Mature stockings babe share cock

Mature stockings babe share cock
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Last week our whole branch office was invited to a business party at the brand new munich branch of our company.

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We had an uneventful trip there, our train arriving at 4 pm. It was soon clear that most of us wanted to freshen up before the party. We walked to the hotel, as it was near the station.

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Our boss had already booked single rooms for all of us. While we checked in my co-worker approached me and handed me a free citi-map. My astonishment gave way to anticipation as I realised there was a key enclosed in it. We had already shared two remarkable satisfying evenings at the office, but having a private room with a bed in it was something entirely new.

We split up, everybody going to his or her room. After thirty minutes we met again in the lobby and left the hotel. We took the subway to the office rooms of or new colleagues where the party was located. The party quickly bored me, because work and soccer where the lone themes in conversation. I started to quelch my boredom with wine. When we returned to the hotel I was more than a little tipsy and went straight to my room.

Once inside I forgot evrything else and dropped into bed, barely managing to get my clothes off first. The next morning I woke early as usual and the first thing that popped into my mind was the key, still enclosed in the citi-map.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, too unpatient to do more. Then I dived into my clothes and tiptoed through the hall to his door, quickly unlocking and opening it, slipping in.

I saw he was still asleep and had shed his bedcover to the floor sometime during the night. I closed the door an took a few step toward him, intend on waking him to make up for the evening before. When I got near the bed I saw that he had a hard on in his sleep. Sudenly a wicked thought struck me. Should I touch him? I looked down on him, taking his cock, lifting it in my hand. He showed no reaction to my movement and slept on. I couldn’t believe how hard he was. When I rubbed my finger around the eye all of a sudden there was a trickle of precum.

My blood was stirring, my pussy seemed to tingle. I couldn’t believe that I had such a feeling. With my fingers now around his cock I started to rub it in long gentle strokes. My eyes were on his face all the time, watching for any sign of wakefulness due to my ministrations.

At one stage he did take a deep breath and snuggled into the sheats for a more comfortable position. I could feel the blood pumping into the shaft as it throbbed between my fingers, slowly but surely it thickened out. I leaned over him taking the tip into my mouth. His senses picked up the new sensation and he gave out a low moan. I placed my hand into my jeans, pulling my panties to one side.

I was so wet. With the sensation of his cock in my mouth and the dampness of my pussy I was on a high, my blood was starting to boil, what if he woke, what could I say. Again he let out a sigh of appreciation and adjusted his position. I had sheathed the whole of the shaft now with a little to spare and I pulled down my jeans and massaged around my pussy lips.

Slowly I started to suck, lick and blow and every now and again he’d give out a low whimper of satisfaction. From time to time I speeded my pace, but in a gentle fashion, I did not want to wake him should he be upset with my doings. Unexpectedly, he started to lift and rise with my motions. He was still in the land of dreams, I wondered about his dream, would it be of me or his wife. His hands went out to my head and I continued to suck and lick his hard cock.

His lovemaking was rhythmical every stroke of my tounge answered by a buckling of his hips. He took a firmer hold on my head, guiding me and forcing me back down onto his cock, he was now doing this at a furious pace. I really would have liked to know of his dream. I couldn’t contain myself as his orgasm came, it took me by complete surprise. He lifted his hips and blew an incredible load.

He held me down hard, I gaged on the sheer volume, it seeped back down the side of his shaft. I swallowed and licked him clean.

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Looking down my sweating, shaking body I decided it was time for a shower. I didn’t want any of our co-workers to see me comming out of his room so flushed. I decided to use his shower instead of going to my room first. The warm water sprayed across my chest and stomach like a thousand little fingers.

I was pretty much turned on by what had just happened and I could hardly believe I had really done it. As I stood, letting the water cascade over me, I felt the urge to touch myself again. My hand started to massage my breasts switching between both, tweaking the nipples.

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Closing my eyes, my other hand slowly came across my stomach, down through the tangle of light brown hair and into the folds of my pussy.

My finger brushed over the hood covering my clit, and a low moan escaped my lips. I slowly circled my finger around. "Oh yes," I murmured as I picked up the speed. I let out a long sigh, then slid two fingers into the folds of my pussy and trapped my now exited clit between them. "Awwwwwwww, yes." My fingers moved back and forth moving slowly down until I curled them and dipped them into my wet pussy.

I buried my fingers deep inside my pussy and finger fucked myself as my hips moved round. My eyes were shut and I was turning myself on more then I ever thought I could.

Suddenly I was aware of his presence in the shower. I could not help but feel his hard, hot cock as he hugged me from behind.

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It pushed against my ass and I could feel it rubbing against my lower back. „I want you. I need to feel your tight pussy massaging my cock.

Please?” he asked.

„Oh, god.“ I moaned as he nuzzled his face into my neck. „We shouldn't be doing this.

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I’m flattered you want me,“ I said, “but I couldn’t be unfaithful to my husband – not going all the way, you know?” He figured he could find out how far I was prepared to go and began caressing my crotch, feeling the outline of my labia. My breathing quickened. “I like that!” He went on stimulating me.

“Do you like that?” he asked. I groaned to let him know how much. I giggled, telling him that I've never thought a shower as a place for sex. His hands explored the rest of my body, touching, teasing and turning me on until I couldn’t take it any longer, I clenched my cunt muscles and arched back thrusting two of his fingers deep into my pussy riding out my orgasm on them. He didnt stop but began to move his fingers in slow circles around my clit again.

He leaned into me one hand massaging my cilt and the other furiously shoving two of his fingers in and out. He spun them round while my moans were increasing and soon he had me bucking wildly, moaning long and loud.

I let out a moan from deep within as he slid his fingers inside again, tickling my g-spot. He slid his tongue around my nipples, biting on one. I groaned " cummmmmm. cummmmmmmmm. cummmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnngg". My legs started to tremble as he pressed harder on my clit and suddenly changed his circling to a really fast flittering motion against it.

I came with an increddible intense orgasm shaking my body, clenching down on his fingers. My knees were buckling and I let myself slip down. As I looked up I couldn’t help my smile. This man looked so erotic standing naked with his cock in his hand, now wanking it in avery fast rhythm near the tip.

His cock stood up directly in front of my face. He nearly choked as I squeezed his balls. I let my hand gently slide along his cock and took possession of the shaft, stroking his cock.

He stifled a gasp as my tongue slowly encircled the head of his cock. I slid my lips down over the tip and quickly engulfed the head in my warm, wet mouth. My head began to bob up and down. "Mmmm." I moaned as his cock tickled my throat.

My left hand kept squeezing his balls as my right rubbed and stroked the length of his shaft. He moaned softly as I sucked him. I felt his hand resting on my head, guiding me to a steady rhythm. „Oh god!” he whispered, his hips lurching upward, and he buried his cock deep in my mouth. I reached under myself self and started massaging my clit. I was moaning hard as he kept slamming his cock in my mouth.

His dick swelled up and I knew he was going to cum. I began moaning and swallowing against the head of his cock, fingering myself off more furiously. "I'm cuuuummming" he moaned and his cum pulsed in my mouth just as my fingers got me off again. I sucked greedily as he emptied himself in spurts of hot, thick cum.

“Mmmmm…” I hummed happily as his cum filled my mouth, my lips pursed tightly around his shaft to keep from losing any.

After that we enjoyed soaping each other form head to toe. When we were finished we dried ourselves and went back to the bedroom to get dressed. I was almost ready and just slipping my top over my head when I looked at the bed an saw him there still completely naked slowly stroking his cock while he was watching me.

He grinned and said „Come here“. I went over to him and he pulled me down to him on the bed. “Do you know what I want?” he said „I want to taste this pussy of yours and hear you moan”. Hearing this words turned me on and made my pussy tingle in anticipation.

I had no experience with cunnilingus, as no one ever licked me down there before. I quickly took off my shirt, and he pulled my jeans and panties down. He ran his hands up my body and gently caressed my breasts through my bra. His touch made my nipples hard, he pushed my bra up and began pinching my nipples to make them even harder. He licked each nipple and blew slightly on it, the air on them felt painfully good. I could feel the bulge of his penis jerking against my thigh. He worked his way down, kissing every inch.

I felt his tongue slide slowly up and down my leg, my heartbeat doubled as he nearly got to my pussy, before stopping, leaning up again sucking, licking and biting my erect nipples. I then pushed his head down again, and moaned as he licked the top of my slit, moving his tongue all around it pushing in, and pulling it back again kissing all around my swollen pussy, leaning up slightly and nibbling on my engorged clit. He slowly kissed his way around my inner thighs to the hot wet area around my soft pussy lips.

He gently licked and I squirmed under his tongue. I griped the sheats and moaned softly as his tongue traveled along my wet hot lips. He started gently licking the juices seeping out of my pussy. Irresistibly, his tongue plunged deeper and deeper into my softness.


His tongue extended and he let it slide between my labia, then slither upward along my now swollen lips, careful to avoid direct contact with my clit. His face nearly disappeared inside me as he lapped and sucked my trembling pussy. His nose touched my clit as he tongue- fucked me, sending me nearer and nearer to the edge of a fantastic orgasm. I squealed in delight, and forced my pussy up into his face, as he finally sucked my clit.

Then he slid his tongue deep into my pussy, his tongue fucking in and out of me and I writhed against him, my breath coming in short gasps that caught in my throat. His tongue withdrew, and slid upward now, glancing against my clit, then fluttering over it rapidly and lightly as I squirmed under his onslaught.

I was moaning in ecstasy with each of his tongue strokes. By this time I was very wet and thrusting my pussy into his face with every flicker of his tongue on my clit. I came with a scream, shaking all over.

He began kissing his way up to my breasts and sucked on one nipple, massaging the other. I could feel his hard cock, it pushed against my pussy, rubbing my juices around.

I groaned and said again „We shouldn't be doing this. I can not go all the way. Please do'nt”. He sighed and asked „Can I fuck your ass then?” I looked at him and shook my head ”No way, that hole of mine stays a virgin. But If you move up I can show you how good my breasts feel on your cock”.


He reluctant and growling under his breath moved up to position himself over me, then he lowered himself down on me, until his cock was in between my big breasts and watched as I slowly pushed them together and held them there. He started to fuck my breasts hard from the beginning. I kissed and licked the head of his cock everytime it pushed out from between them. I swirled my tongue around his tip, making it shine.

I put the head in my mouth and that made him groan with pleasure. He moaned and began to rock his hips with more force, practically humping my breasts.

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I felt his body tense, and I knew he was going to cum soon. I kissed the head of his pulsing cock and roamed my tongue over the head. His body tightened. "Im. going . to. cum." “Cum, I want you to cum." my voice was scratchy and low now. He blew his load across my breasts, his balls erupted and his cock shot a torrent of cum on my breasts and on my face. I bent up and sucked the tip of his cock into my mouth, nursing on his cock as he emptied the rest of his cum on my tongue.

I extended my tongue again, and licked at the cum on my breasts. Licking my lips with a smile, I murmur "You taste so good", his cum still in my mouth and on my breasts.