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Big tit Lehrer fickt mit dem bösen Jungen
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The longest by far, I'll try not to make them so long in the future. I woke up at 8:07 to an empty bed, which was unusual for two reasons these last few weeks; one, I don't get up that early normally, and two, due to all the stuff we've done in one day the last few weeks, getting up early last the last thing on either of our list, mine or Rita's.

I sat up and wiped the sleep out of my eyes as I prepared to get ready for another "play date" with the Ashleys. Three weeks have passed since we found out we had to hang out with Ashley, and what a three weeks they turned out to be. It took us some serious convincing on our part, but we managed to persuade Stephanie and Chris to come with us when we went to hang with Ashley and her friends, much to their dismay, and our relief.

The prospect of no contact for three weeks was the nail in the coffin, but we were still in their favor for even agreeing. Speaking of no contact, due to Ashleys sexist and strictly stupid schedule Rita and I didn't get any alone time for that entire first week, the last being when we ganged up on Aunt Lisa (which according to mom we almost got caught by did twice).

It was too risky to try anything again with dad there so we didn't do anything, but true to her word, the second dad was out of the house unexpectedly that second week, Rita was raping me, literally, she was the one fucking me, but I didn't care one bit.

The next two weeks slowed down a little from the first week, but it was still occupied by her schedule, every single day. Surprisingly though, it wasn't all bad. The girls got to enjoy all the girly stuff they didn't get to do often, like the manicures and pedicures, shopping without a limit, relaxing in a spa, things like that, and it was nice to see them happy.


There was only one day that Chris and I were able to fully enjoy, and that was fat Tuesday. Nothing but candy, fast food, pizza, chocolate, pop, chips, and whatever else fattening we could get for the whole day we had it, and afterwards none of us could move from the spot we were in, so we always ended up spending the night over Ashleys that day, but it was well worth it.

we also came to a kind of truce with the "Ashleys." It took some real patience and a lot of biting our tongue, but as the weeks went we all began to tolerate each other, even started being nice. Don't know how long it'll last, but at least for now it was there. As fun (yeah, I actually said that) as these last few weeks have been, though, Rita and I wanted a break for just us, a day where we could just stay at home and be in each other's company, but its hard to get that when no one can know about our relationship.

We had to hope that maybe Ashley wanted a day to herself to kick back and do nothing, a day where she didn't wanna be bothered by anyone. That hope was shattered as fast as it formed when my phone rang from the nightstand, the unmistakable ringtone guaranteed it wasn't a random person, but it was Ashley, fuck. "Hello," I drudged out, pretending to be woken from my sleep.

"Cedar Point! My treat! Get up, get dressed, and get over here with everyone asap!" "I just woke up Ashley I need…" "Come on you're wasting time! I wanna get there when it opens!

Lots of rides to ride!" "Ok well you gotta get off the phone so I can get ready." "Hurry up! Lots to do, millennium forces to ride! And bring swimsuits!" She hung up and I got out of bed and drudged to the bathroom, wiping the rest of the sleep from my eyes. After I did my morning ritual I went back to our room and called up Chris to let him know of the days plans.

"Hello?" Chris said as I undoubtedly woke him from his sleep. "Hey man, were going to Cedar Point today, get dressed and get to Ashleys asap." "Wait what? Cedar Point? I don't have a lot of money left, she made me use it all." "Shes paying for it." "Really? All of us? Well that changes everything," he said springing awake. "We gotta get over there pretty much now though." "That's cool.

Need to take a shower and stuff but ok." "Alright see ya at Ashleys." I hung up the phone and sat for a minute. Even though we were going with Ashley and her group of followers, I was kinda excited to go to Cedar Point, not to mention they actually cooled off on their bitchy attitudes a little, which made it a little easier to put up with them.

I grabbed up my towel and my phone and headed to the shower just as Rita was going to the room. "Ashleys taking up to Cedar Point, she wants to get there when it opens." "Yeah I just got off the phone with her.

Is it me or are you more excited than usual?" "Hey its Cedar Point! I'll deal with them another day for that, plus we can ditch them." "Yeah we could, I didn't even think of that!" "Ok well I'm getting in the shower, I'll be out in a second." "Want some company?" Rita grinned. "Dads here." "Didn't stop us last night." "And he's awake." "Ok if you don't wanna shower with me then I'll…" "Ok, we gotta be quiet though, if someone comes to the door I'll say I'm shaving or something." "Randy you don't even have a razor!" "Yeah whatever come on!" We snuck into the bathroom together and turned on the shower.

I locked the door and climbed in to see Rita had already started soaping herself up in the back of the shower. I got in front of her and sat under the water for a second, letting it wake me up. Rita grabbed her loofa and soaped me up too, then stretched her soapy hands reach around me to get my front, and when she found my cock, she seemed all too happy to start stroking it. "I knew you had ulterior motives! We don't have enough time, not even for a quickie," I said.

She pouted like a little girl who couldn't get a pony. "Not even a little one?" "Nope, we gotta get to Ashleys with enough time to get to the place when it opens." "And since when did you start listening to Ashley so eagerly?" "I figure its best to go along instead of argue with her, it saves a lot of headaches, plus it doesn't hurt that we get into the best theme park in town free of charge." "That's a shame, I was feeling really horny today too…" I turned around and picked her up by her ass.

"Ok maybe we have a little time." "That's more like it." I went to kiss her at the very second my phone started to ring, guess who. "Why did you even bring your phone in here!" Rita whined. I shrugged as I dried off my hand and answered the phone. "Ashley I…" "Is everyone on the way yet?" "I'm in the shower right now!

Can you hear the water?" "What? Stop moving so slow!" "Ashley you called me like five minutes ago…" "Plenty time for a shower! Now come on, wash that little thing and get over here!" She hung up and a stared at the phone before I sat it down, trying to hold in a laugh. "What she say?" "She said to wash my little thing and get over there with everyone." "Now shes definitely waiting," Rita said as she hopped back on me and guided my cock into her.

"Uuugh god, little my ass! This thing stretches me out every time you put it inside me…" She rested her head on my shoulder as I pulled her up and down in my cock, washing the soap off of her in the process.

I had to keep shushing her to remind her of where we were, but you know Rita, once she has my cock inside her, almost nothing else matters. "When was the last time we had sex in the shower?" Rita asked. "I don't remember, a couple months back I think, why?" "I forgot how great it feels when you push into me when I'm under the hot water, I can't tell if it's the shower, or if I'm really wet." "Remember, quiet, we don't wanna get caught having sex first thing in the morning." "Keep sliding that cock in me and I'll cum in no time, I promise!" She looked me in the eyes as she rode me in the shower, good thing we had a floor mat in there or we would've fell on our ass for sure.

She hugged me tight as our skin started clapping together from our conjoined movement. She squeezed me tighter as her orgasm approached, right as someone knocked on the bathroom door. "Hey whose in there?" dad yelled from the other side of the door. I started to put her down and say something, but she put her hand over my mouth. "Shhh, just don't stop. ME DAD, I'M ALMOST FINISHED, JUST WASHING MY HAIR!" "Ok honey, I gotta get in there too, leave me some hot water!" "OK I'LL BE OUT IN A SECOND!" Imagine Rita, having a normal conversation with our dad, while her titties bounced in my face as she rode my cock under a hot steamy shower while trying her hardest not to moan.

Yeah. I swear she doesn't even try to be sexy, it just happens. She squeezed my neck again and let out labored breaths to stop from screaming, and when that didn't work she bit my neck. "Rita are you…" "Yes, I'm cumming! Don't move, just stand sti- oh my god!" She held on to me for what seemed like minutes, and when I felt her body go limp, I pulled her off my cock and let her stand on her own legs, which didn't quite work out.

After just having an orgasm her legs were like jello, so I sat her down on the tub floor and stood back up, my still hard cock pointing at her as she looked up at it. "Give me a second, I'm not done with that thing yet." "We don't have time, I have to get out of here before dad comes back." She sighed, but knew I was right. "Ok, I'll be fine.

As soon as my legs start working again I'll be right behind you. Bring me a towel in here please." I gave her a kiss and made sure the coast was clear before grabbing my stuff and bolting to our room. I threw on some boxers and took a towel in the bathroom and walked back through our door just as mom was coming up the stairs. I kept walking to avoid any more delays and closed the door to finish getting dressed, only for Ashley to call for the third time in half an hour.

"Yeah Ashley." "Are you on the way?" "I'm getting dressed." "What? How are you not ready yet!" "Because you keep calling me! I can't do stuff when I have to keep answering the phone!" "If we're late Randy…" "Its only a forty five minute drive from here at most, its not even nine o'clock yet." "If you're not here at 9:15 exactly." "Is anyone else even there?" "My friends are.

Waiting on you two and Stephanie and Chris, bunch of slowpokes…" "We're leaving in no more than ten minutes." "Hurry up…" We hung up just as Rita came through the door in the towel using the hair straightener thing. "That was Ashley again? What is it with her today?" "Apparently she really likes amusement parks, they're waiting on us." "No time for breakfast?" Rita asked as she started getting dressed. "We can stop by Burger King on the way." I threw on some khaki shorts and a white ac/dc tshirt and Rita put on kapri shorts and a hello kitty shirt with flip flops.

It was 8:51 when we finished getting dressed and headed out the door yelling goodbye to everyone. With our stomachs growling, we pulled into Burger King and grabbed a couple croissants and smashed them on the way to Ashleys, not even bothering to talk.

We pulled up just as Stephanie and Chris did to see "The Ashleys" all waiting on the porch. "9:09, cutting it really close, I almost called you again," Ashley said as we walked up. "Please don't, you called me enough for one day," I responded. "Well ok, let's go. I hope you all ate because we're going straight there. Randy, I hope you know how to get there because you get to drive," she said as she handed me the keys.

I didn't know whether to be happy I got to drive her Cadillac or pissed because I had to drive the Cadillac the whole trip there, no one wants to be the one to drive, that's why she dumped it on me. I let it go and got in the driver's seat, planning to take it out on the truck. Chris jumped shotgun and the rest of the girls piled in the seats in the back.

I did kinda know how to get there, but I wanted to be sure, so after messing with the gps for a while I got or destination programmed in and we were off. We weren't on the road for five minutes before all the gossip started. Becky, Carina, and Dana sat in the row behind us and Rita, Steph, and Ashley sat in the one behind them, with Ashley in the middle.

They would whisper for a few seconds then burst out in laughter as only girls know how to do, I'd been glancing in the rear view mirror watching for about ten minutes before they finally caught me. "Hey eyes on the road, this is girl talk!" Carina yelled.

"Its everybody talk with how loud you guys are," I retaliated. "Back seaters only, just make sure we don't die on the way there." "I feel like a damn chauffer, without the getting paid part," I complained. "You're going to Cedar Point, that's payment enough. Now get us there safely driver, and put on your hat," Becky said throwing a cowgirl hat at me which everyone thought was hysterical. "Don't sweat it man, at least noones jumping down anyones throat," Chris said.

"Yeah true. I'm not driving back I tell you that much, I'll catch the bus before I do." "They'll probably have me drive back then so they can go to sleep, and if I say no then I'm their new favorite target, no offense." "Cool. Well you have fun with that, at least they'll be tired when you drive, I got em all loud and hyper, come on twenty more minutes, hurry up and get here." I zoned out and focused on the gps and the rest of the ride there.

While the twenty minutes didn't go by quickly, it did go by, and before I knew it, we were pulling in the parking lot. Ashley gave me the money to pay and we got a rather good parking spot close to the entrance. I checked the time, 9:52, just enough time to walk to the gate, pay, and get in. I looked at Ashley and pointed to the time to rub it in, and she responded with a mock pat on the back.

Whatever, I won, it was a small victory yeah, but against Ashley I'll take it. We got out of the truck and headed for the entrance when Ashley stopped us so she could get a quick word in.

"Ok everyone listen up, we're gonna stay together as a group except for bathrooms and stuff, we're gonna eat together, and most important, we're gonna ride all the roller coasters, ALL THE ROLLER COASTERS!

None of that "I'm scared" crap, we go on everything." She looked at me as I was laughing to myself. "What Randy, you scared of roller coasters or something?" "No, I actually agree with you. No point in coming if you're scared to get on anything." I was laughing because I caught Becky and Dana's face when Ashley said we were getting on everything, they're scared of roller coasters, definitely the millennium force, I can tell, and with it being damn near right at the front I could bet that's the first ride we were getting on.

They probably didn't bet on being forced to go on anything, which made this day great before it even started, I can't wait to see their faces when we get to the top of the hill.

"Ok everyone ok with that? Good. Let's go!" Ashley said sprinting towards the entrance. True to her word, Ashley paid for everyone to get in, and she bought line jumper passes for everyone, which aren't cheap.

She gave everyone a pass and as soon as we were into the park she said exactly what I knew she was gonna say. "First ride millennium force everyone, let's go!" Knew it. They were scared holding each other's hands the whole time we were walking to it. We got to the line and jumped to the front thanks to our passes and in about five minutes time we were watching the next cart roll up in front of us.

"Come on Ashley, do we have to get on this?" Becky pleaded. "You heard what I said, everyone gets on everything, no exceptions!" "Really though, the millennium force first? We can't build up to it or something?

Start with something smaller like Blue Streak?" Dana followed. "How do you go from Millennium Force to Blue Streak? Scaredy cats," Chris teased. "No, were already in line, we're going on it! And since you two wanna be babies after I already said we have to go on everything, you get to ride in the first cart." The green light came on just as Ashley finished her sentence and we all got in the carts behind the first one so they didn't have a choice.

They stood there scared, and also holding up the line, which is what they probably were planning to do. "You two, are you in or out?" the ride operator asked. "They're in, come on, get in the cart or go wait in the car," Ashley said as she got locked in. Both girls paused then slowly climbed in the front cart as the operator locked them in. Rita and I were sitting directly behind them and we saw they had a death grip on the bar; I would be lying if I said I didn't love this.

The operator gave his speech and before we knew it, we were heading around the corner and up the hill. "HEY, HOW YOU TWO DOING UP THERE!" Carina teased behind us. "Shut up Carina!" Becky retaliated a little agitated.

"HEY, WHATEVER YOU DO, LOOK DOWN!" Chris teased as we got to the top of the hill and rounded the corner. "Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god," Dana kept repeating. "HERE COMES THE FUN PART!" Ashley yelled as the cart went over the edge and sped downhill. Both Rita and I had our hands in the air screaming in joy, but Dana and Carina were locked on to the bar screaming as if they were getting killed. They held it all the way to the bottom and around the first turn, but they never took their hands off the bar.

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"Seeeee, that waaasnt so baaaad," I said with extreme wind hitting my face. "Shut up Randy, just shut up!" I couldn't tell who said it because I was too busy laughing. As usual, the camera snuck up on us, but we probably had a good picture. We came to a stop shortly after, and it wasn't until that moment that they finally took their hands off the bars. "See? You didn't have anything to be scared of you big babies!" Ashley teased as we got out.

"You're a bitch for that, we could've had heart attacks!" Becky complained. "You'll live. Now that you did that one, the others will be a walk in the park, then we go again!" "No, were not going on it again!" Dana jumped in.

"Yes you are, we get on everything remember?" "We already got on it, you didn't say anything about repeats, so we're done with this one!" Ashley relented, knowing she lost on a technicality. "Fine you big babies. I'm buying the picture then, I know your faces are jacked up." We went to the tv screen and found our sections, and sure enough, their faces were jacked up. Their hair was wild in the wind with horror screams burned on their faces while the rest of us were all smiles, Ashley wasted no time buying the pictures.

We got lockers near the front and put the pictures and bags in there so we wouldn't have to carry them around, and I kept the keys on me since my shorts had zippers on the pockets, I wore those especially for today.

We bound back in the park and headed to the Mantis which was next to the Millennium Force. Once again, thanks to our passes we jumped to the front of the line and were on it in no time. This coaster fared way better than the Force for Becky and Dana because it wasn't nearly as high and we got to stand, so about time the pictures came around they looked like they were actually having fun. We went for the Maverick, Power Tower, and the Top Thrill Dragster in the next hour and a half or so, by then more people with line jumping passes were showing up so we didn't get to get straight on like earlier, but it was still no more than a fifteen minute wait.

We got pictures for every ride that took one, all paid for by Ashley, most were Rita, Steph, Chris and I all in the same row so that made them all that much better. Over the last hour the sun had slowly come out, but in the last ten minutes it came out completely, increasing the temperature by at least twenty degrees. We were all starting to sweat a little. "It's so hot now!

You guys wanna go to the water park now?" Ashley asked. "What? You actually asked us instead of telling us?" Rita joked. "Yeah you have a point, we're going to the waterpark, let's go!" "I didn't bring a bathing suit, I didn't know we were getting in the water," Stephanie said.

"Wha… no one told you? No its ok, I remember I packed extras, didn't know which one to pick out so I just brought them all, lucky for you," Ashley said.

"Yeah I didn't bring any shorts either," Chris followed up. "I can't help you Chris, unless you wanna wear some bikini bottoms." Everyone laughed. "Nah that's ok, I'll just watch you guys swim or something." "I think they have shops where you can buy shorts, we can at least check," I said. "Ok, we'll go change and meet at the giant water fountain fifteen minutes after we get to the waterpark, don't take all day," Ashley said.

"Said the six women who don't wanna get their hair wet," Chris fired back. "Not today, were going all out in the water, no holding back," Ashley said and everyone backed her, smiling back and flipping their hair through their hands. "That's even better, we'll meet you down there then." We went to the locker to get our bags and put the pictures in then walked to the waterpark.

Chris and I branched off from the girls to go in the shop and sure enough, they did have swim shorts, lucky. Chris bought a pair with whales on it (either that or dolphins) and we went to change. We changed, had our stuff in the locker, and were under the fountain with two minutes to spare, and just like we predicted, the girls weren't there. I don't even know why they gave such a short time frame knowing they weren't gonna meet it, maybe it was just to have us wait on purpose.

After an extra fifteen minutes they all finally walked into view, and I tell you, I would've waited another hour, because what a view it was. Just imagine six girls in two piece bikinis all smiles as they walked up to you, yeah, they all looked so damn hot it was unbelievable. Rita had on a hello kitty bikini, Steph had one with clouds on it, Becky had on the American flag, Carinas was white with fire all over it, Dana had the playboy bunnies on hers, and even Ashley looked hot with her green leaves bikini on, though I would never say that out loud, or think it.

Chris and I both stood there, me in my sunset shorts, him in his whale shorts, as they all walked up to us still giggling and what not. "Nice shorts Chris, were they all out of the kittens and puppies!" Ashley joked. "It was either this or dolphins, or boxers, and I didn't feel like getting kicked out…" "I like em, not anybody can pull these off," Rita said tugging at his shorts. "Yeah I bet you would like to "pull those off" wouldn't you?" Becky said. "I don't know, I like Randys better, what girl doesn't love a sunset?" Stephanie jumped in.

She and Rita exchanged glances then smiled to play it off, and Chris and I both gave each other that knowing look as they felt up our chest in front of the girls. "Oh get a room all four of you! Come on before some little kids start perving at us!" Ashley said. As we walked through the waterpark seeing where to stop at first the girls were getting looks from just about every guy we passed, even some girls.

While we were walking a few guys would come up and try to hit on them, even while Chris and I were standing there, but the conversation always ended with "sorry, I'll pass, but thanks." We settled on going down the big slide and staying in the pool area when we got to the bottom. The Ashleys went down first, and to keep up appearances, Rita went down with Chris and I went down with Stephanie, who instead of sitting down in front of me like Rita did, laid down on top of me chest to chest the whole way down.

She whispered something, but I didn't catch what it was. I knew once they saw up come out of the opening someone was gonna say something. "Eww were you two fucking on the slide down?" Dana asked.

"Yep. We had the quickest quickie ever. Best twenty-five seconds of my life," I said back. "That probably sounds about normal, maybe ten seconds too much," Becky jumped in.

"Yeah? And how would you know. Watching me in action huh, I knew it," I said taking a page from Ashleys book and flipping the script.

"For your information I…" I didn't let her finish before I pushed a big wave in her face. That got everyone going as we pushed water anywhere in front of us, even at people we didn't know. We were actually having fun. All of us. I was surprised to see it but yeah, everyone had smiles on their faces messing around with each other, who would've thought?

Chris dove underwater and came up under Carina, making her flip around in the air before splashing down, and I followed suit on Rita, then on Becky for good measure. One by one we dunked them all, and saved Ashley for last, Chris and I both doubleteaming her, throwing her as high as we could before she came thundering down.

When she came up her bathing suit had moved to where her left tit almost came out, but she immediately saw it and fixed it. They all finally had enough of us and three of them came after one of us to try to dunk us, Rita, Becky, And Ashley on me and Carina, Stephanie, and Dana on Chris. We had been manhandling them for the better part of half an hour so we figured we'd let them win. They didn't so much as dunk us as kick our legs from under us and push us underwater, but it still had the same effect, and when we came up, they were waiting to do it again, even use their bodies as weight to help push us under.

After we'd had enough for the moment, we got out and went to find eight lawn chairs to go and lay out on, which took a good while. The girls started putting sun tan lotion on their legs and whatnot, but Chris and I passed and just camped out next to them. "Hey, looks like you need some help with that, I can get your back for you," some random guy who was walking by said to Rita. "That's ok, that's what I have him for," Rita said as she tossed the bottle of sunscreen on Chris' lap.

They were out in flocks, almost as soon as he left another guy looking like that guy from Jersey Shore came right behind him, this time it was Ashleys turn to get hit on. "Why don't you relax and let me do that for you, I can rub out any sore muscles too if you like?" "Tempting, but I already have a personal masseuse," Ashley said staring at me.

"That was the first and last time," I said recalling when she made me give her a foot massage. "Well something's obviously wrong with him that he doesn't wanna touch you, come on, I've been told these hands are magical," he said holding his hands up for her to see. I started to say something, but Rita grabbed me wrist and shook her head no and rolled her eyes at the guy.

He was just trying to impress Ashley, but he picked the wrong one out of the group for that. Instead, both Chris and I rubbed the tan lotion on everyones back; Chris even did Ashley while she was still talking to the guy! He definitely saw his chances slipping away. "I guarantee you a night you will never forget," he said as Chris sat back down.

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"Yeah like I haven't heard that before, I'm gonna have to pass." "At least tell me your name?" "What are you gonna do with it?" "Take the lady it belongs to out to dinner tonight." We were all watching like there was a big fight going on, watching this guy try all his best pickup lines only to have Ashley squash then with no effort at all was really entertaining.

Ashley sat there staring at him, and then sat up a little in her chair. "Now to me that sounds like a line you've said to every other girl here, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you can find me outside the waterpark today before it closes I'll take you up on your offer, if not, then there are plenty other women to choose from here." "Not many with a fiery attitude and the hair to match." "We'll just have to see if it was meant to be then," she said biting the end of her glasses.

He smiled and looked her over one more time before he walked off, then turned and looked back, but Ashley didn't even budge. "Ashley what is wrong with you? I totally would have gave him my number!" Becky said. "And your panties too, tramp!" Carina joked. "Just because you haven't had sex in six months doesn't mean I don't want to," Becky said back. "That's because I choose not to, I don't need to give it up every day like you do!" Rita jerked and held her stomach like she'd been shot.

She looked at me and mouthed "never fucking happening" as she shook her head no, not even checking to see if anyone saw her, which luckily no one did because of Becky and Carinas bickering. "Will you two cut it out, you're both sluts! Becky is just a more recent one," Ashley said.

"And these conversations are normal between you all?" Chris asked. "Basically yeah, think of it as advanced girl talk 101, only the important stuff," Dana said. "If that's your idea of basic, then I'm definitely a few classes behind," Stephanie said. "Don't worry, we'll catch you up in no time," Becky grinned. Stephanie laughed it off and fixed her bikini; Becky's words suddenly making her feel naked.

"Speaking of catch, anyone up for water football? Chris asked pulling a football out of nowhere. "You know what? That actually sounds fun," Ashley said. "As long as we get to hit each other," Carina said staring down Becky. "We'll go blondes vs everything else, Randy you throw the ball for them, Chris you throw for us, NFL rules.

We better not lose either," Ashley said giving him a fake death stare. "What do you know about NFL rules?" I challenged. "There's a lot you don't know about me," she grinned. "Come on, let's go!" We went to the 4ft deep section so our top halves would be over the water. With all the people there, we would have to play around them, but that wasn't what I was concerned about.

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"Ok, we each start at the ends, touchdowns are that blue flag right there and that green flag down at the other end, the only first down is that pole right there in between both flags. You have to catch it above water for it to count, and once the ball touches the water, the play is over, and we're playing tackle, the quarterback can only run if he gets rushed, and we'll play to three, no win by two, everyone ok with that?" Chris said in a nutshell.

Surprisingly we didn't have to explain anything to anyone, for girly girls they knew the basic concept of football, who knew. We did paper, rock scissors for ball and we won, so we went first going towards the green flag. First play I threw it to Becky and as soon as she caught it and turned around Carina smacked her with a hit Ray Lewis would be proud of. "That's right! Don't come in my area unless you wanna get put down blondie!" Carina gloated when Becky came from underwater.

"Wait till you get the ball, I'm gonna throw you into the wall!" Becky retaliated. I lined up to throw again and saw Chris staring at me creepy like. "The hell are you doing?" "She's not the devil!" "What?" "She's not the devil, she's the most beautiful woman in the world!" "What? Who? I never said anyone was the devil!" "She's the most beautiful woman in the world!" "What the hell… HIKE!" As I was looking for someone to get open Chris came at me like a serial killer as fast as he could through the water.

No matter what I did he was right there, chasing after me. It was trying desperately to throw to someone, but no one was open, and with all the people walking around and playing in the water it was hard to keep vision on them, so I resigned to getting hit. He didn't just hit me, he lifted me and threw me back in the water, I didn't even get a chance to throw the ball away. When I came back up, everyone on the other team was laughing, along with a few bystanders.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry man," Chris fake cried. "The Waterboy?" "Yep." "Asshole." He went back to play safety this time since we were so far back, so I had more time to throw. I hiked the ball and everyone went toward the pole so we could get a first down. I motioned Rita to go right since everyone was going left and threw her the ball, she initially dropped it but it hung in the air long enough for her to catch it again, but short of the stick.

On fourth down I knew Chris would have them play short, so I told Stephanie to go to the touchdown and Rita to slide across, I would make it look like I was running. I snapped the ball and they fell for it like I thought they would, Chris was chasing me and Ashley was on Rita but she was open, but I looked up and saw Dana a good four feet behind Stephanie chasing her, so I took a chance and threw it, and she caught in right in the endzone.

"That's right! I own you!" Stephanie said to Dana as she spiked the ball in the water. We were all cheering and Ashleys team was pissed but then we got back to the game. Chris took quarterback and threw to Ashley the first two plays, then ran for a first down when I rushed him and missed. He threw to Carina the next play and she dropped the ball, but Becky still hit her anyway, she was a little pissed when she came out of the water.

"Isn't that a flag? She hit me late!" Carina complained. "No I didn't, I hit you when you dropped the ball. You just got scared!" Becky teased. The next play he threw to Dana to get them halfway there, and the one after that, even though I didn't officially sack him, it might as well have been one because he threw the ball to nowhere just as I tackled him. On their last chance he had Ashley and Dana cross, and when Rita got hung up on them, Ashley came free and caught the touchdown.

"That's how it's done! Here, you can keep that, might be worth something someday," she said fake signing the ball and giving it to me. On the next two series, we scored and they didn't, then the one after that they scored and we didn't, and on the last one we had the ball with game point.

Immediately Chris came rushing after me, but I was ready for it this time. I told Rita if he did that to catch a screen pass then throw it back to me if Chris chased her, and that's exactly what he did. When Rita caught the pass everyone went after her, leaving me wide open, and she just tossed a floater to me that I easily caught and ran in for the game winning touchdown. "What was that?

That wasn't legal!" Chris complained. "Yes it was, Rita was behind the line when I threw her the ball, and she threw a forward pass, and the ball never hit the water, so that's game." He stood there for a second, realizing I was right, then turned to Ashley who immediately dunked him underwater. "What was that for?" Chris asked when he came up. "For costing us the game, we had em beat!" "Hey we all chased after her! Go tackle them too!" "Nope, you're the guy, its your fault." "Hey you both equally lost, you have to buy the winners lunch," I gloated.

"Hey, we didn't say anything about buying lunch," Dana said. "Its only fitting that the winners get something, if you win next time we'll buy lunch." "Let's play again, you won on a lucky play," Ashley said.

"Nope, we'll stay undefeated, plus we still have a lot of rides to get on, its past two," Rita said. "We're not done, we'll play when we got home if we have to," Ashley said. "That's fine with me, I play better on the ground anyway, more food for us," I said.

"Since you sprung loser buys food on us you'll have to settle for a pretzel. They have the big soft ones on the stand outside the waterpark where we came in at," Chris stand. "That's ok, pretzels sound good right about now.

We'll change and meet you out there, make sure you get me a really big one," Becky said. "I want a big one too I caught a touchdown," Stephanie said. "I threw the game winning touchdown so you gotta get me the biggest one," Rita added. "You'll all get one bigger than your heads, just don't take all day coming out like before or I might eat them on accident," Chris responded.

They made faces at us as we got out of the water and went to change back into our regular clothes. We washed the chlorine off and dried off as best we could under the heat lamps before we headed to the pretzel cart. To our surprise Stephanie was already there stringing her hands through her hair so it wouldn't clamp up.

"How long you been out here?" Chris asked. "I just got here, I really want my pretzel, they make the best ones." Chris took the hint and ordered her and me one, and got himself one too while we waited.

They really were good. We all demolished them while we were waiting and Stephanie and I both bought another one. Rita came out as we were ordering them and everyone else came out when we got halfway through our second pretzels. Chris, being the nice guy he was, went ahead a got everyone a pretzel, probably since it was his fault they lost, but it was still a nice gesture.

We put our stuff in a nearby locker to avoid going back to the front entrance, which would save a lot of time that could be used on rides and stuff.

As we walked and ate our pretzels we went looking for the next ride to get on, not wanting to get one the good ones until a little later. Everyone decided on the Wicked Twister and MaxAir since they weren't really coasters and they were relatively close together. We got about halfway there when Rita pulled my arm and got the attention of the group.

"Hey everyone I'll catch back up with you, I'm gonna go get another pretzel." "Were almost at the Wicked Twister, can't you wait until we get off?" Ashley asked.

"I won't wanna come back for one, I'll be quick, I'll run there and catch back up." "If you're not back by the time we get in line we'll go on without you." "That's fine, I should be back though." "I'll go with you, in case you get lost or someone tries to grab you or something," I said. "Yep, that's all the protection you'll need right there," Dana laughed. "Game. Winning. Touchdown." It had no relevance whatsoever but I felt like saying it anyway. We walked back in the direction towards the pretzel cart and right back into the sun, it seemed like it was sixty degrees where we were but over here it was ninety-five.

"You're really walking all the way back over here for a pretzel in this heat? I thought they were good too but not heat stroke good," I said. "Its funny you should mention "stroke," that's exactly what I had in mind…" "Wait what about stroke?" She smiled and grabbed my hand and ran to the area where the train station thing is and ran into the trees, pulling me along with her. I was amazed at myself for taking this long to know what she was up to, all the time we snuck off you'd think it'd be second nature to me now.

When we had gone deep enough into the trees and she was sure no one was around she backed me up against a tree and shoved her tongue in my mouth. We were kissing for at least two minutes before either of us thought about breaking it. "So whats the…" "Carina hasn't had sex in six months! There's no way I can do that, ever! Not now, not after everything that's happened. Her even saying that made me wanna fuck you right there!" "Do you even remember what life was like before we had sex?" "No, can't say I do, but I don't care either," she said as she undid my shorts, then hers.

I took the hint and pushed her shorts the rest of the way down along with her bikini bottoms. She leaned against the tree and shook her as I dropped my shorts and got in front of her. I kneeled down and held her leg open so I could lick her pussy for a little to get her good and wet, and in no time she was dripping all over my tongue. I licked up as much as I could while she tried not to moan too loud, which was proving to be difficult.

I didn't wanna stop, but I knew we didn't have much time, so I pulled my lips from her pussy and stood up in front of her. I grabbed my cock with one hand and I rubbed her pussy with the other and took a good amount of her juice and rubbed it all over my cock, lifted her leg up and put it on my shoulder and slid balls deep into her.

"Uuuuugh! I never get tired of feeling that! That first slide in always feels so fucking good!" I held her leg and fucked her against the tree, not going slow but not pounding her either, but it was definitely fucking. I watched her titties bounce in her hello kitty tshirt while also watching to see if anyone was getting close to us.

"Don't worry about them, worry about me," Rita said turning me to face her. I lifted her off the ground and swung around so my back was up against the tree and let her fuck me. Although she needed a little help, she was managing nicely using me as leverage to push herself down on me.

"You worry too much, I actually wanna get caught sometimes," Rita said. "Yeah but in an amusement park is not the place," I said, still not missing a beat in fucking her.

"Just imagine though, someone we don't know catching us fucking and they stay and watch, ugh I don't know what I'd do!" "Well one of us has to keep a clear head." "Your head is the last thing that's clear right now," she said biting her lip. I put her down and turned her around and sort of pushed her against the tree, she giggled and shook her ass at me and did a little dance motion.

"Come on baby, you're not done yet…" I had her lean over just a little so she was still kinda standing and pushed back into her. She was holding herself at arm's length from the tree with her head down trying not to let her arms bend. She went from moaning to breathing heavily back to moaning and so forth, but she never stopped pushing back against me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me so her back was on my chest.

Her juice running out of her pussy onto both of our bodies was a nice welcome to the heat we were suffering from, as well as an ego boost knowing that I can get her that wet almost every time we have sex. I squeezed her titties through her shirt and nibbled on her neck a little when I heard her suck in air in shock. "Randy, look over there!" Rita whispered. "Over where?" "There, they're having sex too!" I followed where her head was pointing and sure enough, there was another couple having sex.

A black couple looking to be in their mid-20's were across the way fucking each other senseless. The girl was holding onto the tree while the guy held her legs out, suspending her in the air while ramming the hell out of her.

I don't know how she was able to keep quiet during that, it felt like watching ourselves have sex. "He's fucking the shit out her! Must be like looking in a mirror," Rita said. "I was just thinking that same exact thing, I don't know how you both can keep quiet while getting fucked so hard." "Trust me, it's not easy, most times I just wanna scream at the top of my lungs." "Let's save that for when we go to the Grand Canyon or something." "Lets go fuck next to them!" "What?" "Come on!

They're not gonna run if were doing the same thing they are!" "But it's weird, and they probably want privacy, which is probably why they hid in the bushes." She stopped thrusting back against me and ground me inside her. "Come on Randy, please? That would be so hot to just fuck with total strangers!" "How would we even go about that without coming off creepy?

Hey, don't mind us, we're just gonna save sex right next to you, we thought you could use the company! Probably not." "Hey they're having sex in there!" A womans voice yelled through the trees.

We didn't know who they were talking about, the other couple or us, but I wasn't sticking around to find out. We got dressed quick and high tailed it through the woods, not even knowing where we were running to, but laughing the whole time. When we finally popped out of the woods we were all the way by the Blue Streak, but we could see Max Air close by. "How long have we been gone?" Rita asked. "About twenty, thirty minutes, they're probably at the Max Air by now." "Yeah they wouldn't have waited too long for us, let's go catch up with them, unless you wanna go back and try round two?" Rita said looking at me with a small ray of hope in her eyes.

"Maybe later, I don't wanna get banished from the park before we get to ride the good stuff, let's go catch up to everyone else." "I'm gonna remember you said that. I can't wait to tell Stephanie what we just did!" "I bet you can't." Half a day down, another half to go.

We walked to the ride to meet up with everyone, hoping no one would smell the sex on us. That would be pretty hard to explain off, how we both disappeared at the same time, both smell like sex and both appeared back at the same time. I tried to aerate myself as best I could as we walked up to the line, catching a glimpse of Ashley as she directed where she wanted everyone to sit.

The ride was full so we waited for the next go around, but we flagged them down when they got off so they'd wait for us. It wasn't as fun as I'd remembered, but we rode it anyway just to ride it, and when we got off, we met back up with everyone at the gate. "Where were you?

We got on that like three times waiting on you!" Ashley snapped. "There was a line when we got there, the cut pass only works on roller coasters," I joked. "Well we already rode Wicked Twister so you'll have to skip that one, I hope that pretzel was worth it.

We're going to Blue Streak now, unless you want another pretzel…" "No I'm ok for now, that should hold me over until we eat later," Rita said. As we started walking we got suspicious looks from Stephanie and Chris about where we really went, and I knew that they knew what we really did. they laughed to themselves and shook their heads at us for not being able to control ourselves, even in an amusement park.

We switched up partners by Stephanie coming to hold my hand and Rita hooking her arm in between Chris'. "You just couldn't wait could you?" Stephanie whispered out of earshot of everyone else.

"Hey I had no choice in the matter, she dragged me off," I pleaded. "From what I remember you volunteered to go with her." "And it was all completely innocent, but when everyone was out of sight I was done for." "Well I'm glad Chris and I have some self-control, I mean where could you even go?" "I'm sure Rita will tell you all about it later, so I won't spoil anything now." "We don't tell each other everything!" "Bull.

Shit." "Ok yeah we do, but don't tell her I told you…" "Wha… so I'm the… ok, nevermind. I forgot, I'm dealing with women." "And what does that mean?" "Don't try to understand them, you'll end up with a bigger headache than before you started." "That's because we're too complex for the feeble male mind," she smiled rubbing my head. "Whatever you say," I laughed. "Hey why are you four all hugged up? Trying to sneak off or something?" Ashley asked. "I didn't know it was illegal to be affectionate with my boyfriend," Steph said.

"Yeah are we supposed to act single or something?" Rita added. "I haven't seen any of you kiss each other all day, now you're all cuddly?" Ashley asked.

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"Just wait until that guy finds you, then you'll be all cuddly too," Stephanie said. "I'm not even worried about that guy. Typical jock thinks he can get anyone, I'll pass." "Pass him on to me! I don't care what you say that guy was sexy," Becky said.

"You think everyone is sexy," Dana followed. "I haven't jumped on Chris or Randy." "That's because if you do then I'll jump on you," Stephanie said. When she finished the sentence Chris started kissing on Rita and feeling her up as Stephanie pulled me into a kiss, swishing her tongue around in my mouth as she no doubt tasted Rita's pussy.

She licked her lips and grinned at me, then past me at Rita as she savored the taste. "Must've been some good pretzel, I can still taste it," Stephanie said after she kissed me again.

"Trust me, it was worth going back for," I followed. "I shoulda went with you, now I'm craving it!" "Later, we still have a lot of rides to get on," Ashley jumped in.

"We still have six hours, we're ok. Let's play some carnival games," I said. "Six hours isn't…" Ashley stopped talking when she saw the strength challenge thing, the one with the sledgehammer used to hit the bell at the top. "Ok, I'll make you a deal. If you can hit the bell thing at the top we'll stop and play some carnival games, if not, then we ride roller coasters the rest of the time we're here, deal?" I didn't even hesitate when I walked up to her and held out my hand.

"Deal." We walked over to the game and waited behind the few people in line already, the whole time the Ashleys were behind me laughing as if I already lost, but they were in for a surprise. All that yardwork and labor I did didn't just make yards look nice, it also beefed me up a little, not a lot, but I could definitely ring the bell. Finally my turn came and I paid and took the hammer (the Ashleys still snickering by the way), spaced myself and let it rip… DING!

Got it on the first try. "What? Did it mess up or something? There's no way you hit that?" Becky said. "Yeah, because they wanna give away free stuff to everyone just for fun," I mocked Becky as I picked a stuffed doggy for a prize. "Yeah I'm with her, it looked a little too easy.

Just to be sure, go again," Ashley followed. "Some of the people in front of me didn't ring the bell!" "Nope, go again, or no deal." I gave up and paid the guy again and took the hammer again, in fact I paid him for two more tries. There was no laughing or snickering from anyone this time, they were watching me closely to see if I cheated or the game was rigged or something. I looked at everyone one more time and swung at the machine…DING!

I rounded back around and swung at the machine again…DING! The Ashleys were all silent as I picked out two more prizes, a blue bear and a red devil. I gave Rita the dog, Stephanie the bear, and for laughs I gave Ashley the devil. "I think that suits you perfectly," I joked. She looked like she had a snarky comeback, but she held her tongue and just looked at the devil. "Since you won me something I'll let it slide, I still think you cheated though." "I didn't think you cheated!

Win me something!" Carina said." "Really Carina! That's all it takes? A stuffed animal? You slut!" Dana laughed. "I didn't know he was so strong…" Carina said as she felt up my arm muscles. "Hey, hands off!" Stephanie shouted for both her and Rita, who tensed up when Carina grabbed me.

"I don't share, go find someone else to sink your claws into." "I was just teasing. He couldn't handle me anyway." "The New York Giants couldn't handle you," Becky laughed. "Alright, let's get another locker and get on some more rides," Ashley interrupted. "Hey I thought we were gonna play carnival games? I won remember?" I said. "We are, but let's get on a few more rides first." "I knew you were gonna do that. Gimme my devil back!" "Nope, its mine now, you won it for me, remember?" Ashley grinned.

Now it was my turn to hold my tongue. I drudged behind, beaten again by Ashley to yet another locker to put our stuff in and we all went to the Blue Streak. The line cut passes did their thing again and we were on it in no time. For being a basic wooden coaster its always fun, I just wish they would put cameras on it, I still don't have a picture on it. after we got off Blue Streak we walked to the Magnum, which did have cameras, but the line was unusually empty, so empty we didn't even need our passes.

We made three back to back to back passes on it before people started showing up again, so we quit while we were ahead and went to the Top Thrill Dragster. Once again Becky and Dana were scared of another coaster because of its height, but also the speed. They saw it shoot off and were trying to back out. "Noooooooo, you're going on it!" Ashley demanded. "Look at that! That's a lawsuit waiting to happen!" Dana said. "Yeah, I can get whiplash or break my neck or something!" Becky followed.

"Not if you keep your head on the seat like you're supposed to! You're both going on it!" "Its not that bad guys, its over in like twelve seconds," Chris said trying to calm them. "Yeah but the twelve seconds you're on it are whats bothering me!" Dana said. "Come on Dana! Its not like you haven't been on it before!" Stephanie said.

"Only when it first came out, I haven't been back on it since." "Well today you are, come on the lines moving," Ashley said. "Come on Ashley, we got on the Millennium Force, give us a break on this one," Becky pleaded. "The Millennium Force is way scarier than this!

Look at those kids up there. Are you telling me you're not as tough as those little kids? They barely make the height requirement!" Rita said. "Ok, if you don't go on this, then you have to go on Millennium Force again," Ashley suggested. "No! Wh… ugh fine!" Becky gave up, along with Dana. Once we were seated (with them in the front again) they relaxed, but only until we pulled up to the line, then they were their shaking selves again.

"Just keep your head on the seat, and look at the lights, that's all," Carina reassured them. We all watched the lights, and when they shot down to green and the coaster took off, all we heard were screams get silences immediately because of all the wind in our face. When we got to the top and went straight down the other side they screamed until their heads popped, even though it was over as fast as it started. "See?

That was all you big babies!" Ashley teased. "I can't wait to see their pictures!" Carina followed. Sure enough, their mouths were wide open with horror all over their faces. No one spared any expense at laughing at them, even strangers. "Its not funny! It made me… I don't even… I hate you guys," Dana complained. Yeah you guys are jerks," Becky said as she and Dana fake stormed off. "Awwww its not that bad!" Ashley laughed as she and Carina went after them.

I was laughing and started to chase after them when Rita quickly grabbed my arm and went full one-eight running in the other direction. I didn't even get a chance to look behind me to see if anyone noticed we slipped off Rita was running so fast. We were cutting through people left and right going to I don't know where, but we were going there fast, and on a mission. We were moving constantly for about five minutes before we finally slowed up at the buildings next to the bathrooms. The back of them pointed out towards the waterpark area, and were concealed only enough if no one was trying to spot you, which in itself was a red flag, but when Rita gets in that mode, pretty much nothing else matters but me and her orgasm.

I was about to protest when she ran past the buildings all the way to the end, where there was nothing around but a shack with a table shielded by trees and the closed off part of the beach. "How the hell did you know about this spot?" I asked. "I saw it when we went down the big slide. The little house poked out from the trees just barely enough to get me wondering how to get over here, I thought I got us lost at first." "What am I gonna do with you? We almost got caught earlier and you're not even phased." "I know what you can finish doing…" She slid out of her pants and panties and lay down on the table.

"Come on, don't make me take care of myself…" "I would actually like to see that." She pulled me to her by my pants. "Another time, I want this cock back in me now!" She undid my pants and let them fall, then propped herself up on her elbows as she waited for me to slide into her.

She was groaning impatiently when I kept grazing my cock across her clit, but soon relaxed when I put it at her opening and pushed back in. she let her arms fall out from under her as I bottomed out inside her. "Fuck that felt so good!" I moaned when I felt her pussy squeeze back against me. I squeezed he titties hard between my hands as I thrust inside her, making her shoot forward a little each time.

My hands slid down her chest to her waist and gripped her as I watch my cock slide in and out of her pussy. She was clenching the sides of the table as she threw her head back on the table with closed eyes, groaning her approval with each thrust I gave. "Randy! Oh my… yes! Oh my god, yes!" Rita cried out through labored breaths. As I was fucking her I thought I heard rumbling in the trees, but when I looked over I didn't see anything, so I figured it was the wind and turned my attention back to the girl on the table with my cock rammed in her pussy.

The way her pussy swallowed my cock, combined with me being able to see it so clearly was making me unexpectedly hornier. The sweat dripping off her body, the smell of sex completely surrounding us, her moans of approval as she looked back at me happily taking my cock deep inside her, the taste of her pussy still strong on my tongue and lips, the clapping of our skin as my member impaled her over and over, and the soft tightness of her pussy around my cock had my senses going crazy.

There was so much going on at once I didn't have time to focus on one before another pushed itself into my face. Her moans were getting louder, because I was thrusting harder, faster, with more force that before. "Randy, pledfdf fdfddggdfggg…" She said something, but all I heard was my name before I zoned out, focusing solely on my cock punishing her pussy for asking him to come out and play.

I got this wave of strength from nowhere and in one swoop picked her up off the table without taking my cock out of her. "That's right baby, take this pussy…" Rita moaned in my ear, and that was all I needed to hear. She wrapped her legs around me and braced herself as I jackhammered her, lifting her off my cock and forcing her back down hard as I jabbed up to meet her. I was on a mission, and I didn't know what I wanted more, to cum, or to simply fuck the life out of my little sister.

The latter was proving to be the superior because she had to squeeze her arms around my neck just to keep from bouncing all over the place. "Fuck Randy, you're fucking the shit outta me! What ha-UGH! Oh my… FUCK!" I had a feeling I knew what she was about to ask, and I don't know what came over me, it just happened. My need to ravage her and satisfy myself until I came took precedence over everything else. We had been so used to fucking all the time that it always took me a while to cum, she would always cum before me, but not this time.

I felt it coming closer with each thrust, and by the way her moans began to get high pitched, so did Rita. I slammed her until my orgasm approached, then I slowed down massively and gritted my teeth as I would bottom out hard, pull back out, then bottom out hard again, until it couldn't hold it anymore, and shot my cum up inside what was left of her beaten up pussy. She squeezed my neck in a vicegrip like bearhug and came with me, basically pushing all my cum out with a torrent of hers, pushing my cock out of her, but it didn't matter, I'd done what I set out to do, and I'd done it with great satisfaction.

I lay down on the table with her still on top of me while my cock slowly deflated, having done his job to perfection. It took about five minutes before Rita even moved, and when she had enough strength, she propped up on her hands and looked me dead in the eyes.

"Where the hell did that come from?" "Your guess is as good as mine." "I'll be lucky if I can walk, let alone get off this table!" "You'll be fine, you've taken worse punishment from me than that, I think." "I don't know, my pussy is so sore, I can feel it, but it was definitely worth it." Though we could get caught by anyone at any minute we just lay there on the table, her too worn out to even move and me reveling at being the reason she's worn out.

"Holy. Fucking. Shit!" We both shot up off the table, afraid for our lives since we had actually been caught. It didn't occur to us how dangerous our laying there was, but hearing someone else talk let it sink right in. we turned to look at our executioners, but lucky for us, it was Stephanie and Chris, sporting a combination of shock and amazement on their faces. "How did you guys…" "We followed you. Jesus Christ man what the hell did she do to you?" Chris said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, the blood still flowing back to the head on my shoulders. "You fucked her so hard MY pussy hurt just from watching it! Jeez! How the hell are you even able to move Rita?" Stephanie asked. "I can't, my nether regions are sore as hell, but it'll wear off in a few minutes." Rita replied. "A few minutes?

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I would need a few DAYS after that!" "That's how we are most of the time though, today was just…I don't know what today was!" "That was making sure I fucked you good enough to last until we got home," I said. "Wow, I can't… wow! I don't think I can take getting fucked like that! I never let Chris go that hard on me, and for good reason!" "It took some getting used to, trust me, but now it just feels so good! Fuck, I wanna go again!" "Again? I couldn't handle a first time.

The only way Chris is ever gonna fuck me like that is if I'm plastered beyond belief, and still that might be a stretch, she took that like a champ!" "Ok can we stop admiring how good they fuck and get outta here before someone comes? I would like to not be kicked out before riding the go carts," Chris said. "How'd you see us leave anyway?

We ran off before anyone turned around," Rita said. "I saw you at the last minute and we followed you. We knew you ran off and had sex the first time and knew you would probably try it again," Stephanie said. "You watched us that whole time, you perverts," Rita giggled. "Hell yeah I watched that! And I'd watch it again and again and…" "Oooooooook we're supposed to be getting out of here remember?" Chris jumped in.

"At least turn around so we can put our clothes back on," I said. "If Rita can even move after that…" Stephanie said as she turned around. "That's gonna stick with me for a while." "Enough to give it a try?" Chris asked. "Like I said, plastered beyond belief." Rita climbed off me, much to Stephanie's amazement, and handed me my clothes while the last little bit of our combined cum ran out of her. We got dressed and carefully made our way back the way we came, waiting until the perfect moment to jump back into the crowd like nothing happened.

We were walking for a few minutes when both mine and Stephanie's phone started ringing, it was both of our moms calling. "Hey mom," I said as I answered the phone. "Hey honey, you guys having a good time?" "Yeah we are, mom asked are we having a good time," I told Rita.

Without warning, she took the phone from me. "We're having a GREAT time mom!" "Yep, twice!" "Not that long ago actually, like ten minutes before you called." "Yes!

It's still tingling! I might be good for days!" "No I said MIGHT be good for a few days! Mom!

Well I lied then." I stood there just listening to Rita's end of the conversation already knowing what mom was asking., then I looked to Stephanie and Chris, they were having a completely different conversation from what was going on with us. "Ok mom fine! I'm only being nice because you caught me at the perfect time." "Ok. Ok. OK! Yeah it's in my top drawer. Haha you slut! Yeah I know. Ok here he is." She gave me back the phone, completely ignoring the flabbergasted look on my face.

"Do I even wanna know what that was about?" "Only some of it, the rest, no. Girl talk. Marie came over and we got into some of my things." "Ok, no need to get into detail; I'm sure you'll show me later." I could tell she was grinning. "After what Rita just told me I think you'll be the one showing me." "Shouldn't you be getting back to Maria?

I'm sure you have plenty to talk about now." "Trying to rush me off so you can get back to Rita are we?" "That and we still have a lot of stuff to ride." "From the sound of it Rita only wants to ride one thing…" "Mom!" "OK!

OK! I'm done. Try not to get back too late." "OK mom, love you." "Love you too honey." I hung up and looked at Rita. "Just couldn't resist could you?" "I had to! I wanted to make her jealous." "Now you have to share." "Yeah I didn't think that part through, my mind is still clouded with happiness right now." "Ok, bye mom. So where are we going now?" Stephanie asked as she hung up her phone. "Let's go to the arcade, The Ashleys wont wanna if we go back with them," Rita said.

"Sounds like a plan, hopefully they're already caught up in something else," Chris said. We headed to the arcade, which was packed, and didn't have many games free.

The whole time we were there we played the games we could all play at the same time, like Time Crisis, Fast and Furious, House of the Dead, Fruit Ninja, we even went old school arcade and jumped on Dance Dance Revolution, which we all royally sucked at.

After we felt we'd blown enough quarters we left and went to play some carnival games. The first few times we didn't win anything, but as we got to the ones we were familiar with like the water gun and the rings, we made out.

We added a dolphin, a couple basketballs, Donkey from Shrek, and a pack of shot glasses to our collection. We were walking around looking for something else we could play when my phone rang that special song, a laugh a little every time I hear it.

"Yeah Ashley." "Where are you? We're gonna eat now." "Playing carnival games, we're by the 50's diner thing." "Meet us at the buffet by the front ASAP, I'm starving!" "That almost sounded like you were asking nicely…" "Randy if you don't get over here and…" "Ok we're coming!

We're hungry too." "Don't take all day or you'll be paying your own way to get in." I hung up and turned to everyone. "They want us to meet at the buffet so we can eat." "What are we gonna do with all this stuff?" Stephanie asked.

"We can put it in the locker in the front, that's the only one I have a key for." We settled on it and walked the ten minutes back to the front and stuffed our new stuff in the locker, and backtracked to the buffet, where they were all waiting at the front door. "A few more minutes and we would've left you," Ashley said as we walked up. "We had to put up the rest of our stuff, you have the other keys," Stephanie said.

"Ok ok whatever come on, I'm hungry." We brushed off her spike in attitude and went into the buffet and were seated by the window. Once we knew where everything was we all went off and grabbed a plate of food and met back at the table around the same time. Rita, Stephanie, Chris and I all had fattening foods like cheeseburgers and pizza and chicken, and the Ashleys had the complete opposite; a big plate of salad, pasta, shrimp with rice, and a bunch of seafood, that one was Ashleys.

"Look at that! You all eat like Neanderthals!" Becky said. "We eat like we're hungry, without all those crappy restrictions," I said. "Would everybody stop talking about eating and actually eat!" Ashley snapped. "What happened with you? Why do you have a stick up your ass all of a sudden?

" Rita asked. The other "Ashleys" all giggled when Rita said that, and Ashley glared at them for a second before stuffing seafood in her mouth. "What happened while we were gone?" Chris asked, drawn in to their laughter.

"We ran into that guy from the pool," Dana giggled. "Right Ashley?" "Shut up Dana," Ashley threatened. "Haha what happened?" I asked.

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"He basically stalked her because there's no way he just happen to stumble across us the way he did, and when Ashley called him out on it we were in line for the Maverick, he had a line jump pass too.

He got pissed when she reneged because he cheated and talked about her tits being so little he couldn't do anything with them anyway, then she punched him in the face. They made us get out of line, and shes banned from getting on the Maverick!" "That asshole, that was one of my favorite rides!" Ashley said swallowing a mouthful of food. "Yeah but that wasn't why you punched him…" Becky followed.

"You want me to punch you? Then drop it!" "And you were just starting to be nice, well that went to hell…" Chris said. "Let's not let that asshole mess up the day. Really, were actually having fun," Carina said. "Yeah ok, but you guys better quit running off, I'm not your babysitters," Ashley said at us. "That was kinda nice I guess, well at least Ashley nice," Stephanie said.

"So what's left to get on?" "Uhh, Gatekeeper, Windseeker, Millennium Force again…" "Again? We already got on it once!" Dana cut me off. "You can't just ride it one time, that's a three times a day thing," Ashley said. "Well whatever we do we got three hours to do it, its 7:03," Carina said. "And it's starting to get dark. Ok well we can get on the bumper cars and go carts while our food digests, then we'll come back around to the roller coasters we didn't get on," Ashley said.

"Sounds like a plan. We should go now, we can't use the cut passes on go carts," Chris said. We got up and emptied our food and headed down the pathway to the dodgems. Being late in the day there wasn't many people there so we got on kinda fast. Immediately the Ashleys all went after Chris and I, pushing us to a corner so the others would smash into us from across the room.

The whole time we were on defense and by the time we finally got out of the corner time was up. Since it was still a short line we ran back through and got on again, this time picking a car on the other side from where everyone else was. When the bell rung we both made a beeline straight for Ashley smashing into her at the same time giving her a minor case of whiplash. Stephanie and Rita helped us this time by separating the others so we could take them out, they must've saw how hard we hit Ashley and wised up.

By time the bell rung we had hit them all at least three times, and when they tried to get on again we ran off towards the go carts so we could get on them before it got too dark.

They knew we were right and followed us, a little ticked we got the last laugh but they followed us anyway. When we got there the line was as long as a roller coaster line, and we had to wait in it. the good news was they let off twelve cars at once, the bad news was it was a while in between when each group of cars went, and our cut passes didn't work here, so we waited. After about forty-five minutes it was finally our turn, and Chris and I ran to the first two cars so we could get a jump on everyone else.

"You drive that bad that you need an advantage?" Ashley teased. "You're gonna be behind me the whole race anyway so what's it matter?" I replied. "Cocky. Wanna make a bet?" "With you? You're liable to cheat me if I win." "If that's your way of saying you're scared then that's fine, I figured you would be." "Why don't you bet someone else?" "We're all betting, that's the fun part.

Whoever wins gets one favor while we're here." "So we only get a little more than two hours to use it?" "That's the fun part. Deal everyone?" Everyone was skeptical but eventually agreed, and I was the only one left, so I agreed to avoid conflict. When everything was ready to go we sat at the starting line waiting for the green light, and when it flashed, we all took off around the track.

I was flying around corners and speeding on the straightaways, but no matter how big a lead I thought I had, I never broke away from Rita, Chris, Becky, or Ashley. Dana, Stephanie, and Carina fell back in the pack and were battling with each other. We passed a lap and I still had the lead, but not by much, they were still on me. Ashley tried to run me into the wall a few times, but couldn't do it without taking herself out of the race too, so instead tried to take sharper turns.

Chris and Rita didn't care and were ramming each other to the point where it turned into road rage. We hit the last lap and I still had my lead, making sure not to do anything stupid to give Ashley the advantage.

I made all my turns nicely and stuck to the inside walls, and was coming around the last turn, when somebody knicked my car just enough for me to break speed and give Ashley the lead. I looked over for a split second and saw Becky clip the wall, showing it was her that did it, and both Chris and Rita passed me. I tried to make up ground, but being the last lap and a straightaway, there was nothing I could do.

I watched as Ashley crossed first, followed by Chris, then Rita, then me. I dreaded the next scene because I knew Ashley wouldn't shut up about winning. "Ha! So close Randy! I guess we know who the better driver is!" Ashley gloated. "If Becky hadn't cheated and clipped me into the wall I'd be the one gloating right now!" "Awww don't be a sore loser, there's always next time, if we come back." "Uugh fine Ashley you win.

What is it you want?" "I don't know, let me think about it and I'll get back to you, for right now lets go get on the last few roller coasters we didn't get on yet, we got two hours before they close." We got out of the cars and headed for the Gatekeeper. The line was longer because most people prefer riding coasters at night, but again our passes came in handy.

We breezed through that, getting pictures for it and headed straight to the Windseeker. It was the same situation as the Gatekeeper, but the line went faster because there were so many seats on the ride. We didn't get pictures for it, but no one was really upset about it either.

We decided to get on the Millennium Force again since it was nighttime, and almost immediately Becky and Dana expressed their disinterest. "Nope, we already went on it, we don't have to go on it again," Becky said. "If you're not gonna get back on it, then go get our stuff from the locker at the back so we won't have to walk back there later," Ashley said.

"That's all the way back past the waterpark!" Dana complained. "Either that or you come along for the ride…" Dana quickly flipped the script. "We'll get it, rather be safe on the ground than on that thing again, if we're not back before you get off we'll meet at thing over there." "No, meet us at the Ferris Wheel in half an hour. It's on the other side of the Millennium Force.

Put the stuff in the front locker then meet us over there, Randy give them the key." I gave them the key and they went off, and we jumped back in line for the Force.

The wait was a little longer, even with the passes, but once we got on the ride and looked down from the hill in the night sky with the coaster all lit up, it was worth it.

The only parts we cared about at that point was the hill and the pictures. We screamed on the hill and smiled for the camera, getting an even better picture than before because everyone was looking at the camera this time. By the time we got off and headed to the Ferris Wheel Becky and Dana were already standing there, having put the stuff in the locker and were engaged in their own conversation.

"Have a nice walk?" Rita teased. "For your information yes we did, I got a phone number from a cute guy," Becky said. "Knowing him he's probably as hideous as can be," Ashley laughed. "Actually this one was kinda hot," Dana defended her. "Nice hair, teeth, smile, everything." "Well I guess there's a first time for everything. Even Becky gets lucky once in a while." "Hey not to interrupt or anything but were we just meeting here or are we actually getting on the Ferris Wheel, because we definitely should," Stephanie said holding my arm.

"You know what? Yeah we should! Everybody grab somebody and get in line." We went to the line which didn't have many people, just a few couples and waited out turn. When we could all go at the same time I went to grab Stephanie's hand but was immediately cut off by Ashley grabbing mine. "Ashley what the hell?" "I won the bet remember? I'm using it on the Ferris Wheel." "You can't think of anything else to use it on?" I pleaded.

"Nope. Already thought it out, let's go." She dragged me to a cart not even noticing the pissed off looks on both Rita and Stephanie's face. We sat down and were locked in, I couldn't see anything except for in front of me, every other angle was blocked off, which she probably already knew. She sat there patiently until the announcer said his speech and the ride started moving.

"So how's life Randy? You having fun?" "Yeah, when you're not up to something." "What? When am I ever up to something?" "Yeah, because we always go on a romantic Ferris Wheel ride together…" "Hey, you never know…" "Cut the bullshit Ashley, why am I here?" "Fine.

I want a little info." "Yeah I don't think so." "You don't have a choice, it was part of the deal." "The deal was the Ferris Wheel, and nothing else." "The deal was the Ferris Wheel and everything related to it, sir. Not my fault you didn't specify. Now are you gonna keep your word or are you a liar like eighty percent of the rest of the men?" (Geez, somebody really messed with her head big time!) "Fine, but nothing too personal." "That depends on how you look at it." "What are you talking about?" "You four." "What about us four?" "You don't think it's weird that you and Chris are dating each other's sisters?" "It's not that uncommon." "No but it's unlikely.

You don't get that brother instinct and wanna whoop on each other?" "Uh, not really no." "Seriously? Knowing he's screwing your sister doesn't bother you? Not even a little?" I sat silent, thinking about if she had actually done that, though I knew she didn't, the thought was still enough to make me a little jealous.

"You gonna answer the question?" Ashley said snapping me from my thoughts. "Don't really need to." "Answer or I'll giggle like a schoolgirl loud enough for everyone in this state to hear! Oh Randy stop it! No we shouldn't do that here! You're pinching them so hard…" "OK! You know you can really be a bitch when you wanna be." "So I've been told.

Well?" "I try not to think about it, otherwise I'd probably slap him around a little, as he probably thinks about toing to me too, especially since Stephanie is more flirty than Rita has been." "Slap him around? Chris would… well I don't know now, that was before I knew you had actual muscles tucked under this shirt," she said as she squeezed my arm.

"Hey quit it, you don't wanna give Stephanie any more reason to kick your ass." "Why would she wanna in the first place?" "Because you took her boyfriend on the Ferris Wheel right in front of her! You know how women are! That's worse than two girls wearing the exact same dress to prom!" "Yeah, I don't know why we are the way we are sometimes…" "Yeah me either. So are we done with twenty-one questions now?" "Just one more.

Do you see yourself being with Stephanie for the rest of your life?" When she said Stephanie, I slipped Rita in since that's who she was unknowingly referring to. "Yep. Not a doubt in my mind." "You sure. A lot of things could happen that could change that." "A lot of things like what?" "I don't know, I was just saying, nothing is guaranteed." With that the ride stopped and we climbed out.

That last little bit left a bad taste in my mouth. What did she mean by that? Did she know something I didn't? was she setting me up for something? Was she saying all that just to mess with my head?

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If so, then it was definitely working. When we walked through the gate Stephanie immediately walked up to me and hooked my arm in hers, glaring back at Ashley when she did it. "What did she want?" Stephanie asked impatiently. "She was asking about all of us, how it's weird dating each other's sisters and whatnot." "And what else?" "If I thought we'd stay together and Chris and Rita stay together and stuff." "Did she touch you?" "She squeezed my arm muscle… When did you get so possessive?" "Since she went on the Ferris Wheel with MY boyfriend!" "How exactly does that work again?" "In public, we're together, in private, you're with Rita and I'm with Chris." "That's what I thought.

So you're perfectly within your right to be pissed off." "Damn right I am! I should go over there and…" "Don't worry yourself Stephanie, I was just messing with him," Ashley jumped in. "Well mess with someone else next time." "Should I mess with you? You look like you like that kind of thing." "How do I look like I like that? I don't look butch, or too girly, or man hating…" "I don't know, you just have that look. If I was wrong then sorry, but I don't think I am." Stephanie looked at her long enough for her to smile at her then turn away.

"You know what just happened right?" "No, what?" "She just took the heat off herself and exposed one of your secrets without breaking a sweat." "How the hell does she keep doing that?" "I don't know, but she did it to me so many times I notice it immediately now." "Ok they're starting to close the park, we can get on one more ride before we leave," Chris said.

"Let's get on the Mantis since its right by the front gate," Dana said. "Then after that we can get on the Millennium Force one more time," Rita said. "Nooooooooooo!

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Aren't you tired of getting on that?" Becky complained. "No! That's the ride everyone looks forward to when they come here!" Rita followed. "I'll get on the Mantis, but me and Dana aren't getting on the Millennium thing again." "Perfect.

Then you can go to the other locker and get the rest of our stuff," Ashley said. "Stop doing that! Why do we have to keep going?" "Because it saves the trip. Or you can quit being babies and get on…" "This is the last time, if there's another locker someone else can go to it!" "By the time you get back it'll be time to go so we'll meet you at the front gate." They went off to the locker and we hopped on the Mantis, which had no line whatsoever.

We weren't smiling for the cameras or anything, we were just on it to get that last ride in before we left. When we got off we ran back on two more times, then went to the Millennium Force, and got on just before they closed the line. We went through the motion, screaming on the way down the hill and everything, and got off and saw Becky and Dana standing by the ride exit with all our stuff and two big sticks of cotton candy.

"The shop guy was giving them out. Bet you want one now don't you?" Becky gloated to Ashley. "Nope. It wouldn't stay down right now anyway from all the fun I just had on the coaster you two are too scared to get on, but thanks for the offer." "You could've just said no, bitch," Becky responded, making me laugh a little. "Yeah I could have, oh well. Let's get the rest of our stuff and go home." We went to the other locker and pulled everything out, it looked like we robbed one of the game stations we had so much stuff.

Everyone had at least two stuffed animals and a picture, but Ashley had the most stuff overall. After ten minutes of looking for the truck we piled everything in the back trunk area and I ran into the seat all the way in the back so she wouldn't ask me to drive. "Chris since Randy's scared you wanna drive back? I don't feel like it," Ashley asked him. "As long as I'm not responsible for any damage done while I'm in the drivers seat." "As long as you don't crash us or kill us, fine." Chris drove with Ashley riding shotgun, Dana, Becky and Carina were in the middle seat and I was sandwiched between Rita and Stephanie in the back.

The Ashleys were all conversing with each other and I just laid my head back on the seat exhausted, but a good exhausted. I had relaxed all but five minutes when I felt a hand land on my crotch, Stephanie's. "What are you doing?" I whispered. "I'm allowed to touch aren't I?" "You pick now of all times? What if one of them turns around or something?" "Then they'll see your girlfriend getting frisky with her boyfriend, I'm just rubbing it.

After what you did earlier I'm not sure if I could handle fucking you anyway…" "It's not like that all the time. We both wanted it like that at that moment," Rita said. "And you just popped right up after, I still can't believe it, I would be sore for weeks!" "Believe me, it's still sore, but it's a good sore, once you get used to it it feels sooooo good!" "So I can get used to it?" "Hey, that was a figure of speech.

Let Chris try it on you first." "Oh he will definitely be fucking me tonight, how hard is up for debate though…" "Let him eat your pussy first, it heightens the hell out of sex after!" "I noticed, I could taste you on Randy when I kissed him.

For a while I had forgotten what you tasted like, its addicting, his hormones were probably raging just from the taste of you!" "So your hand is gonna stay there the whole trip back?" I asked changing the subject. "Not here," Stephanie said slipping her hand into my pants, fully grabbing my cock. "Here." "What if…" "They're not even paying attention to us, and it's too dark to see anything, you're so cautious!" "He's like that all the time.

It makes the sex even better," Rita said. "Good to know. Try not to cum all over my hand, or you know what… let it out, your choice." I sat there getting jerked off the rest of the way home with Rita taking my hand and gliding it across her pussy. I could feel her pussy lips still a little swollen from the beating it took earlier. It took everything in me not to make a noise of any kind to tip off what was going on back there. We were in our own zone, The Ashleys were in their own zone, and Chris was in his own zone the rest of the way back to Ashley's house, but I'm sure I enjoyed myself the most.

Stephanie didn't take her hand off my cock until the second we pulled into Ashley's driveway. I fixed myself and we all climbed out and gathered in front of her house. "Ok, Dana, Carina, and Becky all decided to stay the night, you guys wanna too?" Ashley asked. "Nah, maybe next time, I wanna go home and go to sleep," Chris said.

"Yeah me too, I wanna go take a load off," Stephanie said sneaking a look at Chris, he caught it. "What about you two?" Ashley said turning her attention to us. "Me in a house full of crazy women? Pass. Maybe next time," I said, and Rita agreed. "You all suck! Maybe I should add that into the routine…" "Your father won't have any problem with guys sleeping over?" I asked. "No, he's barely ever here, and I don't go to my mother's house that much anymore." "Maybe next time, it's been a long day, I just wanna go home," Rita said.

"Now I'm definitely adding it. don't forget to get all your crap out of the back, and put the devil Randy won me in the front, because he won it, for me, not you, but me, just me…" "Ok we get it! It's a devil not a bouquet of roses!" Becky cut her off. "You have some nerve… see you guys later then," Ashley said to us before turning her attention back to Becky as they went into the house.

We grabbed all our stuff and loaded them in our cars, and put the devil on the front seat since she actually did ask nicely. "What do you think of them and their change of heart?" Chris asked. "I don't know, it could be sincere, but its Ashley, you never know," I said. "Either way, I'm keeping my guard up, no one flips that easy," Stephanie said. "Yeah well I really do wanna go home, hopefully she'll give us a day off or something.

I'll call you tomorrow ok?" Rita said to Stephanie. "Ok, if you're not doing anything come over, we can have a fat Saturday or something." The girls hugged and Chris and I bumped fists and we were all on our way.

We didn't say anything for a while on the way home, Rita just held my hand as I drove down the dark streets. "I didn't wanna tell her, but it really does hurt," Rita said breaking the silence.

"What?" "My pussy, I think you broke it or something." "Really? I thought you were used to it?" "I am, but there was so much friction this time. It was like rubbing two sticks together and smashing them with a rock at the same time." "When we get home I'll kiss it and make it better then." "Maybe tomorrow, tonight, I'm sleeping with an ice pack." "I don't know if that'll work for women…" "It will.

If it doesn't, it won't change anything, I'm not missing out on sex because my pussy's being a bitch, but you might have to go easy for a while." "I don't think that would be a problem." She sighed and rested her head on my shoulder.

"Still totally worth it though." We pulled in the driveway and grabbed up all our stuff to take in, I grabbed all the animals and basketballs and Rita grabbed the pictures and our bags. It took some doing but I finally got the door open, and we walked in to see dad laying out on the couch watching Super Troopers. "Dad? What are you doing up?

It's past eleven," I said. "No work tomorrow, I can finally relax for a change. You guys have fun?" "You could say that," Rita said nodding to all the stuff we had. "Where's mom?" "Upstairs with your aunt, they haven't come out of her room in over two hours." "I don't know if that's good or bad," I said.

"A little of both, but at least I get some down time. You need some help with that?" "We'll manage, we won't mess with your down time, gotta put this up somewhere." "Ok, if you change your mind you know where I am… a liter of cola, haha classic." We got to our room and just threw everything on the bed. We didn't feel like putting anything up at that moment so we put the bag in the corner, the pictures on the dresser, and our bags in the closet.

Rita stripped down and was under the covers in record time. She waited for me to get in but I had to use the bathroom, so I went and took care of business and was headed back to the room when Aunt Lisa's door opened and she poked her head out. "I thought I heard you two walk in, come here for a second, Rita too." I went and got Rita and we headed back to Aunt Lisa's where both she and mom were sitting on the bed with a whole bunch of clothes laid out. I think mom noticed our skepticism. "Don't worry, we're not up to nothing.

You couldn't do much anyway Rita, you look worn out." "I am, but nothing a good nights sleep won't fix," Rita said. "So how'd it go? Was that girl being a bitch?" Aunt Lisa asked, straight to the point. "Surprisingly no, she was basically nice all day, she even paid for everything," I said.


"Listen, girls like don't just flip personalities overnight, unless they're crazy, and I don't think this one is.

Just by the brief conversation I had with her that day I could tell she was devious and manipulating, she'd sell her own friends out to get what she wanted. Don't get fooled by her schoolgirl attitude, I don't wanna see you two get hurt." "Her friends are just as bad too, a girl like that definitely has followers who will do anything she tells them to do, I have half a mind to confront them myself," Aunt Lisa added.

"You don't need to, we're not getting that close to her, just stirring the pot for the time being. When this is all over we'll go back to just us and Stephanie and Chris," Rita said. "By the way how are they doing?" mom asked. "They caught us having sex today," I laughed. "At the theme park? Where did you find the isolation?" Aunt Lisa asked.

"Rita found it, when they caught us they thought I was killing her, it was kinda funny." "Yeah now Stephanie's scared if they have sex he'll do the same thing to her," Rita laughed.

"Been there, when he gets in that mode… Jesus Christ!" Aunt Lisa said. "Hey! There will be no talking about sex with my son until I have sex with my son, is that clear?" "Awww, someones a little jealous! You should be happy, my ass hurt for the next week! Every time I sat down it was like he shoved it all the way in again," Aunt Lisa said. "I feel like a bomb went off inside me!

It doesn't hurt as much as before but I won't be able to close my legs tonight," Rita added. "That's enough. Stop gloating! Figures the one day your father gets off early… AND has a day off!

Maybe if we're quiet…" "Can't mom, not with him still up!" "Yeah sis, you just have to accept that we got some, and you didn't," Aunt Lisa laughed.

Mom didn't like to lose, but she wasn't a sore loser either, she would just leave while everyone else reveled in their victory. "I'm going to bed, maybe your father will come up early." "Yeah we are too, hopefully we finally get a day away from The Ashleys," Rita said. Rita and I got up first to leave and said our goodnights and left out of the room." "Remember what we said, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is," mom said.

"What about what we have going on here?" I asked. "Does that count?" "That's a rare case, because I'm in it. You can't go wrong when Anna's there," mom gloated. "Oh get over yourself," Aunt Lisa said as she smacked mom with a pillow, who retaliated by pushing her back on the bed and lunging on top of her with a pillow of her own. They looked like kids again, like they had done that plenty of times. We both wanted to join in, but we knew one thing would lead to another, and it was best if we quit while we were ahead.

We closed the door and went back to our room. Rita hopped back in her spot in the bed while I locked the door and got undressed. I put on some boxers and got in next to her and put my arm around her while she laid her head on my chest. "Thinking about what mom said?" Rita asked. "Yeah. She's usually right about stuff like this." "Yeah, but on the other hand, who spends that much money on someone they don't like?" "True, and her friends came around too.

Let's just not get too close." "Ok. Except right now, I get all up in your space," she said as she cuddled me closer. I leaned over and cut off the lamplight then hugged her back. "Goodnight, I love you." "I love you too Randy, goodnight." She tried to put her leg over mine, but she was still sore because she winced and put it back down.

I rubbed her leg and kissed her forehead, letting her know I would take care of her, she just had to wait until morning. I couldn't wait.