Gay movie of Then Kenneth sits on the rocks as Caiden slurps his

Gay movie of Then Kenneth sits on the rocks as Caiden slurps his
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Scotty was a boy who lived close to Jake, but not as close as Rachel did. He was invited over to Jake's house and he gladly accepted the invitation. Scotty had soft, blond hair and a slender build. And, like Jake, he had a cute little butt to top it all off. He arrived at Jake's house at around 7pm. He rapped on the door and shortly after he got a response. After the session of wild sex, the quintet had had, they cleaned themselves up and even got dressed.

They spent the next four hours relaxing, drinking (although not too much as they didn't want to exhaust the alcohol), and eating whatever. There was plenty of food in the fridge and most of them ate a lot after such a workout. Ashley was in the living room (which was the room closest to the main entrance) when Scotty arrived at the party.

Ashley went to answer the door. When Jake said he would invite a friend over, the girls asked if Jake knew another boy that was as good as he was. Jake said that and Scotty had masturbated in the same room before (something he assured that a lot of straight guys did) and that Scotty probably lasted as long as Jake did and had a similar sized penis.

Jake and Scotty had been close childhood friends and always told each other everything. When Ashley reached the front door, she immediately opened it and was greeted with the handsome little sight that was Scotty. He was taller than Jake (not as tall as Rachel, Ashley or Sarah though) and maybe even taller than Amy. "Hi!" Scotty greeted. Ashley put her hands on her knees and bent over slightly, levelling herself with the boy all the while giving him a great view of her breasts.


"Hi! Come inside!" Ashley urged. Scotty complied and entered the house he had not stared at Ashley's tits, but he had stolen a glance at them and damn did they look nice. Amy (a girl Scotty was familiar with) came to greet Scotty from the living room but before she could say anything someone yelled. "Is he here!!??" Sarah shouted from somewhere deeper inside the house.

Scotty suddenly wondered how many girls were here. "Yes!!!!" Ashley shouted back. The trio at the door heard the stomping of bare feet against the hardwood floor of the Robinson's. The stomping belonged to not only Sarah, but Rachel and Jake as well.

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Scotty took a glance at all of the girls and he realized that although they seemed fully clothed, he was pretty sure none of them were wearing bras judging by the puffiness of the girls' breasts.

Especially Rachel, who looked almost completely naked. Scotty was pretty sure she was not wearing any panties and thought that maybe none of the other girls were either. "Hi girls, and hi Jake!" Scotty said. All of the girls greeted him individually.

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The sextet walked over to the living room where they all took a seat. The Robinsons had two loveseats so the six people had to squish together, although they were still young and therefore small so it was not too squishy.

Amy and Ashley sat on either side of Scotty while Rachel and Sarah sat on either side of Jake. They talked for a little bit and the girls got a tiny bit playful with the boys. Ashley put her hands on Scotty's leg and roamed around his leg. Scotty just smiled and leaned back with his hands behind his head. Meanwhile, Sarah and Rachel squished in closer to Jake and rested their hands on his hips.

Finally, after a while of sharing stories, Scotty asked, "So, what have you guys been up to?" Amy and Ashley were now both cuddled up with him, and not in a romantic way, so he thought he had an idea as to what they were doing before he arrived.

"Oh, not much…" Rachel said coyly. The girls giggled. "Yea, just wild sex with Jake. Not much." Ashley joked. Scotty chuckled at this then grinned. "Well that sounds like a fun time." The girls laughed at this. "Yea it was pretty fun alright." Amy agreed.


"I don't suppose you would want to join in?" Sarah said in a false innocent tone. Scotty smirked and said he would love to. "Awesome!" Rachel exclaimed, then added, "We're gonna have to get undressed first." Which she said slyly. The girls got off of the couches and went in front of the boys and started to strip. Jake got off his couch as well and sat beside Scotty. Each boy sat on one of the loveseat's cushions with their legs spread and their hands behind their heads.

First the girls removed their shirts revealing their naked tits for everyone to see. All their tits were big and it made the boys hard. Ashley and Sarah bent down to remove Jake and Scotty's shirts respectively. Rachel and Amy knelt between the boys' legs and removed their jeans. Leaving the boys with nothing but their boxers. "Wow!" Amy exclaimed. "Those are some huge cocks!" Rachel agreed.

Both boys' dicks were making a rather large tent in their boxers from looking at the girls. This made the girls really horny. "Let's see some ass!" Scotty declared. The girls giggled and then faced away from the boys and slowly removed their pants.

None of them wore panties and so they were completely naked. The girls turned to face the boys whose erections had seemed to grow even more. "Let's get a look at these big boys." Ashley said sensually. Ashley knelt in between Scotty's legs and pulled down his boxers revealing his massive cock to the girls.

The girls gasped at it. It looked like it was about as big as Jake's and about as thick too. Sarah did the same thing to Jake and let free Jake's enormous manhood. The girls also let out some gasps at this. Ashley cut to the chase and lied her forearms beside Scotty's dick and then lowered her mouth over it and started giving the boy a blowjob.

Sarah did the same with Jake and it was a very sexy sight to behold. The girls swirled their tongues around the heads of the boys' cocks and moaned into them. The girls continued sucking but only for about five minutes in order to let Amy and Rachel in on the fun. Amy started giving Scotty and blowjob and Rachel did the same for Jake. The boys let out cute boyish moans as this was happening.

This went on for another 5 minutes or so. "This is really nice…" Scotty said through moans. Jake smirked. "Just wait until they put their tits around your cock. It feels incredible!" The girls were more than happy to do this. Ashley took Jake this time and wrapped her large C-Cup breasts around the length of the boy's shaft and started jerking him with her tits.

Sarah wrapped her slightly larger D-Cup breasts around Scotty's cock and started doing the same for him. While the girls were giving a boobjob, they suckled on the tips of the boys' dicks as well. This caused them to moan even more. They continued like this for 10 minutes when Amy and Rachel wanted a go.

Amy used her C-Cup breasts, which were pretty big for her age, to jerk off Jake while Rachel's large D-Cups engulfed Scotty's 8-inch penis. This time, the girls pleased the boys for a little more than 5 minutes.

After which they were so horny that they needed to cum. "Ok boys, we're extremely horny, could you two make us cum?" Sarah cooed. "Of course, we can!" Scotty boasted. "Ok, but let's get straight to fucking.

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I want to cum from a boy's cock." Rachel stated. The sextet moved to the guest room, which housed a king-sized bed. The boys got on the bed and went on their knees. At first glance, the girls thought that the boys' cocks were about 7.5" but on further inspection they were definitely closer to 8 inches. The girls didn't know how thick the boys' dicks were, but they were too thick to wrap your hand around.

The girls decided that Rachel and Sarah should get to fuck the boys first. Sarah lined up in front of Jake's cock and Rachel in front of Scotty's. The boys slowly pushed themselves in the girls. "mmmff!" They moaned. The boys started thrusting in and out of the girls at a moderate pace.

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Amy and Ashley went behind the boys to try and turn them on and make them cum. They pressed their hands into the boys' pelvises while they were fucking other girls. Jake and Scotty's thick cocks were sliding in and out of Rachel and Sarah's tight pussies with a gooey, wet sound.

When the boys thrust their dicks all the way in the girls, it made a loud slapping sound. The boys fucked the girls for about 5 minutes before Ashley and Amy said they really wanted some cock in them. "I don't mind switching!" Scotty said, a little shyly. Jake quickly answered, "Yea! We'll make all of you cum eventually!" He said with confidence. Rachel and Sarah didn't object to switching, thinking that it was only fair.

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Ashley switched places with Rachel for Scotty's penis and Amy switched places with Sarah for Jake's penis. Jake and Scotty began thrusting into the new pussies still at a moderate pace. Jake and Scotty's butts both went back and forth with consistent and strong thrusts that made Amy and Ashley moan.

The boys were fucking the girls hard causing their dicks to slam against the girls' tight little asses. After ten minutes Amy was moaning loudly and she was about to cum. "AAH, AAH AAAH AAH AAAH AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!" Amy screeched as she came. Her whole body shook and convulsed under Jake's massive 8-inch cock.

Her cunt splashed out white, sloppy cum all over Jake's dick and balls. Jake resisted his urge to increase his thrusting speed and kept a consistent pace as Amy continued to shudder in pleasure. Amy sat to the side for the extremely horny Sarah to take her place.

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Jake was about to stick his dick inside of her, but then Scotty asked if they could switch since he wanted to feel all the girls' pussies. The girls seemed happy enough to agree, even if it meant that Ashley would have to stop receiving the mind-melting pleasure from Scotty's thick manhood for even a second. Scotty started thrusting into Sarah and Jake did the same for Ashley.

Five minutes passed when Ashley generously gave the lusty (and busty) Rachel a turn. Jake and Scotty fucked Rachel and Sarah for about 15 minutes and both girls look like they were about to cum. Jake and Scotty had increased their speed and were ploughing the girls' vaginas hard and fast. Rachel and Sarah's tits were rocking back and forth as they were getting fucked, and occasionally, Jake or Scotty would reach down to fondle with the magnificent breasts. This turned on Rachel and Sarah a lot.

They could not last long with the boys doing all of that. The girls were letting out loud moans, screaming as loud as they could. They screamed the boys' names as well as other guttural moans that were only uttered under the deepest amount of pleasure.

The boys had been fucking for almost an hour and they were starting to moan and grunt as well. Eventually, both girls came and bellowed in unison as loud as the could.

They squirted their juices all over Jake and Scotty's large cocks and shuddered and convulsed violently as their orgasms continued. "Oh my god you make my pussy feel so good!!" Rachel moaned as Jake continued to slowly fuck the large-breasted girl. "How are you little boys so good at fucking?" Sarah asked.

"I dunno." Scotty said simply. "When I masturbate, I always try and see how long I can last, and I guess I'm also just naturally good." Jake put in. "But how do you have such long and thick penises?" Amy said, with a touch of greed and lust in her voice. "Probably genetics." Scotty said, then grinned. "Do you like our big cocks?" Amy blushed but smiled at the same time. "Yea they're pretty hot!" Amy said. Amy was horny again, and she wanted to feel some cock inside of her.

"Ashley, how about I take Scotty and you take Jake?" "Sure, babe!" Ashley said enthusiastically. The girls lined up in front of their designated boys. Jake took Ashley's hips and Scotty took Amy's and they began to fuck the girls with their satisfying dicks. The boys had to push hard to get their dicks all the way in the girls' tight pussies.

Their cocks were big enough that they stretched out the girls' pussies and reached all the way to their cervices. As Jake and Scotty boned the two girls, Ashley and Amy's breasts jiggled along with the boys' thrusting. "Oh my god, you boys are amazing!" Ashley groaned. Jake and Scotty looked and each other and grinned while they continued fucking the perky little asses gladly bent over for them. "My ex boyfriend was no where near as good as you two!" Ashley said through moans. Amy's moaning was high-pitched and cute while Ashley's moans where loud and euphoric.

Scotty and Jake were uttering their boyish moans as they fucked the girls and after a long, hot 10 minutes of fucking Ashley and Amy were cumming. "OOH! OHYGOD!!" Ashley screamed. "AAAAH AAAH!!" Amy screeched. They were moaning in tandem as their caves were plundered by the large boy-cocks jammed inside of them. "AAAAH! Scotty you make me feel so fucking good!!!" Amy shouted.

"OH FUCK, Scotty you're gonna make me cum!!!!" Amy couldn't hold back any longer and she came all over Scotty.

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Her cum splashed on his penis, testicles, thighs, knees, pelvis and stomach. Amy's whole body seemed to vibrate as she came.

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Scotty slowly fucked her as the tight, little teen girl's orgasm died down. At the same time, Ashley was moaning and screaming Jake's name as he fucked her hard and fast.

"OOHHHH Jake!!! OOOH FUUUUUCK your thick cock feels so good inside of me!!" Ashley yelled as Jake continued to relentlessly pound the teen girl's pussy. Ashley didn't last much longer and when she came she screamed Jake's name at the top of her lungs. "OOOOOOHHH JAAAAAAAAAAKKEEEEE!!!!!!" Ashley's pussy contracted and spewed her juices everywhere.

Jake fucked the girl as she convulsed from her powerful orgasm. The girls were done for now, but the boys still needed to cum, so Jake and Scotty sat down on the side of the bed, shoulder to shoulder. The sides of their bodies were touching each other and their large dicks stood up straight with their daunting 8 inches. Amy, Ashley, Rachel, and Sarah took turns giving each boy a good blowjob, boobjob, and handjob. Amy wrapped both of her hands around Scotty's thick penis and stroked it up and down while Rachel licked the top like an ice cream cone.

Meanwhile, Sarah engulfed Jake's cock in her breasts while Ashley swallowed the tip, swiveling her tongue around it for extra pleasure. The girls switched positions and did different things for about 15 whole minutes when first Scotty, then Jake said he was gonna cum. The boys stood up and the girls knelt on their knees, offering the boys their faces and tits to cum on.

The boys were stroking their members and taking aim at the girls. Their boy moans were getting louder and more frequent when finally Scotty started cumming.


"Ahhhh!! Yea, Fuck!!" Scotty said as he jettisoned his boy-cum all over the girls. His cock spewed out loads and loads of cum that drenched them.

He came all over Ashley's face and tits and saved the most for Rachel. Scotty put his thick cock between her tits and rubbed up and down a little cumming all the while. Despite Rachel's enormous boobs, he was able to glaze them like doughnuts and spurted cum on Rachel's cute face. With the remainder of his load, Scotty shot some globs of cum onto Sarah and Amy before sitting down.

Jake came soon after and saved his cum for Amy. "AAAAAHHH!!!" Jake yelled as his huge dick started to shoot spunk all over the girls. He rubbed the head of his cock over Ashley's large C-Cup tits while pointing upwards to cum on the girl's face.

Jake continued dragging his penis passed Ashley to Rachel's huge D-Cup breasts, cumming on them and her face. Jake moved onto Sarah who he spent a little extra time covering with his jizz. He then moved to Amy and stayed on her, squirting his semen all over the girl. Jake came on the little girl's face, tits and body. By the time Jake was done spraying his boycum on Amy, she was completely drenched in the stuff.

The sextet spent the next couple minutes cleaning themselves off—mostly using the girls' tongues—until they realized Jake's parents would be home in a matter of hours.

Everyone got dressed and they all went to the door to leave. They said goodbye to each other and one-by-one the kids started filing out the door. Everybody except Rachel and Jake.