Hot Babes watch a Blowjob Demonstration

Hot Babes watch a Blowjob Demonstration
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She was always such a pretty girl. Long, dark hair, dark eyes and even as a baby, she had such a beautiful, dark, olive complexion. She was also such a sweet, little girl despite the morbid, deprived secret she carried. On the outside, she was a shy, quiet, little thing. Deep inside her, though, was as black as her angelic eyes. She was just a darling, little girl when it started. Wearing her hair up in cute, little pig tails, playing outside in sweet, Sunday dresses.

Just as good, little girls should. So sweet, so innocent. One might think that's when it all changed. Maybe that's the moment that he noticed his little girl. His sweet, loving, trusting little girl. Nothing happened, as the years pasted on. He managed to keep his desires hidden.

Confined to private jerking sessions. When he fucked his wife, he'd close his eyes and think of his pretty, little girl. He'd imagine her, coming in with her sweet, tender knees all dirty, looking up at him all sweaty and smiling, after a long, summer day. Her skin all warm and dark, brushing his when she hugged him. He would fill his wife's lose, sagging pussy with cum, thinking about how tight his daughter's little cunt was.

Finally, he snapped. 'Today was the day,' he though to himself as he called in sick. It was a hot, muggy, summer morning, as he slowly walked his wife to the car. For whatever reason, she was leaving early that day. The pretty, little girl watched from her window as her mother drove away.

She hadn't observed the look in her daddy's eyes, nor did she realize the Hell that was approaching. She met her daddy at the door. Laughing and ready to play. She knew he wasn't sick, she was special. The whole day with daddy. That meant games and ice cream. Playing all day without her vicious mother around to control things. She bounced around like all little girls, ready for something fun.

He watched and laughed as she fell into the couch, ready to watch television. "Maybe there's a game on or something daddy," she laughed. "You want to watch the news." "Sweetheart, there's no game on this early in the morning," he gently replied.

"I'm going to get a cup of coffee, turn on the news for me." She did just as he had asked. Daddy was always kind and gentle with her. Unlike her mother who always seemed to bark orders at everyone. He excused himself to the kitchen. Quietly mixing his bitter coffee with the sour mesh of whiskey.

Though he knew what was going to happen, the warm liquor helped calm his nerves. He couldn't help but be excited about today. Eight or more hours without his bitch of a wife, alone with his unripened, little girl. When he returned to living room. His daughter had the news on. Intensely watching, hoping that she could impress him with intelligent conversation.

She sat there, still in her pajamas, short, little shorts and a t-shirt. She had her knees pulled tight to her chest, sitting there waiting for him to return. He stood there, in the doorway for a moment, watching her. He was admiring how beautiful she had gotten.

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Truthfully, he had been noticing for awhile. Her dark eyes lit up as he walked in to the room. A huge smile streaked across her face as she sat up on her knees. "Daddy, did you know that the market is doing better now," she said, trying to sound like she knew what she was talking about.

"I know, sweetheart. I see," he smiled back. He sat down on the other side of the couch, pretending to watch the news. He watched out the corner of his eyes as she readjusted herself, stretching her legs out across his lap. He smiled, pulling at his jeans, trying to hide the massive erection starting to bulge. While adjusting himself he brushed the bottom of her pretty foot, causing his growing cock to spring up.

She laughed thinking that he was just playing with her and started playfully kicking her little feet around in his lap. He was immensely turned on by her feet so he tickled her. Laughing and rolling back and forth on the couch as her daddy tickled her, kicking at him. At one point, her foot landed on the side of his scruffy face, causing her to jerk back. "Oh, daddy. I'm sorry," she cried.

"I didn't mean to kick you." "It's alright, daddies are like superman," he consoled. "You won't hurt me, I promise." He sat back, enjoying the aroma of her bare, little feet on his face. Feeling his jeans grow tighter.

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He simply sipped his coffee as she continued to kick around at him. Poking her sweet, little toes in his ribs. Laughing, pretending she was tickling him. His little girl smiling at the thought of what the day would be like.


He continued until his cup was empty. "You want something to drink, sweetheart," he asked kindly. "Chocolate milk," she quickly replied.

"Okay, but you know, you can't tell your mother that I gave you chocolate," he said playfully. He walked into the kitchen. He poured himself another whiskey and coffee mixture and started preparing her chocolate milk.

She could hear him stirring the syrup in. She loved her time with daddy. Her mother would never let her have chocolate milk. He returned after a few minutes carrying a tall glass of cold chocolate milk. "Thank you," she replied as she took a large swallow. "A special drink, for a special girl," he said as he kissed her forehead. He sat down again beside her smiling as she drank the milk. She greedily gulped it down, knowing that this was a special treat.

"It tastes kinda funny," she said, hoping not to ruin the moment. "Oh," he responded. "The chocolate syrup must be getting old." He looked at her laughing as the mixture ran down her chin to her t-shirt.

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Laughing to himself, thinking about the vodka he had added to the milk. "It's almost gone now," he said laughing. "Did any of it get in your mouth, sweetheart." He reached over and smeared the chocolate milk across her chin with his thumb. She laughed when she noticed that some had dripped on her shirt. "Go change your shirt so we can wash it," he ordered. He took a large drink of his coffee, ignoring the burning as he poured the sour liquid down his throat.

He watched as his daughter got up and turned toward her room. She was beautiful he thought to himself. Her tight, little ass had grown. He could see her sweet, young ass cheeks hanging out from beneath her shorts. He felt his mouth water as he thought about sticking his tongue in her innocent, sung, little pussy. "It's time to get dressed to, honey," he yelled from the living room. She pulled her t-shirt off and threw it across the bed, then slid her shorts down.

As she bent over to pull them off her ankles, she felt herself stagger slightly.

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She stood there, completely naked in the safety of her bedroom, trying to regain her balance. With her back to the door, she never noticed her daddy standing there watching. Rubbing his cock as he stared at his daughter's young, untouched ass. She was beautiful, the thought to himself. Her tight, little pussy lips hung down slightly. It amazed him that no little boys had tried to make it with his precious little girl. He stood there smiling as she giggled and stumbled around, looking for something to wear.

She still hadn't noticed him standing in the doorway as she bent over, digging in a dresser drawer. As she bent over, her pussy displayed just how grown up she was. It was thickening and pink. He could see a small, little patch of black pubic hair forming at the top of his daughter's clit.

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He smiled as he rubbed himself harder. She had to know that he was there, his breathing had increased, quiet, deep moans as he stroked himself.

Suddenly she turned and wrenched in disbelief. "Daddy," she yelled.

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Desperately trying to cover herself. He simply smiled as he watched her trying to hide her perky, little titties and fresh, virgin cunt. He stroked himself as she bounced around the room, hopelessly searching for cover.

He laughed as he walked slowly toward her. Reaching his hand out to her. She finally noticed the evil look in her daddy's eyes as she coward tight into a corner. She felt his rough, calloused hands grab her arm as he briskly jerked her up. The air forced rapidly from her chest as she hit the firm mattress. He quickly spun her over on her back, so she was looking up at the man that was still her father, preparing to take her.

His hand wrapped tightly around her little throat, choking her. His body weight holding her in place as he leaned in and rammed his tongue down her throat.

He pushed his other hand under her leg, forcing her calf muscle over his shoulder as he continued deeply tongue kiss her sweet, little mouth. Her little body wrenched as she tried to fight back. His body smothering her as he kissed down her neck.

She felt her body involuntarily arched as he bit and sucked on her perky, little nipples.


He was moaning loudly as he jerked his thick, eager cock, kissing down her thin, petite body. She cried to cry out when she felt his warm breath over her pubic area.

He paused for a moment, burying his nose in her thin, black tuft. Inhale the sweet smell of her tiny cunt. "Sweetheart, you smell great," he said happily. Her body jerked as he slid his long, wet tongue between her pussy lips. Uncontrollably, juices flowed from her body. She could feel her thighs moisten as he continued licking her. She tried desperately to stop them, but it was no use. Her daddy licked up every drop as it poured out her tight, little hole. He released her throat, sliding his hand down her fragile body.

He grabbed at her little titties, pinching and pulling, making her scream out in pain, while he quickly stroked his thick shaft. She could hear his breathing grow faster as she continued to lay there, taken her abuse. He sucked hard on her aching clit, making her arch higher in the air. Her thick juice oozing out her young body. She was petrified, not know what was happening to her.

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Her little body shook violently as he pushed his fat finger inside her. She cried out, begging him to stop. He kept sliding his thick digit in and out of her little cunt, until she felt her body let go. She screamed and cried, as she felt the sudden rush of warm, gooey liquid spray out of her body.

"That's a good, little girl," he praised.

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"Cum for me, cum all over your daddy." She wasn't sure of what she felt. Did she like it? Was it wrong? Thoughts flooded her mind as he continued his assault. She watch as her daddy stood up. She laid there, exhausted from her torture, pulling at the sheets, trying to regain control of her body. Before she could breathe, he jerked her from the bed. With a sharp gasp he threw her to the floor.

"You're such a nasty, little slut," he said mockingly. "Wait until I tell your mother what I caught you doing." Not knowing what he was talking about, but not wanting to get into trouble, she begged him not to tell on her.

"Daddy, please," she begged from the floor, crawling to her knees. "Don't tell, I'll do anything." "Anything," he smirked. "Get on your knees." Before she could say anything more, he grabbed the back of her head and slammed his enormous cock down his young, daughter's throat.

He held her head there as she gagged and gasped for air. She felt the thick, mucky liquid from her stomach racing toward her throat. She retched as he pulled his cock back out her tiny throat. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, leaving a thick strand of saliva dangling from her thin, little lips.


She pursed her lips tight as his huge piece of meat approached her mouth again. He slapped her across the cheek with his monstrous shaft. As she opened her pretty, little mouth to protest, he rammed it back down her throat again. He glided his massive cock in and out between her lips. Sliding his veiny cock over her soft tongue.

Spit mixed with her daddy's milky precum dripped from her chin. She gave a slight smile as she began to lick the salty mixture from her lips. Looking down, he laughed, watching as he fucked his sweet, little girl's mouth. Forcing her head further down, forcing her to swallow every inch of him.

"That's a good girl," he said. He jerked her head back, again leaving a gooey strand of the spit mixture hanging from her lips and threw her over the edge of the bed. The impact knocked the air from her lungs. She could feel the thick head of his cock as he gently rubbed her throbbing slit.

Carefully, he pushed his swollen tip in, spreading her young, soft pussy lips apart. She cringed as he slide every burning inch inside her tight, little pussy. Screaming as it began to rip her virgin cunt wide open.

The laid there, bent over the firm mattress. One hand grabbing at the sheets, the other trying to force her daddy's hips back. He continued to violate his little girl. Her chest was pushed tight against the bed, making her gasp for breath under her daddy's heavy thrusts. He grabbed the back of her head, jerking her head toward him.

"Watch me cum," he demanded. "Watch me fucking cum inside you." She screamed, but no one heard her. Her childish sobs made him thrust violently against her as he made her watch him. His cold, dark eyes locked tightly into hers. His breath growing deeper as he continued raping her. "That's it," he moaned. "Daddy's little whore. Are you ready for me to cum." As they both screamed, she felt her daddy's long, massive cock twitch and explode inside her.

His hot, sticky cum filling her warn out pussy full, making her body release her own nasty, wet juices. He proceeded fucking her, making their cum seep out around his softening cock. She felt relief as he eased his cock out of her. "Get down on your knee, sweetheart," he gently ordered. "You have to know what it tastes like." He forced her to her knees again, instructing her to clean up her mess. Her tears and cries, muffled by her daddy's limp cock buried in her mouth.

He held it there, until she had cleaned off every drop of cum from his shaft. When he was satisfied, he pulled it out of his precious daughter's mouth. She fell back into the corner, exhausted and used. "Clean yourself up and get dressed, sweetheart," he said proudly. "You know, a good, little girl will never tell."