Gordinha com saudades do EX se abriu todinha para ele

Gordinha com saudades do EX se abriu todinha para ele
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Foreword: Hi this is LovesHotGirls.

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On my last story there were random question marks everywhere, I'm sorry about that, the website added them for a dumb reason. It was because I tend to type a space after a paragraph. I'll try not to on this sequel, enjoy. Another thing, me and Alpha are white, and Charlie and Bravo are black, I forgot to mention that on the first one. Rapehouse 2: Finishing Jeanne "Aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!" a loud cry of terror is heard from Jeanne's cell as I smoke a cigarette outside and look at the moon.

For the last 72 hours I have been getting paid to let people rape Jeanne, a girl I kidnapped from work. My conscience is kicking in so I think I'm about to let her go. She has been raped by 12 customers and an additional 4 people, Delta (me), and Charlie Bravo and Alpha (my staff). We are wanted by the police and must leave this rapehouse by sunrise as I bought it under my name.

Time to put out my cigarette and rape her for my last few times."Are you warmed up guys?" "Yes sir!" the three muscular ex-marine rapehouse staff reply. Jeanne looks like shit. Her ass and tits are red from being slapped so much, her pussy and anal glands are swollen, and she's so beat up and tired that she is too weak to fight back, that devices and restrains were no longer needed to rape her.


Blood is dripping from her lips from being pimp slapped so much. "I'm about to let you go Jeanne, just be extra obedient okay?" I tell her. "Now get on your knees and kiss the tip of my cock" She drops to her knees and grabs my rock hard cock and she gives it a kiss. A line of saliva and pre cum is connecting her lips and my cock after she pulls away.

"Please let me go!" she begs with tears on her eyes. "Suck, then bitch!" I yell.She starts giving me a gentle blow job. I look up at the ceiling and enjoy for a minute. "Now kiss it and tell me that you love my cock" She hesitates, but then kisses it "I-I love your cock." she says as she is crying. "Now tell me that without my cock you are a useless bitch!" I demand. An even longer hesitation. "Without your cock I am a useless bitch." She whispers with her eyes closed.

"Now beg for it!

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Beg for my eight inch cock!" I command. "please, I want your cock!" Jeanne falsely begs. "Then take it down your throat" I say. "I can't, my throat hurts" she says, as her throat is swollen from repeatedly deep throating 16 different cocks within the last three days. "Do it anyway bitch!" I yell as slap her in the face.She starts swallowing my cock with bloody lips. As she is doing this I talk to the guys. "okay, at first remember when I didn't wanna get her pregnant?

That's so that the DNA didn't trace back to us.

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But now we are wanted felons, so it doesn't matter, let's all cum in her pussy as many times as we can, then drop her off at her work so everyone can see her naked raped body!" Jeanne suddenly pulls my cock out of her mouth and yells "No!!!

You can't do this!!" We carry her to a bedroom downstairs.

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I lie on my back and place her on top of me cow girl style. Bravo starts throat fucking her while alpha and Charlie double anal fuck her doggy style. I knew how to position us from watching porn on my laptop in Iraq. So we all start mercilessly destroying her 3 holes by pounding her like there was no tomorrow.

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The weight of Charlie and alpha on top and behind her smushed her tits against my face. Having this and fucking her pussy at the same time was too much, I push my cock as deep as I can go and I explode with cum deep in her pussy filling her up. I rolled from under the bed, went to the couch and rested my balls for the next orgasm as I watched as charlie replaced me and left her ass all to Alpha.

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Charlie had a 10 inch black cock and fucked her good and came in her pussy. Then he was replaced by Bravo. Bravo had a 9 inch, longer buy thinner than mine. Me and Charlie watched as they double penetrated her. Her mouth was now open and she was screaming for her life. I could tell that her screams were turning on alpha and Bravo even more. Bravo came in her then it was alpha's turn. He had a 7 inch cock, the shortest but the second thickest.

He was hyper on sex energy drinks he bought at a gas station. Since he was alone with Jeanne on the bed, it was easier for him to fuck her and he fucked her pussy so hard doggy style that her body jerked like a rag doll from his strength and hyper activity. He then grunted as he came in her.


We repeated this cycle 5 times that night leaving 20 loads of cum in her pussy. It is now 5:30 amI see the sun rising. "Lets release her and get the FUCK out of California!" I tell my staff. We pack everything, from clothes to ammo for our fire arms and put it all in the van. We take the van and drive right outside her work building.

Carry her body out of the van and lay her down on the sidewalk. I handcuff her right arm the leg of a mail box so she can't hide from humiliation. "Goodbye, I hope you learned to quit being a tease, bitch." I tell her, and hop back into the van and we drive off.

Half an hour later the first co-worker arrives and finds jean on the floor curled up, cum dripping from her anal cavity and her pussy. "Oh my god, Jeanne!!!" he yells. He calls the police and ambulance. They arrive and as they are cutting her free from the mailbox, she pukes and pure semen comes out of her mouth and it splats on the sidewalk. Then her boyfriend arrives. "Baby, I was raped!!!" she tells him, and he stares at her blankly.

"Jeanne, I hope you realize I can't date you, not like this. Especially if you get pregnant." he runs away into the office and Jeanne bursts into tears. The ambulance takes her to the hospital. 12 people paying 50 dollars a day for 3 days left us with 1800 dollars to stabilize in our new destination where there's bound to be hot bitches.

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Las Vegas, Nevada. (To be continued.)