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Bootylicious cougar ashley fires gets dicked down pornstars fingering
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Not a single ship or plane went by in the next week. It might have been a little depressing had we not busied ourselves with settling in and making ourselves more comfortable. Our days were filled with completing the huts and connecting walkways, furniture construction, food collection and preparation, swimming, sleeping, and general fooling around.


We opted to continue sleeping together but no longer on the floor. We created a kind of cross between a hamock and a bed that was massive enough to comfortably fit all 3 of us.

We used part of the sail I had recovered to make a mattress stuffed with dry reeds. We now had sewing needles crafted from left over bones from dinner. Our thread was stripped from vines. I had created wicks for the lamps I had collected off the old ship by twisting some vines together, but the pig fat oil that I fueled them with didn't smell all that great. I was going to have to rig up a still for alcohol.

We had tables and chairs from woven reed and bamboo and plates from a variety of sources. We didn't have any refrigeration for our food and that was a bit of an issue. We did try out duck for dinner and eggs for breakfast.

There were lots of edible plants other then the wild lettuce that I had found. We also discovered a variety of spices to improve our eating experience. Four days had passed since our little dance in the rain. There had been similar showers but we were definitely getting that cast-away look and I decided that it was time for a well deserved bath. More exploration of the island discovered both a fresh water spring and a collection of hot mineral springs that I had not yet shown the women.

The had been bugging me to take them on one of my walk-abouts and as well as the soap root that I had mentioned. The girls had another concern, especially for Jessie. They were starting to get a little furry. It had been days since they had been near a razor and were starting to sport something of a grateful dead-all natural look.

"So where are we going?" "That way", I pointed. "What's that way?" "Stuff".

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"What kind of stuff?" "Wait and see". "Can I have a hint?" "No".

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I had taken to carrying a tote with me of things I might need on my excursions. I pulled a machete that we had rescued from the old ship and started whacking away at leaves and vines in our way.


"So how far are we going?" "Till we get there". "How long with that be?" "You have a watch?" "No". "Someplace you have to be?" "No." "Patience". "Don't have any". "Yeah". Suddenly, the jungle opened up. The minerals from the hot springs weren't conducive to plant life and the pools had settled in smooth rock formations like natural hot tubs.

I had rigged up a sort of canopy over a large pool with steam rising from it, so that we would have some protection from the sun. The girls were a mixture of impressed, curious, and cautious. We were all dressed in our island wear. We really didn't mind going naked but there were a couple issues with being naked all the time. Basically, we wanted to cover up anything we didn't want getting scorched, scratched, crushed, bitten, or lopped off.

We went with what was essentially a wrap that we could throw around ourselves when it was necessary. We stripped down and carefully settled into the hot water we hadn't felt in days.

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We each found a comfortable spot and basked in our private spa. I reached over and pulled some roots out of my bag and handed a couple to both of them.


"Take them between your hands like this,get them wet, and rub them together hard", I showed them. The girls followed my instructions and as the root started to shred a little, they started to produce a foamy lather. Not exactly Zest, but it was more then we had. "Hey, cool," JoanI yelled, transferring the foam up her arms and other parts of her body.

It still amazed me that nipples always found the water surface. "You can use it on your hair, too", I said looking over at Jessie who was scrubbing away. "Yeah, but do you have any conditioner?", she shot back and splashed at me. I laughed and splashed back at her. "Hey, your getting soap in my eyes!" JoanI whined. I finished cleaning up first and was able to sit back and enjoy the view as both girls were standing about knee deep in the water, lathering up their whole bodies.

My eyes traveled from the frothy bubbles running over the cheeks of Jessie's ass to JoanI's foam covered tits. It was a visual smorgasbord watching them lift and lather and rinse and bend and lather and raise and rinse.

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"Hey, what are you looking at anyway? Haven't you had enough yet?", JoanI jabbed. "If that day ever happens, please do not abuse my body. Just set it to sea on a burning raft. Throw flowers if you wish", I said, splashing at them. "This is still gross", Jessie said looking down between her legs at the new growth of fur covering her pubic mound.

"That's why I brought this", I said, pulling out the freshly honed straight razor. "I believe this probably belonged to the captain". "Yeah, right", Jessie looked at me a little wide eyed. "What do you think I'm going to do with that? Mine had a handle and a safety edge and all that".

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I slid through the water over to Jessie. "Ok, but your going to have to learn how to do this on your own. It's not that I haven't done it before but it's a little hard to concentrate", I said, smiling up at her. "Pervert". "Yeah, lather yourself up and we'll see what we can do with that". Jessie sat up on the edge of the pool with her legs spread running her soapy hands over her pussy.

I don't know who was more transfixed as she ran her fingers over and through her pussy lips, myself or JoanI. Once she was sufficiently lathered up I had her lean back and I placed one leg up on my shoulder and the other across JoanI's lap. I was sitting in the pool in front of her, so I could get a close up view of what I was working on. "Here goes nothing", I said placing the blade at the top of her mound.

"Hey what? Hold up!!", Jessie blinked. "Just relax, you don't want to be jumping around now". I started scrapping away the hair little by little.

It was a much slower process with a straight razor, but a closer shave. I placed a hand on Jessie's belly and before long, the bulk of the hair was gone. The more delicate operation was next. Jessie was spread wide and it was all I could do to keep myself from planting my mouth right over it.

I had Jessie lean back further and placed two fingers over her opening, with my fingertips directly over her clit. I knew that not all that lubrication was from the lather. Her eyes closed as I pressed down and I could feel her clit start to push back. It was a delicate operation because not only didn't I want to cut Jessie, I didn't want to loose any fingers either. I brought the razor down across one pussy lip and then the other, leaving them as clean as the day she was born.

I finished up with the delicate area between her pussy and asshole while JoanI held both legs up for me. I scooped up some water and let it run over her freshly shaved skin. The foam ran off quickly and I used my hand to rinse away the residue. Obviously my hand had to pass gently over her clit a few times and the more residue that I had to rinse off, the wetter she seemed to get.

"God, that looks so smooth", JoanI said, a little awestruck. "Yeah, it is, feel", Jessie said bringing JoanI's hand across her bald mound. "oooo.that's nice". "Yeah, but this is the ultimate test". Jessie's eyes closed and her jaw dropped slightly as I placed my mouth between her legs and sucked her inner lips into my mouth. My tongue dragged slowly between her pussy lips and up to her clit, scooping her juices up as I went. I made circles around her clit and then caught it between my lips and sucked on it.

I let it go and opened my mouth wide over her pussy and started rolling and flicking her clit with my tongue. I felt her hand move to my head as I placed a thumb firmly against her asshole and pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. JoanI slid into the water and started playing with a nipple under the water. They were already standing out before they disappeared under the surface. Jessie placed both feet on my shoulders and was using them to arch up against my mouth as it assaulted her clit and I slid two fingers in and out of her pussy.

I worked my fingers against her vaginal walls as they tightened, opening them as I slid them out of her. I moaned against my lips, making them buzz her clit and her hips arched once more, pushing my head up as she came with a cry.

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"Wow", JoanI exclaimed as Jessie lay back against the smooth rock breathing hard. "I think I'm convinced. Can you do mine too?" Jessie propped herself up and smiled at her. "Copycat". "Ok, fine. Jessie needs the practice", I announced. Both women looked from Jessie's pouting pussy to me. "Wait, no".

"Yes". "No". "Yes, relax", I said pressing her back. "I won't let her cut you.

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And I'm not gonna be doing this every other day". I pulled Jessie into the water with me and situated her between JoanI's legs. We got JoanI all lathered up. She had a little more hair then Jessie did so it took a little longer. I showed Jessie how to hold the razor at the proper angle and before long, the dark hair had disappeared and the white skin underneath was showing.

Jessie looked at me questioningly as she placed her fingers between JoanI's round pussy lips. I held JoanI's legs up and open so Jessie had plenty of access. Jessie managed one side of her fingers without difficulty but doing the other side was a little awkward.

As she scrapped across it, the slightest plume of red started to show through the foam. "OWWWWWWWWWW", JoanI wailed "Oh, don't be such a baby!!" "I'm BLEEDING!!!" "Puhlease, watch", Jessie scooped up some water and let it run over the affected area. For a second the blood washed away and all that showed was skin. Slowly, a red spot started to reappear, getting larger.

"BITCH!!" "Relax, I'm just about done". I lifted JoanI's legs up and Jessie completed the operation without any further miscues. "Look, it's stopped bleeding", Jessie pointed out as she washed off the left over lather. "And look how smoooooooth it is", as she slid her hand over it, rinsing the residue off. All JoanI had to say was "MMMMMMMM", as Jessie dribbled the hot water over the top of her pussy and let it run down, then followed the water with her fingertips down through her pussy lips and into the pool for more water.

This was repeated over and over again as JoanI leaned back and enjoyed the sensation. I kind of liked watching Jessie's finger flutter over JoanI's pussy too, and my hand slid up Jessie's legs from behind, cupped her ass and then slid down the crack of her ass and ran through her pussy. Jessie smiled over at me without stopping what she was doing. I rolled into the water behind Jessie keeled behind her, raising her ass up above the water. My tongue licked off the water droplets clinging to her ass and pussy lips and then moved from her clit to her rosebud and back again.

My thumb started rotating over her clit and Jessie's fingers start sliding in deeper into JoanI. I stood up behind Jessie and moved the head of my hard cock up and down over her clit and then worked it into her tunnel.

Jessie had two fingers deep into JoanI now with a thumb over her clit. Her body had slid up JoanI and her mouth had captured a nipple. Her tongue would wrap all around it and then she would cover it with her mouth and suck on it hard. The whole time her hand worked deep inside JoanI's pussy.

I pumped into Jessie's pussy from behind, pushing her into JoanI's body over and over again.

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Everyone gasped at once as it seemed like the orgasm moved from one to another through our bodies. My cum leaked from Jessie's pussy down her thighs and JoanI's pussy was pulsing open after Jessie's fingers slid out. We all slid back into the water and rinsed off again, then basked until we started to get hungry.

We got dressed and started making our way back to camp.