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Ecstatic anal plowing for cute babe
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"Poe Dameron." Kylo Ren's electronic voice interrupts Poe's nap. Poe lays on the bed in the small cell, arms crossed. His eyes narrow as Kylo's frame fills the door. "I hope you're comfortable." "Considering what it cost… not really." "You will assist me today," Kylo orders. Poe sits up. "What could you possibly need me for? Rey's not enough for you anymore? You need another partner for your sick games." "Are you offering?" An awkward silence.

Kylo takes his helmet off. Let's it drop to the ground. He smirks at Poe. "Rey is my apprentice now." "Huh. Do you always fuck your apprentices?" "You're going to participate in her training." "Whatever you're doing to her, stop it." Poe stands and approaches Kylo. Kylo stares down at Poe, a whole head taller.

Kylo raises an eyebrow. "Or what? What are you going to do about it?" Poe grabs the front of Kylo's shirt and SLAMS him against the wall. Kylo doesn't resist. "We won't be intimidated by YOU, Kylo Ren." Kylo smirks. He looks at Poe with a mocking gaze. He stares down at where Poe's hands clench his shirt. "Are you sure you want to do that?" "Oh, you'll use your force powers on me?

You can't fight like a man?" Poe spats. Kylo's gaze softens. He raises a gloved hand and runs his thumb across Poe's bottom lip. Poe is startled, unsettled by the gesture. He feels weaker, suddenly, and pleads with Kylo. "Please. Let her go. Don't do what you did to her again. Even the First Order isn't that low." "I'm not doing anything to her. Just awakening the darkness already inside her." Poe grits his teeth and pushes on Kylo harder into the wall. Getting right in his face.

"If you hurt her—" "I'm not hurting her. I've never hurt her." Poe shakes his head. "I don't believe you.

You did— that terrible thing to her." "You know she's dangerous." Kylo leans forward and speaks softly into Poe's ear. "Are you going to hurt me, Poe? Or do you just like being this close to me…" Poe lets Kylo go and steps back, suddenly uncomfortable.

Poe shakes his head and narrows his eyes suspiciously. "What do you want from me?" "I'm not a monster. Despite what you think. I can't let her go. Not after what she did to me. Rey is lucky I haven't executed her. If you care about her so much, can't you be grateful she's alive?" Poe wants to punch Kylo's smug face. He hesitates. Not wanting Kylo to force freeze him and invade his mind again. Kylo looms over Poe, looks down at him.

Kylo is a whole head taller than Poe. "You really want to hurt me, don't you? Kill me, even. And the resistance pretends to be so altruistic." Poe starts to turn away, trying to to let Kylo Ren get under his skin. Kylo holds his arms outstretched, in a 'come at me' motion. "Hit me. Go for it. I promise I won't use my power on you. You think you can take me? I dare you to try." Poe doesn't hesitate. He launches himself at Kylo. Kylo falls to the ground, the wind knocked out of him.

Poe is on top of him, SWINGING his fists into Kylo's face. Poe lands a hard blow to the side of Kylo's face. Poe goes in for a second hit - but Kylo BLOCKS it. He bucks Poe off of him and gains the superior position on top.

Kylo begins wailing on Poe. But Poe is an experienced fighter. He gets his knee free from between Kylo's and KNEES Kylo in the side. Poe gets up and KICKS Kylo in the gut. Kylo stumbles back— then Poe finds himself force slammed against the wall. He moans in pain. Kylo gets up. "Enough of this." He opens the cell door and two stormtroopers come in. "Take him," Kylo orders. He picks his helmet up and puts it back on. The stormtroopers shackle Poe's wrists together in front of him.

Poe is dreading whatever Kylo has in store. Rey is waiting outside. She makes eye contact with Poe. Poe winks at her, reassuringly. The trio walk in silence, followed by a pair of stormtroopers.

Rey doesn't know where they're going and she's afraid to ask. They arrive at a blank wall. Kylo waves his hand over the wall and a portal opens.

He motions Poe and Rey through. The stormtroopers stay behind. They find themselves in what looks like a dark cavern. It stretches on forever. A sea of endless darkness.

All Rey can see is ground stretching forever into darkness. "Where are we?" she asks. "Deep inside Star Killer base." "What are we doing here?" Poe asks. Kylo removes his helmet and plunks it to the ground. Kylo senses and equal attraction Rey has for both himself and Poe Dameron. It was a completely different kind of attraction.

He knows that Rey responds to him physically. But he frightens her. And as much as he also arouses her, it's an intensity that she hasn't experienced before. A new… sexual awakening. And it scares her. And because of that, she wants to run into the arms of someone comfortable: Poe. He has the worldly experience and kind smile that comforts her. Kylo is not jealous of Poe.

That's what he tells himself anyway. He saw Poe as what his parents wanted him to be. A hot sot pilot. Dedicated to the resistance. Poe and Kylo Ren are the same age.

But Poe is Kylo's mother's most trusted agent. And Kylo, her own son, is her biggest enemy. Kylo would have killed the man just for that. But he felt compelled to keep Poe alive the same way he wants to keep Rey alive. "Come here," he orders Rey. She comes over to him. He turns her around and takes the collar off. Rey backs away from him. She feels her force ability coming back to her. She draws it into herself and BLASTS it out. Kylo is knocked back only slightly.

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"Don't get too comfortable with freedom." Kylo pushes Poe to his knees. He pulls out a whip. He turns to Rey, who looks horrified. "I'll give you a choice. Learn to heal or learn to invade his mind." "I don't want to hurt Poe." Poe sits up, tries to turn towards them. "I don't want to be hurt." "Rey, you promised." "Luke's training never hurt anyone." "Luke's an idiot. And look how unskilled you are. If his training was worth anything, you wouldn't be here." Rey hesitates, staring at the whip and at Poe.

She shakes her head slowly. "We made a deal, Rey. Remember Finn? Or is he not important to you anymore?" Rey feels sick to her stomach. Poe turns to her. "It's okay, Rey. Whatever you have to do, I'll understand." Kylo hands her the whip.

She refuses to take it. "Then you'll invade his mind?" Kylo says. Rey nods hesitantly. "You remember when I did it to you, and you did it back to me?" Rey nods. "Do it again. Do it to him. Look around his mind and tell me what you see." When Rey hesitates, Kylo takes her hand and positions it over Poe's head.

Kylo stands so close to her that their bodies are touching. Her back is up against his chest. Rey concentrates. She pushes into Poe's mind, as gently as she can, and feels comfort inside it.

Kylo breathes down her ear. "Tell me what you see." "I see… frustration being here. Horror at being captured… You… and me." Rey feels like the wind's been knocked out of her when she sees Kylo force himself on her through Poe's eyes.

Poe feeling helpless… yet intrigued. Like watching a spaceship crash, a grotesque fascination. "Tell me." "I see you and me…" Then she sees Kylo visit Poe's cell… and another attraction growing.

Rey is confused by what she sees. "And you being held down…" Rey pulls out. Not wanting to see more. She looks down and Poe looks to be in pain. "I can't anymore," she says. "We've only just begun." Rey pulls away, out of Kylo's grasp. "I just… need a moment." "Get back here." Rey is unable to contain her grimace. But she stays where she is. "I'll do it then. I'll bring out his desires to show you." Kylo puts his hand over Poe's face. Poe tilts his head up and screams. Kylo releases the shackles binding Poe's hands.

"What is this? What are you doing to him?" Rey shouts, alarmed. "Stop it!" Rey tries to grab onto Kylo's arm to stop him. Kylo force-shoves her away and she flies across the room.

Kylo kneels down in front of Poe. "What do you want, Poe? What do you desire?" Poe reaches out and lightly touches Kylo's chest. "What are you doing to me?" "I'm only bringing out the desires you've had all along." Poe shakes his head. "No, you're doing something… bad…" Poe holds his head. Kylo leans in closer. "Tell me what you want…" Kylo dips into Poe's head, intentionally triggering every attraction and desire Poe has had… Kylo can see the sp "Kiss me," Kylo orders Poe.

Kylo stands up and pulls Poe up with him. Poe's face is vulnerable and open… his posture fragile. Poe moves closer to Kylo. Kylo stretches to his full height, forcing Poe to stand on his toes to reach Kylo's lips.

Poe braces his hands against Kylo's chest as he lightly brushes his lips across Kylo's. Sensuously licks Kylo's bottom lip.

The man was a better kisser than Kylo thought. Kylo is surprised that he enjoyed the kiss. Rey runs around the room. But wherever she runs ends in a cliff into darkness. She runs along the edge and it's endless. When she returns, she sees Poe kissing Kylo. It seems surreal and doesn't make sense. Nothing made sense since she was captured by Kylo Ren. She ran back, fearful of what he was doing to Poe.

She sees the collar on the ground beside his feet. She takes advantage of Kylo's distraction and picks up the collar. Rey tackles him while he's distracted with Poe. She thrusts the collar around his neck and clamps it on. It immediately dampens his force ability. Poe snaps out of the trance Kylo had him in and sees Rey jumping on Kylo's back, attempting to subdue him. Rey tries to force herself into his mind— but even with the collar on, his force ability is too strong.

"Poe! The restraints!" Poe snaps out of his confusion and grabs the restraints. Him and Rey wrestle Kylo to the ground and manage to force his hands behind his back and snap the restraints on. "You're not getting out of here without me. Take the collar OFF," Kylo demands.

"How do we get out of here?" Rey asks. "Let me go or we're staying here forever." Rey picks up the whip. "I'll make you tell me." "You really are a sadist, aren't you?" Kylo taunts her. Rey slaps him across the face. "I'm nothing like you." "I know you're not. I'm not the one who grew up feeding—scavenging— off the remains of the empire and then joining the ones who took it down—" Rey slaps him again.

Kylo smirks. "I like it when you hit me. It's exciting to see you so angry. So passionate." Rey moves to hit him again. Poe grabs her arm and stops her. "Hey, hey, hey…" he says, soothingly.

"This isn't going to get us anywhere." "He's a monster," Rey says. She wants to wipe the smug expression off Kylo's face. "You know why I chose this place?" Kylo says. "Because there's no way out without me." Poe looks around. "There has to be some way out." "There is a way out," Kylo says.

"Can you make a portal, Rey? No? Okay, then I'm the only way out." Rey hugs Poe. Poe wraps his arms around her, rocking her gently. Smoothing back her hair, speaking to her soothingly. "It's okay. We'll find a way out of this. There's got to be a way." Rey feels comforted in his arms.

"Look into his mind, Rey. He'll never like you that way. He could never love you," Kylo taunts, cruelly. Rey picks up the whip. She wants to beat him to death. She wants to kill him. She pulls her shoulder back, prepares to hit him— "I knew you had the darkness in you. It was just bubbling beneath the surface. Give in! Give in to the dark side! It feels good, doesn't it?" "Don't let him get to you!

He's tricking you," Poe cautions. Rey knows Kylo is right. He is succeeding in pushing her to the dark side. She wants to break down in tears. What choices does she have? Everything seemed so futile. How would she escape? She felt like she had no option but to cooperate with whatever he wanted. "There's nothing out here," Rey told Poe. "There's no way back." Poe went to walk the perimeter to see if he could find something that would get them out of there.

"You're so much worse than me. You would kill me here, in cold blood? Both of you are murderers." Kylo was the one who was restrained - the collar around his neck, his hands clamped behind is back.

And still he had all the power. She realized they weren't getting out of here without him. And the moment she took the collar off, she'd be back under his control.

"Take the collar off of me," Kylo said softly. "I'll get you out of here. And I'm not mad at you. I'm pleased with the progress you've made." Rey sits on the ground, frustrated. "I've never hit you, Rey. Not once," Kylo says softly. "If you think back, I've never hurt you while you were helpless, the way you want to hurt me. Why do I deserve such cruelty from you?" Rey stares at him— drawing all she can on the force, and tries to penetrate his mind. His eyes widen in surprise and he fights back.

They engage in a mental battle. But Kylo has been training and closes his mind. Even with the collar, pushes her out.

"This is why you need a teacher." "I had a teacher." "He wouldn't have gotten you far. I trained under him too. I progressed so much faster, learned so much more under Supreme Leader Snoke, than I ever learned from that peasant." "Shut up." Kylo's eyebrow quirks in annoyance. But he remains quiet and they sit there silently until Poe comes back. Poe sighs and sits down next to Rey. She looks at him hopefully. He shakes his head.

"You know what you have to do," Kylo says. A few minutes later, they're back in the halls of Starkiller Base. Poe's shackles are back on and Kylo leads Rey by the leash. A pair of stormtroopers are waiting. "Take him back to his cell," Kylo tells them. They begin to take Poe, but then Kylo halts them. He runs his hand along Poe's lips and says, "I'll be seeing you again." Poe barely has time to react before the stormtroopers usher him away.

Rey is disturbed by Kylo's gesture. What did it mean for Poe? She worried for her friend. It broke Rey's heart to see him go. His presence comforted her like a warm blanket. And when he was gone, the coldness of Starkiller Base returned. Rey can't stop feeling anxiety on their way back. The hope of freedom was crushed. She wished she hadn't hoped. Wished she was at least going to a cell where she would be alone. She didn't even care if she was cold and naked. As long as the devil wasn't there to torment her.

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When they walk through the door of Kylo's apartment, Rey doesn't know what to expect. When Kylo closes the door behind him, he says, "Get on all fours." Rey's heart skips a beat, but she glares at him. She tries to stay strong. Kylo snaps. He pulls out his light saber, fires it up. Points it at her neck. "Get. On. All. Fours," he orders. Rey grits her teeth defiantly. "This is not—" She freezes. Loses the ability to control her face as he freezes her head.

Kylo puts the light saber away. "Do you want to repeat this morning? Get. On. All. Fours." He releases her from the force freeze. "Or maybe I should do it to Poe Dameron? Let him go through the same thing you did." Rey sinks slowly down to the ground, positioning herself on all fours.

She stares defiantly forward. "Crawl to my bedroom." His voice is tight, controlled. Deep. Rey does what she's told and crawls on all fours, to the bedroom. He follows slowly, menacingly, behind her.

He's trying to maintain control. He wants to rip off her clothes and fuck her right there. But he holds himself back, though he imagines himself between her legs as she crawls into his room. Rey stops just past the doorway. Kylo picks up her light body by the waist and throws her onto the bed.

He flips her onto her back and slides effortlessly between her legs. Before she can push him away, he pins her hands to the bed. Rey snaps at him with her teeth, her face contorted in fury. "What are you going to do now? Rape me again?" Kylo laughs. He wants to tear her apart right here.

He grinds himself against her. She can feel his hardness. "You'd like that wouldn't you?" He picks her up and FORCE SLAMS her against the wall. He moves up to her and she hears two CLICKS. Her arms are pinned to the wall above her head. She looks at him, questioningly, in horror. "I've been waiting to use these.

I had them installed a few days ago." "You're disgusting." He smiles. Kisses her softly on the lips, while she cringes away. He roughly puts his hand down her pants and feels the wetness between her legs.

He smiles against Rey's lips. "You're always wet for me." Rey shakes her head. Kylo taps her head with his finger. "You can't hide, Rey. You can't hide from ME." "I think you've ruined these clothes. Look at you. Dirty, covered in blood and sweat." He picks up his light saber and burns her clothes away, pulling them off as the fabric gives way to the fiery heat.

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He steps away from her. His heart is pounding in his chest with his want for her. He steps into the living room and slams the door shut. And he leaves her that way. Naked. Vulnerable. Rey is left alone in the dark. She slump against the metal that restrains her wrists. She struggles against it but it just cuts into her skin. In the darkness, she's not sure how much time passes. She knows it's at least an hour or two. She feels unsettled. Can't seem to get comfortable.

She listens to him moving around in the living room. She listens carefully. It seems there's a knock on the door and he lets somebody into the room. A lilting female voice. Laughing giggling. She hears Kylo's booming laughter. Rey's heart beats as she tries to figure out what's going on. More time passes. She hears them talking and laughing but can't make out what they're saying. Eventually she smells food… and her stomach rumbles.

She kicks the wall. Considers screaming out. But the thought makes her nervous. She doesn't know who is through that door. It goes silent for a while and Rey wonders if the visitor left. Then the bedroom door opens. Kylo Ren stumbles through entangled with another woman.

Rey can't make her out too well in the darkness. Kylo pulls her to the bed as they kiss and grope each other. Kylo lays the woman across the bed. He lights two candles on his night stands. A faint light illuminates the bed. Rey still can't see the woman's face, but the woman has long, shiny blond hair, and wears a some kind of silky red dress. Kylo lays over her - her head is at the foot of the bed facing Rey, so that Kylo can peek up from kissing her to stare at Rey.

Rey starts to yell out, indignantly— and feels her throat constrict. Kylo looks up at her, an evil, mocking expression on his face. He force freezes her head, so she cannot move. Cannot look away.

Cannot close her eyes. Rey is pinned against the wall, unable to cry out. She wants to interrupt them, stop them, or leave the room. But is forced to watch as Kylo begins to suckle the woman's breast. "You're so beautiful…" he murmurs to her. He slowly, sensuously, strips off the woman's dress. She moans as he places gentle kisses down her neck all the way to her belly.

He positions himself between the woman's legs, preparing to enter her. Kylo stares at Rey— then he THRUSTS himself into her mind. Rey can feel what he's feeling— the feel of his penis thrusting into the woman's vagina. The mad, unsatisfied, LUST he feels. Rey feels her body responding, feels like her body is being invaded, even though he isn't even touching her. The woman cries out as Kylo slams into her. Kylo uses his force senses to be in both Rey's mind and the woman's mind at the same time, forcing pleasure on both of them.

Only the woman doesn't know what' happening and is completely lost in pleasure. And then, as his orgasm peaks, he thrusts her back out of his mind.

Back into the darkness of the room. Rey is left with a feeling of a void, a dissatisfied, frustrated desire for human contact. For release. They lay there together. Kylo plays with her hair.

"Do you want to stay the night?" he asks. "My retainers are waiting for me outside." She kisses him. "But I'll see you tomorrow at the banquet?" "I don't usually go to those things." "But you'll go for me?" the woman asks cutely. Kylo smiles. "I'll go for you." Rey doesn't know how the woman doesn't see her, even though it is dark. She assumes Kylo did a force trick on her mind. When the woman leaves, Kylo turns on the bedroom lights.

He releases Rey's body from the force freeze. She breathes a giant breath of air. Rey stares at Kylo, horrified. Feeling like he's somebody she doesn't know.

Like she understands him even less now. "What was that?" she asks him. "What was what?" "Who is she?" "That was Ailani. Princess Ailani from the republic." "And you just… called her over?" "We've been dating." Rey shakes her head.

Upset and… angry. Kylo looms over her, presses his chest against her face as he unlocks the shackles. Rey glares up at him. She rubs her wrists which are bruised and sore from being held so long. Kylo shrugs. "Why does this upset you? You've made it VERY clear you're not interested in me romantically.

I don't see why this should bother you." "You're sick." "Are you jealous?" "No. I'm disgusted." "Wrong. You like me. But we're not an appropriate match, Rey. I wish you could see how uncivilized you are. How bad your manners are. I could never take you to a proper dinner and pass you off as a regular citizen of the First Order." Kylo begins taking off his clothes, hanging them up in the closet.

He walks out, shirtless. "She's a princess. Technically I'm a prince. And who are you? You're just… a nothing. You're just Rey." "Then why don't you let me go? Then you can be with your princess in peace." Rey turns around, infuriated, and tries to walk away from him. He throws his arm around her waist and yanks her naked body back, holding her against his chest. "Ha ha… Doesn't work that way, Rey. You're mine. You're like my pet." He kisses the back of her head.

"You wouldn't get rid of a dog just because you got a girlfriend. Even if the dog was still disobedient." Rey elbows him and tries to wrestle out of his grasp. He grabs her tightly and holds her back against his chest. He speaks sensuously into her ear. "Unless you want to be my girlfriend? I know you're attracted to me. You can't hide it. If you were my girlfriend, I would fuck you and make you cum every night." Kylo runs his hand down her belly and strafes the edge of her pants.

He breaths and nibbles on her ear. "Rey…" He reaches his hand down her body, slowly inching his way between her legs. She moans in pleasure as he gently massages her clit.

She goes weak in the knees as she feels herself moisten to his touch. His fingers slowly work their way inside her. She feels intense pressure building. She leans back against him and he kisses her neck. "Kylo… stop…" she breathes. She feels her orgasm building as his fingers work inside her. Her lower body starts to go limp as she succumbs to the pleasure… "Kylo…" she says his name, breathing heavily. She's so close to release, and as it builds, builds— he SHOVES her away from him.

She stumbles and falls to the floor, onto her hands and knees, panting. She's too surprised to protest at the denial of her release. "But you're not my girlfriend, Rey. And it would be unseemly to do such things with an uncultured desert rat. Now get up. Or maybe I will fuck you right here, like a dog." Rey looks at him incredulously.

Feeling confused over his contradictions. "Go to sleep, Rey. On the floor where you belong." He picks up the chain and clicks it to the end of the bed. "I hate you." "Good. The more you hate me, the more I win. The more you turn to the dark side, like I always knew you would." Rey tries to hold back tears. She wraps her arms around her legs and huddles on the small mat at the end of the bed, feeling humiliated. "I hope you choke on a dick, motherfucker." He tosses her a blanket.

She takes it and covers her nudity. "Beautiful language, Rey. Did you learn that in the scrap yard?" He pats her head, laughing as she jerks away from him. "Rest. We're going to a banquet tomorrow. There will be civilized people there. I don't want to take you, but I can't leave you here alone. Just don't embarrass me with your junk yard manners." Kylo goes to sleep thinking about Rey. He wants her… but he can't have her. He can't give her that control over him.

It's a weakness he has to eliminate. He wants more than just her body, he almost wants something normal, to just enjoy her company. Snoke warned him about the danger of attachment. He already cared for Rey too much as it is.

Made too many allowances for her. He's addicted to her. Addicted to controlling her - to her strength and the struggle she gives him. He had to eliminate his weaknesses. He decides that he's been too kind to her.

She wasn't breaking as easily as he had hoped. He would have to change that. "You can't hide under there forever, Rey," Kylo taunts. Rey huddles beneath the blanket. She is nude and the floor is cold. She senses him moving close to her and her whole body tenses.

Kylo rips the blanket off her— then doubles over as she HITS him in the groin. Rey bounds to her feet and knees him in the face. He falls back, grabs her leg and she falls onto her back. She attempts to wrestle out of his grasp, hitting and kicking viciously. Kylo's surprise quickly gives way to excitement.

"I've been waiting for you to attack me—" Kylo picks her up, she struggles against him, and he throws her belly first onto the bed. "I didn't think you'd have the guts to hit me—" Kylo slides his pants off and crawls on top of her, pinning her down with his body.

"Get off me!" Rey shouts. Kylo forces her legs apart, wraps his arms around her torso and pulls her to his chest. He breathes into her ear. "You're the one who wanted to fight…" Rey can feel his hardness pressing between her legs.

Feels her body respond; warmth flooding her nether regions. She struggles to get away, but he just laughs and kneads her breasts. Kylo moves one hand up to her neck and the other down between her legs. He runs a finger between her legs and feels the slick wetness there. "Kylo— Get off! I hate you." She moans as he presses his fingers into her, massaging her clit. His deep voice resonates in her ear.

"I know you do." He rubs his penis between her legs. She jumps as he positions himself to enter her— "Show me how much you hate me. I love your hatred." He slides into her, feels her warmth constrict around him. Holds her tightly against his chest as he moves in an out of her. Her struggles soon give way to moans of pleasure. "Rey, I know you've wanted this. Tell me." Kylo rubs her clit as he pleasures her.

He can feel her tension, feel the orgasm building in her. "Tell me the truth." Rey doesn't want him to stop. She wants the release she's been denied. "Yes…" she breathes. Kylo feels Rey nearing her release— and he slows, making her pant and protest as he denies her an orgasm. He bites her ear, and she cries out. "Beg me," he orders. "Kylo…" "Beg me to continue." "Please…" "Please what?

Please keep fucking you?" His voice is rich and deep—seduction in her ear. "I could stop—" "Please— keep going…" She moans loudly as he bucks and slams into her, causing a shock of pleasure. She cries out, when he BITES her neck hard, nearly drawing blood. He finishes her off— takes her over the peak of orgasm, releases and cums inside her.

He holds her tightly against him as he releases into her. They're both breathing heavily, covered in a sheen of sweat. When they're done, they lay on the bed and Kylo wraps her in his arms. "Take your hands off me," Rey pleads, squeezing her eyes shut.

Kylo gets up— suddenly looking uncertain. He takes his hands off of Rey, plants an uneasy kiss on her cheek then covers her with a blanket. She wraps the blanket around herself and goes into the living room. He's in the kitchen cooking. He brings a plate over to the where she is standing. He kisses her on the forehead. Then places the plate of food on the ground. Rey shakes her head, frowning.

"You are a slow learner," he says. "Drop the blanket." Rey doesn't move fast enough for his liking. He holds his hand over her face, penetrating, violating her mind. Rey screams as the most intense pain fills her head. Kylo rips the blanket off of her and pushes her down to her knees. He takes his hand away and the pain in her head subsides. She finds herself on all fours in front of the plate of food. She glares up at him and wraps her arms around herself. "I want clothes." Kylo raises his eyebrow.

"I want you to eat your breakfast," he says, as if talking to a petulant child. "But only one of us is going to get what we want." Rey's shoulders drop, defeated. She says in a meek voice, "How can I get clothes…?" As she talks her voice drops off into a whisper. "Please…" Kylo is suddenly thrilled at her groveling. He feels his loins twitch and considers fucking her again. "You can eat your breakfast and wait until I give them to you." Rey just stares at her food.

"You're not moving from that spot until you eat." They eat in silence. Kylo sitting on the couch, glancing at Rey between bites. Enjoying the site of her on her hands and knees, her butt in the air as she bends down to lap up her food. It pleases him to see her like this. He was conflicted about training her to be his apprentice.

He couldn't get over the humiliation he experienced when she left him bleeding to death in the forest. He was stung further when Hux collected him— the smug look in his eyes at seeing the Ren so vulnerable.

He knows he's stronger, but he fears that she may surpass him, even though he knows he was weakened when they fought. He fears her becoming more powerful. He resisted the urge to harass her further, by tying her hands together, or forcing her to carry his cum in her mouth. He would let her eat in peace. But he knew even as she was subdued for the moment, that she would push him to his limits.


If he trained her to get stronger, he would have to get stronger. He would have to be more dedicated more focused. That was why he needed to insert himself into her mind. So that she would be programmed to obey him. When Rey finishes eating, she sits down and wraps her arms around her knees, burying her face.

He doesn't want to tell her how beautiful she is. How much he wants to take her in his arms and kiss her and protect her. And tell her she'll never be in danger again. But he doesn't. And he wouldn't. Because that would be weak. "Why are you sitting like that?" he asks. He gets up and takes his plate into the kitchen, picking up her plate on the way. "That's not how I instructed you." "We're still playing this game?" Kylo puts the plates in the sink. "You're making your situation much, much worse, Rey." Rey sits the way he instructed: On her knees, spread apart, hands on her thighs, palm up.

The position makes her feel exposed and vulnerable and she desperately wants to cover herself. There is a KNOCK at the door. Rey jumps, startled. She looks at Kylo Ren, alarmed. "Who is—?" Kylo shakes his head.

"I ordered clothes for you. I'm sorry for destroying yours." When Kylo moves to open the door, Rey gets up and DARTS into the bedroom. Kylo calls after her. "Where are you going? You know I'm going to drag you out." Rey hides in Kylo's closet. She pulls out one of his long jackets and wraps it around herself. She leans against the wall and slides down onto her butt. She knows the consequences won't be pleasant, but she needs warmth. Comfort. She wants to hide from whatever Kylo Ren has planned for her.

Can't bear to be so vulnerable and naked anymore. After a few minutes, Rey can hear him moving through the room. Her heart pounds in her chest as he opens the closet door. She huddles against the wall. Tears threaten to stream down her face. Kylo sighs in exasperation. He kneels down in front of her. "Rey, I have some people here with clothes for you. To help you get ready for today." He pauses. "Will you come out?" When Rey looks up at him, the vulnerability in her face touches him.

Awakens the compassion in his heart. She shakes her head. Kylo sits down next to her. She tries to resist, a feeble effort, as he pulls her into his lap. He wraps his arms around her. He smooths back her hair and kisses her face gently.

"Rey, I just need you to obey me. I can't train you if you don't obey me." He rocks her gently, running his hands up and down her arms, trying to sooth her. "I'm far too kind to you." Rey cries softly into his chest. His touch is warm, comforting, despite being the cause of her suffering. Kylo continues, speaking in his deep, seductive voice. "Whatever in you makes you resist, you need to let go.

Obey me and I would do anything for you." Rey is conflicted. She wants the warmth from him, despite herself. She can't reconcile his opposite natures, the gentleness, then the cruelty. She wants the warmth from him.

She wipes the tears from her eyes. "You torment me." He caresses her face with his hand. "If you weren't so stubborn, I wouldn't have to." He kisses her face softly, kissing the tears away. He holds her close and looks her in the eye. "Will you come out now? We have guests." He picks her up in his arms and stands up.

She buries her face in is neck. He carries her out of the closet to the bedroom. Sets her on her feet. "They're waiting for you out there." Kylo motions to the living room. Rey looks up at him. Stares him right in the eye. "Why do you torment me?" She draws herself to her fullest height.

When she stares into his face, she sees his vulnerability. He seems open. Transparent. The uncertainty and then hurt plays across his face. She thinks maybe this is their connection and she can reason with him. "Are you afraid of me? Afraid I'll be stronger than you?" she whispers. "Afraid I will hurt you again? I wouldn't…" Kylo face changes.

His expression hardens. Then becomes curious. Kylo Ren looms over her. Takes her chin in his hand and tilts her face up to look at him. He hovers his mouth so closely over hers, she can feel his breath. She thinks he's going to kiss her. She shuts her eyes in anticipation, her body responding to his proximity, wetness accumulating between her thighs.

"I made you hold my cum in your mouth while you waited for breakfast. Why would I fear you? A scavenger?" Her eyes fly open at his comment. His words hit her like ice water.

Then he YANKS the jacket off of her and the air hits her nude body. He grabs her collar and pulls her into the living room. Two tailors, one male, one female, wait in the living room. They carry an assortment of boxes and garment bags. They look a tad startled as Kylo Ren drags Rey out into the living room.

He pushes Rey into the middle and force freezes her, so that she is forced to stand still. "Is this your slave girl?" The female tailor steps forward. "Yes. I need her presentable for the banquet. Make her look decent for high society." He looks Rey up and down. "Though I don't know how you'll ever get the desert scum off her," he says dismissively. The tailors nod. Kylo Ren heads to the bedroom. "Have her ready by the time I come out." Rey feels strange in her new clothes.

They're simple and elegant. A long, strapless, beige gown that reaches her feet, delicate sandals that wrap around up to her knee. Complete with a soft lavender-colored cloak, decorated with sparkling jewels on the edge. She's grateful for the cloak because it covers up the collar around her neck.

The tailors also did something to her face, but she can't see what she looks like. Her hair is up off her neck, done up on top of her head. She keeps wanting to pet the cloak because she's never worn anything so soft. She still stands where Kylo left her, but he's released the force freeze. The tailors wait patiently, nervously, for Kylo Ren to come out and give his approval and dismiss them.

His temper is well known, and Rey can't blame them for being anxious. She herself felt nervous and trapped since she didn't have any choice in the matter. Finally, the door opens. Kylo Ren appears. He is dressed in his usual black uniform, without the helmet. Kylo's jaw drops slightly as he takes in her appearance. His eyes widen and he looks surprised.

And some emotion plays across his face that she doesn't understand. Nervousness? The tailor's stand up and look at him expectantly, vying for his approval. Kylo steps back into the bedroom and slams the door. Rey frowns and crosses her arms. The tailors mutter nervously. A tense couple of moments pass. Kylo Ren emerges a few seconds later with his helmet on.

The tailor asks, "Sir, does she meet with your approval? We've made her several outfits while you were gone—" Kylo waves at them to be silent.

"You can leave now," he says in his electronic, intimidating voice. They hurriedly pack up their stuff and scurry out the door. Rey faces him and she ruffles her dress, making it sway.

"Well? Does it meet your approval?" Kylo looks up her and down. Stares at her for a long while. "You look—" He chokes up.

"Decent." Rey feels a sting of disappointment. She didn't care what he thought… of course she didn't. Was she expecting a different answer? They leave his apartment and Rey is relieved that he's allowing her to walk without the leash. Kylo Ren pushes her in front of him and puts his hand on her back, pushing her along as they go.

They run into groups of officers and civilians, all in their dress uniforms and nice clothes. The civilian women and men are dressed in the most fantastic colors and shapes.

Rey has never seen anything like it. She stares at everything. Taking in as much detail as she can. Kylo tugs on her arm whenever she gets distracted. They enter a massive ballroom. Rey stares up at the impossibly high, vaulted ceiling.

There is a mass of beautifully dressed people milling about, laughing, drinking, talking. Rey is pulled back down to reality when she feels a sharp tug on her shoulder. She turns and Kylo Ren has taken his helmet off. He begins to pull off her lavender cloak. She resists and clings to it.

"What are you doing?" "I'm taking your coat. You don't need to wear it in here." Rey protests and holds the cloak around her shoulders. Kylo just calmly pries it out of her fingers and pulls it away.

He hands it to a droid, who wheels it away. Rey suddenly feels exposed. Is aware of the expanse of skin that shows in the beautiful dress. She draws her hand up to her collar, realizing everybody will see it. Kylo forces her hands down away from her neck. "Please act civilized." Before Rey can reply with an angry retort, he begins walking away. Rey begins to feel an anxiety about the crowd around her, feeling out of her depth. Kylo back to her and holds out his hand for her to take it.

She immediately moves to him and takes his hand. She feels guilty about how quickly she went to him. Finding comfort in his familiarity in this sea of strangers. She shouldn't feel comfort. She should feel afraid of him. As Kylo leads her through the crowd, he turns to her and smirks. "You should be afraid of me." Rey shakes her head sadly. "I don't understand you." "You wouldn't, scavenger." His comment stings.

She forgets it when she spies the table of food. Her eyes widen and her mouth waters. She wants to instantly change trajectory and go straight to it. She moves towards it anyway and pulls against Kylo's hand. Kylo allows her to pull him over to the table. He feels pity at her simple desires. This simple girl who only wants food and love.

Sweet. And pathetic. He stares at her face as she takes in the sights before her. He remember the sadness and loneliness in her memories. He feels them himself… So lonely. Desperate to sleep. Waiting for a family that will never come back… freezing in the cold desert night. So desolate. He tries to shake off the empathy he feels towards her. He has a moment of weakness… he wants to feed her, to comfort her, to hug her and love her… He's pulled out of his thoughts when she twists her arm out of his grasp.

She moves to the table and picks up a small morsel of food. Before she can put it in her mouth, he stops her. shakes his head. "Don't touch anything here." "What? Why?" "Because—because you're my prisoner. You should be in a cell— not fine dining." "Then why would you bring me here?" Kylo pries the morsel out of her hand.

"I shouldn't have. I'm starting to regret it already." "Then you should have left me in a cell." Kylo holds the morsel up to his lips. "Do you want it?" Rey stares at the food in his hand. Then gestures to the rest of the table. "I want everything. Or something. Anything." "You're so desperate." "Please." Kylo smiles. He holds the food out to her. She tries to take it with her hand. He shakes his head.

She allows him to place it directly into her mouth. She closes her eyes while she savors it. When she opens her eyes, he is staring at her. A curious, warm expression on his face. Wanting to know what he is thinking, Rey reaches out to his mind. Ever so benevolent, Kylo gives her a brief glimpse.

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Rey feels his obsession towards her, his desire. Her breath catches as she sees herself through his eyes - beautiful, fragile, strong. His nervousness seeing her so dressed up— Abruptly, he throws her out of his mind. Puts up a steel wall. Rey stares up at him, affected by his revelation.

Her words catch in her throat as she struggles to make sense of her own feelings, becoming unable to disentangle his feelings from hers. "Kylo, I—" "Kylo Ren!" shouts a female voice that Rey recognizes. "I've been searching for you everywhere!" Princess Ailani runs up to Kylo and throws her arm around his neck.

She kisses him briefly on the lips. The Princess shoots a dismayed, confused look at Rey. "Who is this?" "She's a guest of the empire." Kylo replies. He motions to Rey. "I'm just escorting her… for a time." Princess Ailani looks Rey up and down suspiciously."Princess Ailani. Nice to meet you…" Holds her hand out. Rey looks at her hand, confused.

Rey says nothing. She's aware of her heart beating in her chest. She looks at Kylo Ren and sees only a smugness on his face that terrifies her. Kylo Ren's laughter cuts through the awkward moment. He takes Ailani's hand and pulls it to his chest. "Don't bother the formalities with this one…" He kisses Ailani's hand and stares seductively into her eyes. "Pay her no mind. She's not important." Kylo begins to guide Ailani away, when he turns to look at Rey over his shoulder.

"Could you bring us some drinks?" He motions to the food table. Rey just stands there, dumbfounded. Kylo's next words are cutting. "Two drinks. And don't touch anything else." Ailani looks at him in confusion. "Why…?" Kylo finishes for her. "—Do I treat her like this? She's nothing like you, Princess." He kisses Ailani's forehead.

"You're cultured, elegant. She's from a savage planet. She's a guest of the empire, and not a pleasant one. Don't let her pretty clothes fool you." Rey is too embarrassed to speak and just stares at him with her mouth open. Ailani notices and laughs. Kylo Ren snaps his fingers in front of her face. "Rey! The drinks." Rey jumps, her mind in a state of confusion. She watches as Kylo Ren leads Ailani to a group of giggling, excited women. Rey turns toward the drink table.

Didn't she just feel something in his mind? Didn't he think she was beautiful?

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She wants to calm herself, but her mind and her heart are in a sea of conflicted emotion. She's not so sure of herself anymore. It's true that she's nothing like Ailani. Rey grew up in a desert as a scavenger, never even pretending to wear clothes like this.

Never thought about how her nails looked. Now she was in this place with rules she didn't understand. She picks up two glasses of champagne. She stares longingly at the plates of food arrayed on the table. She is disgusted how everybody eats it so casually. To them, it was nothing. To Kylo Ren, it was nothing. But to her… it was a treasure. It hadn't occurred to her, until that moment, the utter LACK that she grew up with.

It is a moment of realization that presses on her heavily. Suddenly, none of these people make any sense to her. Kylo Ren makes no sense to her. Kylo Ren grew up with all the food he wanted. He had a family that he turned away from. A father that he killed. The drinks she holds in her hands are suddenly so fragile. Rey's hands holds them to indelicately and they both shatter.

The glass and champagne falling to the ground. Rey steps back, feeling awful. Feeling wasteful. She looks around alarmed, but nobody seems to notice or care. A droid comes by and sweeps the mess up, beeping at her cheerfully.

She looks across the room to see Kylo Ren glaring at her, before turning back to the group of women. Rey grabs two more glasses. It takes every ounce of willpower she has to turn from the food and head towards the laughing gaggle of girls surrounding Kylo Ren.

When Rey approaches, the group hushes. Rey feels a sting of awkwardness as she hands the glasses to Kylo Ren. Right before Kylo takes them, Rey drops them. They almost spill on Kylo Ren, but they freeze in mid-air. The girls let out a cry of surprised amazement as the liquid stops in mid air and then carefully recollects in the glass. Kylo takes them and hands one to Ailani.

Ailani smiles, impressed. She loops her arm around Kylo's, and clings to him possessively. "Did she do that on purpose?" Ailani asks, not caring that Rey can hear her. "Probably. She doesn't like me very much." Kylo turns his back to Rey, leaving her standing awkwardly outside the crowd.

General Hux approaches. "Perhaps I should take her off your hands." Ailani smiles. "Would you, General? I don't know why she hangs around us like this." Hux smiles at Rey, who back away uncomfortably. "You better be careful, Ren.

Every man in this room would be happy to steal her from you." Kylo grimaces. Tries to hide his discomfort. "I don't think anybody else could handle her." "Maybe I should take her from you… teach her the ways of the First Order." "Maybe you should do what you're good at, do your soldier thing, and leave her to me." Hux raises an eyebrow, indifferent to Ren's words.

"I see. I'll be on my way then. While you're busy conquering a mere girl, I'll be busy conquering a galaxy. But we all have different aspirations in life." Hux raises his glass to the girls. Winks at Rey and walks away. Rey can sense Kylo's irritation, growing into an anger.

He glares at her. "Would you like that?" he asks. "Going with someone else?" The girls giggle nervously. Unsettled by Hux and Kylo's reactions to Rey. Rey steps away from Kylo.

She shakes her head. "I just want freedom." Kylo drinks from his glass. "Of course. You are so simple." He turns his back to Rey and faces the girls. "What can you really expect from a lowly scavenger, anyway? Is there a lower form of life?" Rey's cheeks burns. She needs to get away from them. Away from him. She backs away from their group and moves through the crowd, frantically. She pushes past a sea of people— men and women, staring at her. All the doors are guarded by stormtroopers.

She chooses the door with the least amount of stormtroopers. Two. Rey angrily pushes past a pair of stormtroopers. "Hey! We were told not to let this one through." The trooper grabs her arm— she TWISTS out of it. "I don't care!" "Ma'am, you have to stay in here." Rey pushes through them anyway. They begin to chase after her— Kylo Ren force freezes them. "Don't touch her," Kylo orders. "Just let her go." The stormtroopers shrug and go back to guard their post. Kylo Ren turns back to the party and whispers, to himself, "Let her have her fun while she can." Rey runs as fast as she can.

People stare at her curiously, but nobody stops her. She tenses up when a pair of stormtroopers come down the corridor. But they just look at her and seem to assume she's just a guest. Rey needs to get away. She cannot endure this anymore. She remembers the first threat Kylo made if she attempted escape.

It makes her anxious, but she she would rather endure being taken by stormtroopers than being taken again by Kylo Ren. She couldn't endure being around him… him and his girlfriend. HIs girlfriend, she thought disdainfully. Surely it wasn't the worst torment, but having Princess Ailani around was an unimaginable cruelty to her.

Rey wants to escape and this is her best opportunity. Stormtroopers crawl the place, but pay her no need. Some just stare curiously. Eventually, she makes her way to an area where she does have to hide. The hangar. She hides behind a corner, staring at a TIE fighter. If she could make it into the fighter, she knows she can get out of here.

Even if she dies in the process. Rey watches the stormtroopers pass. Carefully observing their timing until she finds a blind spot. She hikes her dress up, so she doesn't trip, and darts across the hangar, sprinting to the TIE fighter.

She ducks down and peers around. It appears nobody has noticed her. She jumps up and crawls up onto the TIE fighter to the hatch, opens it, and crawls inside. And what she sees inside makes her mouth go dry and her heart drop into her stomach. Kylo Ren. He sits in the cockpit, with a glass of champagne in his hand. Sips from it and peers at her over the glass. Rey wants to scream.

She tries to move— but finds herself frozen. When Kylo Ren speaks, his voice is low and dangerous. "I'm disappointed in you." He finishes the champagne. Sets it down. He gets up and grabs her by the waist. Sits down in the pilot's seat and pulls her into his lap.

He pulls her dress up around her waist so he can spread her legs apart "I'm disappointed because…" He moves his hands up her dress to her panties. Bunches them in his hands, causing them squeeze her painfully, and she hears a tear as he rips them apart.

He breathes in her ear. "I can't resist you… Ever since I saw you in that dress… You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." He lays gentle kisses down her neck and she can feel him grow hard beneath her. "I'm sorry…" she breathes through tears. "Are you really?" He pulls her face around to look at him. He kisses her on the lips. "I don't believe you." He pushes her away slightly, and she's forced to brace herself on the dash as he undoes his pants and releases his member.

He pulls her back against his chest. He spreads her thigh wide, using his knees to push them apart. He runs his fingers lightly across her exposed nether regions. He breathes in her ear. "You're so wet. Gushing like a waterfall." "Kylo, please…I'm sorry…" she please. "Since you're so sorry, I have a present for you." He points to the view outside the TIE fighter.

In the hangar, a row of stormtroopers leads a prisoner in an orange resistance fighter suit. She immediately recognizes the countenance of Poe Dameron.

He looks different than when she saw him last. He looks beaten. Defeated. They lead him to the front of the TIE fighter and push him to his knees. One of the stormtroopers RIPS his shirt open, exposing his bare back. Rey jumps and tries to free herself from Kylo's grasp. "No! Don't hurt him! Don't hurt Poe!" Kylo holds her firm against his chest and begins positioning the tip of his penis to enter her.

Outside, a stormtrooper holds a whip in his hand. His he swings his arm back and and it whips around THWACKING Poe in the back. Poe cries out. In the same moment, Kylo Ren thrusts himself into Rey.

She screams. Inside the TIE fighter, Kylo thrusts in and out of Rey, while the stormtrooper whips Poe. THWACK, THWACK, THWACK. Poe is a strong man. But even he can't stand up to the brutality the stormtrooper releases upon him. Rey is in such a state of intensity, she cannot think. Kylo thrusts into her mercilessly. Stabs of pleasure shoot through her, bringing her to the peak of ecstasy.

Every nerve in her body is on fire. She cannot bear the sight of Poe's torture. It weakens her mind and Kylo Ren takes advantage of her weakness to THRUST himself into her mind. Violating her so completely in both mind and body. "Oh…" He says, penetrating her mind. "You're hoping he doesn't see you." "Don't do this…" He pushes her forward and takes a moment to unzip the back of her dress, and pull it down around her waist.

He pushes her up against the window of the tie fighter, still thrusting himself into her. The glass is cold on her bare breasts. She braces herself against the window, her chest and face pressed up against it. All she can do is endure Kylo's merciless fucking. He pulls on her collar painfully as her orgasm builds to a peak— and then— an explosion of pleasure inside her. Kylo Ren releases his seed into her, succumbing to the pleasure of feeling her vagina contract in pleasure around his member.

He pulls her up against his chest as they both moan in pleasure. Everything goes silent in Rey's ears. She no longer hears Poe screaming. Just the sound of her and Kylo's heavy breathing. "You use sex as a weapon." she says weakly. Kylo squeezes her and lightly bites her shoulder.

"It works so well on you, my innocent girl…" He kisses her on the cheek. He pushes her away and pulls himself back into his pants. Looking so perfect and clean. He zips her dress back up and pulls it back down to hang properly around her. The shimmery fabric falls easily back into place around her slim form. He holds her face in his hands and whispers. "If you want him to live, you will do everything I say.

Do you understand?" Rey nods. "Now get out of the TIE fighter." He pushes her away. "Move." She opens the hatch and climbs out. Kylo Ren picks up her torn panties off the cockpit floor and puts them in his pocket. He climbs out after her. He feels pleased over the events of the night, but frustrated about her concern for the resistance pilot. He doesn't want to have to use Poe or Finn to threaten her.

He doesn't want her to care about them, or any of the rest of the resistance scum. Especially not Poe. His mother's favorite pilot.

But he will use them against her as long as he needs to. He needs to get her into the HABIT of obeying him. And when that happens, he won't need them anymore. When he exits the TIE fighter, Rey tries to run over to Poe. Kylo grabs her arm and holds her back. Poe shakes his head. "You're a monster, Kylo Ren." Kylo smiles. He pushes Rey to her knees.

"Stay here," he tells her. She stays where she is on her knees and stares at him with a fragile vulnerability and a myriad of conflicted emotions playing across her face as she stares from Poe to Kylo Ren. Kylo walks towards Poe, smiling. "I'm not the monster here. It's the resistance, spreading disorder and chaos that is the monster.

You terrorize the good people of the First Order." "Whatever you're doing to her… please stop it…" Poe pleads. "I've never forced her to do anything she didn't want to do, Poe. Maybe you don't know her as well as you think you do. She's found a home here." Kylo walks past Poe and stops. He motions to Rey. "Crawl to me on your hands and knees. Come now." Rey crawls towards him on her hands and knees. Past Poe. Past the stormtroopers. She stops in front of him and kneels the way he showed her, knees apart, hands on thighs, palm up.

She looks up at him imploringly. "Oh, you're sweet…" he says. He looks at Poe. "Did you know she was so sweet? I doubt it." He looks down at Rey. "Shall I do it? Shall I kill him?" Rey shakes her head. "Please… spare his life." "You've broken your promise to me several times.

Will you obey me without question?" Rey sits up on her knees and grabs his hand. "I promise you. I am yours. I will do anything. Anything you say," she cries. He scoffs and rips his hand from her. "We'll see about that." He motions to Poe. "Take him to medical bay. Be sure he heals up nice and clean." The stormtroopers pull Poe's limp body to its feet. He's so injured that they have to carry him out of the hangar. When they leave, Kylo turns to Rey, still crying on her knees in front of him.

He pulls her panties out of his pocket slowly. Rey's eyes follow the motion. He balls them up in his hand. "Open your mouth," he says softly. She complies, opening as wide as she can. He takes the wadded up panties and presses them into her mouth. Then he pushes her jaw closed and runs his thumb across her lips. "Prove it to me. Don't say a word. Keep these in your mouth until I take them out." She looks up at him in panic. He runs his hand along her face in an effort to sooth her.

"Shh… I'll be with you all night. I'll know you're okay. Stay close to me." He starts walking out of the hangar. After a moment of shock, she gets up and follows him. She follows behind him and they walk in silence. He doesn't even look back at her once. When they re-enter the party, Rey feels suddenly self conscious. She thinks everybody must know what just happened. They all know she's got panties in her mouth and Kylo Ren's cum dripping down her thighs. Rey doesn't know how to bear the rest of the night.

Kylo spends the rest of the night with Ailani. Rey feels awkward, hovering near Kylo while he ignores her and pays all his attention to the princess. But she doesn't have any other options. She can't talk. She can't eat. When Ailani protests her presence, Kylo waves his hand in her face and tells her she's okay with it. And the rest of the night, she was okay with it. There was no sense to the emotions she was feeling. She fears for her friends… but she doesn't fear for herself.

She should hate Kylo Ren. And she does. But any time he comes near her, she gushes like a waterfall. Is this a trick? Is he forcing her to arousal every time? Would sex be this intense with every partner? She's not sure she'll ever get the opportunity to find out. She stares at the tables of food and her mouth waters. She experiences frustration at the bitter, dry taste of panties in her mouth. She is almost tempted to disobey Kylo Ren, spit them out of her mouth and run over and eat all the food.

Kylo Ren catches her staring and smiles slightly as he pushes her face away, denying her view of succulent dishes. Kylo whispers in her ear. "I'll have something for you to eat later." Rey doesn't trust the smile he gives her and feels apprehensive about it. She remembers when she had been tempted by the food Unkar Platt offered her for BB8.

She had been ravenous for so many portions, that would have saved her at least a month of labor. Looking at the food here now, that was nothing to the empire. Kylo tries his best to ignore Rey and focus on Ailani.

But he can't help but to dip into Rey's thoughts. He was genuinely touched by her struggles to survive on Jakku. Everybody else here had everything given to them.

They didn't struggle to survive.


Even Kylo himself, he had to acknowledge, he had everything she didn't have and he took it all for granted. "Why does she stare at the food?" Ailani asks innocently. Kylo smiles tightly, and squeezes her hand. His reply is hesitant and more honest than he wanted… "She's hungry." Rey looks up and listens to their conversation.

Ailani frowns. "Why doesn't she just eat? I can have somebody get her something—" Kylo waves his hand in her face. "She doesn't need anything." Ailani nods. "Yeah, she's fine." Rey's shoulders fall, as she despairs. They've been walking around talking to people for hours. Rey hasn't said a word. And her mouth is uncomfortably full. She can't take it anymore and glares daggers at Kylo Ren. He notices. "Ailani… we should go…" Ailani presses her body against him and wraps her arms around his neck.

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She stands on the tips of her toes to kiss him. "Alone?" she asks sweetly. Seductively. Kylo glances at Rey. She is still glaring at him and looks decidedly pissed off.

He wonders if he's gone too far? Contemplates soothing her when they get home. But then he remembers how long it took him to get to this point with her.

Rey was not going to learn to obey him with a light touch. He couldn't keep coddling her the way he had been. He's determined to bend her to his will and prove to Snoke his mastery of the dark side.

He smiles at Ailani. She squeals as he picks her up and carries her out of the party. He ignores Rey's incredulous expression and motions for her to follow. By the time the three arrive at Kylo's apartment, Kylo and Aliani are kissing each other. Aliani pauses and looks at Rey. "She's still here…?" Kylo waves his hand in Ailani's face.

"She can be here. You don't mind her watching." Ailani smiles and continues kissing Kylo. He pushes Ailani into the bedroom. He breaks from kissing Ailani to address Rey. He points to the the place on the floor in front of his bed.

"Kneel here." He kisses Ailani again. Looks back at Rey. "And take the dress off. You won't be needing it anymore." Rey feels disgusted with the way Kylo so freely uses his force powers on Ailani's mind.

It feels so wrong. Rey stands where Kylo indicated and unzips her dress. She slides it off and sets it to the side. She kneels in front of the bed, feeling angry and exhausted. Kylo already has his and Ailani's clothes off. He is between her legs, pushing himself into her. Rey cannot get over the night. It was the most terrible day of her life and it hadn't ended yet. And she still had the panties in her mouth. She felt anxiety at the pit of her stomach, worried that Kylo would forget about her… or worried that she'd make him mad and he would do something unspeakably terrible.

Rey tries to get lost in her thoughts and ignore the couple on the bed. When Kylo Ren finishes, he pulls out of Ailani and cums just outside her vagina. He pauses, looking at Rey, and even he feels bad about what he's about to do to her. But he does it anyway. Because he's impulsive. And trying to convince himself he has no feelings. He stands up and pulls Ailani to the edge of the bed, so that her butt is just at the edge and her legs are hanging off.

He invades Ailani's mind to insist to her that she's okay with what's about to happen. After positioning Ailani, Kylo kneels in front of Rey. "You can open your mouth now," he says gently. She opens her mouth and he pulls the panties out. He leans in and kisses her, probing her mouth with his tongue. He caresses her breasts, gently playing with her nipples. He breaks away and pulls Rey towards Ailani.

He shoves her head between Ailani's legs. Kylo whispers into Rey's ears.

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"Eat my cum out of her…" Rey looks at him in shock, wanting desperately to object. Kylo runs his hands down Rey's body and lays soft kisses down her back. Rey hesitates. Kylo runs his hand between her legs and leans his body into hers. "You're really not happy with this?" Rey shakes her head. "I'm not…" "Do you want me all for yourself?" he asks. Rey's heart is beating loudly. She doesn't want to anger Kylo Ren, but she just doesn't want to do it. "Yeah. I want it to be just you and me." "Okay.

Just lick my cum off of her and she'll never come back." Kylo pushes Rey's head between Ailani's legs. Rey squeezes her eyes shut and she licks the cum off of Ailani. She grimaces at the salty, bitter taste. Kylo pulls Rey away from Ailani. "It's time for you to go now," he says to Ailani. She nods. The princess puts her clothes back on and leaves. Kylo feels pleased with Rey for not resisting him. "You were really good today." Rey just glares at him and covers her face with her hands.

"You are the worst person in the world." Kylo goes into the bathroom and draws a bath. Rey hears the water running. She doesn't want to face the world. She wants to fade from existence. She can't look at Kylo Ren. She can't look at herself anymore. Before Rey can react, Kylo scoops her up in his arms and carries her to the bathroom. He sets her gently into the warm water. Rey still refuses to open her eyes.

Kylo climbs into the tub. He wipes her face with a wash cloth. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that to you." Kylo holds her in his arms, rocking her back and forth. "I promise you, I'll never do that again. She'll never come back." Tears stream down Rey's face. "I can't do this anymore." He holds her tighter. Runs his hands down her back. "Yes you can." Rey shakes her head. "I can't— it's you. You're impossible." Kylo tils her face up, forcing her to look at him. "Rey, look at me.

Do you feel safe right now? Do you think anybody is going to hurt you?" Rey shakes her head. "I don't know…" "What have I done to hurt you?" "Everything! You do things—" "But I've never hurt you." "No— I don't know—" "Rey, you're just confused right now.

You're so willful and stubborn. Obey me and everything will be fine." When he tears subside, he picks her up out of the bath. Sets her on her feet and dries her with a towel, while she stands there with her arms wrapped around herself. She still refuses to look at him and that frightens him. It frustrates him. He feels completely at her mercy. He wants to do everything in his power to fix her sadness. He chides himself. And that's why he's weak. So what if he made her eat cum out of another woman's vagina?

She's not being hurt. He never hurt her. He's been to kind. He pushes her into the bedroom and pushes her down to her knees in front of his bed. "Rey, are you going to stick to your promise?" he asks her. "Your friends will be grateful for it." Rey responds softly. "Yeah. I'll do it." "You'll obey me? You'll do everything to please me?" Rey nods. Kylo looks pleased. "Good." He kisses her forehead.

Then he crawls into bed and leaves her kneeling on the floor in front of his bed. Rey starts to move to her sleeping mat— but Kylo motions for her to stop. "I want you to stay kneeling. Like I showed you." Rey looks at him in confusion. He clarifies. "Spread your legs… palms up…" She spreads her knees apart and places her hands on her thighs, palms up. She straightens her posture and keeps her chin up.

Then stares at him, waiting expectantly. Kylo just smiles and lays back in bed. He turns out the light at his bedside and the room goes dark.

Rey is confused. "Kylo…" "Yes, Rey?" "What do you want me to do?" "Don't do anything. Stay like that." Rey's heart beats in alarm. "All night?" she asks indignantly. Kylo lets out an exasperated sigh. Turns the light back on.

"Don't you want to please me?" he asks. His voice low and dangerous and sends chills down Rey's spine. "I— I thought—" She can't quite get the words out. "Don't mumble. It's really unbecoming." Rey's cheeks burn in embarrassment. She feel her nipples harden from the cold air and moisture growing between her legs.

"I can't sleep like this." "Just try to follow my orders." Rey opens her mouth to protest— He cuts her off. "You thought pleasing me, means making YOU more comfortable? You promised to obey me. Are you going to break your promise?" Rey shakes her head. "Good." He shuts the light off. Rey stays put. And some time in the middle of the night, through the daze of sleep, Rey feels herself being lifted up.

Feels herself pulled into bed. Strong arms wrapped around her. Comfortable. Warm. And safe.