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Innocent looking amateur playing with pussy on cam
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Into the darkness As I sit here with the flames reflecting all around the room bathing everything in a primal glow. My eyes reflecting black and red. I stare into my good whisky and remember where it all began. The things I have seen and learned through my calling, the art as we like to call it. I became a goetic shaman and subsequently a master of my art through dedication and above all else the guidance of another.

Like all good stories it began with a woman. I was 19, fresh out of law school and struggling. I had finished my degree but had real difficulties finding a job. I ended up in a crappy minimum wage job doing 40+ hours a week for peanuts.

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Barely paying the bills and just in general hating life. I was so frustrated. I spent years getting to that point, passing up on nights out, wild party's and all that my young student self lived for.

Yes there were women and there was sex but I was completely tired of this world. Everyone was doing better than me or that is how I saw it. At uni you were promised the world only to discover that the rich and privileged had a monopoly on happiness.

Without those "friends" you were effectively screwed. One night I was watching TV. It was some crap about angels and demons.

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A thought occurred to me. I wonder if books on demons actually exist? I mean the ideas must have come from somewhere. I searched online and found the word goetia kept coming up.

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I was intrigued and in the end ordered a copy of aelester cowleys lemegeton and in my desperation I decided I wanted to give it a try.

I did some more research, looked up a few things then decided on one of the demons to summon. One that looked helpful. I focused on amon and did everything that the book said but I was left wondering is that it. Nothing happened. Just a flicker of a candle. How would I know if it worked? I had asked to find a good job and to earn real money but how would I know? Was I just imagining things? Was I really so naive?

Expecting something to actually happen. I had carried out the ritual commanding fealty and clearly stating my intentions. I cast his sigil and protection seals as the book dictated. I used the summoning words as instructed.

I guessed that the rest was up to the universe. I can't help but smile now, brought back to the present by the crackle of the fire, the images dancing in the flames. Faces, forms and places all twisting and shifting in front of my very eyes.

How many of our ancestors huddled in a cave looking into the flames looking for answers but I digress. I clip then light a cuban cigar and watch the smoke drift upwards.

This house is so quiet when everyone is asleep. The smoke lingers in the air like a sweet incense with dancing swirls floating in the air above my head.

I hear the whispers of my not too distant memories calling back to me. After my quite pitiful summoning attempt it wasn't for another few weeks that she came to me. Not amon but rather my mum's friend Nikki.


She was my mum's boss and best friend and had been for quite some time. She was gorgeous. Measuring in at just over 5ft with the most amazing body that you have ever seen. Her tits were mind blowing.

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At least 36E with curves to match. I remember on holiday being unable to take my eyes off her. She was about 35-40 and never really showed any real interest in me but she was always friendly, sort of like an aunt I guess. But i fantasised about her through my whole teenage masturbatory phase, let's face it everyone would have. I even saw her sunbathing topless a few times, what a view.

I dreamt of having her all to myself but I just guessed she just was out of my reach. She came over but my mum was at my grans. I had been reading the goetia on the couch and she noticed the book. "Are things really that bad?"she asked. "They are," I said with a sigh. She spotted the materials I had used to try to summon amon sitting on my desk. "Can I help?" She asked.

I wasn't really sure what she meant. "Help how?" I asked, not sure where this was going. "First, amon will not be summoned with a white candle and judging by the ink you tried it when the moon was waning," she said so matter of fact that she could have been discussing the weather. "Secondly, his seal is incorrect and third and most importantly your protection seal is so potent that he could not get through even if you wanted him too." "I am just glad you didn't try to summon one of the Kings, that could have been messy.

Although amon is unlikely to be offended by your attempt." "I will also guess that you tried to command obedience and that he does your bidding." "Sorry but amateur hour." I was stunned. What was she talking about. I didn't know what to say. "I'm desperate, I only tried to do what I could. How do you know all of this?" She smiled in a way that I have never seen before, her eyes had a mysterious shine to them.

"I will tell you but you must become mine if I do, do you promise?" "Yours? How do you mean?" "Once I tell you I cannot untell you," she said. "You must be sure that you are both willing to learn and that this is what you want. I will be letting you in on my darkest secret which you can never share with anyone that knows me. Are we clear?" "Ok," I replied. "You will be my apprentice and I will be your master?" "Agreed." She smiled and took my hand. She led me to my desk and drew a fresh sigil that looked a bit like my crude attempt to contact Amon but with a far more practiced hand.

She picked up a red candle and then went to the kitchen. She took out some spices and mixed them in a bowl. She beckoned me to sit on the floor across from her. She asked if the door was locked, it wasn't so I locked it and came back. Take off your clothes she commanded. I stripped and then the most amazing thing happened.

so did she. She looked even better than I had remembered. Those beautiful tits, those curves and a pussy that I had only ever seen in my dreams revealed before my very eyes.

I sat back down and she lit the candle, the room was suddenly awash with red light. She began chanting in a language that I did not understand then she stopped. She stared into my eyes. "You are now mine.

You are to be my apprentice. A female master must take a male apprentice as a male can only take a female. Two sides of the same coin, ying and yang, true ballance in all things. I have searched for you and now you are here. I am a goetic shaman, I can take only one apprentice and I have decided to choose you. Do you accept this?

I will teach you the art and introduce you into this world but you must do as I ask. We will not be a couple or in a relationship outside of master and apprentice.

However we may have sex during rituals and I see no problem with occasional casual sex as this will build the strength of our lust. So now that you know do you agree." My mouth went dry. Here we were in my living room, naked and basking in the red light of the candle. The red making my living room look more like an ancient and primal cave than a small flat. Her face was stern, raw and beautiful. How could I ever resist. "I agree master." "No longer will you know me by my mortal name, I am master selena.

You shall from now be known by." She gazed into the flame and breathed deeply. She shuddered. "You shall be thanatos. Thanatos is darkness, thanatos is death but a good peaceful death. We shall be known by those names to each other in private.


Come." She held my hand and told me to stand. She was amazing, a true demon of ectacy and pleasure in human form. She pulled me close. I felt her breath on my cheek. I felt the warmth of her against me.

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She took hold of my penis and slid it against her from her mound and up. I wondered how far it would fit inside her. She pushed me to the floor and slid her soaking wet heat down on me.

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Before I knew it we were one, entwined on the floor breathing and moving as one, licking and kissing every part of each other. We were as two flames joined as one reaching towards an uncomprehendable goal. Harder and faster, deeper and wetter and harder still. I felt as though I was so deep inside her that we were one flesh.

Like we were truly one living creature. I suddenly heard a whisper.

It couldn't have been my master as she was writhing under me. No this was a male voice, in my head. I continued with my master but a conversation ensued that would change my life forever. "Thanatos?" He asked. "I knew you would make it through to me eventually. I can feel your shock but now you know that I am here." I saw a flash inside my mind and before me stood a man with a ravens head with sharp teeth. The flash became an all consuming reality. "Amon?" I gasped.

"The one and only," he replied with a grin. "You seek my blessing, it is yours, your master is most delicious. We go back a long way. Please her that I shall grant your wish. You will begin to find your place in this world, this I promise. But a word of advice my child, ask and do not order.

You will find that if you treat us with respect your potential could be limitless. This is all I will say for now but we shall talk again." As swiftly as he had come he was gone. Suddenly without warning I came deep inside my master. She drained every single drop from my body. I must have Cum for what felt like hours inside her. Her vagina exploded in a mix of our juices all over the living room. We both lay there, exhausted and spent.

When we had the energy she sat up. She ran her fingers down to the mass of Cum leaking out of her and scooped up a good few fingers full and swallowed it right in front of me savouring every drop with a wink. "You saw him, didn't you?" "Amon came to you?" "He did, I can't believe it but I am sure," I replied with a smile.

"You are good, not many novices could do that after a year. He must have plans for you although you are darkness and he is darkness incarnate. Perhaps he likes you." "I have to go but you have my number and I have yours. I will call on you soon thanatos." She got up and left.

I lay in bed a few nights later when suddenly at around 2am I received a text message. "Come to me now. The hour is nearly upon us." I had no idea what that meant but after the last time there was no way I wasn't going. My master was calling. -------------------------------------------------- Authors note This is my first story which is based on a true reflection of events as I remember them.

I am not a professional writer but write for enjoyment. I am a goetic shaman in private though I have a day job too. This is effectively my religion after a fashion. Please have the courtesy to treat my beliefs as you would any other religion and I will do the same for you. Thanks and i hope you enjoyed my first story. I am also happy to discuss my art. In fact I am currently seeking my own apprentice at the moment.

See my other thread for further details.