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Bisexual slags toy twats and take dicks at a party
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B Grade It all started when I got this report from that fancy school Julia sends my kid Rico to, like he suddenly gets a B for English of all things, and there's some dumb comment that if he did his homework then he might get an A. Now, I don't pay some dumb ass teacher for crap like that, do I? Its disrespectful and for a legit businessman like myself with entirely legit enterprises in the entertainment and security businesses on the East Coast and in Sicily, it causes embarrassment and a loss of face.

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Now don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with B grade students, there has to be someone around to be a stooge or fall guy, but the Taglioni family have a long history of straight A's, hell I got an A in Chinese for christs sake and I can't speak a single word of that dumb ass language. You see schmucks like you pay for an education, where the Taglioni's we only pay for results, Now I love my kid and when these disgraceful results came through just before Thanksgiving I was not amused, nor was my Grandfather Giovani, he was real sore, you see after Papa and Berto my uncle were killed in a drive by shooting in a horrible case of mistaken identity when I was two years old I had been heir to the Taglioni family business and Rico was my heir in turn.

Julia my wife was a selfish bitch, that's Giulia with a G but you say it Julia and anyway she had insisted on a divorce after the first time I got shot, hell it barely scratched me, and she moved out west and took Rico with her, just like that, Grandfather said let her go, and her set her up with an apartment, he done a few other things as well so she wasn't having any more kids and he got a couple of real well built guys for gardeners to keep her happy.

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Giulia was a dancer, in one of our clubs to start with, well stripper, OK, she was a whore, but when you're eighteen you don't care about that, and Grandfather wanted security after Dad died and he figured the sooner I got a kid to carry on the family tradition the better so aged thirty five I had this fourteen year old kid I hardly saw, and a thirty nine year old ex wife and a seventy nine year old grandfather on my back. I flew West, Julia had a place on the coast, just a few miles from the ludicrously expensive school Rico went to, you know real fancy, they even had this English English teacher from England to teach, yes you guessed, that's right to teach English!

They had classes Saturday mornings and worked nine to six and all that crap, and of course it cost a bomb and Julia had this villa, and it cost a bomb. It put me off women for life.


No, don't get the wrong idea, I'm in entertainment, I like girls, girl girls before they get fat and lazy, eighteen and keen, thats my scene. I decided that the English teacher Miss Smith, needed a little lesson herself, like how she was expendable, I guess I could have called up the principal and had her dismissed but that would have been harsh and disconcerting to the other staff so no I figured the personal touch.

I found Miss Smith's apartment, a west coast based associate had tracked her down and she lived with another girl in a sort of big low rise wooden chalet thing in a valley or canyon a few miles behind the town, that canyon that runs parallel to the beach for a while, before it heads inland, it was a sort of second rate maybe third rate neighbourhood, just the sort of place you expect lesbian school teachers to live.

I headed over there Friday evening, the sun set early in the deep canyon, the mountain crest sort of glowed with the setting sun while a mile or two west the beach would have still been bathed in warm sunlight and as the twilight turned to darkness in the shadows I waited down the street a piece in my hired Escalade waiting for her to come out.

I nearly snatched the wrong girl as her roomie came out and drove off in the only car they seemed to have almost as soon as I arrived. I gave it five minutes and as I saw the front of the place was in deep shadow, I just strolled in, well I say strolled, I just dug that pry bar in the door sort of levered and it fairly flew open and there she was wearing a bath towel and dripping wet screaming at me.

I had this little Chinese pistol, point two two calibre, automatic with an eight shell internal magazine, and a silencer, well it sure silenced her. No you moron, not with a bullet, no it scared her you dummy! it scared her so much she dropped the towel!

She was blonde, natural blonde unless she dyed her, you know, and armpits, blue eyed, tasty but a bit old but she could serve cocktails or something maybe when I had her thrown out of teaching for good, and she looked good when she bent to pick that towel up again. "Don't rape me!" she says. Now most broads would say don't shoot me so I figured I had one hell of a man hating bitch on my hands.

"Shut the Fug up" I says all polite like, "Get your coat you're coming for a ride!" She looked like a frightened rabbit but I saw her coat and threw it at her. She pulled it on, "Outside in the car," I ordered, "In the back on the floor." She climbed in back, got down on the floor and I said, "I'll have that coat to stop it getting crumpled." I clicked the safety off of the gun and she understood.

She wriggled out that coat so seductively like all those cock teasing lesbian bitches do, and there she lay behind the front seats, naked pissing herself, no metaphorically, not, jeez you guys and your filthy minds, no she lay there scared out of her mind, comprendez?

"There's a good little bitch." I praised her. We headed along a few miles, the road followed the canyon for a mile or two then I turned on to the private road that went like almost straight up or so it felt right up to the top of the canyon side and on to where the land dropped away to the ocean in a series of near vertical cliff and on to cliff top chalet I had rented for the week, it was sort of private, you know?

So private she didn't need no coat to be taken indoors, she never even tried to run, well hardly, and I led her by the arm into the kitchen area. It was bright sunlight on the chalet, the canyon was in deep shadow behind us but the ocean was bright all the little sandy coves and rock stacks were laid out from where we were, the view was breathtaking, I guess I stopped a moment to look and she did her wriggle but I had a good grip.

I pushed her in through the kitchen and double locked the doors, then on through the lobby to the sort of lounge, like it was cantilevered out from the cliff top so the views were stunning, absolutely stunning, even I had to admit it had a wow factor, and that's where I started to teach the teacher. She sort of tried to run when I let her go, she hunkered down like some pussy cat ready to pounce, I wasn't too sure what to do myself, usually I'd have said strip, but hell she was naked already.

"What do you want with me!" she asked plaintively. "You got to learn you don't fuck with the Taglionis," I said, "You got to learn that you fuck with the Taglionis you get fucked." "What?" she asked.

"Do you want a diagram," I asked, "You want me to draw a diagram, you want me to chalk it on a chalk board maybe?" Her mouth flickered into nearly a smile and she shook her head. "But what did I do!" she asked.

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"Gave Rico a B grade, that's what," I explained, "Rico's A grade, Taglioni's are A grade not B OK!" "But!" she said and she stood up and fronted up to me, I slapped her down, she sprawled across the carpet and her cheek went a rosy red colour. She scrabbled back up, "But!" she says and I slapped the other cheek and she went down and stayed down.


"Get up!" I said, she didn't. I laid my jacket on the chair by the door, undid my solid gold cuff links, slipped off my two hundred dollar hand made shirt, my thousand dollar hand made leather shoes that gave me blisters, my socks and my pants, thirty dollars from Walmart, and stood in my boxers, she just looked at me waiting to dart away. She flinched, it was like soccer at school in England where I was for a while, penalty shoot outs, she feinted right but I went left and grabbed her foot, "No!" she wailed.

Her tits weren't much, maybe C cup, but do you know her nipples were like erect, you know sort of dark and standing up, like you know when you screw a whore she's full of KY Jelly or some such and her tits are sort of uninterested, well this one was the other way, she was turned on!

My plan seemed pretty dumb and then she said, "Please don't!" and I figured I was OK, and as I dragged her around I looked through the window, see the window went right to floor level, and the sun was fiery red, a huge ball just about to head on down into the ocean, it sort of distracted me, and she was gone, sprinting, you know like some athlete, right over the couch and she tried the door except she couldn't figure the fancy lock.

I walked up behind her and put my arms around her and lifted her feet right off of the floor, and she kicked and wailed and made such a fuss, squirming against me, with my tool nuzzling up the crack of her ass, up between her buttocks and her squirming and just my boxers between me and her ass, well wow, and that view, the sun just dipping and the ocean glowing with like a shaft of gold it was like biblical, you know, magical like Hollywood. She stopped squirming, at least until I spun her around and laid her down, but as I slid my boxers down she tried to get her knee in my groin, she only just made contact and it just turned me and I knelt down with one knee between her knees and just pried her open.

She was damp already, as I shifted to get both knees between hers so I saw that tell tale moisture.

"No," she squealed flailing her arms around but I aimed the tip of my tool right in between her lips and eased that sucker into her. It went maybe an inch!


I had to grab her wrists and she bucked and squirmed and do you know I couldn't get any further in her, she was clenching like cunt shut like a whore who hadn't been paid. "Bitch," I said as my tool slid out as I tried to hump it in her, "Where you learn to do that," But she just said "Stop!" There was this little table, with magazines and such like, I saw the possibilities and I just grabbed her and lifted her and dropped her over the table so it supported her belly and then I came around and tried from behind, "You relax or I fuck your ass!" I ordered.

"Just look at that sunset!" she said, trying to throw me off guard as I got a grip on her belly and tits ready to blast my way inside her. I looked up, the sun was dazzling a great shaft of gold reflected of the ocean dazzling us and as the sun touched the ocean and started to enter so I eased my tool between her cunt lips and just pushed right into her.

She gasped, but this time I was in, "Isn't it glorious." she said. Well as a fuck it was definitely sub standard but as a movie scene well worth an Oscar. "I dreamed of sunsets like that when I came here but we never see anything like that from the Canyon," she said conversationally just like I hadn't got my tool most of the way up her twat.

"Yeah it's pretty," I paused lost for words. "Pretty, how can you call that pretty?" she asked, "It's glorious, Biblical even," she exclaimed. "I meant pretty stunning, uh magnificent,like inspiring," I said and she relaxed and my balls started to slap her crotch. "It's wonderful!" she said, "Quite marvellous, to think man has nothing to do with it, and it's completely natural." she said, "magnificent, ah," she said "Stunning, ooh, oh god you bastard I'm going to oohhhh," she said, "Cum!" She flopped onto the table drained,which was OK except I was still good and hard.

I dragged myself off of her and lifted her up, she just smiled, "Wow!" she said so I took her through to the bedroom, drew back the drapes so she could see the sea if she turned her head and pried her legs apart and took her from on top this time. "It's beautiful," she said and cried a tear,and that gold sun lit her face and hair and she looked to me like she was some goddess or something and in that moment she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw, and there was this crinkling and tingling in my balls and then I was pumping her full of my jism, really pumping and she was whimpering and I kissed her neck and it all got really embarrassing.

There was just a red glow left when I let her up, I lay with my head on her tits for a while while we watched that sun set, and I checked her body over for any fat and there wasn't a single bit that wasn't firm, hell I nearly forgot what we were there for.

She went to move away, "Hey not so fast!" I said.

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"I need the bathroom!" she said, "You made your point, can't I go home now," "Hell no!" I said, "I just looesed you up a piece." "Loosened" she said, "Not loosed, no wonder Rico has such a difficult time!" she said, "and what do you propose!" "Well, lets see," I said, "You drink half a bottle of Vodka and get picked up on the strip drunk, half naked carrying a pack of condoms, and hey you get fired and I get you a job as a whore in one of my associates clubs." She really made a run for it that time, but I caught her, I got her long blonde hair wrapped around my right fist and dragged her in the kitchen, "Quit struggling!" I told her.

The Vodka was in the jug already I had this rig ready with a funnel and a strap and I dragged her down on the table and strapped the rig round her head so there was the funnel held so I could just pour the vodka down her throat, it usually worked just fine but she kept wriggling and squirming so got a cable tie around her wrists as well.

The funnel was held so it was well in her mouth and she couldn't speak and she had to swallow anything coming down or else choke, except that bitch could struggle for California, and jeez I'd be surprised.if I got a single shot of vodka down her, and I just gave up and undid the straps after a while and let her use the bathroom, she staggered unsteadily away.

There were these grunting noises, I panicked, the bitch was doing something, I found she had locked the bathroom door, it needed three good kicks before it began to budge and then I had to get my shoulder against it and by the time I got it opened it she was drinking water from the washbasin.

She smiled drunkenly, "Haha!" she sputtered, "Not so clever," she waggled a finger at me, I dragged her up, she put her arms round my neck, the stench of alcohol was overpowering, I carried her back to the bedroom, "It's time you got ready," I said as I figured she wasn't used to drink and I grabbed some shorts and a tee shirt from my case.

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I took the yellow dress I had brought for her out of my case and threw it at her, "Put it on," I turned to get the hold up stockings and black four inch heels out of the case. "You're serious!" she said, sobering up quickly, "You weren't joking all over a B grade?" "Look there's A and B." I said, get dressed, I handed her the shoes and stockings.

She pulled the dress on, she didn't look too bad really, and with the heels, well, I hadn't really noticed how tall she was before being as she had been barefoot, but hell she didn't look like a tart, like I planned, she looked classy, the damned dress seemed to match her hair somehow She didn't like the heels, she wobbled like she was drunk and she looked like a classy lady that had a few too many cocktails.

My plan was wobbling, and what was worse I was hungry, I went to the kitchen, found some frozen chicken legs, and went back for her. She was rooting through my jacket searching for my car keys when I came back. "Hey!" I said, "not so fast, you want to eat?" "It's frozen!" she said, "I can't eat frozen chicken!" "Well I can hardly take you to a restaurant can I?" I said, "And the pizza guy will never find us will he?" "No," she said, "Why are you doing this?" "Why the car keys and not the gun?" I asked.

"I, ah," she said.

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"Look I just want my son to get straight A's OK, comprendez," I suggested kindly, "now you're maybe a smart girl, maybe now you seen what the alterative is you could maybe guarantee straight A's." "No," she said, "No I wont!" she didn't sound too drunk, "I won't compromise my professional standards for." I slapped her hard.

"It's my kid's future!" I told her. "Then make him work," she said, "He's a bright guy, just lazy, that's all, anyway B isn't a bad grade, what if I gave him an E." "What the hell is an "E" I asked.

"It's the lowest grade I give," "So a B ain't that bad?" I asked. "No, and if he works hard he can get back to getting an A grade, he gets A's in most subjects." "Shit." I said and sat down, "So I been paying the principal for nothing?" "I don't know, I just teach him." she says, "Are you OK?" she looked real concerned. "I guess I got the wrong information, like it ain't just binary, A for OK or B for fail, see my dad just bought my grades, I hardly bothered to go to school," I said, "You saying Rico is bright, like legit bright?" "Yes!" she said.

"I'll get you home tomorrow, you can take the bed!" I suggested. She looked at me a bit confused, "Is that it, no apology?" she said. "Hell nothing bad happened," I told her, "Oh I guess your a Lesbian," I added. "Yes," she said, "Something like that!" "I guess I'm sorry, you want a car or something?" I asked.

"Are you really sorry?" she asked. "No!" I said, "Wasn't that sunset something," She giggled, "Yes, I might feel different when I'm sober!" she said "but wow the sunset!" "Go get a take away!" she ordered, "I'll still be here and ask Helen for some clothes for me tell her I fell in the ocean!" I did as she said, Giorgio said he didn't do take outs, but he saw sense, and I rang her at the place and she ordered and then I went to see her roomie and she just handed me a bag and said tell "Saffron" to pick her friends more wisely and I headed back.

She had the table laid up, wine in the ice bucket, you know the works, and I gave her the food an she laid it out and she drank loads of wine, and then when she was drunk enough she led me to bed. It was weird, but it was so long since I got laid without paying or it being some bimbo or something, and she wanted to watch the little lights on the ocean and so we dimmed the lights and we figured she should lie down curled around and I could sort of curl around behind her.

I sort of looked at the lights, and humped her gently, felt her tits and everything, even kissed her a few times, and when we were done I just rolled over and fell asleep. She was gone when I got up, I figured the feds wouldn't be far away, so I packed my gear and headed for the Escalade, it seemed to have moved, I wondered about it for a few seconds and the front tire exploded, I ducked back in the house and came out with my pistol.

The back tyre exploded, and then a slug slid across the dirt under the car. I looked to see where the shell came from, there was nothing then about a mile away I saw this bright yellow thing moving, I had some field glasses about fifty magnification and there she was, Miss Smith, waving, with this sniper rifle in her hand, hell I was a sitting duck, she out - ranged me by about a mile and a half, but she was headed my way.

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It took about a quarter hour for her to get to me, she was wearing that short yellow dress over some camouflage slacks and shirt, her gun was in the gun bag, "Hi," she said, "I came for breakfast!" "You could have killed me!" I announced. "Oh no not after last night" she said, "It's a great place to practice!" and then she said "How did I do?" She walked over and checked out the tires, "I would seem that I missed," she said as she squatted down, there was a neat hole by the S of Firestone on one tyre, and one by the Traction A logo, on the other it looked pretty good to me.

"I aimed at the valves!" she explained, she missed by maybe six inches and three inches at a mile and a half in blustery wind, and that's pretty good, a lot better than the usual hit man managed.

I sort of swallowed, "What's for breakfast?" she asked, and she put her khaki coloured gun bag over her shoulder and went in. "Waffles?" I suggested, she went in the bedroom, "Do these windows open," she asked. "No, ah yes but you ain't shooting from here."I warned her "Spoilsport!" she said, "You'll have me disqualified from the all girls club." Something went click in my brain and I remembered, we had been discussing shooters and Saffron Smith had been mentioned, something about a rifle shooting champion.

"So what do you want!" I asked "Sponsorship!" she said, "For the nationals, Olympics maybe." "And what do I get" I asked.

"Me when ever you want!" she suggested, "And you know I could have hit you just as easily as the tyre." "Then we have a deal Miss Smith!" I agreed. "Good," she replied, "And you Mr Taglioni, you need to get fit!" "Can you maybe call me Bruno?" I said, "And I guess you're Saffron?" "Yes," she smiled. "Any time?" I asked. "Why yes, I suppose so!" she said.

"Like you thought of coming out east?" I asked. "It depends on the facilities," she said, "Mummy said she wouldn't fund me any more that's why I came here." "How about we go to bed and discuss this properly," I asked and do you know she just started pulling my pants open, "Hey," I said, "No lets think this through, you're good for Rico, I guess you ought to stay out here." "And will you sponsor me?" she asked.

"I just said so didn't I?" I agreed, "So how much we talking? half million, million." "Oh no!" she gasped, "Fifty thousand spread over two years would be ideal." "Hell that won't keep you in shoes!" I told her, "OK a grand a week retainer and then you send for whatever you need." "And what precisely do I have to do to earn this?" she asked. "Win," I said, "Hell knowing my girl is a crack shot will keep these guys in line better than anything, imagine being gunned down by a girl!" I said and then I remembered the crack and whistle as she took out the tires of my truck, "And I get a piece of your ass every time I come out west." Well she agreed and pretty soon Rico graduated, and she left the school to train full time, and next thing she's getting fat and I says to her,"Hey you're getting fat," and she says it's my fault and I says "How in the hell is it my fault?" and then the penny drops.

Anyway Grandpa liked her and the boys respected her and when I told her the kid was coming out east and she said it wasn't we had a serious discussion and she chipped two of my teeth before we agreed on what to do, I said I was too old for her but she disagreed, and then to make everything worse she had her mother come over to check me out.

And that's about it really, no one fucks with a Taglioni, especially Saffron Taglioni. The End Any resemblance to persons living or dead is unintentional and the writer apologises profusely and asks humble forgiveness