from her face when she stood up and got her phone. I suggested she stand in front of me and bend over and put her hands on the coffee table.

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Mostly I just wanted to see her in that position. Her breasts hung beautifully. I snapped a couple of photos and she took the phone and sent them to her husband. I sipped my water while we waited and she started to sit down in the chair opposite me but seemed to think better of it and just stood beside it while we chatted some more.

Finally her phone chimed with his response. "He says you do good work but he'd like 50 more strokes with me leaning on the coffee table like in the photos".

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How could I say no to that. She got in position but with her legs spread a little wider this time. I could clearly see her beautiful completely bald mound and noticed how wet she was and how her lips were just starting to come out.

I rubbed her a few times to prepare her and then began delivering hard smacks alternating between each cheek. She would rock forward after each one exhaling heavily and her breasts would swing beneath her the nipples even harder than before then she would move back into position for the next one.

When we were finally done, she didn't stand up right away. She stayed bent over catching her breath while I sat back down on the couch to admire the view.

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When she recovered I asked if she was ok. "Yes, I'm fine. Being bent over in that position makes them so much more intense." she said, We talked for a few more minutes while I watched to make sure she wasn't going to pass out or anything.

Once she seemed to have recovered. she walked me to the door and thanked me for the spanking. "Anytime", I said with a smile and I was smiling the whole way home.


The husband contacted me again a couple of days ago. He is going to be going on another extended trip and wants me to come and spank his wife again. I may have to do it two weekends in a row this time. I won't be complaining about that.