Hidden cam teen toilet london is rectally orgasmic but dr mercies just gives her

Hidden cam teen toilet london is rectally orgasmic but dr mercies just gives her
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Note: This is just a fantasy, not true nor did it happen. It was in fact a recent fantasy.

Enjoy! This all started when I first looked at my friend Lynn in a sexual way. The first time it was hard to picture us fucking, seeing it was on our table in our 3rd period.


Nobody knows how good I am when it comes to picturing and feeling sex even though I'm not really doing it. Most sex fantasies I have tried having of her didn't work out so well seeing she always wore clothing that hid her beautiful curves. Let me describe Lynn for ya. She has very beautiful blonde hair that goes past her shoulders, Blue eyes that could send any guy she falls in love with to heaven, from a guess, her bbeautiful breasts are C cup, I can tell from the outlining of the shirts she wears, even though they barely reveal anything.

Her ass is not too small, and not too big, picture a sexy blonde of your dreams' ass, I'm sur eyou could come up with what I'm saying.


Her weight is near mine, but in a bit better shape than me, I'm just average, no I don't have muscles like most girls look for in a guy. Something I will mention is, she's Bisexual, didn't find that out until later in our relationship. As for me, I'm average in weight, i weigh about 145 pounds, my cock (haven't measured in a while) is a good 6' (inches), and I'm sure if any girl were to suck on it soo good, it gets more erect.

Girls, you should get the idea. I don't have a 6 pack, if I did, I know I wouldn't feel like myself, I have brown eyes and short black hair, I never let it grow to it's full length.

Back to the story. I have always lusted sexually over Lynn for a while now, we were at her hotel room.

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Her family invited me over for dinner, of course I took that opportunity just to be with this sexy blonde. Throughout the entire meal, seeing she was sitting next to me, I kept sneaking my hand over to her leg getting closer and closer to her zipper, she slapped my hand away each time and every time I got the zipper down a little further, she didn't bother pulling it back up.

She must have wanted to feel my hand touching her probably already wet cunt.

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The 2nd to last try, I got my hand fully inside her panties, I grabbed her pussy, I looked at her at the corner of my eye and could tell from her expression she loved what I was doing. Trying not to make my arm seen moving, I started moving my fingers individually all around her now wet pussy.

You know for sure that I wanted to just pull my cock out and fuck her right there on that dinner table, but I kept my composure. What I didn't expect, she got up to go text someone while standing outside, she was outside for 5 minutes and that told me she wanted me outside with her. I asked to be excused and was granted that.

As soon as I got outside and the door closed, I turned around and I was attacked withfrench tongue kissing. I reached around her and grabbed her juicy ass and squeezed it tightly. I didn't care if we were to get caught.

I slid my hands inside her pants and panties and just started massing her ass crack and hole, that sent her over the edge, causing her to moan loudly, it surprisingly didn't cause her parents to come outside and see what the noise was.

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I pulled my hands out and just forcefully pulled her pants and panties off her waist. 1 Whack on the ass made her give me a seductive look, that told me she loved being spanked. I told her rubbing her ass was making my cock rise, she didn't need to be asked, she immediately dropped to her knees, even without anything covering her pussy and ass, she unzipped my shorts pulling them down along with my boxers exposing my rock hard rod.

Her eyes balled wide open but that didn't stop her, with one gulp, Lynn took my entire cock into her moist warm mouth, and it touched the back of her throat, causing her to gag, but she didn't pull away. The hottest sight you'll ever have with a gorgeous blonde like her is seeing and feeling her/them bobbing their head up and down on your cock, and boy it felt so damn good.

I could feel her soft wet tounge swirling around my entire cock while her mouth slid up and down my cock, I wanted to cum right there cause that's just how good it felt.

I told her I was close to cumming, and damnt, she got off her knees and started rubbing her clit and pussy together. I needed NO instruction whatsoever.

I myself, got onto my knees spreading her fine white legs apart and dove my tongue deep into her wet wet pussy. As soon as she felt my tongue touch her G-spot, she covered her mouth to keep her pleasured scream in, when I heard that, I knew I hit the right spot. I continued tonguing that part inside her pussy walls, and trust me, SHE TASTES GOOD!! A few minutes of eating her pussy, she told me she wanted my big rock hard cock in her pussy RIGHT NOW!

Even though I hate being yelled at, I obeyed and told her to lean against the wall with her ass sticking out. She bent over against the wall, I spread her sexy legs apart and began fingering her pussy roughly to get her ready for a hot fucking. When I felt that was enough, I lined my cock up with her pussy and without warning, I plunged my cock deeeeep inside her hot ass, seeing we both LOVED the feeling, I didn't need to be told, I started thrusting my cock in and out and in and out and in and out and INNNNNNNNNN and OUUUUUUUUUTT.

Each thrust was harder than the last, and I'm guessing she loved rough sex. I continued pounding my cock into her sobbing pussy, and trust me, I felt her pussy juices dripped down my cock. I just kept on pounding her juicy ass, slapping every time I thrust my rod into her ass, she kept moaning "OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK YESS, Right THERE!!" To get us bothturned on more, I told herto beg formy cock."OOOOOOOOHHHHH Keep that big fucking cockin my pussy.it needs.it THRIVES to be fucked hard baby!!!" I never told her to lower her tone cause I was lost in a LOAD of pleasure.

After a bunch more thrusts, I felt my balls tightening up which obviously meant I was ready to cum. "I'M CUMMMMMING!!" I yelled as I continued pounding her ass with my cock.

"Cum in my pussy baby.cum for me.big cock!!" she replied.

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I didn't need to be told twice, after 5 more pounds, I shot several, and when I say several, I mean 8 shots of cum into her ass. When she felt that, she said "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, that's it baby, cum for me." I pulled my cock out, and told her to suck it dry.

She dropped to her knees and took my cock into her wet warm moist sexy cock sucking mouth, bobbing her her up and down faster than the first sexy blowjob she gave me earlier.

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After 4 minutes of a hot blowjob, I came again hard into her mouth, and judging by the wet spot I felt under my toes, she came as well, and EXTREMELY hard. "That was the BEST fuck ever," she continued "I'm going to fuck you whenever I see an opportunity, I could give a shit if we're in class, I'm gonna ride that cock I love soooo much!" END XD Laides on XNXX: Want my cock? Just e-mail me at [email protected]