Yong Schönheiten ficken einen Jungen

Yong Schönheiten ficken einen Jungen
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Panties Showing I was sitting in the food court of the shopping mall eating with a friend of my when he said, "Fuck! Look at her!

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Her fucking panties are showing! I just fucking love it when a chick does that!

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I'd sure like to fuck her!" Obviously he was one of my more vulgar friends. However I had to agree with him…I'd sure like to fuck that little babe too! Then she turned around and I had to smile. It was my fourteen-year-old daughter Hailey. I could still remember fucking her that very morning. Oh my God she was good fuck too!

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A very good fuck! Needless to say Hailey looked right at me and came over to us.


My vulgar friend said, "Fucking A! You're a hot little bitch! Want to fuck?" Hailey glared at him and said, "Not on your fucking life!

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Not if you were the last fucking man on Earth! You're a poor fuck excuse for a man!" Then Hailey looked at me, smiled sweetly, and then said, "I'm sorry about that dad!" I smiled at Hailey and said, "You look really good honey! Really good!" My vulgar friend then said, "Fucking A!" Hailey smacked him hard with the back of her hand. Then my friend asked Hailey, "How do you chicks get those panties to show so damn well above your fucking tight pants?" Hailey retorted, "I'd be happy to tell you but you will have to agree to buy me a new outfit to wear as payment!" My friend said, "Fucking A!

You're on babe!" Hailey then said, "What about you dad? You're not going to leave me alone with this looser are you?" I laughed and answered, "Okay I'll tag along honey!" Hailey said, "If you tag along though it'll cost you an outfit too!" I said, "Okay!

But remember you tricked me into this!" Hailey smiled and then took my hand. As we walked Hailey said that we needed to buy her some new panties first. She took us to 'Frederick's of Hollywood' and picked out two pair. I was just glad that they were not the most expensive ones in the place. Then she handed us each a pair and then sent us to the cashier to pay for them. Then Hailey told us, "First I buy a pair of panties that are one or sometimes two sizes bigger than I normally wear!

In this case I or you two just bought one of each!" Hailey then took my hand again and lead us to "Old Navy" a clothing store that caters to the younger crowd. She picked out four tops and then went into the changing room to try them on. When she came out she hung two of the top up on a rack outside the changing area and then handed one to each of us to hold onto.

Hailey said, "Then I need to find the perfect top that not only shows off a little bit of cleavage but a whole lot of bare belly too. These tops do both every nicely and I really like the way that they hug my boobs! Guys like you will trip over their own tongues to check me out!" Then she went back to the girl's section again but this time to the blue jean area. She picked out two skirts and two pair of pants to try on.

She took us back to the changing rooms again. Hailey explained to the girl on duty that she was going to model two outfits for her father and his friend but that the panties were already purchased at another store.

It must have been common place because the girl hardly seemed to care.

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It took Hailey a few minutes this time before she came back out. She looked absolutely beautiful and very sexy too. Maybe even a little too sexy!

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She had on a black and purple thong, a very short blue jean skirt, and a black and purple top that was everything that she had said that it would be. Hailey had very well defined braless breasts, some great cleavage, and her skirt was well below her belly button. I could swear that her skirt just barely covered her pussy mound. Her beautiful thong panties showed perfectly. She was a success and she knew it from our expression before we could even manage to tell her so.

Hailey went back into the changing room and came out a few minutes later in the other outfit. This time she had on a red and orange pair of thongs and a pair of very low-rise jeans that were practically down into her pubic mound.

She had on the red and orange top that was just as good looking as the other one and it certainly showed her off just as well too. The jeans were right up the crack of her ass, right were I like them, and Hailey knew it too. I had certainly told her that often enough. After Hailey changed back into her regular street clothes she came back out and handed me the skirt and top and handed my friend the pants and top to pay for.

As we left Hailey then explained, "Then skirt and pants are very low rise and allow that much more on the panties to show! Now we go to the shoe store! No outfit is complete without a pair of shoes!" I looked at my friend, shrugged, and let Hailey lead me away.

We had promised to buy an outfit and I guess shoes were included. At the shoe store Hailey told the clerk that she needed a place to change her skirt to try on some shoes. He smiled at her and pointed to a back corner. Hailey took her shopping bags with her. She came back out in my outfit, the skirt and top.

Hailey tried on about six pair of high heels before picking out the perfect pair. They were a pair of shinny black four-inch stilettos. They lifted her ass nicely and showed off her calves to perfection. Next Hailey changed into the pants and top outfit and that time tried on boots with high heels. She found the perfect pair. They were brown, leather, and they also had four-inch heels.

Hailey took off the boots and handed them to my friend. She then handed me the high heels and went to change back into her normal clothes. After Hailey rejoined us my vulgar friend said, "Why to fuck did I get to pay for the most expensive items?" Hailey smiled at him and said, "Because in this world ignorant assholes always pay for what they don't know!" He replied, "What to fuck does that mean?" Hailey smiled at him again and said, "If you can fix your own car you do, otherwise you pay someone else to fix it for you!

If you can reprogram your own computer you do, otherwise you pay someone else to reprogram it for you! You sir are an ignorant asshole! You just paid me to tell you how a girl can dress sexy because you couldn't figure it out for yourself!" He said, "Fuck you!

You little slut!" Just then the Mall Security Guard that had been standing right behind him tapped him on the shoulder. The Mall Security Guard then asked Hailey if there was a problem. Hailey answered, "Yes sir! There certainly is! This is no gentleman! I am a fourteen-year-old girl and I am not accustomed to being talked to this way!

Could you please get him away from me! Perhaps you can even bar him from this shopping mall to protect other girls from him, sir!" As my vulgar friend was being taken away he was being asked for his identification. I just smiled at Hailey.


That very morning while we were making love Hailey had told me that she could get my vulgar friend to buy her a complete outfit and then get him arrested too. I had previously told her all about the asshole and was complaining about him once again when she made the bet with me. It had cost me that skirt outfit but it had been worth it. At home Hailey came into our bedroom and had me remove all of the price tags from the items.

Then I watched as she undressed complete nude before me.

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I had watched her do that hundreds of times but I always got excited watching her. She then put on one outfit at a time for me and did a sexy lap dance as she removed it too.

Finally when neither one of us could stand it a moment longer I threw her back on the bed and ravisher her. I loved slipping my one-eyed trouser snake into my daughter's tight little love nest.

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The feel of my cock slipping in and out of my daughter's tight hole as I grabbed her tits like a pair of oranges and squeezed them was more than a man can stand. I was belly to belly with her as I got my rocks off and cum into her just as deeply as I possibly could. That same evening Hailey got me excited all over again by betting me that she could get her good looking English teacher in bed with us by the following Sunday.

It was a bet!

I had met Hailey's English teacher a couple of weeks ago at a teacher's conference. She was gorgeous and had a great English accent.

I couldn't wait to get her in my bed with Hailey. The End Panties Showing 104