Horny and hottie teen elena filled on the cleaning day

Horny and hottie teen elena filled on the cleaning day
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Lost in ecstasy he throws her unto the bed as if she were a rag doll and climbs unto the bed to tie her hands and feet the bedposts. Once finished he removes the handkerchief from her lips, she tires to scream but it is muffled by his lips as he kisses her roughly. She attempts to bite his bottom lip and he slaps and ties the handkerchief around her mouth once more. That's what you get bitch he says gruffly, moving down to her pussy. He parts her labia with his fingers, "I should fuck you dry bitch!" his eyes bulge slightly as he sees her unbroken hymen.

"So you're a virgin&hellip.ha-ha&hellip.well, that means I wont fit if you're dry&hellip.hehe. "I am going to enjoy this".

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He runs his tongue along her slit and flicks it around several times as she screams no under her gag. He then sucks on her hard knob causing her to thrust her hips forward. Soon an orgasm rips through her body and she screams in ecstasy.

He takes this moment to thrust his raging hard 9 inch penis into her, tearing her hymen roughly in the process, her climax ends there. He groans in pleasure as her vaginal walls wrap tightly around his shaft.

He thrusts slowly at first as she moans in pain and pleasure and soon begins to get wetter. He takes this as opportunity to thrust faster. He moves his torso forward until his head is close to her left breast he then collects it into his mouth and suckles it as he kneads her right breast and pulls on the hard nipple, thrusting deeper into her all the while. He looks up at her and feels at sudden urge to kiss her.

Her beautiful brown eyes beckoned him, her lips (though covered) seemed to ache for his touch, her smooth baby like ebony skin just seemed to glisten. "I will remove your gag if you promise not to scream", she only nods. He slowly removes if and in the same instant her lips are free he ravishes them with his own.

Passionately playing with her tongue and she surprisingly does the same. She bites his bottom lip playfully and stretches it, while he abuses her deflowered vagina. She soon begins to shake and her vaginal walls tighten around his penis some more and it begins to twitch. He begins to thrust faster as if he has lost all self control. Their simultaneous climax is sweet and long as he rides it out and collapses on top of her. "I hope you learnt your lesson Cyndi" "Yes daddy, I won't suck mommy's pussy without you present again." "Good.

What else won't you do?" "I won't use the shower head to masturbate either. Now that I have you to ram your man meat into me" "Good, now go have a shower and play with your brother" "Okay" She jumps off the bed and skips out of the room.

"Honey?" "Yes daddy?" "Send your mother in." "Okay" Ten minutes later, Shavaye walks in wearing nothing but skin. He grabs her from behind and pushes her against the door.


He breathes on her neck and shoves two fingers into her dry vagina. She giggles, but soon begins to feel pain as he finger fucks her dry. "Now it's your turn to be punished bitch!" He turns her around and lifts her up and she wraps her feet around his waist. He then shoves his throbbing shaft into her cunt and fucks her dry. She gasps in pain as he thrust into her, but begins to moisten as he thrust, soon she is sopping wet.

He fucks her brutally for over 20 minutes and bites her nipples every few minutes. She is lost in ecstasy. Her nails dig into his bare back as an orgasm rips through her body.

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His penis twitches as he unloads his sperm storage into her waiting vagina. The hot fluid only gets her off more and she climaxes once again. "Wow Jerry, fucking our twelve year old daughter really made you passionate." She breathed. "No, seeing her lick your sopping wet cunt did that." "Hehe, I should make her do that more." "Let's go see what the kids are up to." ************************************************************************************************************ The door moved slightly so that four eyes could see past it.

On Cyndi's bed was Cyndi, on top of Cyndi was her 16 year old brother. "I can't believe you'd do this to me." "Am sorry, he tied me up" "It doesn't matter, you promised." "I am really sorry." She mumbles through her tears, "He didn't take my ass though." "Oh fine, but am still going to pound your tight little cunt until you bleed." He says as he brushes her tears away.


"Okay…" she sniffs. He then rolls them both so she was on top. "Now move your pussy to my face". Once she had done so he began to lick her cunt. She moaned as he licks her entire slit savoring her juices and his father's.

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She places his penis into her mouth and begins to suck it as if it had life saving properties. She moans around his penis as he sticks his tongue deep inside her and sucks all of their father's sperm out. He then gets up and lays her on her back and in one motion he is inside her, she lets out a sigh, and he begins to pound her pussy mercilessly. "Oh Bobby, Your not as big as daddy, but your damn good at fucking me." He simply smiles and picks up the pace and soon is pounding her like a rapist.

She screams in pain as he finally collides with her cervix. He withdraws immediately and she lets out a sigh, midway through she sigh he rams his penis home once more. He continues this for over ten minutes and she begins to cry. "Stop Bobby! You're hurting me!" she screams. "No bitch, you deserve this, you said I could fuck you till you bled and that is what I am going to do!" He then plants his lips firmly on hers and kneads her left breast and pulls on her right in the most beastly manner.

He continues this for another fifteen minutes until her vaginal walls contract and a pulsing sensation runs through her entire body causing her to shake and moan. Her orgasm is long and hard as her keeps pounding into her. When her orgasm is over he slides his dick out of her vagina in shoves it into her rectum. "YEAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWCCCH!!' she screams as he gets his penis all the way into her. "I am a virgin there too!" "Not anymore!" he says roughly. Her vaginal fluids aren't enough to lubricate her anus enough so he struggles to slide in and out.

So after Ten vain stabs he relents and returns to pounding her over moist pussy. At the precise moment of his first stab his member begins to throb so he only gets to pound her pussy for a little over two minutes before his hot lava like fluid explodes into her.

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He rides it out and then withdraws and collapses on the bed The door then creaks open and the peeping Toms walk in. From the look of it, Shavaye and Jerry had a good time watching the incestuous act of their children.

As Jerry's penis was standing at attention and Shavaye's pussy was dripping wet. "Are we in trouble?" Bobby groaned while rolling off Cyndi "Yes." They answered in union. "Please don't ground us!" Cyndi screamed and leapt to her feet. "Who said anything about grounding you?" Shavaye grinned. "So how do you plan on punishing us then?" Bobby asked.

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"Well come down to the basement and see for yourself." Shavaye said as she beckoned with her finger. *************************************************************************************************************** As they walk down the stairs to the basement the children were in complete shock. Their basement had disappeared. All the boxes were gone and there were two women chained to the walls naked, arms in the air and feet bent and restrained at the knees.

Both Caucasian with black hair and green eyes, and that was all they could see as both were being fucked by a muscular black man each and behind those men were two separate lines with men of all races waiting their turn to invade their cunts.

The women seemed to be enjoying this. To the opposing wall were two beds with chains with cuffs at the end hanging from all four corners with fuck machines at the end of them. Everywhere else were just couples of all genders fucking. From lesbians with dildos to gay men, to double penetration sluts to pussy sandwiches. Bobby soon began to drool at the site of it all. The kids soon found themselves chained to the beds and each with a dildo in his or hers ass being drilled to their hearts content.

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"This isn't a bad punishment.!" Cyndi giggled as she began to have her third orgasm that evening. "Hahaha.Did I mention if you come you have to fuck that guy over there?" Shavaye grinned as she pointed to a fat hairy guy standing at the entrance jerking his fourteen inched penis.

"No you didn't." she giggled as her fluids covered the rubber penis. "And now I came, I guess you have to make him fuck me." She said mockingly. "Steve!" Shavaye screamed at the fat guy who immediately rushed over to her.

"I need you to do me a favor." She smiled pushes her firm DD breasts up a little more. "Anything for you." He growled mesmerized by them "Fuck that bitch on the bed hard in ever hole she's got." She shouts and then folds her hand under her breast. He jumps at the opportunity and soon has her off the machine, on her knees facing it, with her bottom towards him. He then forces his massive member into her vagina and she moans in pleasure and pain. "Ohhhhhhhh…yeeeeeesssssss.!" He says gruffly as he stabs her cunt as hard as he can manage.

"Oh she's nice and tight"&hellip."and even better without a condom" he relates to Shavaye who is watching the scene before her intently. "What? No condom!?!" Cyndi looks up in sheer terror. "That's not the worst part honey. He has AIDS and Herpes." Shavaye laughed out manically. "Mother how could you!" she screams under the pain of her vaginal invasion. "I am not you're mother anymore. I am the woman whose man you stole!" "huh?"&hellip.is all she manages through her curtain of tears.

"But daddy raped me!" "Yeah right!, It's not like you didn't enjoy it!.I saw you! You came on his dick!" To that Cyndi had no reply. "When Steve is done with you, go upstairs, pack your things and leave. I don't give a fuck where you go! "No!.am telling daddy you went crazy!" she screams above Steve's grunts Hahah!.daddy Is dead!.

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and so in your brother." "But Bobby is on the other &hellip." Her voice trails of as she turns to see her brother with his throat cut and his eyes bulging, his jaw slightly open as if to scream for help.

"And daddy is&hellip." Shavaye turns her head to other direction where her father lays with his severed head in his crotch and his mouth on his on penis. All Cyndi could do was scream, scream through the tears that flooded her face.