Euro beauty assfucked after a massage

Euro beauty assfucked after a massage
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I love sunday mornings. No pressure to get up, no annoying buzzing alarms, no rush hour. And the way the golden light of spring filters through the window makes me feel its going to be a great day. I turn around to see the most beautiful thing I ever beheld, but she's not there. Damn, I hate it when she does this. I get up, every muscle yawning and groaning to stay in bed, but I need to go to her, especially today.

I find her in the kitchen, making breakfast. She doesn't notice me over the sizzling of the frying pan, so i step closer, silently.

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She's wearing that slightly oversized hoodie I got her last christmas, and gray cotton panties. The large garment accentuates her nakedness underneath, and the way her ass catches it, not allowing it to fall completely down, showing half of her ass. It really was a good idea for a present. I get closer, slowly, not making a sound. I see the way the light dances on her red hair, making it come ablaze here and there.

I see the way it falls on her back and against her pale skin. I also see she's humming to herself, and wiggling her ass a bit. I finally get close enough. Pouncing as a cat, my arms quickly go around her, embracing her from behind.

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I press my body close, and put my lips to her neck. "Good morning sunshine!" "Ah! Get off me, baby, Im cooking." "What, no good-morning kiss?" She cranks her neck and meets my lips with a quick kiss, but then she stays looking into my eyes.

"Happy aniversary sunshine." She smiles at that, and returns the wishes. "I have a big surprise prepared for you baby" "Oh really?" She asks, reaching back and feeling my semi-hard penis.

"I bet you do." I say I love her too and sit down in a chair near by, letting my friend relax. Then we have breakfast, go do a little shopping in the morning, have lunch, watch a movie, all pretty normal stuff, so I'll just skip those parts. I was waiting. Everytime she'd ask me about my surprise, I'd reply "Soon, baby, soon." About half-way through the afternoon, I'm thinking its about time, and start turning on the works.

We've just watched a movie, nothing especially memorable. She's lying her head in my lap, curled up on the couch. Damn, I didn't think she'd put on trousers to go outside, so that was stupid. It would have made things easier, but I'll work with what I get. I run my hand along her side, and tell her in my bedroom voice "Well, the movie's done. What do you wanna do now?" Her head turns upwards towards me, as I knew it would, and she looks me with those grey-green soft eyes of hers "Can I get my surprise now?" "Do you want it now?" She nods yes, smiling.

I reach down, my fingers gently brushing her face, and move my face closer to hers. Her eyes close, and our lips meet. We kiss lightly a few times. I can wait.

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Then she opens her mouth for me to dart my tongue in. As I do, my hand slips down her neck, to caress her belly with gentle, wide strokes.


I slip my hand under her white tank-top and relish in the feel of her smooth skin. I'm sure she can feel my dick under her head by now, so I break the kiss to look at her. Her pale skin is statring to get flushed, her eyes dreamy and her mouth open, as if she forgot it was even there.

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I'm the luckiest man alive. Diving back in, I place my hand on her colrbone, oner her clothes. Moving down, I feel her small breasts, not having to play with them long to feel her nipples through the fabric. I love it when she doesn't wear a bra.


Guess its a perk of having small breasts, they don't need as much support. She moans in my mouth. My hand goes lower, and catching the hem of her top, pull it over her head. She lies back down, arms at her sides, eyes closed, waiting for me. I slid under her, and for a moment, just look at her milky skin, with strands of her hair contrasting over it, as rivers of fire on snow.


her face and breasts are starting to get flushed, and her pink nipples are standing to attention. Looking at her face, I relaise she's looking at me. Time to go on. I lie on top of her and between her jeaned legs, kissing her, then drawing ack and taking my shirt off. Going back on top of her, I go as low as touching her bosom to my chest and kiss her, the skin-on-skin feeling fantastic.

She feels cold.

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Good thing I'm warm then. She responds to my kiss more enthusiasticaly now, working her tongue more. Looking at the time, I move on, trailing kisses down her jaw and neck, to her breasts, kissing them all over but the nipples.

She puts her hand on my hair, strokig it. She loves my curls, even if I don't, so I keep them for her. I drsg my tongue slowly and flick it over her nipple, making her sigh. I kiss and lick her breasts thoroughly, going all out now, having my fun with her.

After a while, I go planting kisses as footsteps down her belly, licking her navel, getting to her pants.

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My lips ravashing her tummy, I unfasten teh pants as fast as I can, getting her naked on the couch in under a moment. I offer her my hand, which she rakes, and we move to the bedroom, where we can have more space.

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I let her go ahead, watching her ass wobble with each step. Me and my penis both agree that's a great view. Getting to the bed, I strip naked, my member springing free, and lay on the bed, looking as she goes to the drawer to get a scrunchie.

Her arms drawn up to her head as she ties her hair into a ponytail to stay out of the way make her slender curves look even more seductive.

The lazy weekend afternoon light catches her hair again, falling on her shoulders, rolling from her breasts onto her belly, slithering down her thighs and running along her legs to the floor. I trace my eyes back up her body, to find a blushed shy face looking at me. I tell her to come to me. She lie next to me, one of my arms under her neck. I put one leg of hers over mine, and she opens up. I caress her face again, and kiss her. Shortly after, my hand goes to above her pubis, feeling her warm skin.

She doens't look like she's cold anymore. He he, works every time. I go to work, across her shaved pubic area, and put my whole hand over her vagina.