Young Love Part Two Jojo Kiss and Iris Rose

Young Love  Part Two Jojo Kiss and Iris Rose
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I got a PhD in Chemistry but I work as a normal trader during the day. When recession hit my country, I had to divert my business to something else.


I create and make drugs to the underworld. My wife, Eva never once stop me as she know we got no other choice. She's been there with me through thick and thin, always supportive. When the demand for Aphrodisiacs drug increase, I started making it. I manage to come out with my own unique formula but there's only one issue, I have to find someone to test it.

Eva being the lovely supportive wife she is, volunteered to test it even when I disapprove it she still insist on testing it. The first time we test the formula, I ask her to just take half a pill as I'm not sure what is the effect. We sat at our living listening to music while waiting for the effect to kick in.

I got my camera rolling, then get a pen and paper ready to jot down every detail of the drug effect. It took roughly around 20mins for her to feel light, she stood up and starting to dance slowly to the music.

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Her eyes are half closed as she's enjoying the music but when I talk to her, she could still response but she slurred a lot. Looking at her pretty face with firm curvy body swaying in front of me makes my dick hard.

She start touching her boobs with the other hand clenching and rubbing her pussy. I wrote it down while she pushes her 32D breast out. I pull her hand away from her pussy so I could reach it, my gosh, it was all wet and started to drip. I was so turned on by that scene, I took all her clothes off and fuck her on the table while she still look like she's enjoying the music. I cum deep into her and then lock lips with her for a while. I was tired so I let her be while I rest on the couch.

She continue dancing naked for another 2 hours non stop before she was tired and lay on the floor. She was sweating and exhausted from the dancing. I gave her water to drink before helping her to the bed.

For the first time since in our relationship, she begged for sex as she look horny playing with herself on the bed.

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I climbed on top of her and start fucking her brains out, missionary style. After I cum for the 2nd time, I lie next to her and watch her continue touching herself to sleep. The next morning when I woke up, Eva was preparing breakfast like usual.

I walk up to her from behind and hug her naked body. I ask how she felt and all. She said she felt tired and only remember some of the things that happen yesterday. It was only half pill and it had this kind of effect. So I told her to rest her body well and we will try higher dosages.

She kisses me before continuing&hellip. It was a week after the first trial. I thought it was a good time to try 2nd time but this time it will be a fine tune full pill. I thought it would be better if Eva didn't know she have taken the drugs so I planned an outing.

One of the underground drug lord would ask me out at least once a month and Eva would follow along as she's better with numbers so she help me manage the accounts. I told the drug lord who's nickname is Coffin in advance.

He had always wanted to bang Eva, I could see it in his eyes. Every time when Eva is counting our money, he would look at her cleavage. I told Eva that he always do that but I want her to let him see as he is one of our cash cow, so Eva didn't really mind but she often tell us that Coffin is one disgusting man.

He look like he seldom bath and never leave the nightclub for weeks, everyday stay in the club doing drugs.

I put the pill into Eva drink when she went to the bathroom. When she return, she drank finish the drinks when Coffin ask us to cheers. I talk to Coffin about business and about 15mins later, Eva started dancing. Her eyes changes and doesn't look like she know where she is as she dance in front of all the Coffin lackey.

She were so hot that everyone started taking video. She's in her own world, dancing and touching herself in front of them.

Coffin walks over and wrap his fat arm around Eva. She responded by kissing him, the kisses each other while I watch.

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He strip her naked and bang her by the club stereo. He came in her but when he want to go back to his seats, Eva beg him not to pull out, he had to push her away with force but she still come back. Coffin got angry and start slapping her until his lackey came over to stop him but even so, she beg for sex so his lackey took turns with her.

I didn't stop them and continue to look how the drugs I created perform magic, with music so loud and bass so strong, it doesn't affect her craving for a dick like a hungry whore begging for customer.


She fuck her like a cheap street whore, deep throat her so deep until she puke a little, looking at her all so wet and dirty on the dance floor surrounded by the boss lackey. My normal lovely wife is being treated as a cum dump and laughed at from 1am till 6am. At about 6:10am, Coffin told us he's leaving.

Eva were still on the floor naked, exhausted and sweating like mad. As the music stop, we could hear her soft voice still begging for cocks. Her hair were all wet and there is cum all over her body.

Coffin walks over and told all his lackey to pee on her before leaving, instead of running away, Eva open her mouth and start gulping it in as if it is some kind of holy water.

They where all taking videos and picture of her enjoying it. After they were done, they were so disgusted by her action and quickly left. Eva could hardly stand after spreading her legs and fuck non stop by at least 30 people or more. The club worker ask us to leave the premise after 7am. They too were disgusted by Eva action, I told them to help me carry her into my car as she was so dirty but they refused and only willing to carry her to the back door which will be nearer to my car.

I went to take the car and ask them to help me dress her up.

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When I reach the back door, I saw them tossing her to the garbage dumpster before going back to the club. Their action make it harder for me to carry her out of the dumpster. I had to wait for the garbage collector to come. Eva were still half awake and the drugs effect seems to be still in full affect as she was mumbling about needing something in her pussy while all five of her fingers is in her stretch pussy, masturbating in a dumpster.

When the garbage truck arrive, I ask them to help me bring her out. They look disgusted by Eva dirtiness but amazed by how pretty she is.

I let all 5 of them have turn with her in my car before leaving. I carry her in and clean her up, even when I was bathing her, she's still in her own world.

She woke up the next day, hungry and weak. I make her food and get her back on track. She got no memory at all of what had happen except for a sweet dream and lots of bruises on her body. We continue our sweet normal life for a week but news of this new drugs start spreading like wildfire with a testimony from Coffin lackey.

Lots of order flooded us till and yet Eva didn't know she play such a big role until Coffin send lots of her nude picture to her, telling her how much she miss it. Eva were devastated and ask me what had happen, I hug her and kisses her, thanking her. She goes online and realized she's been an internet sensation and also, the reason why people in the market looking at her one kind, even our neighbors saw the video.

Her group of friends or people in her social media started to leave her lewd messages. After the sales sky rocket, Coffin had so much profit that he start giving us millions of dollar, personal bodyguard and drivers. I became a share holder in most of his nightclubs and someone important in his organisation even thought I tried my best not to get involved in it.

The nightclubs became more like an orgy club, nude girls everywhere. Eva is like a celebrity every time we goes to the club to collect our shares.


She kept her 26 year old body well and attracts many people on the streets. We spend on lots of pretty things and whatever we like, travel all around the world until Coffin birthday. He wanted us to be there so we purposely flew back. Coffin made a special request that he want Eva to be there to party with him.

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We knew what he meant by that, Eva were reluctant at first but I manage to convince her to do so. To BE CONTINUE.