Man is having a threesome

Man is having a threesome
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The Scarecrow Crows nettled on the two poled wooden fence on the farm. The stared at the scarecrow, then to the freshly plowed dirt with seeds in the lines. One cawed loudly at the unnerving but lifless Scarecrow.

One started flying, heading toward the feild. Before it could even land it was cut in half and fell to the ground, it's lower half twitching. The weapon that killed the creature was stuck in the wooden fence. A rusty sickle with fresh blood dripping from the blade.

The rest of the crows took flight, leaving the farm. The entire farm was empty, no one lived inside the house, the only one there was the Scarecrow whose arm went back under the loop that helped hold it up.

It's head fell back down lifeless again as it's tattered brown wool rags, acting like a trench coat, wavered in the wind. Vanessa, a German blonde who was driving to a modeling offer droved down the country road at 80 miles an hour in her, inherited, Corvette.

She loved the 90's modeled car. Her father bought it and left it to her. She looked at herself in her rearview mirror. She was touching up her red lipstick. It was fairly easy seeing she had what was called vaccum lips. Her long bouncy blonde hair shined in the sun. In no way was she pampered however. She worked hard to get this offer, she was a bright young woman who infact got straight A's in school and she wasn't part of any sports and rarely associated with anybody. Confirming she actualy worked for her grades, but she loved to model.

She found the thought of being oogled and jerked off about was a turn on. Wearing a black leather minidress with two red lines on opposite sides that went up the middle of her high C-cup breasts. She also had fishnet stockings and 6 inch black high heels. She finaly looked forward to see a clearing from te trees up ahead.

Her car sped out of the clearing and into the open plains. The crows had come back and they sqauked in horror and fright when they saw the dead body of their former member gone from the place it had fallen. It was now on the shoulder of the Scarecrow put back together. The line from where it was cut was obvious to all of the crows. It's eyes were a tomato red. It's wings now nashed looking. It's head twisted over in less then a second, hearing a car comeing down the road.

It drew another sickle from it's tattered coat. It then whipped the sickle forwards. Vanessa admired the farm that was coming up. It was big and expansive. She saw all of the, at least 100 acres, plowed. She was impressed by the sight. When she looked forward a flock of crows suddenly flew in her way.

Screaming she hit the breaks while gearing right with her car and busting through the fence. She drove into the farm yard a bit as dirt got kicked up everywhere. Her car drifted in the loose dirt and finaly came to a halt.

She opened the car door and looked around. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She knew she couldn't just leave the yard like that. She had to appologize. She was however a bit unnerved by the Scarecrow, it was an ugly thing. With big black worn steel toed boots that looked even more eeire with the trench coat.

The hands seemed molded and were covered with fabric and a steel cast to hold it together. It's face was a potatoe sack with holes cut out for the eyes and mouth, but it still had real eyes under it.

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Shiveled and a molding yellowish white she figured they were clay. The mouth of the Scarecrow was a black hole but the fabric seemed torn out.

Shaking her head she walked toward the house expecting some old fat guy to come out yelling his head off. The Scarecrow watched this new found girl enter his domain. Her nice round ass shifting as she walked in her leather, skin tight dress. He looked back to the sickle he had thrown, it was wobbling in the gate. He was not permitted to leave the premise of the farm, an ancient spell had bound him to the farm. He wanted despratly to leave.

Out of anger he usualy killed anyone her got to stop and ask for help at the farm. When ever the victim was female. He would rape her and then kill her. Vanessa knocked on the door.


10 seconds pasted with no answer. She knocked a little harde as the door slowly opened. A little creeped out she pushed the door open further. She looked inside the house and then entered. Her heels clicked on the floor boards.

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Everything was in perfect order. The chairs were symetricaly placed across from each other and all the dishes were perfect. She walked farther into the house, her hips going to and fro as she had picked up a sexy strut for her modeling career. She looked outside. Clouds had moved in. Suddenly a crash of thuder boomed as the a dark grey replaced the color.

Rain started to pour immeditly. She could barly see outside as the skies darkened to nearly night. "Hello?" she called out. No answer.

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She went up stairs and looked in the three bedrooms. Alls the beds were perfectly made. No ome was found. 'Well I can't leave without saying something. And that rain doesn't look like it's going to leave anytime soon. Maybe I'll just wait, just until the owners get back. But they wouldn't. She looked around the house and found a diary. She knew she shouldn't read it, but something compelled her. She opened the book to the latest entry. "Febuary 23rd, 1925, I can't shake the feeling that Scarecrow is watching me.

The maid says I'm imagining things, but she's the one who got the materials for it. She's a Negro from New Orleans, I thunk she had practice in that voodoo stuff. I see her pray sometimes and I saw her paint something on the fence. I really don't know what it is but she did it before she set up that Scarecrow. I think it's been eyeing me. Staring at my buttocks. It sounds crazy but I just know that damned woman cursed us and I" The entry suddenly cut. Venessa was a bit creeped out by the entry.

She got on the bed to look out the window next to it. On her hands and knees she showed her beautiful arc. Oddly enough the Scarecrow turned her on a little. One of her biggest turn ons was people staring at her body, and she felt like the Scarecrow was.

Anyone behind her would have seen her white ass. She looked at the Scarecrow, but she couldn't see past the rain. Suddenly a bolt of lightning brightened the sky and there it was. An empty cross, the Scarecrow was gone.

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She gasped as another bolt of lightning flashed followed directly by a large crash of thunder that shook the house and she saw the Scarecrow in the reflection of the window holding a pitchfork. She spun around to see it standing it the door way. She backed up on the bed, going nowhere, pushing against the wall. Her eyes were in utter shock and didn't believe it. Her mouth was open in horror, shuddering. The Scarecrow stepped forward stabbing the pitchfork into the ground.

It came forward staring at her shaking, but still sexy body. It placed a hand o her thigh, slowly drifting it up. She was scared out of her mind yet disgusted with herself, her pussy was wet.

She was completely turned on but with so much fear she couldn't move to run. She thought it was going to kill her right then and there. But she knew different when it pulled out a long massive dick that was shrivling flesh.

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She wasn't a whore, but in lust and fear of survival she jumped forward and grabbed the shlong a stuck it in her mouth. Her fingers ventured down her cleavage and under her dress. She slowly rubbed her betraying cunt that was wet with anticipation. She moaned softly as the Scarecrow looked down at her staring with it's hate filled eyes. It removed it's penis from her mouth and threw her against the wall forcfully.

It touched her legs and rose, lifting her dress a bit until her wet G-string was showing. The Scarecrow grabbed the G-string and ripped it off with a single jerk. It then grabbed the tip of the sleeveless dress and yanked down letting her large tits fall out. Harshly it sqeezed her tits. It yanked on the and pulled.

Vanessa moaned a bit at the roughness of the Scarecrow. She lifted one of her stripper legs up to the creatures waist. Needles came in where it's teeth should have been. It came forward and scratched her neck with them. She jerked head away but it actualy made her pussy more wet. It could smell the delicious scent. It lifted it penis to her pussy and with it's other hand grabbed her ass. At the same time it pulled her hips forward and thrusted it's dick into her.

She moaned loudly and roughly looking to the ceiling as her eyes rolled back. It's rough hard hand groped her ass while shoving it's dick in and out of her. She then belted out an orgasm as she started gyrating her hips at a rapid fire pace. She gushed all of the Scarecrows cock. The Scarecrow could taste every little part her touch. When his fabric touched anything it can taste it.

Right now it's body was all over hers, on hand grabbing her right breast, it's other mawing her ass, it's body pressed up against hers thrusting repeatedly. It's teeth on her neck as a black tongue came out and licked the cuts from her neck. Everything about her tasted so good. She moaned out loud, nearly crying her next orgasm and she gushed out on his penish again. Her juices leaked down it's dick onto the fabrics and became dry almost immedity. It was hungry for her. It finaly thrusted once hard as it unloaded in her vagina.

She licked his face looking suductivly into it's eyes. Her hand came caressing it's face. Her hand slowly went down and started jerking off the Scarecrow.

She tasted so good.


The Scarecrow grabbed her neck and whipped her to the bed. It went toward the enterence and wrapped it's hand around the pitchfork. "Hey" she said suductivly looking out the window, bent over the bed, her feet on the ground and her arms lift her as her hips slowly gyrated in the air, "Wanna go again.

You're making me so fucking wet right now, I want you in my ass." It didn't move at first, "You were groping it so much I thought you would like fucking my tight little ass hole." it released the pitchfork and took a step forward when she looked back at him with suductive eyes, "bring the pitchfork." she said licking her top lip.

It pulled the pitchfork from the ground and came forward it lifted the pitchfork over her and grazes her back with it slowly. Her clit was on fire as she moaned outloud while the sharp edges of the pitchfork went over the soft flesh of her back, lining her arc and grazing her ass cheeks, and then the back of her thighs. It put the weapon down on the bed as it put it's duck between her ass cheeks and sqeezed them together over it's dick.

It shifted back and forth letting her soft ass cheeks jack it off. Then finaly it placed it's head over her hole. It pushed it in. She moaned so loud it was almost a scream. It thrusted in and out as it placed it's hands on her shoulders. She grabbed one hand and sucked it's middle finger. She tasted so good, so sweet. It kept going as picked it's pitchfork back up and lifted it over her back getting ready to bring it down.

A bolt of lightning flashed. It saw the breach in the fence, just now noticing it. He could leave. It slammed down the pitchfork, it stabbed right beside Vanessa's head. It gasped both ass cheeks hard, almost vengeful, and with an inhuman speed it teamed her ass.

She screamed moans, unable to contain herself. It slammed a hand on her ass, she cried out in joy as he came again inside of her. She felt the Scarecrows cold seed inside of her ass.

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She loved the feel. She laid out on the bed as one of her middle finger scooped some of the orange cum that was dripping from her ass.

She licked her finger clean. "It tastes like pumpkins." she said with a light laugh. The Scarecrow got to eye level. "I will let you live. You freed me from my bindings as a slave to the farm.


I can leave now." it spoke with 3 voices at once, each darker and more gurtal then the last, "You were an exceptional slut." She smiled biting her finger, "Promise me one thing." she said, it nodded, "Next time you see me, I want you to ravish me, not nice and easy like this time.

But I want you fuck to the brink of my sanity." it's mouth folded in several ways creating an eerie smile. She it would. It walked out of the room. She looked outside and saw it walking toward the broken part of the fence.

She looked over and saw something red under the blankets. She lifted the blankets to see red staining the sheets and dozens of holes in the bed. Then she noticed an orange stain on the side, "Pumpkins." she whispered, "the diary, he raped and murdered her right here." she discovered.

She looked back out the window to see that it was gone. Her fingers slowly started to rub her aching cunt as she licked the stained sheets.