Beautiful blonde woman enjoys playing with her stiff love toy

Beautiful blonde woman enjoys playing with her stiff love toy
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The next event of importance between my mother and me was a very brief encounter that may not make for the best carnal tale, but it is interesting nonetheless. It had been six months or so since our last session, and during various phone conversations, mom had dropped some subtle hints that she was ready for another incestuous union.

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One great thing about her is that I can see right through her, I almost always know exactly what she is thinking even when she tries to hide her feelings. A month or so had passed since she had said how lonely she had been lately, and I made it a point to make the long trip to visit with her. The result was maddening; any advances on her or talk of sex seemed to upset her and only when I returned home to take out my frustrations on my wife's cunt, did I receive any relief for my aching balls.

Next came a call on my cell phone and during the conversation she even mentioned how exciting it was the time I was rough with her and held her down and had my way with her so long ago at my house. That very evening, I told my wife that I needed to work late in a distant town and would likely be staying overnight there, and I headed for mom.

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I called her on the way to her house, "mom, I'm on my way… when I get there I'm going to bend you over and give you what you need". She was silent for a moment, then meekly asked when I would arrive. I knew that this time my desires would be accommodated, one way or the other!

My cock was hard for the duration of the trip and as I walked up to her house it was throbbing hard along with my heart.

She answered the door in a robe, and beneath that, pajama top and bottom. I stepped inside, shut and locked the door and then grabbed her and kissed her, pulled her robe off, and then lifted her up and carried her down the hall to the bedroom.

Without speaking a word, I started pulling off her clothes, she did not help, she even resisted some but obviously was quite turned on as I exposed her bare flesh. My actions grew rougher as I shoved her onto the bed and yanked her flannel pants off her legs.

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Still, no words from her, only excited OHH!s and Ahh!s. I tore her bra off and buried my face in her fleshy globes, then I stood over her and slapped my leaking member on her face, occasionally burying it into her mouth. Mom was utterly pleased with the way she was being used, I thought she would hyperventilate, the way she was panting and moaning! "Turn over!, I need to fuck you", I said.


She complied and thrust her ass into the air. I grabbed her hips and tugged her to the side of the bed, I pulled her silk panties to the side and prodded into her hairy warmth with my rigid prick.

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To my surprise, I slid right into her well lubricated tunnel, I suspect that she had prepared herself with some artificial lubrication. I sank into her deeply and felt my nuts press into her soft bushy hair. She still had not spoken a word, and her only response to my penetration was a deep and loud moan.


I did not pull out at all but instead just rotated my hips and ground into her as I tightly gripped her hips and moved them side to side. Her ass was raised up towards me giving me the perfect angle to penetrate her deeply.

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Mom tightly gripped the coverings on the bed, I remember noticing her white knuckles clutching the comforter as I heard her loud but muffled squeals and moans coming from her face that was buried into the bedsheets.

She nearly immediately went into a frenzy and her gasping breath, squeals, and animated cunt walls soon signaled that she was already approaching orgasm.

Oh! how I love to watch her come!

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Seconds later, there was no doubt she was coming as she gave a mighty moan and shoved herself back against me. I wanted to contain myself, I tried to stem the overwhelming desire to explode so deep inside her. But try as I might, there was no way I could resist coming into her then, her orgasm had transformed her depths into an irresistible magnet with infinite pull on her son's seed, my hips trembled, my mind went blank, and my entire being emptied itself by spurts into her willing depths.

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For those four or five seconds, my entire body throbbed as each spurt of semen blasted from my cockhead and found it's home in the depths of my mother's cunt. I nearly fainted from the intense release. When my balls had completed spewing their heavy load inside her, I collapsed forward on top of her. We were both slowly recovering with deep and ragged breaths when she turned her face to me, smiled, and kissed me softly on the lips.

A minute later she got up, went to the bathroom and kept herself from me the rest of the evening.

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That was it! My efforts, desires, and a 300 mile trip abruptly ended in that 45 second fuck! It was all the attention that I could coax out of her and I left early the next morning almost as frustrated as if I had been stiffed!


At times, Mom's feelings of guilt and her mind perceive our incestuous sex as repulsive and forbidden, but those same feelings occasionally emerge to produce the most profound lust, and bring her the ultimate sexual thrill in submitting to our encounters.