She sent me this hot squirting snapchat

She sent me this hot squirting snapchat
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I'm a college student (21) enior and have a sister that's three years younger (18). Growing up we were like most siblings: best friends and worst enemies. We played and shared secrets in the good times, and ratted on each other in the bad. I picked on her and she agitated me. Pretty normal kids, huh? But, not surprisingly, in the last few years we've grown distant.

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I've basically put up with her and she's tolerated me. I've thought she's b*tchy and she thinks I'm a geek. Nonetheless, over Christmas Break we rekindled our long lost friendship. We laughed, we joked, we talked A LOT: about the future and going to college and we shared our thoughts with each other about a lot of stuff.

We reminisced and had a really great week, just the two of us. However, things went so well that we probably crossed the line. When we were talking about our childhood the topic was brought up about how we had played "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" a number of times when we were younger. We remembered how once after seeing a shower scene in an HBO movie, we had made a secret pact to take a shower together (we were probably 16 & 13 at the time), a pact which later ended when we got into a fight and she threatened to tell Mom.

We recalled that story and well, we were just joking around and she kidded that since we never actually did it the pact must still be valid.


Jokingly, I said that she better watch out or I might hold her to it. Neither of us was serious at first, but as the conversation went on we got to the point where we both kinda said "It may sound crazy, but I'd do it if you would." Somehow it had escalated into a sort of dare.

Next thing you know we were both in the bathroom nervously taking off our clothes. We both did it slowly with hesitant smiles on our faces as if expecting the other one to chicken out. Neither one of us did. We finally dropped our underwear and looked at each others' naked bodies. I had always wondered what my sister looked like naked and I was not disappointed.

She had nice sized firm breasts, slim hips and nice bikini shaved pubes.

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Smiling, she did a little spin to show off her entire body. Great bubble butt. "You look great," I said. She said thank you. At that point I was trying so hard not to pop an erection. I thought it might freak her out. So I turned and started the shower water. When it was warm, we both stepped into the large shower stall.

We ended up taking a long shower together and really had fun. We didn't mind at all if we saw each other's bodies. A week earlier my biggest fear in the world would have been for my sister to see me naked. But suddenly we were totally comfortable being naked in front of each other and had a really good time.

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In fact, it was really nice fulfilling our curiosities by exploring each others bodies without feeling uncomfortable at all being naked in front of each other. To my surprise she asked if I wanted her to soap my back. I hesitated then said "Sure thing." She soaped the wash rag and began rubbing my back with it. Felt so good. She began moving the rag lower with every rub and neared the top of my ass. My dick started to twitch with expectation. Then she asked if I wanted her to go lower. My heart pounding, I said "Yes." She began to run the soapy rag over my ass cheeks and even between them.

My penis got rock hard in seconds. She then asked me to turn so she could do my front. I hesitated and said I can't because I had "enjoyed" her washing too much. She paused then giggled. "I get it," she said. Then she told me she had seen erections on her boyfriends before, so don't be embarrassed. The thought of he r naked with other guys made me even harder.


I finally turned and her wide eyes went right to my boner. Jokingly, I asked how I compared to her boyfriends. She just smiled and said I was impressive. I noticed that her nipples were rock hard.

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I wanted to touch them so bad. When she began to rub the soapy rag on my chest and arms I almost shot cum all over her. Without asking, I grabbed a wash rag, soaped it up and started washing her shoulders, neck and arms as she washed my chest. She closed her arms and said it felt great.

I asked if there was any place she dint; want me to wash. She said no because she loved being clean. Taking that as an okay to proceed, I began to softly soap her boobs with the rag. I watched the soapy water run off her chest along her stomach and past her pubes. I was so fucking horny! Going for broke, I dropped the rag and began rubbing soap over her breasts and hard nipples with my bare hands.

She asked what I was doing and I asked if she minded. She said not at all. Then she dropped her rag and began rubbing my chest with her hands. Our hands explored every inch of our chests. Then her hands started moving lower and stopped just above my shaft.


A jolt of excitement shot through me. She looked at me as if asking permission to continue, so I just nodded. Smiling, her hand went to my dick and started to stroke it. I almost came again. I let out a load moan and closed my eyes. She giggled and asked if I liked it. I could only nod. Her hands continued to rub soap up and down my shaft and across my balls.

It was obvious she had done that before many times with her "boyfriends." I opened my eyes and asked what else she had done with her boyfriends besides seeing their boners. She asked if I really wanted to know and I nodded quickly. Smiling, she dropped to her knees and slid my dick in her mouth!

I almost collapsed.

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It felt so fucking incredible! I leaned against the shower stall wall as she ran her mouth and lips up and down my dick. I couldn't believe I was watching my younger own sister give me a blow job. I was about to explode into her mouth, so I grabbed her and pulled her up to prolong the intense excitement. Not being able to control myself, I kissed her and we shoved our tongues in our mouths.

We held each other, our wet soapy bodies rubbing against each other and kissed.

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My rock hard dick was rubbing against her legs. I slid my hand to her ass and explored her ass cheeks. Then I slid my finger across her anus. She moaned, spread her ass cheeks wider and pressed against me. I slid my finger into her a little farther and she began to breath harder as she moved her ass in tie with my strokes. After a few moments of that she suddenly said "Screw it!" and leaned against the wall.

She spread her legs, grabbed my dick and moved it to her pussy. Not waiting for her to change her mind, I move closer and slid my dick inside of her. We both let out load excited yells. At that point I began to pound the inside of her like my life depended on it.

We fucked like wild horses for as long as I could hold it, and then I pulled out and she took me in her mouth again. I shot so much cum inside her I thought I would drown her. But she swallowed every drop and continued to suck. Then I stood her up, dropped to my knees and began to lick her pussy until she screamed. Both spent, we lay together in our arms on the floor of the shower as warm water fell over us. She whispered in my ear that she wished we had done that when we were teens.

The thought of me banging my sister when she was 13 got me hard again and we started all over. Still wet, we moved to my bed and almost broke the springs because we fucked so hard in every possible position. After we rested, we did it again and again the rest of the day and into the evening. It is still some of the best fuck sessions I have ever had. We talked about it later and we're still very cool with what happened. We'd love to do it again.

We had too much fun not to.