Beautiful Haven Rae takes a public fuck for money

Beautiful Haven Rae takes a public fuck for money
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Kate was girl I'd admired for ages, we were friends but to her.just friends. I had liked her for ages maybe a year.

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She was perfect, her hair was straight and blonde and fell on her shoulders like soft velvet, her eyes were of the most vivid green, and you could see a sparkle that only a few people have in their eyes. She always had a look of interest on her face, showing that she enjoyed life she treated it as something to be lived, enjoyed.

I decided to have a few friends over one night when my parents were gone on holiday, it was only a few people, like 4 or 5 (including Kate obviously), it was a sort of movie and pizza night. "Hey John, how are you? Was what most people greeted me by when they arrived. "So what should we watch?.I have Kill Bill, Taken, Atonement, Saving Private know.just choose something" "I think we should watch Saving Ryan's Privates.I mean Saving Private Ryan" "Oh come on Joe that joke got old like 6 months ago." Joe was always cracking jokes like that, you know the ones that were funny to begin with, but aren't any more.

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Anyway the night continued like this with us eating pizza and watching movies, eventually though midnight came and most people decided to go home. But Kate stayed (thank god) and so did Joe, but only for another half hour or so.

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"So Joe.what you wanna do while you wait for your parents?" "I dunno.we could make out if you want?" Again, another joke that wasn't funny. "Oh come on really should stop with the jokes," Kate said to him. Anyway.what would you do if me and John made out now?" She said jokingly. "You wont.cause girls don't like John.everyone knows I'm the girl magnet" His pompous attitude made Kate and me slightly angry, so she walked over to me and thrust her lips against mine.


We were only making out for like 30 seconds but it was the most enjoyable half minute of my life. "Shit" Joe whispered quietly.jealousy. When we stopped, she looked at me and said "you like that?" All I could say was.well.nothing really, what came from me then was a sort of moan an "ughh".

She laughed and went into the living room. Joe's parents arrived then and he went home. So I followed Kate into the living room, where we talked some more and watched some TV.then she leapt up and said she wanted to go swimming. We had a pool outside, and it being summer and all, so she got changed and went out into the pool. Now I wasn't gonna miss an opportunity like this.

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So I went and put on my trunks and went outside. "You there Kate?" I asked "Yes right here by the other side" she was swimming along the other side of the pool, she swam over to me at which point I realised the bikini she was wearing was left on the side of the pool, and she completely naked.


"Oh err.I didn't.realise you were.ughhh" I said blushing "No I want you to come in with me.only one condition though, you have to be naked as well" I couldn't believe this, here was the girl I'd fantasised so much about swimming naked in MY pool, asking me to strip down and join her. By this time, I had a huge erection that she could obviously see. However, I didn't hesitate for a second before I was naked and in there with her. "The water feels nice doesn't it?" she asked me "Yeh.but.err" I said rather stupidly, but this was because I had my attention focused on her amazing body.watching her swimming, floating on her back and seeing her amazing tits just poking out of the water, her nipples erect because of the temperature of the pool (in relation to the heat of the air).

After a while of swimming in silence she got out and went and sat on one of the deck chairs we had " want to join me up here?" Like she had to ask.

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I got out of the pool and went and joined her, when I sat down she moved closer and started kissing me.I could have unloaded then and there but held my composure.

After a few minutes of kissing she took my erection in her hand and started caressing made me start to moan involuntarily. After a while she stopped, "Why did you stop" I asked her. "Well John its just that.I've know.with a boy before" she said looking away with embarrassment. "Don't worry I've haven't either." I guess she felt better after that cause then she started her hand movements on me again, she started to move her head ever so slowly down towards my hard dick, and after what felt like a lifetime she took my helmet in her mouth and started the same motion but with her lips this time.

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"Ughhhhh" I moaned, starting to feel lightheaded with the intense sensation. She was also using her tongue across that sweet spot of the head, she could taste some pre cum leakin out of me, she was enjoying it almost as much as I was. "Oh god Kate.I'm gonna.I.hold on." she knew what was happening, but continued.

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"Oh god Im cumming!" I said to her and then unloaded into the back of her throat, she let out a little squeal, and then swallowed the whole lot. I was panting very loudly then.but couldn't say anything.I was almost in shock, getting a blowjob from the perfect girl.

"Can the same I said I haven't.before" she asked me very sweetly.

So I did, I moved down her torso kissing all the way down, smelling her musky arousal made me semi hard again almost instantly.

She was soaked and obviously very horny. I started by licking her delicate looking labia, and then moved on to her clit. I hadn't eaten a girl out before so I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but by her low moans and bucking I assumed I was doing something right.

"Oh John.yes.there.Im gonna cum!!!" Then to her surprise as well as mine she squirted, I caught some in my mouth but most of it went on my chin and on the chair.


I licked the remains off of tasted good. After about 20 minutes of us just laying there admiring the stars, she turned to me and said quite abruptly "You wanna fuck me?" Thats all I needed I leant over and kissed her, she then got on top of me and (my dick already hard by then) slid her tight perfect looking pussy over my dick. When she felt me hit the back of her vagina she stopped, and then started rhythmic movements up and down.up, down, up, down.

By this time I was ready to cum, and pass out from the immense sensation, she had the most wonderful feeling, tight pussy (I was assuming, it felt amazing but it was my first time). "Oh god Kate stop I'm gonna cum" I yelled suddenly realising I didnt have a condom on, so she pulled me out just in time, because as she leapt off I started to shoot cum everywhere, it went on her shin as she pulled her leg over me and onto my stomach.

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She licked most of it up then. We saw each other a lot after that.