Attractive young gay plays his big cock passionately solo

Attractive young gay plays his big cock passionately solo
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This sets up the whole thing which can lead to more if you guys like this story. Everything I wrote happened and is true except I switched the names around for privacy It all started one summer after a long two weeks at sleep away camp in south caroline back when I was around 15.

My mom decided to surprise my friend Dan and I by staying in south carolina at my grandparents beach house for maybe a day or two. After two weeks of being at an all-boys camp with no contact with girls and not having the time to beat it you could imagine how horny everyone must have been by the end.

The last day kids were talking about how everyone's going to jerk off when they got back to their houses even if they didn't admit it. The first thing we did when we got to the beach house was get changed into our swim suits and head to the beach after lunch.

It felt amazing jumping into that cool water after dealing with luke warm lake water for two weeks. After swimming for a while we took our towels up to the hot sand and laid out by the small boardwalk entering the private secluded beach.

Since this was a private secluded beach you could imagine the kind of babes there, rich hot milfs, rich hot college bitches, and rich hot highschoolers. This was a classic spot to babe watch.

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Me and Dan would always play games rating each girl that came in and out drooling at them because they were almost always 11/10s perfect tight asses and huge tits. After a while we decided to head home before anyone else got home to get dibs on shower and relax in the huge house and watch tv. When I started to get up I noticed I had raging boner from our babe watching and I threw a towel around my waist quickly and headed toward the boardwalk entrance.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dan do the same exact thing as he got up too and I started laughing to in my head to myself. Two weeks without cumming was crazy I could feel the weight in my balls. On our short walk back to the house we talked about girls in our grade and who we would fuck. When we got back to the house we had around two hours before anyone else would come home so we decided we would take really long showers because we haven't had a good hot shower in two weeks.

Since we were covered in sand we had to use the outdoor shower and Dan was starving and wanted a sandwich so I went first. As he headed inside I turned on the shower, got naked and began to clean myself. After I washed my hair and everything I looked down at my still semi hard cock and began to wash it until it became rock solid. Many girls to this day have called my cock beautiful because it is 7 and ½ inches long, very thick with a big thick head, with no weird curves or scars on it.

I was proud of my dick. As I started to jerk it I looked around nervously because it was an outside shower.

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The walls were very high and the door was locked but there is no roof. All that was above me was blue sky and no house around us was close enough to see over the top. The only thing above me was the gutter coming of the side of the roof, but when I looked closer behind the gutter there was these small little slits that ran down pretty much the whole house.

I had never noticed that before, mainly because people never look up and you had to strain your eyes to really see them because of the glare from the sun and water in your face. "you done bro? im still eating take your time" said Dan out of nowhere. He scared to shit out of me I almost yelled!

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I didn't even hear him walk up to the door on the grass. I didn't want to whack it with him feet outside the door so I decided ill just do it while hes showering. "yeah im done" I replied and I shut off the water, dried off, and opened the door to walk up the outdoor stairs.

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When I got inside I picked up my clothes and brought them to the bathroom to change. As I started to shut the door I heard the shower go on outside.

Curious because this house was new and basically sound proof from the outside I began to think of how I could be hearing that. That's when I remembered the little vents I saw. There were only two doors across from the bathroom and both were above where the shower was. I had never opened either before, so I chose the left door first and it ended up to be a huge closet with a shit ton of old clothes. When I opened up the door to the right it was a smaller storage closet, but the noise was louder.

The noise seemed to be coming from a bunch of tall suitcases in the corner. I moved them and saw a small door, maybe around 4ft tall, I opened it and crawled into a huge hollow shell of the house that was hot and had stuff everywhere. Boxes, more suitcases, a cot, a ton picture frames and paintings, a huge gun safe and more random stuff.

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The light coming in was from the tiny slits on the edge of the room. I went down the long side till it sounded like It was right above the shower. I got as close as I could then laid on my stomach to scoot to the edge because the space between to roof and the floor gets very small. I got into place above the slits and closed one eye and looked at an angle down the slits.

The first thing I saw was my naked friend stepping under the hot water with his big soft cock dangling between his legs I felt my cock start to tingle.


Damn he had a huge dick and it was soft!! I continued to watch him wash himself for about 5 minutes until his dick started to get bigger, and bigger, and point straight up right before my eyes in a matter of seconds without him even touching it.

Hell he didn't even notice until he went to grab the soap on the lower self.

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I kid you not, it looked like Dan had a 9 inch cock at the age of 15, maybe even larger. I was extremely surprised because Dan was a very short irish kid and his cock did not match his body what so ever. To this day I still don't believe the utter size of it. He quickly looked around just like I did and began to stroke his massive cock. I knew I was going to see the moment every kid loves after coming home from camp, we called it "The Load".

Almost instinctively I reached down and pulled out my dick and began the beat off to this. Dan put some conditioner on his hand and began to slowly stroke his dick up and down. I kept up with him but was struggling due to the two weeks of no masturbation and the fact that I was watching my friend jerk off his monster dick without him knowing.


In a matter of three minutes I began to see Dan's balls start to tighten up and draw close to his body. His cock looked fully engulfed and the tip was red and he looked like he was about to exploded he started to moan a little very quietly.

Then he let rip one of the most impressive cumshots I have ever seen. Cum shot out of his cock in thick long ropes shooting all over the shower wall. He just kept cumming and cumming, rope after rope which made me start to orgasm and I shot huge ropes of cum straignt into the slanted ceiling which was inches from my face.

After his dick settled down and he washed off the wall with the shower head that was painted with goey cum he turned around and shut off the shower.

I pulled up my boxers quickly and slowly/ quietly snuck out of the room to not make any noise, put the suitcases back and ran across to the bathroom to get dressed with my cock still throbbing. As I came out of the bathroom, he came into the house from the deck.

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"good shower?" I said "yeah man so relaxing I loved " he replied back and walked to the bathroom with his clothes. This is the first time I used that lil secret room and definitely wouldnt be the last, but I didn't know the types of things I was going to see and happen to me in the coming days and years with friends, cousins, and hot beach bums I brought to the house ;)