Brunette office babe Tory Lane fucking

Brunette office babe Tory Lane fucking
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My wife Melissa and I have been living out sexual fantasies together and we have grown closer over the few years we've been doing it. One night while lying in bed, Melissa took me that she had a fantasy that she was somewhat afraid to tell me about. I asked her what it was and assured her that she could tell me any desire of hers and I'd help her experience it.

Melissa looked in to my eyes as she troked my cock and said, "I have always wanted to be forced to have sex." I said "You mean a rape fantasy?" "Yes, I have just always wanted a man to totally violate me!" I looked at her and kind of stuttered since I have never forced myself on any woman, nor have I had the desire to do so. "Well, if that's a fantasy of yours it's cool." Melissa smiled as she slowly disappeared under the covers and gave me a slow and wet blowjob.

Now my problem is how can I make this fantasy come true for her and if I can find someone to actually do it, I'd have to wait awhile so she gets the full experience and doesn't expect it. Some time went by and I spoke to a friend of mine that Melissa only knows by name.

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His name is Jim and he's a large african american guy who claims to have a 10 inch cock. One night at the bar after work, I talked to him about her fantasy and he said he'd fuck her for me and he'd make it realistic.

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We came up with a plan and about two months later we had everything set up. I would hide in our walkin closet with him and when Melissa came home from work, he'd give her the fantasy she craved. The night began with Jim and I taking a taxi to our house after telling Melissa I would not be home until late we hid ourselves away. I have to tell you, I was kind of excited to watch my wife being violated by a big cock.

Melissa arrived home and we could hear her pull in to the garage and then unlock the door and enter in to the kitchen.

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I could hear her singing to herself as she looked through the mail and put her coat away. I knew she'd be coming back to the bedroom shortly. I had taken the light bulbs from the light and we waited. We could hear Melissa coming back the hallway and Jim was ready! Melissa walked in to the bedroom and flicked the light switch, "Damn it, what's wrong with that stupid light?" Melissa walked towards her side of the bed and began undressing in the dark and Jim slowly snuck up behind her.

Jim grabbed her by the hair as Melissa screamed, "Shut up bitch!" Jim said in his best ghetto voice. "Where da money bitch?" Jim yelled. "What, I don't have any money!" Melissa answered. "Bitch, I want some money or some jewelry or I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!" Melissa was crying at this point, obviously she was scared to death.

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"Please don't hurt me, I don't have any money or jewelry!" Melissa begged this large black man. Jim drug her around the room and ordered her to find some money as Melissa cried hysterically. "Bitch, I ain't gonna ask you no mo, give me some money!" Jim shouted at her.

Melissa's crying became louder as he drug her around. "Please, I don't have anything, take the keys to my car." "Fuck the car bitch!" Jim said.

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"I should just fuck that pretty pink pussy of yours!" Jim screamed at her. "Please don't do that, please don't!" Melissa begged. Apparently at this point, she had forgotten all about her rape fantasy and was worried that she was about to be killed.

I felt bad and I nearly stopped the whole scene, but she wanted this fantasy so I was going to let it transpire. Jim still had Melissa by the hair and forced her over to the bed and he started pulled off her clothing. "No, please don't do this!" Melissa begged. "You ain't got no money, so I'm gonna fuck that tight white pussy for you!" Jim announced. "Please no, don't do this!" Jim pulled Melissa's panties off and I could hear clothing ripping as he did it and Melissa was crying uncontrollably.

"Bend over bitch and grab that bed!" He again ordered. "No, please!" as Melissa screamed out as Jim began to violate my wife's little pussy with his big cock!

Melissa screamed as his cock pushed roughly in to her pussy! Jim tried to force his cock in to her pussy, but she was dry.

"He pulled her around by the hair and ordered her to spit on his cock!


Melissa did what she was ordered to do through her crying and Jim spun her around and stuck his huge cock against her pussy and jammed it in to her pussy! "Noooo, please!" as Jim's cock slide up her pussy! Jim began to pound her pussy as hard as he could and Melissa just whimpered as she cried trying to take Jim's cock.

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Jim pulled her hair back as he plunged deeper in to her pussy and Melissa jst screamed as his huge cock violated her pretty pink pussy! "How you like that bitch?" Jim asked and Melissa just grew silent as he fucked her pussy. "I should fuck that tight ass for you and see if you like that too!" Jim announced! "No please, just go and I won't tell anyone about this" Melissa pleaded.

"Naw bitch, your ass looks tight, I'm gonna stretch it for you!" Jim slide his cock out and still holding Melissa by the hair spit on her ass and rubbed his huge dick around to lubricate it. "Hold still bitch or I'll fuckin' kill you!" As Jim's cock began to penetrate Melissa's tight little ass, she screamed as he slowly fed his cock up her ass!

"Stop, it hurts, it hurts!" Melissa begged! "Fuck you, I'm just doing to you what you been doin' to the black man you whole life bitch!" Jim said.

Jim finally slid his cock fully in to my wife's tight ass as she screamed and cried and Jim fucked her ass good!


Jim pulled his cock from Melissa's ass and jammed all 10 inches of that big cock in to Melissa's pussy and he pounded her as hard as he could. By this time Melissa just whimpered as his cock slammed her pussy! "I gonna cum in you sweet pussy bitch!" Jim announced. "Please don't, I'll get pregnant, please don't!" Melissa begged. Just about the time she finished begging, Jim grunted and began to pump cum in to Melissa's little pink pussy! "Nooo, please!" she begged as she could feel his warm cum filling her pussy!

"Now bitch I'm going to let you suck my cock clean!" Jim demanded as she held Melissa's hair. She slowly turned and Jim took his cock and ordered Melissa to open her mouth and taste his cock.

Melissa did it as she continued to cry and whimper.

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"Bitch, you better suck my cock like you like it or I'll fucking kill your ass!" Melissa at this point did whatever she was ordered to do and she began to suck his cock! Jim made Melissa suck his cock until he was fully hard again and then told her "I'm gonna cum down your fucking throat for you!" Melissa just sucked the cock as ordered as she cried and finally Jim said, "Bitch, you about to taste some dark chocolate!" Jim began to erupt in Melissa's mouth and she gagged as he shot cum in to her mouth!

After Jim's cock stopped spurting cum in to her mouth, he pulled out and said, "Bitch you sure suck a mean cock!" Jim still holding her by the hair, forced her face down on the bed again and stuck his semi hard cock in to her ass again and fucked her as she cried and whimpered.

Soon Jim was pounding her ass almost as hard as he did her pussy and after several minutes he began to shudder and I knew he was shooting his third load and this one was up her ass!

Melissa just layed there and let him finish. "Ok bitch, you done good. I ain't gonna kill you, but I may come back and fuck you again. You stay on that fucking bed until I'm gone!

I sat there for awhile as Melissa cried in to the bed, and then I went out and flicked on the light on my side of the bed. Melissa looked at me with her tear stained face and I just smiled!

"You asshole!" Melissa announced. Melissa relayed to me that night that she was truly scared for her life, but when Jim's cock violated her she came several times.

Melissa also told me that she had lived out the fantasy and never wanted to feel that way again.

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Melissa and I fucked until dawn and she even let me fuck her swollen ass for her too!